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UFC 172 Photos: Isaac-Vallie Flagg’s Face Needs Some Repairs

(It’s what real estate agents would call a “fixer-upper.” / Photo via Getty. Click for larger version.)

Isaac Vallie-Flagg made $50,000 the hard way on Saturday night, when he lost a three-round demolition derby against Takanori Gomi in UFC 172‘s Fight of the Night. Though the fight remained close to the last bell, the judges were no doubt swayed by the fact that Gomi’s face was relatively unmarked, while IVF’s right eye was blown up and his nose was split open. Here’s what they looked like afterwards:

(Props: @IKEVF)

Gomi wound up taking a unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring it 29-28. Following the heart-warming bro-shot shown above, Vallie-Flagg selfied from an ambulance, then made his case for a new Harley-Davidson.

After the jump: Two gnarly photos of Ike from the fight, and a post-fight photo with Jon Jones just because.





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    [...] in 2012, Vallie-Flagg quickly established a reputation as one of the lightweight division’s most consistently entertaining brawlers. Unfortunately, his inconsistent at best 1-3 record inside the octagon just wasn’t doing it. [...]
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