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UFC 178 Results: Johnson Submits Cariaso, Cerrone Out-Points Alvarez, McGregor Flattens Poirier

(Look, if the UFC isn’t promoting the main event, then we won’t either. / Photo via Getty)

UFC 178: Johnson vs. Cariaso is underway in Las Vegas, featuring an utterly stacked lineup of crowd-friendly fight-finishers (see esp.: Donald Cerrone vs. Eddie Alvarez), brilliant self-promoters (Conor McGregor!), eccentric Cuban wrestlers (Yoel Romero), and people who we just haven’t seen in a long time (Dominick Cruz, Cat Zingano). And oh yeah — a flyweight title fight. It should be a wild ride from top to bottom, and we’re psyched about it.

Our man Alex Giardini we’ll be giving you round-by-round results from the UFC 178 pay-per-view card after the jump starting at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest, and follow us on Twitter for bonus commentary. Thanks for being here.

- Dominick Cruz def. Takeya Mizugaki via TKO (punches), 1:01 of round 1.
- Jorge Masvidal def. James Krause via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).
- Stephen Thompson def. Patrick Cote via unanimous decision (29-28 x 2, 30-27)
- Brian Ebersole def. John Howard via split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)
- Kevin Lee def. Jon Tuck via unanimous decision (30-26 x 3; Tuck had a point deducted in round 2 for a groin kick)
- Manny Gamburyan def. Cody Gibson via submission (guillotine choke), 4:56 of round 2

As a special bonus, we’ll be live blogging Cruz vs. Mizugaki even though it’s not on the PPV card:

Dominick Cruz vs. Takeya Mizugaki

Round 1: Cruz starts off with tons of lateral movement and then suddenly shoots in. He succeeds with the double-leg and slams Mizugaki to the mat. Mizugaki scrambles but eats a few punches and turtles up. Cruz keeps pouring on the pain and Mizugaki freezes. The ref breaks up the fight. This one is over. What a finish and what a return fight from Cruz!

Dominick Cruz def. Takeya Mizugaki via TKO (punches), 1:01 of round 1.

Cat Zingano vs. Amanda Nunes

Round 1: Nunes decks Zingano with a low kick that stifles Cat, and the Brazilian takes her down. Nunes in half guard, adjusting to Cat’s scrambles. Nunes gets caught in an armbar, but she breaks out of it. Nunes trying to get control back on top, but Zingano working the butterfly guard. Nunes postures up, while Zingano looks for up kicks. Nunes trying to hack at Cat on the floor, and then comes in with a bomb of a right hand. Nunes is pouring on some ground and pound, and Cat is weathering the storm. She’s getting caught, though, with some big shots. Another armbar attempt from Cat, and Nunes works out of it and lands a huge elbow. Nunes posturing up, back and forth, and dropping some dynamite on Zingano. Man. Nunes looking to lock up a leg, and Zingano reverses position. Cat is on top, stuck in half guard. Zingano trying to make her foe pay, yet she looks a bit tired. She lets her back up, and we’re on the feet. Zingano has her in a headlock, and freaking Christ, she throws her to the ground in a twisting motion. Zingano can’t get too many punches in, and the round ends.

Round 2: Zingano rushes forward, locking up Nunes. Elbows on the inside from Cat, followed by a takedown. Zingano trying to find better posture from side control. She softens her up with elbows, and finds herself in the half guard after failing to grab an arm. Zingano makes her way to her feet, raining down some punches. She hacks at her legs, and drops down with an ankle lock. Nothing there, so Zingano goes back to the ground and pound method. Cat isn’t landing big shots, yet she’s wearing her down with her top position. Big right elbow from Zingano, followed by another. Nunes staying busy, and Nunes doesn’t really have an answer for her. Nunes trying to lock up the leg, and Zingano looks for a foot lock. She lets it go, and gives up a leg. Zingano stays on top after a scramble. Cat still going on strong.

Round 3: They trade immediately with two big punches each, and Zingano nails Nunes with some knees in the clinch. The same takedown as round 1 for Zingano, and she busts up Nunes with some elbows. Nunes is bloody as hell, and Zingano is destroying her from full mount. More elbows, and that’s it. Zingano walks away in tears, with blood all over her arm.

Cat Zingano def. Amanda Nunes via TKO (punches and elbows), 1:21 of round 3.

Well, that certainly wasn’t an Alpha Fail … #BaZINGa

Tim Kennedy vs. Yoel Romero 

Round 1: Romero fakes a kick, and Kennedy gets a kick in on the body. Romero goes for a knee, but Kennedy can’t tie him up against the fence as he rushes him. Away from each other, Romero lands a solid jab. They’re not throwing too much here. Romero misses with a big right hand, and then tags Kennedy with a left while the latter was against the fence … Kennedy bloody because of it. Spinning kick misses for the American. Kennedy misses a combination, and Romero lands a standing hammerfist to the thigh (?). Romero goes to the body with a punch, and stays away from Kennedy’s shots. Kennedy lands a takedown after a kick, and Yoel explodes out of it with a takedown of his own. Kennedy is back up in seconds. Kennedy shoots, and Romero trying to control his body. Romero drives and lands a big takedown, yet Kennedy is right back up. Uppercut misses for Kennedy. Hard jab from Romero. Kennedy landing kicks, but can’t close the distance with punches. Romero gets one in before the horn.

Round 2: Kennedy misses with a punch, but gets a kick in on Romero’s forearm. Romero with a nice punch, and he’s trying to power through while Kennedy pushes him away. Head kick just grazes Romero. Right hand lands for Kennedy, and gets a kick in up the middle. Another kick to the body from Kennedy, followed by a shoot. Yoel sprawls away, followed by a beauty of a hook. Kennedy’s mouth is a little bloody. Romero doing a great job blocking, while Kennedy can’t seem to get in his groove. That said, Kennedy ties him up and lands four or five unanswered uppercuts. Yoel is okay, and defends a takedown. Trip takedown for Romero, but they scramble and Kennedy gets a guillotine in. Yoel shakes him off and tosses him away. Kennedy back up, and they exchange kicks. Spinning back fist by Kennedy lands, and Romero pushes him up against the fence. Uppercut from Kennedy in the clinch. Romero a little slower, and Kennedy doing well with his back against the fence. Huge right hand from Romero, and some uppercuts, too. Kennedy pegs him back with some kicks, and Kennedy lands a monster of an uppercut and follows with some massive shots. Romero is wobbly with his head against the fence, and the horn sounds. Oh, man…Romero looks lost on the stool.

Round 3: Romero’s corner purposely stalling, and Jesus, the stool is still in there, with Yoel sitting on it giving no f*cks. Rogan is going ballistic, and Kennedy is laughing. What a clusterfuck. We’re back on, and  Romero with a big combo after some kicks, and he drops Kennedy. Romero with some punches, and as Kennedy runs away, Romero nails him again and drops him. Romero is pounding on him, and Kennedy covering up. More elbows and punches from Romero, and Kennedy is a bloody mess. It’s over, as Big John steps in. Man, what did we just watch?

Yoel Romero def. Tim Kennedy via TKO (punches and elbows), 0:58 of round 3.

Great fight, but what the hell was that?! Romero was on his stool for an extra 15 seconds. Did it matter? Who knows (yes). The crowd boos relentlessly when the fight was stopped and the post-fight interview. Rogan asks about “stoolgate” with extra pep in his voice. Romero basically talks about perseverance, and Rogan continues to explain again. Romero apologizes and says he didn’t do it on purpose. ‘Merica boos.

Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor

Round 1: Herb Dean orders a face off, and Conor does The Rock’s “Just Bring It.” Let’s go. Conor out in a Gunnar Nelson stance, and misses a hook kick. Goes for another spinning kick, and Poirier almost makes him pay with a huge punch. Crowd pretty electric. Conor lands a combo, and Poirier landing, too. Spinning kick misses for Conor. Left hand from Conor, and Poirier decks him with a big right hand. McGregor tags him with a left, and Poirier is a little wobbly. Hook kick barely misses for the Irishman, and he starts talking to him. Conor nails Poirier with a big left forearm, and Poirier falls on his face. Follow ups from McGregor (potentially back of the head, too), and Poirier is out. Looks like it either clipped him behind the ear, or in the back of the head. Well … that’s that.

Conor McGregor def. Dustin Poirier via TKO (punches), 1:46 of round 1.

Rogan saying how Ireland counted for 10% of the ticket sales. McGregor says he’s going to eliminate Mini-Mendes, and takes a shot at the Brazilian fans by saying he would whoop Aldo on whatever soil. With no Chael Sonnen, Dana has an immense boner right now.

Donald Cerrone vs. Eddie Alvarez

Round 1: They run to the center immediately. Kick by Cerrone to the body. Alvarez misses a left hand but catches Cerrone’s body. Cerrone misses a couple of shots, and Eddie comes in ferociously. He gets tagged, but lands a combination on Cerrone. Kick to the body by Cowboy, again. They trade hard leg kicks. Knee to Alvarez, and the latter hits him with a few body shots. Alvarez with some fancy footwork, yet Cerrone keeping up. Alvarez ties him up in the clinch, and holy moly, uppercuts galore. Alvarez pouring it on, and Donald took about 23 unanswered shots. He’s good, though. Alvarez brings Cerrone against the cage, and as they break, Alvarez lands two monstrous shots (left and right). Cerrone misses an uppercut, and takes a left hook. Cerrone with a hard leg kick, although he looks a tad stifled. Alvarez shoots, but Cowboy defends as he’s against the fence. Knee from Alvarez on the break and Cerrone lands again. Cerrone has a cut over the brow. Cerrone landing with kicks, but missing his punches. Alvarez with an overhead right, and Cerrone lands a takedown. Alvarez back up. Cerrone gets the last shot with another body kick.

Round 2: Cerrone landing some effective kicks, but again, punching ain’t there. Knee from Cerrone, and Alvarez having a little less success with striking. Comes in with a right hand. Nevermind. Cowboy working the body, but Alvarez’s movement is great. Knee to Alvarez as he shoots in, and they separate from the clinch. Cerrone with knees to the body in the clinch, and Alvarez moves away. Cowboy kicking Alvarez’s leg a lot. Another clinch, and more knees from Cerrone. He’s landing on Eddie right now. Left hook wobbles Alvarez, followed by a hard leg kick. Another leg kick, and uppercut from Cerrone. Alvarez takes him down, but Cerrone is back up, sticking to Alvarez. Cowboy trying to get the back as they’re against the fence. Alvarez with a black eye, and now he’s landing some good punches. Cowboy decks Eddie with a head kick, but the former is alright for now. Cerrone in Alvarez’s face, and Eddie lands a right hand. Jab from Alvarez. Heavy kick checked from Alvarez, and he changes stance. Cerrone blasted those legs. His leg is bruised up, and Cowboy misses with a head kick. Spinning back fist connects for Alvarez. This fight is your main event, folks.

Round 3: Alvarez’s corner tells him to commit to wrestling. Takedown stuffed right away. Kick from Cerrone, and Cowboy is nailing those legs. Right hand from Alvarez pegs Cerrone back, and Alvarez gets him with a left. Cerrone looked dazed for a second. Cerrone with another knee to the body in the clinch. Leg kick from Cerrone again. Alvarez shoots in, and gets tagged from a knee. Alvarez backs up, and Cerrone pounces, but Alvarez throws caution to the wind, too. Alvarez gets a solid jab in. Another leg kick from Cerrone, and Cerrone gets a head kick in as Alvarez dipped in. Alvarez and Cerrone trading jabs, and Cerrone walking him down. Big slap from Cerrone, literally. Cerrone brutalizing the leg, and Alvarez buckles down. Cerrone chasing him down, and lands punches, followed by another leg kick. Alvarez drops down, and Cerrone follows him to the mat. Cerrone not really looking for a sub, but maybe he just wants to dominate. Cerrone in half guard, staying busy. Cerrone controls until the final horn. Eddie can barely stand.

Donald Cerrone def. Eddie Alvarez via unanimous decision (29-28×3)

There you have it. What a main event. UFC closes out the show with a fight from the prelims. Wait, what … there was a flyweight title fight on FS1?

Demetrious Johnson vs. Chris Cariaso for the Flyweight Championship

Round 1: DJ opens up with a leg kick. Another from Johnson. Cariaso looks like he doesn’t really have a clue so far. Johnson’s footwork is beyond exhilarating. Cariaso misses with a right, and DJ comes in landing a right. Cariaso lands a right hand, and DJ drives through and slams his foe to the ground. Cariaso sitting upright with his back against the cage, and DJ in the guard. DJ steps over, and he’s going from side to side. He’s in half guard, and Cariaso attacks from the bottom. Cariaso trying to get up, and eats a few knees to the body. DJ has him up against the fence, keeping active with the knees. Knee to the body again, and Cariaso shoots for a takedown. DJ stuffing the head, and works a guillotine. He lets go, and nails Cariaso with an elbow. They break apart, and DJ lands a hard kick to the body. Cariaso misses with some right hands, and lands a big leg kick. DJ lands a monstrous right hand, followed by a knee to the face, and has Cariaso in trouble. He pounces on him, but Cariaso gets saved by the bell.

Round 2: Cariaso looking to land leg kicks, and Johnson sort of has him on his heels. Big kick by Johnson, and Cariaso strings together a good combination, but slips. Johnson is in his full guard, and it’s complete domination right now. DJ has him in a crucifix, and lands a plethora of punches and elbows. DJ heavy on top, beating him up with elbows and punches. DJ passing, and he’s in side control. DJ looking for a kimura, and he’s done. He taps, but Dean misses it. Then, he taps, for good.

Demetrious Johnson def. Chris Cariaso via submission (kimura), 2:29 of round 2.

Main event or not, superb performance by Johnson. But then again, what did you expect? It’s been a slice. Until next time, folks.

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