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UFC 182 Results: Jon Jones Earns Decision Win Against Daniel Cormier

(Daniel was expecting more trash talk, more mind games. Instead, Jon began whistling a melody so beautiful that Daniel felt his heart might fold in on itself. And for four-and-a-half minutes, all he could do was stand there listening. / Photo via Getty)

Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier is the greatest UFC title fight/rivalry in a long-ass time, and it’s finally going to happen tonight in Las Vegas. After a rough 2014, we MMA fans needed this. We deserve this. The time is actually now, for once.

Also on the UFC 182 main card: Donald Cerrone looks for his sixth consecutive win against confident young contender Myles Jury, Josh Burkman gets a “welcome back!” fight against Hector Lombard (yikes), hot flyweight prospect Kyoji Horiguchi meets Louis Gaudinot, and Nate Marquardt fights Brad Tavares just because.

Our man Mike Fagan will be dropping round-by-round results from the “Jones vs. Cormier” PPV after the jump, beginning at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest, and follow us on twitter for additional commentary. Thanks for being here.

UFC 182 Prelim Results
- Paul Felder def. Danny Castillo via KO (spinning backfist!), 2:09 of round 2
- Cody Garbrandt def. Marcus Brimage via TKO, 4:50 of round 3
- Shawn Jordan def. Jared Cannonier via KO, 2:57 of round 1
- Evan Dunham def. Rodrigo Damm via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)
- Omari Akhmedov def. Mats Nilsson via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)
- Marion Reneau def. Alexis Dufresne via unanimous decision (30-26 x 2, 30-25)

Hey pussies, you still there? Let’s get this thing going. Also, give me a follow on Twitter for funny screengrabs and quotes from my girlfriend.

Hector Lombard vs. Josh Burkman

Burkman looks better (i.e., less like a penis) with a beard. Burkman looks relaxed as he heads into the cage. This is a man comfortable with his skills and/or the beating he’s about to take. Lombard may be the most intimidating man with male pattern baldness. Burkman fighting out of MMA hotbed Draper, Utah. Friend informs me that Lombard is going to “eat this guy’s children.”

Round 1:  Lombard grabs the center of the Octagon. Exchange ends with a solid right from Burkman. Burkman attacking with leg kicks now. Burkman right hand just misses. Burkman with a failed push-off-the-cage punch. Lombard catches a kick and briefly takes him down. Burkman right back up and answers with a flurry. Leg kick, right hand, leg kick for Lombard. Slow pace halfway through. Flurry from Lombard with Burkman against the fence. Burkman fires back and gets off the cage. Failed takedown from Lombard. Another spring off the cage from Burkman that fails. Solid right thuds to the body for Burkman. Strong left leg kick from Lombard. UFC shows graphic that says Lombard advancing 70% of the time.

Round 2: Lombard takes center Octagon again at the start of the round. Catches a leg kick from Burkman and lands a right. Second body kick lands for Burkman. Good combo from Lombard, but Burkman fires back. Burkman lands ¬†again as Lombard charges in. Lombard landing now with Burkman on the fence. Burkman down briefly, looked like a slip. Lombard closes in and clinches against the fence. Nasty uppercut starts a combo for Lombard. Lombard appears to be slowly breaking Burkman. Lead left lands for Lombard, and another. Burkman finding himself against the fence too often, and he’s doing nothing about it. Right hand lands for Lombard. Burkman showing a little more life at the midway point, but he’s not terribly active. Burkman just puts his back against the fence. Standing right in front of Lombard, who isn’t in any rush himself. Good exchange in the clinch. Big shots from Lombard. Some debate in my house whether Burkman is tired or playing possum. They stand in front of each other again, and Lombard lands a left. Burkman trying to distract Lombard with his right hand in the air. Couple punches land for Lombard, and the round ends.

Round 3: Round starts the same as the first two with Lombard taking the center. Burkman creates a scramble. Lombard gets him down briefly. Then gets him down for real. Lombard working from half guard. Lombard with heavy pressure while trying to pull his leg through. He completes the pass and is now working from side control. Burkman scrambles and gets back to his feet, though Lombard still has the back. Burkman turns into Lombard and works himself free. Three minutes remain. Heavy leg kick from Lombard. Burkman’s legs showing welts. Lombard throwing big shots and a left hand sends Burkman’s ass into the fence. He weathers it. Lombard kick lands low, but Burkman doesn’t need any time. Flurry for both with Lombard getting the better of it. Nice left for Lombard. And another. Burkman’s counter striking means Lombard has to be careful, but that’s really all he’s offered so far. Another good leg kick from Lombard. We just saw the back of Lombard’s right leg, and it’s nasty. Another leg kick. Rogan enjoys Lombard’s patience, but I suspect he’s the only one. Burkman swinging wildly as the round ends. Should be a decision for Lombard.

Hector Lombard def. Josh Burkman via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

After the fight, the UFC shows Shaquille O’Neal pounding on some guy sitting in front of him. UFC fighter Phil Brooks sits by idly.

Long break in the action as Joe Rogan interviews Conor McGregor. If you’ve seen McGregor’s hour-long talk with the MMA Mermaid, you know that McGregor’s mouth is better than small doses. We got a large dose.

Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Louis Gaudinot

Just remember, Kyoji Horiguchi could be the second Japanese man to fight for a UFC title after Yushin Okami, if we ignore Caol Uno, Hayato Sakurai, Kenichi Yamamoto, and Yuki Kondo. Good job, good effort, Fightland.

Gaudinot wearing thick, black-rimmed glasses to the cage. Officials make him take them off. Let’s hope those aren’t prescription.

Round 1: First 45 seconds spent bouncing around like the ex-leper in Life of Brian until Horiguchi lands a leg kick. Gaudinot returns fire, and we’re back to bouncing. Small flurry is followed by a leg kick from Gaudinot that has Horiguchi off-balance as he tries to avoid. This is faster paced than Lombard-Burkman only in the sense that they’re faster people. Body kick from Horiguchi is followed by a punch. Then a flying knee. Horiguchi is going in and out with strikes. Gaudinot with a leg kick. One-two for Horiguchi is blocked. Leg kick for Horiguchi. Gaudinot with a body kick and flurry that mostly misses. Rogan doing the “underdog isn’t getting pummeled so he must be winning” thing, even with Horiguchi winning most exchanges. Punches from Horiguchi followed by a push kick. Body kick from Horiguchi lands stiff. Clinch in the center of the Octagon, and Horiguchi walks him back into the fence. He briefly takes Gaudinot down. Round ends there.

Round 2: They trade leg kicks early. Nice one-two from Horiguchi that sends Gaudinot back, and Horiguchi follows with a flying knee. Gaudinot seems okay, though. Gaudinot bleeding under his left eye. Gaudinot claims a kick lands low, and Dean gives him a moment to recover. Another nice one-two from Horiguchi, who is getting in and out. Punch misses Horiguchi and Gaudinot locks in a standing arm triangle. Unsurprisingly, he has to let go, leaving him pressed up against the fence. Horiguchi works an outside trip, but Gaudinot stays upright. Horiguchi comes over the top with a right hand before they break. Gaudinot spinning kick misses. Right hand from Horiguchi grazes Gaudinot, but he lands with a body kick. Horiguchi with a three-strike combination that ends with a head kick. Ten-punch combo from Horiguchi. Rogan still in the tank for Gaudinot, but he’s coming around. Gaudinot chasing and missing. Two punches and a kick to the head for Horiguchi again. Body kick from Horiguchi. Nice right hand counter as Gaudinot throws a kick. Takedown as the round ends.

Round 3: Tiger Schulmann said some naughty words at Gaudinot in between rounds. Nice right counter from Gaudinot as Horiguchi stepped in. Horiguchi answers with the punch-punch-kick. Lots of one-punch swings and misses from Gaudinot. Nice right from Horiguchi. Two-punch combo followed by another two-punch combo for Horiguchi. Body kick from Horiguchi. He hasn’t seemed to slow down at all with 3:30 left to go. Horiguchi with a running jab. Great counter left hook as Gaudinot comes in. Gaudinot with a low left kick. Eight punches from Horiguchi ends with a kick. Rogan’s come all the way around, says Gaudinot has to put himself into danger. Horiguchi cracks Gaudinot with a lead right. Horiguchi takes a low shot as they both throw kicks, but he’s a man and doesn’t need the time. Gaudinot grabs a guillotine and jumps into guard, but doesn’t have anything and lets it go. Horiguchi presses him into the fence. Scattered boos in the arena, probably because they’re waiting for Jones-Cormier and had to sit around for 15 minutes while the UFC showed us Rogan and McGregor. Goldberg just said, “Horigochi.” And there’s the final horn.

Kyoji Horiguchi def. Louis Gaudinot via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Brad Tavares vs. Nate Marquardt

Marquardt looks like Trevor from GTA V with the mountain-man beard. (Tim Sylvia apparently retired, so let’s all pour one out for the Maine-iac tonight.)

Round 1: Marquardt’s become even more top-heavy in these, the autumn years of his career. Nice lead leg kick from Tavares. Marquardt misses with a punch, and Tavares responds with an uppercut in the clinch. Cagey start so far. Inside leg kick from Marquardt. Kick to the body for Tavares. Inside leg kick from Marquardt. Halfway through and not much outside of some isolated exchanges. Tavares is the one pressing forward. Couple nice shots for Tavares along the fence, but Marquardt escapes into the center of the Octagon. Front kick to the face for Marquardt. Right-hand counter from Tavares lands. Outside leg kick for Tavares. Marquardt responds inside. Scattered boos again. Let’s just bring Cowboy and Jury on, eh? Marquardt blocks a head kick. Tavares controlling the fight thus far. Outside leg kick from Marquardt. Double jab lands on the second stanza. Front kick to the face from Tavares as the round ends.

Goldberg noted during the first that Marquardt made his MMA debut three days shy of his 19th birthday. That was in 1999. Marquardt looks like a guy who’s been fighting 15 years.

Round 2: Couple small exchanges early. Marquardt catches a kick and works a single. Very briefly had Tavares on the mat, but they’re back standing. They trade kicks. Marquardt swinging wildly to get in on the clinch. Works a trip, but Tavares stays standing, and they break. Marquardt with a nice counter right as Tavares steps in. Heavy leg kick from Tavares. Stiff jab snaps Marquardt’s neck back. And another. Heavy round of boos from the MGM Grand. Marquardt checks a leg kick. And another. Lands two of his own in response. Marquardt in on the clinch, but gets thrown briefly. Tavares has Marquardt up against the fence. Marquardt turns and tries a throw, but Tavares keeps a vertical base. More boos. I can see Liddell in the front row looking at his girlfriend’s phone. Nice uppercuts from Tavares in the clinch that forces a break. Jab from Tavares lands. Head kick from Tavares before the horn.

Round 3: Round three starts hotter. Uppercuts from Tavares in the clinch. Marquardt closes distance again and grabs double unders. Nice knee to the head from Marquardt. Tavares still doing well to stay off the mat. The crowd doesn’t appreciate the clinch work, though. Yves Lavigne warns them to stay busy, and then breaks them away from the fence. Tavares lands with an uppercut as he comes in. Big combo from Tavares, though Marquardt got one in too. They come together in a clinch in the center of the Octagon. Left hand from Tavares lands as Marquardt steps in. High kick lands at chest level. Front kick to the face from Tavares. Leg kicks from Marquardt. Crowd really letting them have it now. Marquardt with a right hand, but Tavares answers with a big left-right. Right hand, knee to the body. More strikes, and Marquardt looks like a guy toward the end of his UFC career.

Brad Tavares def. Nate Marquardt vis unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Donald Cerrone vs. Myles Jury

Let’s hope these two guys wipe the stink off what we just saw.

Round 1: Cerrone’s orange-cone trunks are covered in sponsors. He’s the kinda guy who’ll be most hurt by the Reebok deal. Jury being sponsored by is a good reason to replace everything with Reebok, though. Anyway, Cerrone grabs the center of the Octagon. Jury catches a kick and completes a takedown, but Cerrone grabs an omoplata in transition. Jury staying calm, maintaining posture, staying safe. Jury trying to power his way out, but Cerrone doing well to maintain. Cerrone trying to extend, he does. Jury defends, but allows Cerrone into side control. Jury scrambles, which allows Cerrone to take the back. Cerrone locks in a body triangle. This is making up for the first half of this pay-per-view. Jury trying to turn into Cerrone, but the body triangle is preventing that. Not a lot going on offensively, but some interesting technical grappling nonetheless. Isolated strikes from Cerrone. Jury’s been stuck in this position for something like three minutes. Cerrone grabs a gable-grip choke, and Jury bridges to release some pressure. Cerrone is forced to give up the attack. Cerrone goes for an armbar after hearing the click-clack, but the bell saves Jury.

Round 2: Jury with a couple leg kicks to open the round. “Cowboy” chants ring throughout the arena. Jury changes levels, but Cerrone stops the takedown. Jury really does look like Dave Franco. Stiff inside leg kick from Cerrone. They trade leg kicks. Nice counter jab from Jury. Overhand right just misses for Jury. Outside leg kick for Cerrone. Cerrone with a nice lead right hybrid uppercut-hook. Jury blocks a head kick. I think Cerrone tried to slap Jury. This is a slower pace, but there’s anticipation of violence in the air, so it works. Cerrone with a nice kick. Lots of single strikes missing from both. Outside leg kick for Cerrone. Right hand for Cerrone as Jury lands a kick to the body. Stiff body kick for Jury. Cerrone parries a jab, but just misses the counter. Another leg kick for Cerrone, which has been the most consistent strike for either thus far. Crowd starting to rumble, but they’re out of their element. Cerrone lands a knee to the body. Another kick to the leg from Cerrone. Much more even round.

Cerrone’s corner tells him to “go to fucking work.” I don’t think that was Greg Jackson.

Round 3: Cerrone takes the center. Jury with a nice combination. Cerrone lands a kick to the leg, Jury responds to the body. Cerrone switches up a head kick midway and lands to the body instead. Counter backfist from Jury JUST MISSES. Trading leg kicks again. Jury uses a Cerrone kick to step inside and grab double unders. He has Cerrone up against the fence. Tries to change levels, but Cerrone locks up the far arm. They break. Big head kick from Cerrone has Jury dazed. Jury tries to take Cerrone down, but can’t. Jury still looks like he’s recovering. Cerrone is stalking, but not being aggressive. Nice counter right hook from Jury. Body shot from Cerrone. Cerrone with a stiff jab. Leg kick now. And to the other leg. Big one-two from Cerrone after a failed, lazy shot from Jury. Cerrone can taste victory at this point. Jury shoots, Cerrone defends against the fence. He punishes Jury with strikes to the head as the latter continues his shot. Jury’s on the mat, and Cerrone wants him up. Referee John McCarthy obliges. Jab from Cerrone. Jury shoots a takedown as Cerrone misses, but Cerrone defends and Jury breaks. Cerrone shows him how to take him down. Now he’s just winding up with kicks as Jury just lies on his back. Great action to end.

Donald Cerrone def. Myles Jury via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

First thing: You still there, pussies? I mean, seriously, are you still there? First half off this pay-per-view card was lousy.

Second! “Dummy” is an underrated insult. That is all.

The massive hype combined with the crappy undercard means this main event sort of sneaks up on you. Cain Velasquez rocking a fierce beard in the front row. Seagal also hanging around for whatever reason. Is he funding fighters in order to get some screen time? I don’t really understand why he gets to hang on at the fringes.

For the betting minds among you, Best Fight Odds has Jones spread between -195 and -240 as the champ walks to the Octagon.

Round 1: Here we go! Cormier blocks a head kick. Jones with elbows in the clinch. Jones catches a leg and takes Cormier down. Cormier back to his feet. Jones with knees to the legs against the fence. Jones lands with a left. Jones gets inside with a body lock, but Cormier stuffs it. Jones doing some look away stuff and kicking high. Cormier keeping the pressure on, but hasn’t land much of consequence yet. Big left from Jones. High kick from Jones. Uppercut. Kick to the thigh. Jones with a knee to the body in the clinch. Overhand right for Cormier. The size difference between these two cannot be ignored. Jabs from Cormier. Jones keeps looking away before throwing. Jones with a thudding left to the body. Cormier landing with some weak inside leg kicks. Spinning back kick just misses for Jones. Nice left to the body from Jones. Cormier with a plucking jab. Jones doubling up on a jab. Cormier pressing, but having trouble getting into striking range. Lands a nice uppercut in the clinch. Jones throwing overhand lefts while grabbing for the lead leg. Jones flying knee JUST misses. Couple punches land as the bell rings.

Round 2: Great body kick from Jones to open the round. And another. Jones is able to stay just out of range at distance. Cormier throwing more kicks that usual. Cormier catches another body kick. Jones works out of a takedown attempt, and briefly threatens with a guillotine. Cormier with a punch over the top. Jones has Cormier pressed against the fence now. Shoulder strike does nothing but bother Cormier. Cormier grabs Jones’ neck briefly. Jones goes high with a kick that Cormier lands. Straight left lands for Jones. Cormier goes to the body and head in the clinch. Right and left from DC. Two elbows from Jones in the clinch. Cormier keeps coming. Cormier with more shots in the clinch. Inside and elliptical kicks to the leg for Jones. Nice knee to the body from Cormier. Cormier wanted a dog fight, and he got one. Big head kick from Jones, and he follows with elbows. Jones presses Cormier into the fence. Cormier with uppercuts in the clinch. Goes to the body. This is the best sequence for him thus far. They exchange with all sorts of strikes as the horn sounds.

Round 3: Twitter tells me we’re even through two. Cormier opens three with a leg kick. Jones with a side kick to the body. Body kick for Cormier. Jones responds with his own. Cormier pouncing inside with strikes. Jones starting to look uncomfortable. Side kick to the neck for Jones. Jones with a left to the body. Cormier seems to be controlling the distance and pace. Cormier gets poked in the eye. (Shocking!) Referee Herb Dean tells Jones to keep his fingers up instead of out. Big body kick rocks Cormier. Jones shoots, Cormier defends, switches it to a single of his own. Jones stays standing, but has his back on the fence. Big tight elbow from Jones after turning Cormier. They break and we’re back at center. Chael Sonnen said this would be big one way or the other, and halfway through he’s totally wrong. Anderson Silva back elbow lands for Jones. Combo for Cormier in the clinch. High kick is blocked by Cormier. Left hand lands. Jones landing with Cormier pressed against the fence. Big short elbow for Jones. Big elbow to the body for Jones. Cormier with a right. Uppercut. Jumping knee for Jones. Cormier comes on strong with 20 seconds left. Jones ties him up, though. Jones tries to jump into guard or an armbar or something.

Bob Cook to Cormier: “That’s not enough! I need more!”

Round 4: Jones opens with a front kick to the face. This has lived up to the hype so far. Slower pace to start this one. Jones goes high with a kick. Clinch, and Jones with knees to the clinch. Rogan says Cormier needs to get busier, and I agree. Jones with a huge takedown, though he lets Cormier up. Another takedown. Cormier seems to be tiring, likely due to Jones’ body work in rounds one through three. Jones working for a choke. Cormier stands up, but Jones lands a knee and elbow for his trouble. Someone’s wife or mom is shrieking something over and over. Jones keeping Cormier pinned up on the fence. Cormier needs to find some energy here. Jones to the body and head. Short elbow for Jones, but Cormier breaks. Big decision on whether to concede the round and save energy or go for it with 90 seconds left. But they’re back into the clinch with a minute left. Knee for Jones to the body as they break. But Cormier presses forward and clinches again. Jones has him against the fence; Cormier turns him. This is the clearest round for either guy, and could be a difference maker. Jones throws him down once more as the horn sounds.

Cormier’s corner, correctly, telling their fighter he needs a finish in round five.

Round 5: Jones looking at the ceiling as round five begins. High kick to open. Cormier found that energy burst, and he’s trying to take things to Jones. Jones defends a takedown. They’re clinching – surprise! – and Jones presses Cormier against the fence. Jones goes to the body. Cormier responds. More strikes for Jones. Jones changes levels, but Cormier’s got his hand inside to defend. Crowd starting to get a little restless, but Jones is fighting smart here. Cormier appears out of gas, and this seems like the story of his athletic career. Jones briefly has Cormier’s back, but Cormier turns back into him. Cormier blatantly grabbing the shorts, and Dean does nothing about it. Cormier has 120 seconds to figure something out here. Jones the far fresher fighter at this point. Crowd booing again; maybe throws some lions in there for them? Cormier has Jones pressed up against the fence, working a single. He slams Jones, but Jones pops up, and that probably wasn’t worth the effort. Jones has him pressed up against the fence. Spinning elbow from Jones lands. Jones smirking now. Cormier with another single, and it seems Cormier’s more concerned with wrestling pride. Jones raises his arms before the bell rings. Cormier backs off. Jones throws a punch. Cormier responds with a flurry as the horn sounds. Should be a Jones victory.

Oh my! Replay shows Jones giving Cormier the ol’ DX crotch chop after the bell.

Jon Jones def. Daniel Cormier via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)

Jones urges everyone who bought a “BREAK BONES” shirt to “take it back now” and that they “wasted their money.” Jones is still PISSED in this post-fight interview. Quick interview with the pay-per-view coming up on time, so we don’t get anything with Cormier.

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