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UFC 203 And The Crazy Antics Of The Heavyweight Division

UFC 203 = Pure Chaos

So UFC 203 was pretty crazy. No, not the Mickey Gall domination of CM Punk, that played out pretty much how many had predicted. No, what was crazy was all the chaos in the final two fights of the night. For my money the heavyweight division is perhaps the least interesting weight class in combat sports. Sure, the big guys can produce some pretty devastating knock outs and moments straight out of a Rocky movie, but it’s usually at the expense of clean technique. With that said, the final two fights of the night produced the most fireworks on the main card.

Fabricio Werdum went full Mortal Kombat as he flew across the cage to land a flying side kick to Travis Browne’s jaw. It was unexpected, it was dynamic, and it was only the beginning of the madness that occurred when these two rivals were sharing the cage this past Saturday. The next strangest came about due to Browne taking an impromptu time out in the middle of a fight. Granted he broke his finger, but there’s a time and place for licking your wounds and it certainly isn’t during a match.

Once the bout was decided and Fabricio Werdum was about to be declared the victor, another point of interest arouse as Edmond Tarverdyan began a verbal assault on the former heavyweight champion. Werdum was having none of it how ever and answered back with a push kick that sent both fighter’s camps into a bit of a frenzy.

Things were contained rather quickly before things played out the same as they did when Jason “Mayhem” Miller was beat down by the 209 crew back in the good old days of Strikeforce. When things were all said and done, Werdum was not only announced the winner of the match, but was able to create enough controversy and interest that could easily see him in a title match against Stipe Miocic in the very near future.

Speaking of the UFC heavyweight champion, the main event saw Miocic successfully defend his belt against Alistair Overeem in a slobberknocker of a throwdown. The two men traded concussive blows until Overeem’s notoriously suspect chin gave out on him and Miocic was the last man standing. It was a pretty exciting fight while it lasted and proved that there’s a reason why heavyweight fights are treated with such respect and awe. Heavyweight may not be my favorite division, but with guys like Stipe Miocic, Alistair Overeem, and Fabricio Werdum around, you can bet that interest is sure to be long lasting for years to come.

What did you think of UFC 203 and it’s odd and exciting heavyweight clashes?

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