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UFC 206 Picks: Will Cowboy Outduel The Immortal One?

The new co-main event will likely be just as exciting as the featherweight featured bout. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is set to do battle with Matt “The Immortal” Brown in a welterweight match up that could answer a great deal of questions about each man’s future in the division. Where a win for Cowboy could thrust him into title contention, a loss for Matt Brown could possibly spell the beginning of the end of a career that has been a true roller coaster ride.

Many were skeptical of Donald Cerrone having a chance at beating the elite at welterweight but his last few performances have shed some light on the fact that Cowboy’s skills are far sharper at a heavier weight. In this fight with Brown, and perhaps most fights he’ll have at welterweight, Cowboy is likely to have a speed advantage that he can exploit. His last few bouts show cased just how accurate, fast, unpredictable, and powerful Cowboy can be once he finds his grove. He’ll have to be on the look out for the initial bull rush from Brown who can throw people off their game with his pressure. Both men are great when coming forward, but Cowboy has more weapons that he utilizes at short range with his step knee, front push kicks, and lead hand upper-jabs. He’ll need to utilize all those tools if he hopes to come out on top in the fight. Wrestling when Brown gets too aggressive may be huge key to victory here.

After falling to Jake Ellenberger in his last bout, Matt Brown has some real soul searching to do. That search has led him to Duane Ludwig’s tutelage. A wizard of striking, Ludwig should be able to add some new wrinkles to Brown’s game heading into this match. What “The Immortal” will have to do in this match up is to put pressure on Cerrone early and often. Rather than allow Cerrone get into his groove, Brown should aim to crowd Cerrone by closing the distance with punches and force his way into the clinch where he always does great work. From in close, elbows and knees are Brown’s best friends. Brown needs to use his size advantage and make Cerrone feel uncomfortable in close quarters.

Oddly both men often take damage to their midsections. Whoever begins to score there first could be on their way to victory. With more ways to get it done, the pick is Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone by TKO.

Do you think Cowboy can overcome The Immortal?

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