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UFC 209: The ‘Groovy’ Lando Vannata Will Have A Chance To Prove He’s The Real Deal Against David Teymur

The fight breakdowns just keep on coming as Lando Vannata faces off against fellow young prospect David Teymur which should be a display of some fine striking skills. Where David Teymur comes largely from a more traditional muay thai striking background, Lando Vannata has cultivated a skillset that mixes boxing, karate, and muay thai into one unique package. A win from either prospect will get fans and pundits alike to open their eyes to the possibilities of these fighters one day reaching the top of the division.

The Swedish native David Teymur showcased his all around skills in his first two Octagon appearances. As far as his offensive game, Teymur operates out of the southpaw stance and usually prefers to open up his attacks with leg kicks. He throws jabs and left hands with near perfect technique and is adept at countering on the back foot. He also has a good sense of when to land reactive takedowns when his opponents push too far forward. In his bout against the unpredictable Lando, Teymur will want to utilize the one common factor we’ve seen from the ‘Groovy’ one in his first two octagon appearances. Lando has a tendency to use weaving head movement to dodge attacks. If Teymur is patient enough, he can time Lando as he dips his head and land one of those powerful uppercuts to floor his opponent.


As far as Lando Vannata attributes go, there’s no way you can’t love the slick footwork and head movement he’s brought with him to the cage. I hold Brandon Gibson in pretty high regard as a striking coach, somewhat of a blue print for some of my own coaching work. What I’ve seen ‘Six Gun’ infused into Lando’s style is the ability to move in and out of the danger zone while always having the ability to land a strike whether moving forward or backing up. As the orthodox fighter against a southpaw opponent, Lando will want to continue to utilize that low line sidekick to keep Teymur where he wants him. It’s a nice trick to either stop your opponents forward motion or to force them to move into the direction of a follow up strike. Lando also has some strong wrestling skills he can rely on as well as some well timed spinning techniques. He’ll want to stay on the move a bit more in this fight as he has a tendency to get flat footed and get caught with jabs. His weaving head movement should also be mixed in with slips and some good old fashioned footwork in order to get out of harms way. Rather than rely solely on head movement, foot movement is a great first line of defense.


Will David Teymur announce himself to the world with a win over Lando Vannata or will ‘Groovy’ prove that he’s all that and then some with another spectacular showing?

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