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UFC 84: Live Results and $100 BetUs Pick-Off

Ahsy Larry Chappelle’s Show
(Gambling rules!)

Heads-up, P-Nation: We’ll be posting live results of the UFC 84 pay-per-view card tomorrow beginning at 7 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. ET, so please stop by during the event and drop us some comment love. To make the night even more exciting, Damon D of BetUs has offered a $100 free play credit to the CagePotato reader who can predict the entire card with the most accuracy. (Go here to refresh yourself on our three-point scoring system). You’ve already seen my predictions, so head to the official UFC 84 prediction thread and throw down your final picks. You may only enter once, all entries must be posted by tomorrow at 4 p.m. PT, and if we catch any cheaters editing their entries after the event begins, the ban hammer will come down harshly upon thee. Alright, let’s kick some ass!

Related: I just got this e-mail from my mom:

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Fri, May 23, 2008 at 1:34 PM
Subject: mother speaking
To: Ben Goldstein

Hi Ben,
It may be funny when other people vomit, NOT. Don’t you pull any stunts like even suggesting you would take Ipecac. I hope you know that stuff has side effects.

Mommmm, you’re embarrassing me!


  1. Polish Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 05:57

    I will post mine tonight or early tomorrow. I need to research some of the undercard guys I am not familiar with.
  2. AJB Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 05:59

    AHA HA HA HA! What's worse: getting told off by your mother for your internet antics; or actually posting your mother's comments on the internet? Intentional and unintentional comedy.
  3. Kimbo's Lice Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 06:41

    "Ashy Larry, Marcy Projects. Marcy son, what!"
  4. unodakine808 Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 06:46

    woo my predictions are in! gambling addiction here i come
  5. Rumbler Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 07:23

    "You moma aint shit!" -Leonard Washington
  6. PotatoHead Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 07:25

    I'm gonna have to agree with your Mom on this one, Ben... and figure you inherited your Dad's common sense. I'd love to say that I'll be praying for ya, son... but what the f*ck kinda prayer would that be? Please, Lord... grant Ben the better UFC picks so he doesn't have to puke on video? I don't know if that's blasphemy... but it's definitely a gray area. One more comment, please, regarding this Corwin beast. As you know, there's still an army of folks out there that would love to see MMA banned. Mostly a bunch of limp-wristed Obama supporters that never strapped one on and don't know when to keep their damn pie-holes shut when it comes to someone else's rights. Well, personally I love the sport and the fact that by 2017 it's projected to be bigger than NASCAR. But holy cripes... Corwin oughta be banned! I mean that sonova bitch is gonna f*cking cripple someone!!! Just give him Couture's title now, a shitload of money and be done with the likes of him. At the very least, create a new division... maybe something like "Very Large Mammals". Just a thought.
  7. ben Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 07:55

    @ Rumbler: Not only did you quote my favorite line from that skit, but you also managed to insult my mother at the same time. Well played. @ PotatoHead: Dad??? So I don't hear from you for, what, 15 years?, and now that I have a popular and successful MMA blog you decide to waltz back into my life. How convenient...
  8. Vrax Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 08:15

    I support Obama, and love MMA. McCain on the other hand is a well-documented MMA hater, calling it human cockfighting etc.
  9. BIG CHRIS Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 09:16

    That looks more like BJ Penn in that picture than Ashy Larry.....
  10. PotatoHead Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 10:05

    Pretty funny, Ben. You better be glad you're NOT my son. After what's about to maybe happen... you'd be grounded... with no more blogging for a month!!! Just kidding. You're AWESOME! Also, "VRAX", regarding McCain's "human cockfighting" comment: Now that he understands you're not allowed to grab the other guy's cock... he's OK with MMA. Obama, on the other hand, has refused to take a position.
  11. Magicmatt Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 11:21

    @Vrax, I dont know whats worse, saying you don't like the mma, or refusing to take a stance.
  12. Joe Son Says:

    Thu, 05/22/08 - 11:45

    I'll tell you what's worse, supporting boxing and going after MMA back when Budweiser was the main sponsor of boxing and your wife is rich off their stock. I'm also an Obama supporter and it doesn't bother me in the least that he has "refused to take a position." I mean, has he really been asked? Doesn't he have other shit to worry about? It's not as if the President is in a position to really do anything about individual states and their laws regarding MMA anyway.
  13. Kim Couture is a cunt Says:

    Fri, 05/23/08 - 03:19

    LOL, sounds like my mom.
  14. jburg Says:

    Fri, 05/23/08 - 03:44

    And the most random comments on a blog award goes to this page! I didn't think I would ever see comments about politics, chapelle's show, UFC 84, internet betting, and Ben's mom and dad all on one page.
  15. Sonia, Ben's Sis Says:

    Fri, 05/23/08 - 09:29

    Ben- you're gonna throw up on video!? AND you review viral vids for NY POST!? you're gonna be famous for throwing up! it SOUNDS good, but what about OUR MOTHER!?? hmmmm...... DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also, i just tried to make freinds with Kimbo slice on my youtube... we'll see... :) it's amazing he doesnt have more freinds or subs. and can people please stop degrading his looks and calling him the n-word and a j-w boy (?) on his page! so many haters in cyberspace. him and Amazing Kong from T@A are my fave fighters, but i don't really watch. I could kill both of them and so could ALL of you regardless of size or gender, but you have to use mind, gross motor movements and be willing to break rules. THIS IS NOT A JOKE intentional or otherwise, but you gotta start fighting BEFORE the bell rings.... In any case, HAPPY BARFING BEN!!! "Sorry mama." quote, Marshall Mathers.
  16. UxN12SfaIB Says:

    Sat, 10/12/13 - 06:50

    The Birch of the Shadow... I think there may possibly be a couple duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful record! I've tweeted this. Quite a few thanks for sharing!...
  17. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 06:00

    UFC 84: Live Results and $100 BetUs Pick-Off | Cagepotato... I feel there may well become a several duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful listing! I've tweeted this. Quite a few thanks for sharing!...

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