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“UFC 86: Jackson vs. Griffin” — Blow by Blow

Rampage and Opie battle for the light-heavyweight belt, Cote and Alemeida scrap for the #1 middleweight contender spot, Joe Stevenson tries to keep his blood inside his head, Josh Koscheck and Chris Lytle try to make it two in a row…and that’s pretty much it. Not an awesome card, but UFN 14 is just two weeks from now, and sometimes quantity is quality. Results from the UFC 86 undercard and live updates from the PPV broadcast are after the jump; refresh your browser every few minutes to read all the latest, and share your reactions in the comments section.

Justin Buchholz def. Corey Hill via submission (rear-naked choke), 3:57 of round 2
Melvin Guillard def. Dennis Silver via TKO, 0:36 of round 1
Cole Miller def. Jorge Gurgel via submission (triangle choke), 4:48 of round 3
Gabriel Gonzaga def. Justin McCully via submission (kimura), 1:57 of round 1

We are back in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, and the light-heavyweight title is on the line. Mike Goldberg says “this card is stacked top-to-bottom.” LOFL!

Tyson Griffin vs. Thiago Alves is in Aurelio’s corner. “Proud Brazilian, speak the Portuguesa,” says Goldberg.
Round 2: Leg kicks from Griffin stagger Aurelio. Griffin’s looking sharp, landing some tight punches. Aurelio’s reach advantage is being totally negated. Aurelio rushes in for a takedown and Griffin clinches him against the cage, as before. Griffin working knees to Aurelio’s legs, and foot stomps. Aurelio gives a couple knees right back. Griffin slams Aurelio after a breif stalemate. Aurelio reverses, gets up, and takes Griffin’s back. Griffin rolls and gets on top, throwing some punches to the head. Aurelio nearly gets a triangle, and hits Griffin with an upkick when Griffin shakes out. Big elbow to Aurelio’s face. Aurelio controls Griffin’s body as the round comes to an end, and Griffin bounces back to his corner, very fresh. The round was definitely Griffin’s.
In the audience, Criss Angel is identified, but not Sully from Godsmack. Joe Rogan is offended.
Round 3: Griffin with a leg kick and a right hook. Aurelio shoots but Griffin sprawls. Good punch combo from Griffin. The pace is slowing down a bit, but Griffin is still ownung the standup exchanges. Another takedown attempt from Aurelio is stuffed. Griffin nails Aurelio with a punch, but Aurelio gives one back. Griffin looks like his leg might be hurting him, but he shoots for a takedown and gets it. Aurelio grabs an arm and nearly stretches Griffin out. And again. Griffin frees his arm and throws down an elbow. The last bell sounds as Aurelio continues to threaten Griffin’s arm.
Tyson Griffin wins the unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring it 30-27.

Josh Koscheck vs. Chris Lytle
Round 1: Lytle whiffs on some big punches and a kick. Koscheck staying “elusive.” Lytle taps a leg kick and lands a body kick. More swinging and missing from Lytle, who’s being the aggressor. Kos ain’t pulling the trigger. Kos throws a head kick, falls on his ass, then pops back up. Lytle gets a body kick in; Kos takes Lytle down but almost falls into a guillotine. Koscheck in Lytle’s half-guard. Lytle kicks Koscheck off, but Kos dives back on, in Lytle’s full guard. Koscheck landing a couple strikes from the top. Lytle rolls, Kos briefly takes his back, then Lytle rolls again and Kos is back in his guard. A couple hammer fists from the top from Kos as the round ends. A slow and uneventful round that the judges probably gave to Josh.
Round 2: Leg kick from Koscheck. Koscheck goes for the single-leg takedown, gets it briefly but Lytle springs up and takes a knee in return. Koscheck takes Lytle down again and almost gets caught in a guillotine again. Koscheck pops out and throws some shots down on Lytle against the cage. Lytle’s cut. Koscheck with a slashing elbow from the top. More shots; things are looking bad for Lytle. Koscheck is just teeing off; Lytle’s blood flies onto a camera lens. Yeesh, that’s distasteful. The cameraman wipes it off as Koscheck continues to rain down damage. Lytle’s face is Stevenson-esque. Koscheck drops about a dozen light punches into Lytle’s head as the round ends. Lytle has trouble getting to his feet, but his corner tells him “you’re fine, you’re fine, you’re fine Chris.”
Joe Rogan remembers Marvin Eastman‘s cut as “like a goat’s vagina.”
Round 3: Lytle is wobbly. Koscheck shoots in and pushes Lytle against the cage. Koscheck takes Lytle down, Lytle again goes for the guillotine, Koscheck spins out. Lytle tries for it again, Kos gets out again. Koscheck puts Lytle against the cage again and throws down more elbows. This is one of the bloodiest UFC fights of all time. There are big puddles on the mat. There’s no way Lytle can see through it. Koscheck’s elbow is covered in gore. A couple more punches, and Yves Lavigne stands them up. Barbarian! Everyone thought it was going to be a stoppage. Lytle swings hard and almost gets Kos in trouble with punches. They clinch, Koscheck trying to ride out the clock. Yves separates them against the cage and Lytle throws every punch he has left at Koscheck. Kos survives it. The horn sounds. Fucking bloodbath.
Josh Koscheck wins the unanimous decision, and is booed loudly by the crowd.

I was referring to Aurelio as “Almeida” in the 2nd round of the Griffin fight? Cripes. Fixed now.

Joe Stevenson vs. Gleison Tibau
Tibau comes out to “Iron Man.” Props. And he looks huge for a lightweight.
Round 1: Stevenson sticks Tibau with a jab. He lands another punch, dives on and almost sinks on a guillotine. Tibau gets out, and almost gets an anaconda choke. Back on the feet, clinching against the cage. Tubau takes Stevenson down, but Stevenson gets back up. Stevenson dirty boxes his way out of the clinch, then rushes back in for a double-leg takedown. Tibau working his guard, and clamps on an omoplata. Joe’s in trouble. Tibau throwing some punches at Stevenson’s head. Stevenson is just sitting there in a stalemate, waiting for a good moment to pop out. Stevenson can’t do anything, but he’s not getting submitted. He rides the clock out.
Joe Rogan says “chess match” like three times.
Round 2: Tibau lands a left hook. Stevenson rushes forward and pushes Tibau against the cage. Tibau takes Stevenson down briefly, but Joe bounces back up. Tibau gets another takedown and passes into side control, then full mount. Stevenson bucks to get out, and does. Back on the feet. Tibau gets a takedown, but falls into an arm-in guillotine. Joe uses his Daddy-strength to crush out a submission despite the arm. Wow.
The official call: 2:57 of the second round. ‘Bout time we had a stoppage. Stevenson shouts out his son and said he had a bone-bruise coming into the fight.

Patrick Cote vs. Ricardo Almeida
Cote says he doesn’t care if Almeida trained “with Gracie, or the Pope, or whoever.” Yes, because the Pope is notorious for his ground game. Almeida comes out to “Fortunate Son.” Double-props.
Round 1: Almeida goes for a flying guillotine, and pulls Cote into his guard. Damn! Almeida seems to be looking for a gogo, but Cote gets out and to his feet. Almeida ties Cote up, looking for a takedown. Cote tries to shake out, but Almeida is tenacious with his clinch. Finally, he gets the takedown. Almeida on top, throwing some shots, with Cote trying to keep some distance with his legs. Almeida in Cote’s half-guard, punching Cote in the ribs. Cote attempting to upkick after pushing Almeida off, but Almeida closes the distance, lands a couple punches and returns to Cote’s full guard. Almeida returns to his feet, throwing shots down from a distance. The horn sounds; the round was all Almeida.
Almeida’s glove is torn, and is re-taped. It’s not good enough. Finally, Herb Dean says it’s cool.
Round 2: Cote pops Almeida with a punch. Almeida drags Cote to his guard, and into “crackhead control” (feet around Cote’s neck), but Cote slips out and gets up. Almeida is dropping his hands a bit too much; bad opponent for that strategy. Cote lands a nice right straight from a clinch. Cote pushing the pace with punches, and winning the round. Almeida clinches and falls to the ground, but Cote avoids. Almeida with another clinch against the cage; the crowd gets antsy. Almeida tried for the flying guillotine after a clinch, but Cote gets out. Cote bumrushes Almeida, who falls to his back after taking a punch, and the horn sounds.
Round 3: More clinching. Cote snaps a leg kick after they separate. And another hard one that staggers Almeida. Almeida is not looking great in this fight. Cote misses on a punch combo, then eats a jab. Good leg kick from Cote, and another. Slow round, but Cote’s on his way to winning the fight. Almeida lands a punch, and absorbs a leg kick. Cote pushes forward, fists first. Almeida chases back and hits air, but he scores a takedown. Cote pushes off, but Almeida attempts a choke. Cote gets on top as the round ends. Kind of a tossup, but it may go to Cote for aggression.
Talk about a fight that didn’t live up to the hype. Both men are far from ready for Anderson Silva.
The scores are 29-28 Cote, 29-28 Almeida, and 29-28 Cote. Cote takes the split decision.

Our man Gerald Harris is in Rampage’s dressing room running through some grappling drills. WAR HARRIS!!!

Bangkok Dangerous commercial, yo. Nicolas Cage is in it, and he picks the worst fucking movies to star in lately. This does not bode well.

Quinton Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin
Forrest, as usual, comes out to “Shipping Up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys, and the white people in attendance are psyched. Rampage walks out and gets in the face of Wilmer Valderamma, who maybe pisses his pants. War Fes? Griffin smiles in the cage, while Rampage looks deathly serious. David Spade and Mandy Moore are in the audience. Not together, of course. Yves Lavigne is reffing this one. Big responsibility for the Frenchman.
Round 1: Both guys exchange punches. Forrest slips in a leg kick. Forrest throws a head kick off Rampage’s glove. Forrest gets another leg kick, and a body kick, wisely keeping his distance. Rampage whiffs a haymaker. Rampage nails him with a left hook, then a knee. Griffin throws some kicks. He lands two leg kicks. Big punches from Rampage, then a leg kick. Griffin fires back with some punches of his own. Griffin punches out of a brief clinch. Griffin lands a nice left hook, then a leg kick. Rampsge punches Forrest to the ground. Rampage pushes Forrest against the cage on the ground. Rampage in Forrest’s closed guard, landing some punches as Griffin gets to his feet. Punches landed by both men in an exchange. Great first round. Hard to call; Forrest got rocked and knocked to the ground, but he controlled the majority of the round.
Round 2: Griffin fires off two leg kicks that clearly hurt Rampage. Forrest scores two big knees in a clinch and takes Rampage down! Forrest in Rampage’s half-guard. Forrest trying to work some short elbows from the top. Forrest passes to side control, and briefly goes for an Americana. More short elbows. Rampage is lost on his back. Another Americana attempt, then Forrest passes to full mount, dropping punches and elbows. Total domination by Forrest, who’s a relentless blanket of doom on Rampage. The horn sounds. 10-8 round? Rampage lookin’ rough in his corner, getting his bum knee iced.
Round 3: Inside leg kick from Forrest, who then misses a head kick. Rampage gets him with a hard punch and Forrest backs up. Rampage misses some punches, then lands some nasty ones. Forrest misses a leg kick, then gets one on Rampage’s thigh. Rampage catches Forrest with a right. Rampage looking a little better now, finding his rhythm with the punches. Both men clash with punches. Forrest’s leg kicks are looking a little weaker. Good 1-2 combo from Rampage, and a solid body shot. Injside leg kick from Forrest. Rampage tags him with a left hook. Forrest pushes forward with punches, and Rampages blasts right back. Much closer round, that possibly belonged to Rampage.
Round 4: Rampage scores a hard punch combo, and another in a clinch. Forrest goes for a takedown but falls onto his back. Forrest is cut. Forrest going for a triangle; it’s sunk in, but Rampage slams out of it, Arona style! Rampage back on top on the ground. Big cut over Forrest’s eye. Rampage gets an elbow in, but not much else. Forrest gets to his feet but gets caught with a big punch on the way up. Forrest throwing some kicks that miss. Rampage gets in two more big punches. And two more as the bell rings.
Stitch rubs a glob of goo in Forrest’s gaping cut.
Round 5: Leg kick from Forrest, and another. Rampage scores with a punch. Two more leg kicks from Forrest. And another big one. Rampage with a big right hand, and Forrest answers with his own. Forrest brushes Rampage back with a head kick. He’s clearly the aggressor in this round. More leg kicks from Forrest, but Rampage scores a head/body punch combo. Big right hand from Forrest. Rampage gets in his own. Rampage’s leg is clearly bothering him, but his punches still look dangerous. Knee from Forrest in the clinch, and an uppercut from Rampage. And they slug it out in the closing seconds to the bell. Amazing fight.
The official decision, people. 48-46, 48-46, 49-46 all to Forrest Griffin. OPIE IS THE NEW LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Forrest Jardine’d Rampage to death!
Forrest says that he was never “hurt-hurt,” but every punch Rampage threw “hurt.”
Rampage said “he jacked my leg up. I tried to pretend, I ain’t that good at acting.” He says his leg got a chance to recover when he was on the ground all through the 2nd. Afterparty at Prive! Rampage vows to never take that much time off from the cage ever again, and limps off.

They’re showing the Guillard/Siver fight now. Guillard rocks Siver to the ground right off the bell, but Siver gets to his feet. Two dead-on punches knock Siver to the ground, and Guillard jackhammer-punches him into unconsciousness. By default, he’s getting the Knockout of the Night bonus. “He didn’t even get a chance to say uncle,” Guillard quips.

Submission of the Night goes to Cole Miller for his triangle choke of Jorge Gurgel in the fight’s closing seconds. Well done.

Joe Rogan talks about a Rampage/Wanderlei rematch like it’s already booked. Feel our goosebumps! And that’s the end of the broadcast. So, maybe a solid 3 out of 10 overall, but the main event delivered all it could short of a knockout. Good night, and good luck…

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big red- September 16, 2008 at 2:40 pm
ha ha jackson lost big deal so what forest just proved hes the better fighter why does that make him racist hell everyone cracks a n**** sometime in theyre life because they just cant stop talkin trash and when they get what they deserve it racist that bull shit .
Ricmas- July 16, 2008 at 9:11 pm
I agree with moparman, Cecil Peoples shouldn't be judging fights. Back in late 70s early 80s when I was fighting I saw alot of his fights and he really wasn't worth a shit at point fighting much less full contact. Whenever he judges his decisions are just the opposite of reality. He has as much competence judging a REAL fight as Keith Vitali.
Moparman- July 16, 2008 at 12:22 am
I thought Hammill won, as well. Was Cecil P. one of the judges of that bout?
ricmas- July 14, 2008 at 9:55 pm
Rampage said afterward that Forrest WHOOPED his ass. Anyone saying the fight was fixed and the decision was racist is saying that Rampage is a lying idiot and hes not. Also if Dana White is a racist WHY is he making so many minority fighters MILLIONAIRES? Its a shame that most people can't exhibit the class that Rampage has. That was a great fight by two guys who respect each other and on THIS night Forrest won. Lets all wait for the rematchs to come.
Anonymous- July 10, 2008 at 5:09 pm
Hammill won end of post!
betterthanu- July 7, 2008 at 1:30 am
WOW I mean I just soooo sick of how black people bitch and moan about everything. A black man looses a belt and its all about racism! ya know thats why black people are where they are today (one about to be in the FUCKING white house) cause the bitch and play the race card every day of LIFE! as if the world owes em something. Bottom line a white Athlete beat a black athlete OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! thats not possible without racism? The most racist people I know are all BLACK they are only for themselves and their race yet like to claim equal rights in their fight for all (Hispanics and Asians) but its all a lie they are form them and no one else
HARJO- July 6, 2008 at 4:16 pm
Fuck all the retards on here with comments like "Rampage was robbed"... get a life.

You were probably in the same group of people that wear an MMA shirt to the bar like you're a fighter and screamed like a giddy school girl everytime Rampage even brushed Griffin. Jump on the bandwagon.

Jackson is a great fighter, I have tons of respect for the man and he could have won, IF:

-Jackson would have trained, seriously trained
-Jackson would have gotten in the ring a few times in the last 9 months
-Forrest hadn't obviously studied every Rampage fight and knew how to break him down and avoid the big hits
-Forrest hadn't been the constant aggressor in 4 of the 5 rounds
-Forrest hadn't kept a majority of octagon control


Good Job forrest!
jared again, same jared up there- July 6, 2008 at 5:40 am
oh yeah, forgot to mention, forest got a 10-8 in round 2 for total domination.

*insert rampage got robbed comment here*
phantom151- July 6, 2008 at 12:04 am
The Judges should have spent more time in Montreal, for the Commitions MMA 101 for judges to be able to effectivley score fights. You have to convincivly defeat the Champ to take his Belt. Page lost the 2nd round no questions and possibley round five as well Tops!!! Weak BS FTL
slampage fan- July 5, 2008 at 11:54 pm
i can say hand down i am a true rampage fan, ive been a avid fan of his since his saga against silva back in pride FC.
but i watched the fight twice, and after seeing it twice i have this to say.

forrest really won the fight, it is true that rampage only DOMINATED the 1st round and after that the rounds were either close to a tie or forrest won it. rampage had round 1 and 4, while forrest had rounds 2,3, and 5.

also froom watching the fight over twice i am wondering if rampage threw the fight on purpose. many times this old "right uppercut x2 followed by right hook to the head" combo would have perhaps ended the fight but the fail to even throw out the combo. many times he threw fakes and although forrest didnt counter rampage never closed up the distance (he was just throwing fakes back to back and not acting upon forrests reaction.)

i hate to say this but maybe rampage bet his purse against himself
shutupandfight- July 5, 2008 at 11:07 pm
and if the odds makers were to see it that way too...i would put a pile of cash on Forrest Griffin...)
shutupandfight- July 5, 2008 at 11:05 pm
as yourself this- if the fight would have continued until a sleepage, or submission were achieved...who would have won?

Griffin won...period...i'm about 90% sure Jackson will win the rematch.

my wife's yelling at me...i gotta go eat dinner....)
me- July 5, 2008 at 10:01 pm
Rampage lost.
no matter what anyone says.
no matter what you chair champions say- he lost.
If you do not believe me go look at Quentin's record today.
Forever and ever it will say LOST.
He himself admitted he lost.
He himself admitted he should have never went so long without a fight.
all you posers who are fair weather fans, piss off like you promised,maybe next fight we won't have to listen to you whine.
meanwhile his lose is great for MMA, we will now see more of Mr Rampage jackson, and that works fine for me.
ufc sucks- July 5, 2008 at 7:10 pm
when Joe Rogan said that forrest was clearly winning the fight in round 4 and goldberg said uh I gotta disagree. I guess mike didn't get the dana white newsletter that if it were to get to a decision forrest would win regardless. the champ should have to take a beating to give up his belt. rampge rocked the shit out of him every punch he landed clearly, see his face what a mess I wish all the old pride fighters got together and left this joke of mma the ufc. I don't give a shit what happens on july 19 in ufc land fedor is gonna kill sylvia
Anonymous- July 5, 2008 at 6:19 pm
cole miller sucks
great fight- July 5, 2008 at 5:59 pm
You guys shitting on Dana for thinking he fixed this are retarded. You act like Griffin is a bigger draw than Rampage for the UFC. Yea Griffin is funny when you can get him to talk but hes said himself hes a recluse and just stays in the gym. Rampage is a shit load more active in getting himself out in the public eye and is very good when he is.

This was very close to win-win for Dana, expecting a rematch.
BIGA1974 SAYS:- July 5, 2008 at 5:38 pm
ICUH8N- July 5, 2008 at 3:31 pm
Even Rampage admitted he got his ass kicked. This was not a robbery. I thought Rampage looked a little out of shape though... Oh yeah, these fighters are definitly underpaid.... You guys notice how the ppv price keeps going up too?
Jared- July 5, 2008 at 3:20 pm
im ashamed to even be a fan of such a corrupt institution. I hope Affliction destroys the UFC. i am disgusted that they robbed rampage like that.
kablamo- July 5, 2008 at 3:15 pm
Mike & 'the truth' know what they are talking about.

To all you racist morons.........Shouldn't you idiots be making signs for the next WWE event? Go fuck yourselves.

There is NO racism in the cage. It's a damn shame there is so much racism lurking outside the cage.

Congrats to Forrest. I can't wait til the rematch.
teachbug- July 5, 2008 at 3:09 pm
man I dont know what fight you nuthuggers fuckin watched but forrest picked Rampage apart.
You can cry all you want, but that was a UNANIMOUS win...period.
I gotta tell you, even Rampage knew he got whipped, he wasnt no pussy like you nuthugging bastards.
Damn shame you can give respect to your man rampage by maning the fuck up and stop bleeding like a bitch.
This is a good thing, but you are to damn stupid to see it.
The champion gets babied, the champ doesnt fight that much.
We are gonna see MORE of rampage Jackson, and guys thats fucking great thing. I love Rampage, he cracks me up one day and scares me the next. I got MAD respect for him tonight after this fight, he didnt whine like you good thing he cant see you fuckers crying, thats ll he needs is nuthugger fans who live in a fantasy world, and wont be man enough like he is!
Forrest hit rampage 20 to 1, he kicked the shit out of his legs, and side, and head.
All Rampage did was hit a few uppercuts, and "almost" slam him. Face it , Rampage was out worked.
All hail the new champ.................but God bless the fact we are gonna see more rampage.

oh and all you racist motherfuckers can eat shit, it takes a racist ass nigger to come in here whining like a fucking idot about color being a factor in a fight. get an education and keep it real dumbasses.
Anonymous- July 5, 2008 at 2:50 pm
Yeah Griffin won decisively but it was a great back and forth fight and I think we can all agree on that. Rampage was one charismatic nigga and a fine champion but tonight wasn't his night. I thought if Griffin won it would be a huge upset and it was, established PRIDE fighter and current UFC champion out fought by UFC reality show guy. I was pulling for Griffin as the underdog but I never thought it would happen.
Kill3rKin3- July 5, 2008 at 2:47 pm
I also felt that the UFC was a race-blind sport.. Saying Rampage got robbed is because of race is absolutley rediculos, how old are you? Something tells me some your parents need to wach this stuff with you guys..

And to the dude saying that u need to hit to win the fights. You are wrong, you can slammed, and submitted, these things are a huge part of this sport, and if you need to be reminded of this then you need to read up on something..

Like another comment farther up said this is not boxing.

And by the way Forrest won that fight! Great preformance by both fighters..
Anonymous- July 5, 2008 at 2:42 pm
I also forgot to mention all those knees to the coconut Forrest dropped on 'Page, again something he didn't return at all. Most of you are probably just surprised a black guy lost to a white one and shouldn't be, because it happens all the time <:3
Anonymous- July 5, 2008 at 2:32 pm
Forrest always looks like he's losing because he's clumsy and bleeds alot but the facts speak for himself. I like Rampage but looking at objectively Griffin won hands down. People always think their fighter is doing better than he his because they're watching what he's doing and not the other guy.

1. In every round Rampage landed a few more punches, but Griffin usually returned a few, threw more, and landed alot in general. Griffin was more aggressive and pushed the pace.

2. Griffin landed a shit load of leg kicks which Rampage was ill prepared to defend against. Rampage landed one kick the entire fight I think.

3. Griffin had a few submission attempts that failed because Rampage is a "bad dude" but they were still there where Rampage attempted none. Griffin stuffed one of Rampage's slams because he was cranking that arm too hard.

Rampage is a good slugger, boxer or whatever, his legendary haymakers might bring him up to face the champion again someday and he did land some clean shots, but he lost this one decisively, and didn't convince me that he isn't one dimensional. Face it, the clumsy white guy dismantled your black hero like a 1970's cadillac.