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UFC 90: Deep-Dish, Chicago-Style Liveblog

(As a Brazilian might say, Patrick is about to get haped. Photo courtesy of

Last week, I sent a letter to Dana White asking if the UFC’s tired old gladiator intro could be replaced with this for tonight’s broadcast. So, fingers crossed. Anyway, we’re about to witness the beginning of the end of Anderson Silva‘s career (and possibly Cote’s, depending on how badly he gets injured tonight), a potential fight-of-the-night between the Pitbull vs. the Koscheck, a heavyweight feature that shouldn’t have even been approved by the athletic commission, and a few guys who couldn’t finish a fight to save their balls. Join us, won’t you? Round-by-round updates and commentary await you after the jump; refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest.

Goddamnit, it’s the same gladiator bullshit intro. I WON’T BE IGNORED, DANA.

Where my Chicagoans at?! It seems that Rosemont has a large goth-chick contingent, and that’s cool with me. According to Joe Rogan, Patrick Cote has heart, balls, and power. Anderson Silva, unfortunately, has knees, elbows, fists, and feet.

Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin
You guys psyched for the first decision of the main card? My money’s on Sherk for the unanimous D. Tyson comes out to “Eye of the Tiger,” possibly unironically. Can anybody explain Tyson’s back tattoo to me? It looks like a pen exploded on him. Buffer’s trademark 180-twist is seriously getting out of hand. Dr. David Smith is reffing. Don’t blow it, newbie.
Round 1: Sherk bulls in after throwing a hook and takes Tyson down against the cage. Sherk takes Griffin’s back and Griffin carries him across the cage before tossing him off. Back on the feet, Grffin throws some punches and lands a leg kick. Sherk shoots and is stuffed, but he pushes Griffin against the cage and gets the double-leg. Sherk is bleeding onto Griffin. Tyson gets to his feet and throws a few punches into Sherk’s face. Tyson pushes Sherk off and lands a solid right, then a leg kick. Good left from Sherk, then a hard leg kick from Griffin. Sherk with his own leg kick. Sherk lands a punch combo and a leg kick. Griffin whiffs a head kick. Griffin shoots and Sherk sprawls. Sherk brilliantly transitions to Griffin’s back, but gives it up when Griffin starts carrying him again. Griffin lands an uppercut. Both men land bombs in a frantic exchange and the round ends.

Round 2: Sherk with a leg kick. Tough body kick by Griffin and Sherk shoots in, taking Griffin down against the cage. Griffin gets to his feet and takes a punch. Sherk kicks Griffin’s leg, and Griffin returns with a punch. Another leg kick from Sherk, whose striking is looking impressive in this fight. Body kick from Griffin. Sherk lands some hard punches. It’s a boxing match now, with both men throwing punches in bunches. Griffin throws a head kick then lights Sherk up with a punch combo. Griffin is counter-punching well, but Sherk slips in some shots, then lands another one backing up. Griffin weakly attempts a takedown; he’s looking very gassed now. He misses two wobbly leg kicks. And there’s the bell.

Round 3: Right hook from Griffin rocks Sherk, but he recovers and nails Griffin with one of his own. Wild punch exchange now. A straight right from Griffin gets through Sherk’s guard. Sherk hasn’t attempted a takedown in a long time, which could cost him the fight. Nice leg kick from Griffin, and Sherk responds with two leg kicks and a body kick. Two more Sherk leg kicks. Sharp punch combo from Sherk. Griffin gets an uppercut in, and Sherk responds with a 1-2 combo. Leg kick from Griffin. Left hooks from Sherk. Sherk lands more punches. Brutal leg kick from Griffin but Sherk keeps landing punches. And that’s the fight. From my angle, it looks like Sherk will take the decision. The judges say 30-27, and 29-28 twice, all for the Muscle Shark. Lotta boos for this guy.

Did you know there’s going to be a third Transporter movie? How bout that.

Patrick Cote, who wants to “shock the world,” intends to go toe-to-toe with the middleweight champ. We’ve heard it all before, dead man.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Junior Dos Santos
Big Nog is in Dos Santos’s corner. So at least somebody knows who this guy is. Cigano’s cornermen accidentally drop his sponsor banner over his face. No respect! This fight is brought to you by Xyience, by the way. I could have sworn they went out of business after robbing their shareholders, but they’re back now so deal with it. And Dan Severn‘s in the house!
Round 1: Dos Santos leaning forward with jabs to the body. Werdum bouncing out of the way. Werdum lands a leg kick and Dos Santos returns it. Werdum lands a leg kick. Dos Santos lands a mammoth uppercut and Werdum’s nose explodes as he goes down. He’s out before he hit the ground. Whoever bet money on Dos Santos is a rich motherfucker now. Dude gets the KO, 1:20 of round 1. Poor Werdum. Gonna have to wait for that title shot, buddy. I’d like to retract my prediction that Werdum gets the knockout bonus tonight. (What, too late?)

Rich Clementi vs. Gray Maynard
Gray comes out with Randy Couture and Jay Hieron, to the strains of “Ain’t Nothin’ But a Gangsta Party.” Add in four shots of tequila and you have the recipe for one confident motherfucker.
Round 1: Clementi is cutting off the cage at first, but Maynard lands first, springing forward with punches. A right from Maynard lands. The crowd boos some inactivity on the feet. Leg kick Clementi. Maynard shoots and is stuffed. Maynard lands a nice right hook. Clementi misses with a garbage-ass kick. Maynard slips in another right. Maynard catches a Clemnti kick, lifts and slams him. Maynard throwing punches to Clementi’s ribs from the top. Clementi sits up, trying to sweep, and Maynard pushes him back down, landing more punches from the top. The round ends, and it probably goes to Maynard.

Round 2: Maynard pops the right. Maynard pushes Clementi against the cage, but Clementi knees out of it. Clementi tries for a head kick. Maynard shoots, and slams Clementi to the ground. Clementi gets to his feet but Maynard tries for a guillotine. The fighters go to the ground and Clementi almost finds an armbar off his back, but loses it. Clementi rolling trying to get to his feet, but Maynard sticks on top of him. Maynard ain’t doing much besides keeping Clementi on the ground. Maynard briefly gets Clementi’s back, but Clementi rolls. Maynard stays on top and the crowd boos heartily as the round ends.

Round 3: Maynard lands a punch combo. Another slam by Maynard, and the Bully works for a choke on the ground. The referee tells the fighters to do something, and Joe Rogan politely asks what he’d like them to do. Maynard in Clementi’s guard now, with Clementi throwing elbows from the bottom. Rogan is getting very pissed with the ref’s constant orders to “do somethin’.” Although really, they aren’t doing much. Clementi stands up briefly and is slammed right back down. Clementi reverses from the bottom, and gets up, but Maynard puts No Love down again. Maynard laying on him to end the round. Terrible fucking fight. Maynard wins it unanimously.

Thiago Alves vs. Josh Koscheck
Koscheck gets the Good Taste award for coming out to “Higher Ground” by the Chili Peppers. He skips mightly out to the cage. Alves lookin’ huge, as always.
Round 1: Leg kick Alves. Hook from Alves as Kos dashes in. Kos slips while throwing a side kick and Alves almost pounces on him. Kos gets nailed with a right hand and goes down. Kos shoots for a leg to recover, but Alves pulls out then smashes him with a head kick when Kos gets up. Kos jabs after surviving the onslaught, then lands a punch combo. Alves with a stiff jab then a leg kick. A right hand from Koscheck rattles Alves. Nice leg kick from Alves. Good 1-2 from Kos, who then tries for a takedown against the cage. Alves defends it then throws a head kick, and two leg kicks. Inside leg kicks from Alves. There’s the horn. The round likely goes to Alves for putting Kos in serious trouble.

Round 2: Leg kick Kos, then some fierce punches. Leg kick/punch combo from Alves. Head kick from Kos. Hard leg kick from Alves. Koscheck misses a spinning back kick, but jumps forward and drives a nasty knee into Alves’s body. Kos pressing Alves against the cage, but Alves escapes. Leg kick from Alves. Good jabs from Kos. Alves returns with some serious kicks to the legs and body. Alves is punishing Kos’s legs, and lands a good hook to Kos’s head. Kos shoots but Alves defends again. Koscheck laying against Alves on the fence to end the round.

Round 3: Sharp punches and leg kicks from Alves. A knee from Alves sends Kos to the ground, but he manages to get to his feet and escape further damage. Kos clinches but can’t take Alves down. Alves pushes out of it. Kos calls a time out after getting poked in the eye, but returns to action quickly. Punches from Alves. Head kick Alves. Now Alves gets poked in the eye and takes a brief break. Hard leg kick Alves. And another one that buckles Koscheck. And two more. Koscheck trying to land punches where he can, but he can’t make much happen. Kos misses a side kick, Alves pops him with a punch, and the bell rings. Alves doesn’t hear it and scores a late takedown. Kos is not amused.

Alves shouts out Ay Chee Chee and Tapaauot. He gets the unanimous decision, obviously. Alves tells Dana White that he’s still a good boy, so please hook him up with a title shot.

And the 55 seconds we’ve all been waiting for…

Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote
I just noticed that Joe Rogan has a pretty serious black eye going on. Problems at last night’s Zanies set? Cote ees never scare’. World, are you ready to be shocked? Anderson Silva walks out in an Addidas track suit. All that’s missing is the shell-toes. He looks loose. Joe Rogan is obscenely marking out on Silva right now. Herb Dean is reffing this shit. Both fighters bow at the face-off.
Round 1: Leg kick Cote. Cote misses an overhand right. Leg kick again from Cote. Crowd getting restless. Silva still hasn’t thrown. Leg kick Cote. Leg kick Silva. Cote misses a head kick. Front kick from Silva, and a body kick. Silva comes forward with some punches, but ain’t doing much overall. Body kick Silva, and both men exchange punches. Then a big knee and a head kick from Silva. Leg kick Cote. Silva has his hands down, baiting Cote. Hard leg kick Silva. Body kick Silva. And there’s the bell. What the fuck did I just witness?

Round 2: Cote bouncing now and throws a superman punch. Silva lands a hard left, then a switch kick, but Cote brushes him back with a spinning backfist. They clinch against the cage. Hard leg kick from Silva, then some punches and another kick. Body kick Silva. Cote rushes in, and Silva tosses him to the ground. Silva in Cote’s full guard. Silva gets up, taps Cote’s legs with kicks, then OFFERS HIS HAND to help Cote up. Crazy. Body kick Cote. Silva is doing some 52 Blocks type shit. WTF. Tappy leg kicks from Cote. He’s afraid to commit. The crowd boos. Cote catches a leg kick and bulls Silva into the cage. Elbow and knees from Silva to end the round. Cote becomes the first UFC fighter to take Anderson Silva to the third round.

Round 3: Cote goes down for no apparent reason! His knee blew out without Silva touching it. NO! NOOOO! Silva wins by TKO, 39 seconds into the third. Bullshit. Christ, what if Silva has to waste one of his last remaining fights to rematch cote? Silva tells the crowd not to boo Cote. If I was there, I’d be booing Silva for doing fuck-all in the first two rounds. He could have saved us from all of this.

I think it’s safe to say that Chicago did not get their money’s worth. My goodness.

Now they’re replaying the Thales Leites/Drew McFedries fight, which was the only quick stoppage from the undercard. McFedries rocks Leites early with some haymakers, but Leites takes him down and quickly takes McFedries’s back. Leites traps one of Drew’s arms with his leg and easily sinks in the RNC.

Now I guess Joe and Mike will have to kill time for 17 minutes because it doesn’t look like they’ll be showing another fight. Spencer Fisher actually gets submission of the night for his triangle choke of Shannon Gugerty. They cut to Silva backstage, who lays his belt on a folding chair and bows down to it. Who knows what he must be thinking right now. Joe Rogan explains that the beard is in honor of Evan Tanner. Rogan and Goldberg bump mics respectfully. And that’s it. Fuck. I’m going to watch Don Draper on SNL now. Peace.

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if u carnt read it i have solution dont fucking read it- October 26, 2008 at 1:52 pm
ufc fan why do u talk of anderson being disrespectfull after u take the piss out of evan tanner for dying in the desert for being adventurous u dont no what respect means.yr just a fucking cum guzzler who thinks yr clever behind yr computer.some things u say r twisted and yr just a nob rash who needs a fucking kicking.i bet u fucking zip it when u go to work or a night out u wouldn't last 2 minutes round me u smart ass cunt c how clever u r when people like me stamp on yr face and finger yr ugly bitch infront of u. u can write back with some fancy arse typing thinking yr so clever but deep down u no yr a maggot dick bastard with no guts no balls just a big mouth.yr a ufc fan that disrespect tanner for dying and anderson for having a bad few rounds at least these people contribute to the sport what do u do but talk shit and insult people in the safety of yr room fuck off and watch wwe u sweaty little bastard go on write back calling me gay cos its so original . sticks and stones
Anonymous- October 26, 2008 at 12:15 am
deadpanda he could walk because his knee was back in place all that happened was it popped out of place during the fight, he wanted to continue but the ref and doctor would not allow him
Cormac- October 25, 2008 at 9:26 pm
what was the name of the song playing when joe rogan was talking at the end of the night just before the credits came up
Deadpanda- October 25, 2008 at 9:21 pm
Why could Cote walk on his leg at the end?
Jen- October 25, 2008 at 7:12 pm
what was the name of cote's theme song??
Shobu- October 25, 2008 at 6:41 pm
I was at the fight last night, and have to agree that Chicago fans suck, WAY too many calls from the crowd to "stand them up". Especially during the middle of the Miller/Horwich undercard fight. Attempted gogoplata after gogoplata, and the crowd wants them to stand and fight? Go watch boxing already. Hopefully as the MMA audience continues to develop, people will start to understand the technical aspects a little more. Otherwise, from a live show perspective, it was a great event. Good solid undercard, Werdum getting KTFO was a great fight to watch, and Alvesvs KOs, and Sherk vs Griffin were great fights. So I wasn't as disappointed as I thought when Silva toyed with Cote till his knee blew out, thanks to the great night otherwise. Couldn't hear the refs during the main card, but we were pretty close and could hear them during the undercard often; I thought a few times it was people in the crowd clapping and shouting "Come on guys, lets go!" and it was the freaking refs? Amazing. I wonder if the UFC was forced to greenlight a few boxing refs from Chicago for the event (it is a union city), as some of these guys seemed to have no idea what ground fighting is all about. I was wishing Maz and his stache were there to officiate instead. At least he knows what jujitsu is.
All in all a good card live, and the UFC does put on a good live event. Franca's legs kicks sounded like axe blows from where we were sitting. Dude's leg was way messed up after a few of those.
Rob from Inside Jenna Jameson's Vagina- October 25, 2008 at 5:50 pm
I totally called that shit. Cote made it past the second round. I said so in the post about Dana White's video blog, “Come on Dude, We’re Shooting a Video Blog Here!”. I should get some sort of prize for that, almost.
Mikey Gilz- October 25, 2008 at 3:19 pm
@ Anonymous

Please give me a detailed explanation as to how Anderson Silva is overrated.

To counter your claim...... I guess you're right, Chris Leben sure was laying a smackdown on Silva before he got KO'd in under a minute. Same with James Irvin. They were CLEARLY whooping Anderson Silva's ass. Dan Henderson thought it was halloween in the first round and went dressed as a blanket when he fought Silva. Rich Franklin............ and Lutter got Silva on the ground for about 30 seconds before Silva reversed "The Michael Jordon of Jujitsu"--Mike Goldberg

You seem to be one of these guys who just says dumb things so that educated fans can give rational explanations that you will use against your friends who somehow know less about the sport than you do.
Frank- October 25, 2008 at 2:54 pm
Anderson Silva is FUCKING AMAZING! He doesn't even have to fight any more. Did you see him blow out Cote's knee with his telekinetic MIND POWER? That's some Count Dante shit right there, brother! Don't mess with Lord Silva!
UFC fan- October 25, 2008 at 2:43 pm
hands trinity a hanky...ok now BLOW!
You cry alot, that is sad. "waaaaaa why don't UFC fan get grief, waaaaa, why is it always me,waaaaaaa, my diaper is dirty, someone change my diaper...waaa"
On top of your crying like a woman you have confused me with Tuf Gay, he is the one who talks about pumping 315 pounds of weights...and cock up his ass, not me, ever. so get it right.
I am sure you would like to meet me, but I dont switch that way "zoomie-dawg". You are so sweet to have a man crush on me, but sorry to hurt your feelings I am not gay like you, go spank off to my posts...its all you will have.
the reason no one is on me about my disrespect for Anderson is cause everyone knows its right, he acted fucking stupid, he acted like hes been reading his own paper driven hype, he acted like he was the shit, and come off looking like a fucking nigger with an attitude, he was disrespectful to his position, and his boss, and his sport.
I have no problem with Dana White OR the UFC for Silvas bad behavior, so I am still a UFC fan, I am just not an Anderson Silva fan.
I also am not a trinity, and tuf Gay guy fan, you both suck cock, feel free to continue to be horses asses, but you are wasting your time, 90% of the people are better than me, and they ignore your shit, maybe I will learn to ignore you as well, and you both can fade away.
Aaron- October 25, 2008 at 2:41 pm
Anderson Silva was playing with his food before he ate it. It's not his fault his food went bad before he could take a bite. He still had three rounds to engage and take out Cote. Maybe he felt bad for the fans after dropping Irvin so quickly in the previous fight that he wanted to extend the time of the fight. Anyone who thinks Silva was scarred of Cote is nuts. Cote is the weakest fighter Silva has faced in the UFC. I think what happened to Cote sucks for everyone, but injuries happen.
i love the calm before the storm it reminds me of batehoven- October 25, 2008 at 2:33 pm
ufc fan joe rogan had beard to show his respect for yr pakistani mother.she recently passed due to putting lack of spice in my curry so i fed the ugly cunt to a bunch of nutcase racoons she looked like kimbo in that cage she would have made u proud.she should of been bobing and weaving tho i tryed savivg her then i realised she a fucking punjab bastard so i went and wiped my purple helmet on yr grans mouth then drunk to her bones.
Kirky- October 25, 2008 at 11:17 am
Anderson Silva is a fucking weird fighter like, he'll never be beaten and he knows it, toying like a pro. what an anti climax, overall, pretty rubbish card. unlucky chicago.

hurry up november 16th, gogo randy?
Karmaatemycat- October 25, 2008 at 9:51 am
Sadly Chicago is a tough crowd. On top of things it's very much so like the Keith Jardine fight when Joe Rogan pointed out that the retarded members of that crowd had already had a bit to much to drink. I find it very disappointing that anyone would Boo an Injured athlete however hypocrits are always among us and sadly to many people are busy jerking off camels or sucking there boss off in the back room for a few more pennies of a raise to comprehend what chivalry is, to understand compassion for there fellow man. As stated before very proud to be a CagePotato user at the moment it's a good feeling always was is what I should say and I happen to be more proud now. I can't tell you how much it sucks to want to compete and know you can't. Then booing Sherk? Someone will try and bring up the Sean Sherk roid thing.. Figured I'd do it very sense I am objective and try to stay Bias for the most part. He paid his dues and the ultimate price for the dumbest fucking thing you can do it MMA, now lay the fuck off and move the fuck on.

PPS: I am going back to sleep i was dreaming about doing irish car bombs with with Ken shamrock he was telling me how he saw Tito Ortiz suck off a Panda bear once for a contract raise and Dana kept screaming Vera you Piece of shit one of these days RIGHT TO DA MOON!
Anonymous- October 25, 2008 at 9:30 am
mikey gilz is a moron silva is overrated, every fighter he has fought has been beating him while they were aggressive then they get it in their heads that he is good and lay back and they make a stupid mistake and get caught
Anonymous- October 25, 2008 at 9:17 am
for the guys saying silva doesnt want to fight at 205 he said he would but only for superfights with big paydays watch more of the fight network and more ufc. as for the people saying cote faked the injury you are stupid his knee could pop out of place and when its back in you can walk fine it has happened to me the first couple times it happens it hurts like a bitch but then after that your used to it and desensatized. he was injured and is not faking you guys are morons
raze- October 25, 2008 at 8:33 am
I was in the crowd tonight and I was absolutely OFFENDED by my fellow Chicagoans. Seriously? What the F*CK is wrong with you? THIS is how MMA works. It's not all "stand and bang." Go to a f*cking boxing match if you want to see two functional retards stand there and punch one another like f*cking rockem-sockem robots, you f*cking c*ck puppets. Dipsh*ts like you bring down the sport, and you completely demoralize those of us who do this because we love doing it. I see this every week. We step into a cage and put our very livelihood on the line for YOUR entertainment. But, clearly, it's not good enough. Cote is a game opponent for anyone in his weight class, and if any of you truly were athletes, you know that sometimes your body can just fail. To boo a man who is clearly injured, and then to boo his opponent for standing up for him is not only stupid, it's downright childish.

Those of us who truly understand the game know that the ONLY thing worth booing is a poor decision by a ref or judges. I'll tell you what, Chicago, YOU sacrifice the things we do, YOU train daily, and then YOU step into a cage and see how hard it is.

One more thing: You boo the Cubs pitcher...why? What's the point? I could tell I was surrounded by a bunch of Sox fans who talk more trash than a midget dressed in bondage clothing on Jerry Springer, but that's besides the point. This furthers my point about you all being children. Grow up. If you don't like how the game is played, don't watch it. Or, better yet, keep your god damned mouth shut. You morons sicken those of us who are true fans of the sport (and actually participate), and make me ashamed to say I'm from Chicago.

I hope you choke on your sh*tty beer.

Caveat: Booing Rex Grossman is/always will be deemed "acceptable".
Joe T- October 25, 2008 at 7:20 am
Silva was a total bore tonight...what the f*ck?
Mikey Gilz- October 25, 2008 at 6:46 am
Btw, i stole that entire second half from the Maddox book
Mikey Gilz- October 25, 2008 at 6:41 am
"Anderson Silva is the most over rated fighter in the world today"--- Wow, that is entirely incorrect. No witty remarks, that's just not true.

Yeah, that Patrick Cote sure does strike fear into the hearts of fighters everywhere. I once thought about shoplifting a candy bar from a local convenience store, but I thought that Cote might be watching from a distance, so I put the candy bar back.
One time, I went to Patrick Cote's house, which is on top of a flying volcano in the sky, i had to walk up the windy stair case while bald eagles circled above. When I got to the top, i asked permission to kiss his ring, which of course was a silver encscription of a unicorn with an erection. Afterwards, i politley asked if i was deemed worthy to live. He said nothing, which was good, because words from someone as powerful as Patrick Cote would have instantly killed me. A friend of mine once told me that he walked into Patrick Cote's house, and he had the entire Back to the Future trilogy on lazer disc. I was so jealous that I called him a liar. But deep down inside, i knew he was telling the truth.
Anonymous- October 25, 2008 at 6:33 am
anderson silva was not toying with cote he was afraid to let his hands go because he knows that cote would knock him out he hit cote with 2-3 of his hardest shits and they didnt faze cote at all cote would have beat him if he did not get injured. anderson silva is the most over rated fighter in the world today. cote was trying to press and silva was backing up he was afraid he would get knocked out. as for sherk being on roids that a bunch of fucking bullshit when they tested him his levels were not high enough to be on roids cause for their test he was at like 12mg or w/e when people on that particular roid test at like 40mg it is because of high intensity training and high protein intake also alves will get KTFO if he fight GSP. he couldnt even put koscheck away
Mikey Gilz- October 25, 2008 at 6:24 am
Ok....... So your argument is that Chuck Liddell, Quinton Jackson, Stephan Bonnar, and Shogun should fight Silva at 185?????

All of the fighters you mentioned barely can make the 205 mark. You want them all to cut another 20 lbs? That's insane and impossible.

Silva said he DOES NOT want to fight at 205. What options is Joe Silva left with?
mickeyGilzisGAY- October 25, 2008 at 6:24 am
THOUGH COokIE!!!! lol
Tito Oritz- October 25, 2008 at 6:21 am
"He knows his body better than any of us do. "

Maybe you think that. I know him inside and out.

"Sylivia, hold his ankles for me".
adendum- October 25, 2008 at 6:18 am
i mean the 185s challengers are already scared of silva, look at bisping he think his not prepared to fight silva.