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UFC Benevolent Act of the Day: Dana White Pays for Injured TUF 18 Tim Gorman’s Hamstring Surgery, Offers ‘Shot’ in Promotion

(No, that is not a lady’s hind quarters. It is Tim Gorman’s injured leg. And, some really fancy shorts. | Photo via @TimmyGormanMMA)

This week we learned that in addition to being a cocky loud mouth, The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 (TUF 18) cast member Tim Gorman, is also a committed, tough s.o.b. The male bantamweight tore a hamstring clear off before getting his chance to fight his way into the TUF house, still fought, won and looked to move through the season.

Meisha Tate and her coaching staff noticed that Gorman was hobbling around during early practices and asked him to explain, at which point he showed the results of his nasty injury (also photographed up top). Gorman was forced to get an M.R.I. scan, which confirmed that his hamstring was royally screwed and Dana White made him leave the TUF House over the fighter’s protests. Which, of course, led to this freeloading no goodnik getting another chance.

During a google hangout Thursday White told fans that Gorman will also get another chance in the UFC, however. “The kid’s a nutball, he’s a lunatic,” Uncle Dana said. “I like that, that’s not a bad thing. He wanted to continue to fight, I respect that. He’ll get another shot in the UFC, we’ll give him a shot.”

Great news for Gorman. Even better, Timmy went on The Underground forum and wrote that White personally paid for his much-needed hamstring surgery. The UFC’s health insurance policy didn’t cover Gorman’s medical procedures because they were treatment for a “pre-existing” condition, ie. he hurt himself before he stepped into the Octagon or UFC Training Center.

Gorman’s UG post below:

“Yeah Dana and TUF producers went beyond what they should have to make me feel welcome from the start and after I was sent home. My hamstring was torn off the bone the week of the fight (so yes, I fought to get in the house like that), so they couldn’t cover a pre-existing injury. They were so nice even after my injury fucked their show up. Being on that show meant the world to me but the way they treated me made the whole experience lifechanging. I could go on for days with true genuine nice things about TUF producers (Jamie and Gary), Dana, Sean Shelby and everyone else including the the camera guys.

Anyone talking shit about Dana or anyone behind the scenes with UFC or TUF is a piece of shit liar or they did something to UFC/TUF and got what they deserved.

When I thought my life was over and couldn’t even afford to pay the medical bills, they kept me positive and paid for everything out of their own pocket when my manager or I didn’t tell them I didn’t have the money.

They have more heart than they do anything and anyone who says different is a fool.”

We may never find out if a woman can submit lil Timmy Gorman but it’s great news that neither he nor the UFC are letting his nasty hamstring injury KO him. We can’t imagine staying conscious through the type of pain he must have felt with his torn hamstring, much less fight and win in the UFC Octagon.

Yes, he’s obnoxious. But also, the kid’s got guts. And talent. Now he’ll get a second chance to show both in the UFC.

- Elias Cepeda


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