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UFC Booking Alert: Ronda Rousey to Face Alexis Davis at UFC 175

(Did you know: Ronda Rousey doesn’t listen to music, only the screams of past opponents. / Photo via Getty)

Ronda Rousey‘s next opponent has been determined. It’s not Holly Holm. It’s not Gina Carano, and it’s definitely not Cris Cyborg. It’s Alexis Davis, who’s currently 3-0 in the UFC and is on a five-fight win streak overall. Dana White announced the fight over twitter last night.

To be honest, we’re a little disappointed. We wanted one of the “big three” names that get thrown around when Rousey is mentioned–Carano, Cyborg, or Holm.

Dana White met with Gina Carano recently, but apparently nothing came of it–at least nothing immediate. It’s still possible that they eventually work something out. Who knows, maybe Carano will face Rousey at the UFC’s year-end card. And while Carano getting an immediate title shot after several years of inactivity would be insane, the amount of buzz that a Carano-Rousey fight would generate is undeniable (even if the fight itself would be one-sided in favor of Rousey).

And, of course, we already know that the UFC (more specifically Dana White) is not at all sold on the idea of Holly Holm in the UFC. And Cyborg? She’ll likely never see the inside of the Octagon, sadly.

So it looks like the Rousey hype train will justifiably pick up more steam this July at UFC 175. We’re not going to officially call the fight right now to avoid a “Dewey Defeats Truman” scenario, but a Rousey win is certainly more likely. Davis just isn’t on the same level in terms of skill and raw athleticism. Remember our theory about the UFC women’s bantamweight division just being a feeder system for Rousey? Looking more true with each booking!

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