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UFC Cast-Offs Join Forces for Something or Other

(We couldn’t find a picture of Tito posing with a 40 oz. bottle of Mickey’s malt liquor, but this is pretty close.)

If you needed more proof that Tito Ortiz is truly, madly, deeply done with the UFC after fighting Lyoto Machida at UFC 84, here goes: The Huntington Beach Bad Boy has just inked a major sponsorship with Mickey’s, which will see the “Fine Malt Liquor” developing promotions, events and packaging featuring Ortiz. Mickey’s will also be involved in cross-promotion with Ortiz’s Team Punishment clothing brand.

Unless you’ve sustained trauma to your hippocampus recently, you’ll recall that Mickey’s was the official beer sponsor of the Octagon until the UFC found greener pastures with Anheuser-Busch/Bud Light, and that Tito Ortiz was one of the UFC’s franchise-carrying fighters until he shifted his focus to acting, dating a porn star, and being a general pain in Dana White’s ass. And now they’ll be together, grumbling about how they never needed the stupid UFC anyway. Wonderful.

Still, this Mickey’s sponsorship could be pretty cool, depending on what Tito does with it. As long as he doesn’t demand a “Mickey’s Replay” every time he’s done banging Jenna…

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LOLcocks- April 22, 2008 at 9:40 pm
"As long as he doesn’t demand a “Mickey’s Replay” every time he’s done banging Jenna…"

fucking awesome...keep it up cp writers
Jesuban- April 22, 2008 at 9:26 pm
I'm from south Texas and Mickey's isn't viewed as a quality beer down here. Now even the Frat kids drink it...
mmacoach- April 22, 2008 at 8:57 pm
Wow, I thought Mickey's was reserved for the white guys so they could have Malt Liquor too. I didn't know Mickey's was still around. I was thinking the all-powerful Dana White squished them out of existence when they lost their UFC contract. Probably weren't able to sell Mickey's to anyone that didn't watch UFC.