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UFC Fight Night 20: Live Results and Detailed Video Game Commercial Analysis

(Is it me, or did it just get way too real in here? Photo courtesy of

What happens when you get one fighter who has the nickname "The Bully" and another fighter who simply has the attitude of one together in the same building at the same time?  It becomes a very bad night to be a geek and/or a poser in Fairfax, Virginia.  That’s what.  Nate Diaz and Gray Maynard are set to go at it in the main event of UFC Fight Night 20 tonight, and we’ll be bringing you all the live results and priceless commentary you can stand.  Some of it will be spelled right, and at least 50% of the subjects and verbs will be in agreement, but other than that there’s really no telling what might happen. 

Will we accidentally hit upon a brilliant idea for a screenplay?  Will we suffer a crisis of conscience midway through an inappropriate joke about Mike Goldberg’s sister?  Only one way to find out, and it’s by joining us after the jump and hitting refresh often.  Things will get under way at around 9 p.m. EST, and it will be a laugh a minute after that. But only if you read very, very slowly.  And are very, very easily amused.

…and we’re on the air.  Looks like both Goldberg and Rogan are going with the Johnny Cash look tonight.  Somebody’s going to have to change before they hit the club after this, otherwise they’re going to look like idiots.  That would be a new experience for at least one of them.

Amir Sadollah vs. Brad Blackburn

A quick look at the crowd reveals one old guy in a suit who is waaaay out of the UFC’s target demographic, and one guy doing the Arsenio Hall fist-pump who is waaaay too typical of it.

Round 1

Right off the bat we seem to be getting the kickboxing match that Blackburn promised us. Both guys are staying busy, but it’s Sadollah who lands the first big shot of the fight – a hard right hand that pushes Blackburn backwards. In Forrest Griffin fashion, Sadollah is finishing almost every combo with a leg kick, and doing so very effectively at the moment. Sadollah looks to be cut under his right eye, but there’s some blood on Blackburn’s face as well. Things are pretty even, but then a big shot from Sadollah wobbles Blackburn. Sadollah pushes forward and lands a hard elbow, then takes Blackburn down to ensure that the first round is his. Blackburn quickly recovers open guard and then gets back to his feet before the round ends.

Round 2

Rogan says Blackburn is mixing up his attack more in the second round, and he says this fifteen seconds in to the round. Looks like both guys are feeling the effects of a busy first round, because much more of the action is taking place in the clinch so far. Blackburn counters a Sadollah leg kick with right hand and puts the TUF winner on his ass. A hard left elbow in close by Sadollah. Blackburn responds with a looping right a few moments later. Blackburn gets wobbled just a little bit in the final ten seconds, and in a round this close it might have cost him.

Round 3

Sadollah hurts Blackburn with a big knee in the opening seconds of the round, and once again he takes Blackburn down instead of continuing the assault on the feet. Blackburn does a good job of defending off his back and keeping Sadollah from mounting him. Blackburn tries to kick him away and get up, but instead eats a right hand and lets Sadollah get to half-guard, where he works some elbows in tight. Sadollah very briefly gets the mount in the last ten seconds and then finishes with a flurry. This is Sadollah’s decision all the way, but of course we have to wait through another commercial break just to find out what we already know.

Amir Sadollah def. Brad Blackburn via unanimous decision. 

Sadollah mumbles through his post-fight interview, ala Ricky Bobby.  You can’t tell Mike Goldberg that Amir and Forrest Griffin weren’t separated at birth.  Seriously, you can’t do it.  If you even try he sticks his fingers in his ears, crawls under the nearest piece of furniture, and screams until you leave the room.  It’s really not worth the effort.

Rogan talks with Randy Couture about his upcoming bout with Mark Coleman, claiming that the winner could be in line for a 205-pound title shot.  Wait, seriously?  You win two straight in that division and it’s like the roll out the red carpet for you.

Oh God, if I have to see that Magic Johnson Rent-a-Center commercial one more time…wait a minute.  The more I see it, the more similarities I see between Magic and Tracy Jordan.  It’s almost creepy.  Great, now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Aaron Simpson vs. Tom Lawlor

Round 1

Lawlor comes right out swinging leather and Simpson seems like he’d rather have this in the clinch, where a wrestler can breathe. Lawlor stings him with an uppercut and Simpson is hurt. His legs turn a little rubbery and Lawlor pours it on. Simpson is taking some huge shots, and while his equilibrium seems shot, he’s hanging in there. Lawlor mayhave worn himself down trying to finish Simpson, because his pace has slowed noticeably in the final two minutes. Simpson, who looked like he was headed for a nap, may actually survive this round. Without a doubt, Lawlor is up one round to none, but Simpson has to be glad just to be standing.

Round 2

Simpson wisely looks for a takedown fairly early in the second, and Lawlor responds by threatening with a guillotine before being put down. Lawlor doesn’t stay down long before getting back to his feet and then staggering Simpson with a looping right that may have caught him behind the ear. They go back to the clinch and Lawlor looks for a standing guillotine, but can’t finish it. Simpson lands a couple hard shots in the last minute, backing Lawlor up, and he finishes on top inside another guillotine, but may have stolen the round with help from a fickle judge or two.

Round 3

Simpson comes out looking for a fight-ending punch, but Lawlor stays out of range and counters with a couple of stinging counters. With that strategy failed, Simpson goes back to looking for the takedown. He scoops Lawlor up for a big slam, but can’t keep him down. Lawlor then puts Simpson down, though Simpson is getting the better of the scramble, perhaps due to superior conditioning. Lawlor is just surviving now, with Simpson the much fresher fighter. They get back to the clinch and Lawlor is just leaning on Simpson. A brief punching exchange in the final ten seconds and Lawlor lands a hard left, but doesn’t follow up. If Lawlor took the first round 10-8, which he really should have, we could actually be looking at a draw here. Regardless, one hell of a scrap. These boys could be looking at a bonus.

Aaron Simpson def. Tom Lawlor via split decision.

The crowd doesn’t like the call, but Rogan points out that Simpson doesn’t deserve the boos for fighting his heart out.  At the same time, how you don’t give Lawlor a 10-8 first round?  What does a guy have to do to get a 10-8?  Does anyone even know?

Rogan takes a minute to interview the guys from new Spike series "Blue Mountain State," and no, he’s not going to go to the trouble of memorizing any of these questions.  Instead Rogan reads them off a piece of a paper in clear view of the camera.  We couldn’t even get him some cue cards?  I guess this way is more, I don’t know, honest.  But still.

Evan Dunham vs. Efrain Escudero

Round 1

Escudero doesn’t seem as intent on knocking out Dunham as he was Cole Miller, because he follows a right hand with a half-hearted takedown attempt, but Dunham isn’t having it. Dunham is doing a good job of using his range, and normally I wouldn’t say this, but he should consider getting some sun. Dude is pale. Doesn’t he live in Vegas, for crying out loud? You get a sunburn walking to your car in the morning. Escudero rocks Dunham with a right hand and follows up with more of the same, dropping Dunham and then falling into his guard. Dunham survives for the moment, and holds on through an Escudero guillotine attempt from the top. Dunham actually manages to end the round by putting Escudero down, though not nearly so violently, and it’s Escudero’s round all the way.

Round 2

Dunham seems to be more comfortable in the stand-up to start this round, which is mildly amazing considering how badly he got rocked in the first Dunham gets to the clinch and uses a leg trip to put Escudero on his back. That doesn’t happen all that often. Dunham starts dropping some heavy punches that are finding their mark, but Escudero doesn’t seem quite as concerned as maybe he should be. Dunham makes a sweet transition to take Efrain’s back in the last minute. Dunham can’t get the rear naked choke, so he settles for punishing Escudero with punches from behind just to make sure no idiot judge takes the round away from him.

Round 3

Escudero jumps right into a guillotine choke, but Dunham defends well, gets up and eventually puts Escudero down. Dunham moves for his back and, as Escudero tries to escape, makes a beautiful move for a triangle choke. When he can’t seal that up he transitions to an armbar, and it looks tight. Escudero is trying to tough it out, but I’m feeling a Razak Al-Hasan situation coming on. Finally, he taps, but perhaps not before serious damage was done to his arm.

Evan Dunham def. Efrain Escudero via submission (armbar) at 1:53 of round 3.

After the break Rogan tells us that Escudero has left the Octagon, likely with a broken arm.  That could be premature, and Rogan doesn’t have a PhD in anything except perhaps bong repair, but that was bad.

Gray Maynard vs. Nate Diaz

Man, for a guy with pretty scrawny biceps, Diaz loves to flex them bad boys.  Maynard, on the other hand, just loves getting that cash 4 gold, son.  It’s amazing.  You send them your broken or unwanted gold, and they send you money!

Round 1

Diaz clearly has more range on the feet, and he’s trying to use that by reaching out and grabbing Maynard’s lead hand. Maynard is bobbing and weaving to get inside, but almost immediately he’s cut over his right eye, maybe from a clash of heads during the aforementioned bobbing and weaving. Maynard lands a good uppercut, but Diaz looks unfazed. The trash talk has already begun, with Diaz imploring Maynard to come on and Maynard calling Diaz a bitch, according to Joe Rogan. Now it’s a Diaz joint. First round comes to a close, and it’s tough to call. Diaz may get it with the judges based purely on the cut.

Round 2

Maynard fakes a shot and lands a punch, which works perfectly by exploiting Diaz’s fear of the takedown. Diaz looks for a takedown in the clinch, but that ain’t going to happen. Maynard gets Diaz coming towards him and hammers him with a right hook that clearly hurts Diaz. Maynard lands a left hook, then drops Diaz with a knee to the chin. After letting him up, Maynard continues smack Diaz almost at will, while also staying out of range of Diaz’s looping punches. Diaz is trying to mean mug near the end of the round, but he can’t be feeling good right now.

Randy Couture, ever the sage, implores Maynard to stop playing with him in between rounds.

“That’s his game. That’s not your game.” See? That’s why you bring Randy along. He’s the dad you didn’t have, probably because he divorced your mom and then two other women.

Round 3

Diaz gets off to a good start in the final round, landing a head kick and finding a home for his punches, putting Maynard off balance for the first time in the fight. Of course, he celebrates this by taunting Maynard, because that’s what Nate do. The cut over Maynard’s eye is bleeding more now, perhaps into his eye. Suddenly he doesn’t look so comfortable. A lunging right from Maynard stuns Diaz and leaves him reaching for a hopeless takedown. Now it’s Maynard coming on, and it may be enough to reclaim the round. Either way, Maynard should get the decision, but it’s by no means a sure thing.

Gray Maynard def. Nate Diaz via split decision.

Since this broadcast is already running over, looks like we’re not going to get any post-fight interviews.  God, I hate when there’s no falling action.  Check you tomorrow, Potato Nation.  We’ve got plenty to discuss.


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    Zuffa is trying to kill streams pretty hard, although I think personally they can fuck off because this one is on cable and I actually PAY for every PPV even though I could easily just watch it online. I support them though, because they deserve it. But in this case they need to back off. So enjoy boys! I'll try to find new ones real quick if it goes down but we should be good for awhile.....
  17. mt59801 Says:

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    My Picks: Nate Diaz Evan Dunham Tom Lawlor Amir Sadollah Too bad the leben fight wasn't picked for broadcast poor SOB actually wins and no one gets to see it. The Diaz fight is the only one I really care about, but it'll be interesting to see what sadollah does
  18. steampunk22 Says:

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    And its down.
  19. Terminator Says:

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  20. nicey Says:

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    you run things on men? also, i cant believe amir didnt finish blackburn, instead he held him up. i mean godam his body went limp and he clinched him.
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  24. doctorfunk Says:

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    Amir would have been better off if he didnt take blackburn down every time he rocked him. Regardless, it's a unanimous decision
  25. nicey Says:

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  26. Terminator Says:

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    How did Blackburn survive that knee. Cotdamn!
  27. Terminator Says:

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    How did Blackburn survive that knee? Cotdamn Nigga!
  28. Bloodlust Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 06:39

    happy for amir, he fought a good smart fight. I know some may question his decisions to take down blackburn when he had him in trouble, but i gotta believe that was in the gameplan. Love how he uses those teeps (obviously goldberg does too) in his striking.
  29. steampunk22 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 06:42

    You can't run sopcast on a mac without windows emulation. ht tp://w ww. justin. tv/greatt#r=CuYxdow This one is up
  30. Kimbos Bread Says:

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  31. mt59801 Says:

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    FOTN! right here
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  33. doctorfunk Says:

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    Mike Goldberg makes me laugh
  34. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:05

    Mike Goldberg quote of the night (so far): "He's looking to unload it all over his face..continuously."
  35. steampunk22 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:06

    Fuck I am totally missing this. Anyone have a solution for watching this, streaming, on a mac? I don't have a windows disc so I can't setup Fusion, unless my mind is totally fucked and I'm doing something wrong. I can't emulate an OS without the OS and there is no way I can dl in time. Anyone got a stream or a better idea?
  36. Terminator Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:09

    "Simpson is the Randy Couture of the 30's crowd in their 40's if Couture was 35"
  37. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:11

    @ Terminator Damn, I must have missed that one. Classic. But I still think the best line Goldberg has ever blurted on live TV was this: Mike Goldberg: "You know Joe, When Matt and his brother Mark Hughes were growing up, they would pound each other behind the barn."
  38. jimbonics Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:11

    Whatta fight.
  39. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:12

  40. jimbonics Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:12

    omg. hahaha lmao lawler got jobbed bad.
  41. jimbonics Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:13

    they need to restructure how they score these fights. waay too many shit decisions lately.
  42. MMA42 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:13

    Who the fuck thought Simpson won 2 rounds!? He wasn't even close
  43. doctorfunk Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:14

    not so much of a robbery.. I scored it 10-9 Lawler//10-9 simpson//10-9 simpson. The first around COULD have been 10-8 lawler though. But yeah terminator I heard that quote and was as confused as joe rogan
  44. Terminator Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:15

    Yea Goldbergs comments are one of my favorite parts of UFC events.
  45. Bloodlust Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:16

    close fight but i disagree with that decision. I give Tommy round 1 10-8, 10-9 2nd and 3rd rounds Simpson. No 10-8 for Simpson on the third round since although he maintained dominant position for the majority of the round, he did little to threaten with subs or strikes from it. I give it a draw, although I sure wish there was a sudden death round in that type of situation.
  46. nicey Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:17

    yea steamy idk about any streams but to save ur pain for next time...if you dont have a torrent program, you can get utorrent (easy google search, install it and open it) then just go to or 1337x or various other sites and DL a full copy of any windows version. you can then burn it to a disc. theres other things you can and should do along that process but this isnt the forum for that. in any case, BS i had lawlor winning that one on pure first round badassness.
  47. intercept440 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:17

    clearly the judges put more merit into the third round than the first 2 i got lawler with a 10-8 10-9 round 1 and 2 third round 10-9 simpson was ashton kutcher one of the judges?? lawlor got punked oh well maybe next time he fights at the weigh in he can put on blackface and come out as rampage, or kimbo that would be funny
  48. steampunk22 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:19

    Yes yes y'all. Found a stream.
  49. mt59801 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:20

    Please somebody give these judges a vision plan, or at least a low cost eye exam. I don't know how these fucking douchelords learn how to score MMA. Maybe MMA needs something like punch stat.
  50. intercept440 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:20

    @ steampunk you dont have spike?
  51. jimbonics Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:22

    @mt59801 Or a "I Fucked Your Shit Up for Two Out of Three Rounds" stat.
  52. nicey Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:25

    oh dear moses ill never be able to unhear goldberg's MMM MMM MMM MMM MMM!. fuck.
  53. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:25

    Mark Coleman is going to be a pioneer in MMA. he's going to be the first man ever to get a heart attack during a match. @ steampunk22 Good stuff. I tried to find some streams for ya but they were all dead. Glad you could join us.
  54. jimbonics Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:26

    @nicely lol, I was in the kitchen and thought, "did I just hear that?"
  55. Maine Blazer Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:27

    Lawlor should have won that fight, end of story. Simspon never had Lawlor close to being finished whereas Simspons iron jaw was the only thing keeping him alive.
  56. Bloodlust Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:30

    Regardless of the decision outcome, Lawlor was gassed way too and should be pissed he "left it in the judges hands". He shot his load faster than he does riding in on Seth's back. Speaking of, any word on if it was the Hulkamania entrance?
  57. steampunk22 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:31

    @intercept I don't have cable. I don't really watch tv really.
  58. steampunk22 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:33

    @Kimbo's Thanks for trying! The one I've got now is solid, I expect it to be up for the rest of the show.
  59. Tact Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:37

    Lawlor had that in the bag in round 1, if he had the Wandi killer instinct Simpson never would of gotten out of the round. Bummer, Simpson acted like he actually won the fight too, psyche.
  60. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:37

    @steampunk22 No problemo.
  61. C-dellic Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:37

    @steampunk care to share? also long time follower first time poster all you guys have cracked me up for a long time!
  62. steampunk22 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:40

    http :// atdhe.n et/7547/watch-mma-tv Click to play.
  63. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:42

    @ C-dellic Check out There's also a pretty good stream at: hxxp://
  64. Tact Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:46

    Badass fight by Dunham, thought an Aoki moment was coming.
  65. Terminator Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:47

    Very impressive submission. I think Escadero tapped a bit earlier a few times before tapping out again.
  66. Bloodlust Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:47

    Wow great comeback by Dunham, similar to Simpson's effort, but able to finish on top of it. I like Escudero a lot as a fighter, first and foremost for his fighting spirit, and he showed it by not wanting to tap to that armbar. He probably should have quicker than he did. Hope he's not injured.
  67. intercept440 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:48

    that was a sweet submission, to bad efrain had the tapping out is for bitches mentality , he could have saved some damaged on his arm, looks like its hurts like a sumbitch
  68. steampunk22 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:50

    Yeah that was pretty gangster. Good job by Evan Dunham, underdog pulls it off.
  69. C-dellic Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:50

    thanks fellas
  70. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:50

    Yeah, that tapin' out for bitches mentality is probably the dumbest thing to happen to MMA as of late.
  71. intercept440 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:50

    they should call him the pale rider, that muther fer needs some sun
  72. nicey Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:51

    how do they not interview dunham after that? WTF?! thats some bs. i bet if mexican jumping bean had won they'd march joe rogan right up in there.
  73. Deadletter Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:51

    WOW! Evan Dunham! amazing performance! the guys going places! that armbar was brutal to say the least!
  74. mt59801 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:52

    SOTN That was a lot more entertaining than I expected. That arm was headed for silvia country.
  75. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:53

    @ nicey I was thinking the same thing, but then I remembered that the last time a guy broke his opponents arm on live national TV, the idiot told Rogan that it felt great breaking the dude's arm and that made some people upset. I think it was Cantwell vs that Afro-thunder guy.
  76. Tact Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:56

    God damn I hope Maynard obliterates N. Douchiaz, here is to hoping!
  77. intercept440 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:58

    @kimbo bread that was the one on the fight for the troops show i believe, again dude should have tapped though before serious damage. and we havent seen the fro thunder guy back since i dont think either, what was that a year and a half ago??
  78. Deadletter Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 07:59

    maynards looking for a decapitation here! he is swinging some leather!
  79. doctorfunk Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:02

    I would love to see diaz get KTFO
  80. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:04

    @Intercept400 Ya you are right on.
  81. Tact Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:04

    Nate talking shit like a ghetto thug, that is why people don't like these dudes. Not for a lack of talent, you are sports competitors, this is not a street fight. Go Maynard.
  82. Deadletter Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:05

    if diaz gets ktfo i can see him still throwing punches from his back like that old boxing ko! lmfao! cause he never backs down!
  83. T BONE Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:07

    Diaz gets first round via bein a funny lookin, stick-arm flexin mouth. hahaha gotta love watchin the Diaz bros fight
  84. mt59801 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:09

    Diaz looks like he's taken less face damage
  85. intercept440 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:10

    this fight is like watching fly's fuck all there doing is shit talking each other , although grey has hit him more
  86. Deadletter Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:12

    @T BONE lmao! im with u man! but have u judged an event before? thatd explain some of the crazy decisions of late! lmao!
  87. nicey Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:15

    "they're fighters" REALLY GOLDBERG
  88. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:16

    Fuck the judges. Gray won this.
  89. DangadaDang Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:16

    Is it just me or does Nate Diaz look exactly like the "Shikaka" bat from Ace Ventura 2?
  90. intercept440 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:16

    this fight should have been on the undercard, i would rather have seen leben win than this lame ass fight dumham fight for sub of the night, maybe even fight of the night, but that one will probably go to lawlor and whats his name
  91. mt59801 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:17

    I would love to see goldberg and john madden in the booth.
  92. Tact Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:18

    Wow, a judge had it for Diaz.
  93. doctorfunk Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:19

    weak main event. i was most excited about seeing amir put another win under his belt anyways.
  94. Deadletter Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:19

    overran by nearly 20 minutes! oops!
  95. eatthatvomitdog Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:19

    That was not exciting. Is that guy really next in line for BJ Penn?
  96. nicey Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:19

    oh and what a terrible fight btw
  97. intercept440 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:19

    if that is all maynard has.... Penn is going fuck his shit up, its going to be diego sanchez x 2 or possibly 5
  98. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:19

    This shows fucked up
  99. nicey Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:19

    30-27 maynard..really?
  100. steampunk22 Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 08:54

    Maynard wins another fight, but not any more fans.
  101. Yves Latrine Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 09:07

    FILTHY TOM GOT FUCKING ROBBED!!! Diaz did too but I hate the Diaz brothers so fuck him.
  102. UFC fan Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 09:54

    Holla.......for Sadollah. so much for bad brad, feh what a joke. disappointing that Gray didn't knock out Diaz, and give him a "hey-boy".
  103. The Clinch Says:

    Mon, 01/11/10 - 11:49

    Lawlor won that fight. Just like Shogun beating Machida and Guida beating Griffin. Yeah, if you can't tell those are the three worst decision calls I have seem. Kawajiri beat Melendez too.. Honorable mention.
  104. Carl Sagan Says:

    Tue, 01/12/10 - 02:19

    Diaz got fucking robbed. Def won the first and last round, but that's the way it goes when you don't take your opponent into the deep, deep waters of Ceasar Gracie jiu jitsu. At least it wasn't just Maynard doing his patented pelvic thrusting hump-fest wrestling match for rounds.
  105. Clinch-Smash Says:

    Tue, 01/12/10 - 02:24

    Lawlor got fucked worse than Shogun style, and the so called main event was horrid, i like gray but that dude has absolutly no shot @ BJ in the lest. I stream to but please stop sharing stream's on here, e-mail them of something, posting them will fuck us all.
  106. Clinch-Smash Says:

    Tue, 01/12/10 - 02:26

    From Wiki Fight of the Night: Tom Lawlor vs. Aaron Simpson Knockout of the Night: Gerald Harris Submission of the Night: Evan Dunham
  107. nicey Says:

    Tue, 01/12/10 - 04:30

    posting streams on cagepotato isnt going to get any of them shutdown. relaxxxxxxxxxxxx. (and with sopcast theres no need to worry about streams being up down or sideways yeaaaaa)
  108. Clinch-Smash Says:

    Tue, 01/12/10 - 04:53

    there is just no reason to call attention to ourselves, and the more anyone mentions the sharing sites the more chance they will get shut down and then it will be harder to find streams. I live in Vegas and the only way i can watch the football and hockey i want to is streaming, so i just don't want any of them to get shut down. you know what i mean, if people would just e-mail them then there is less chance of them getting any attention.
  109. ChuckLiddellsMohawk Says:

    Tue, 01/12/10 - 05:50

    Maynard is so god damn boring, average boxing and no killer instinct, i hope he gets his title shot so Penn can murder him and put him back into middle of the pack obscurity!
  110. dimhaloxxx Says:

    Tue, 01/12/10 - 08:43

    Diaz got robbed. I mean one of the judges scored the fight 30-27 Maynard? Really? I mean the Diaz vs Maynard fight could have gone either way, but someone had Maynard winning all 3 rounds. Whatever, IMO Diaz won because Diaz took less damage, had better octagon control and landed more strikes. Grey landed the harder shots but didn't throw enough punches to score more then Diaz. No matter, Maynard barely won this fight but stands even less of a chance against Penn then Sanchez did.
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    Thu, 09/05/13 - 04:09

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  115. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 02:11

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