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UFC Fight Night 57: Edgar vs. Swanson — Main Card Results & Commentary

The UFC is live in Austin, Texas, tonight with a lineup of crowd-pleasing fighters and a featherweight main event that could maybe produce the next title challenger, particularly if Conor McGregor isn’t available. On tonight’s menu: Frankie Edgar vs. Cub Swanson in the headliner spot, with a side order of Bobby Green vs. Edson Barboza, and a light dusting of Joseph Benavidez, Brad Pickett, and Jared Rosholt. Should be pretty okay.

The UFC Fight Night 57 main card kicks off on FOX Sports 1 at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT, and our old friend Matt Kaplan will be stickin’ round-by-round results after the jump. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest, and shoot us your own thoughts in the comments section or on twitter @cagepotatomma. Thanks for being here.

UFC Fight Night 57 Preliminary Card Results
- Ruslan Magomedov def. Josh Copeland via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)
- Roger Narvaez def. Luke Barnatt via split-decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)
- James Vick def. Nick Hein via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)
- Akbarh Arreola def. Yves Edwards via submission (armbar), 1:52 of round 1
- Paige VanZant def. Kailin Curran via TKO, 2:54 of round 3
- Doo Ho Choi def. Juan Manuel Puig via TKO, 0:18 of round 1


Rd. 1 – Wiman opens it up with a lead leg kick and an overhand right. Vallie-Flagg counters, and Wiman presses him against the cage. They separate and Vallie-Flagg lands a nice uppercut. Vallie-Flagg applies shoulder pressure to Wiman in a clinch against the cage; Wiman lands a few elbows, but it’s Vallie-Flagg who lands the punch combinations that keep Handsome Matt on the fence. More short elbows from Wiman, and now a knee; Vallie-Flaggfires back, keeping the pressure on Wiman. Wiman lands a knee to the body and another strong elbow to the head. Wiman stuffs a takedown attempt and takes Vallie-Flagg’s back. Transition to an armbar…triangle control…that’s the round. Most of that roound was spent against the cage.

Rd. 2 - Vallie-Flagg strikes first with an uppercut-cross combo to Wiman’s jaw. Big punches in the clinch from Vallie-Flagg follow, and again Vallie-Flagg has Wiman ‘s back against the fence. More of the same, though: Wiman gets off some inside elbows.  Ooh, both exchange elbows inside the clinch. Big uppercut from Wiman on the inside. Wiman lands an overhand right in the center of the cage. Vallie-Flagg pushes him back on the fence. Wiman reverses position and again scores with the ‘bows. Big right hand exchange program in the center of the cage. Uppercut from Vallie-Flagg. His takedown attaempt is again thwarted, his back is again taken, and it’s Wiman again working for the RNC. Vallie-Flagg escapes and has Wiman on the fence again. Vallie-Flagg punches the body. Wiman elbows the jaw. Vallie-Flagg hits with elbows of his own. Wiman knees the body. The horn sounds as Wiman lands a big overhand right.

Rd. 3 – A lead uppercut from Vallie-Flagg opens the final round. Just seconds into the third, both are again up against the cage, this time with Wiman pressing the action. Yamasaki separates them, and it’s Vallie-Flagg again landing uppercut-friendly punch combos. Vallie-Flagg knees from inside the clinch. Wiman lands a good left hook to end a brief punch exchange. Vallie-Flagg has Wiman on the fence and wants that single leg. Wiman stuffs it and has Vallie-Flagg’s back for a third time, again searching for the RNC. Wiman punches away as he wants to finish the RNC with a minute left. Vallie-Flagg can’t go anywhere with the hooks in and is taking the short punches. Time. And that’s the fight. Ooh, they’re still shit talking one another. That was a close, competitive opening fight.

 ”Handsome” Matt Wiman wins the unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2).


Rd. 1 – They’re right at it, these two, trading away, and it’s Benavidez who’s finding a home with the right hand. Nice body kick from Benavidez, who’s more composed and who’s striking with greater efficiency. Beautiful high kick and a left hand from Benavides now. Benavidez takes it to the body now with the punches. Ortiz is looking to cut the cage off, but Benavidez is moving in and landing combinations…like that kick-left hand to the face pairing that Ortiz just ate. Ortiz’s right side is red as hell. Benavidez is just so much faster. Body-head combos landing on the regs for Benavidez, who just landed a takedown. Benavidez passes the guard and finished the round in side control.

Rd. 2 - Benavidez is striking the shit out of Ortiz. Punches and kicks, body and head. Benavidez lands a left hook to the head, and that left hand seems to be there for him whenever he throws it. Whoa, big left head kick, big right hand hurts Ortiz. Benavidez slips, gets back up, and it’s Ortiz now completing the takedown. Benavidez is back up and is bleeding from underneath the right eye. Benavidez ceacks him with a right hand after body shots. Ortiz catches a kick and takes down Benavidez, who’s right back up and lands a right hand. Benavidez rips the body. Ortiz is bleeding now from over his right eye. There’s another big right hand from Benavidez. Ortiz blocks a high kick from Benavidez and lands a short left hook. Ortiz with the front kick and takedown defense. Benavidez closes the round with standing back control against the cage. Ortiz definitely came on in the 2nd.

Rd. 3 -Benavidez is really firing that right hand now. Orrtiz scrambles out of a front headlock, but Benavidez has him on the fence. Big right hand in the center of the cage from Benavidez. Uppercut from Benavidez. Benavidez is looking for a front guillotine as the two are on their knees, but Ortiz escapes. Benavidez takes down Ortiz, who scrambles out and lands an uppercut in the process. Benavidez regains control of Ortiz and presses him to the fence. Ortiz works a takedown, but Benavidez is transitioning out. He’s out. Benavidez works for a guillotine, but Ortiz is ouot. Ortiz wants a single leg. Nope. Body kick from Benavidez. Ortiz lands to the body. They swing away in the center of the cage, and that’s time. Dominating performance for Benavidez.

Joseph Benavidez wins the unanimous decision (30-27 x3). No surprise there.


Rd. 1 -The Big Show vs. The Boa Constrictor. Here come the big boys. And referee Kerry Hatley. Rosholt opems with a lead leg kick and avoids a counter overhand right from Oliynyk. Wow, Rosholt is landing huge body shots and uppercuts to Oliynyk, who rushed in with a right hand. This Texas crowd is liking the hometown Rosholt. Rosholt has Oliynyk in a front headlock, who keeps a hand on the ground. Big right from Oliynyk as Rosholt has him against the cage. Rosholt rips the body to Oliynyk on the fence. Oliynyk looks tired from all the clinch work. Oliynyk lands an uppercut. Wow. Oliynyk lands a right, and a left. Rosholt is down. Rosholt is out. KO. That was power.

Alexey Oliynyk wins it via Rd. 1 (3:21) knockout.


Rd. 1 – So we’re pronouncing “Camus” as Kay-miss and not Kuh-mooh, huh? I guess I’ll play along. Big right from Pickett scores first as both fighters trade. Flying knee from Camus lands! Camus somehow escapes from being slammed from a double leg. Beautiful uppercut from Camus, who is taken down by Sir Pickett. Pickett is in the guard and looking to ground and pound. Camus is fighting back, though. Picket passes to half guard and lands elbows from in the guard. Camus gets him back in guard but is blooeding from his right eye. Crisp right from Camus. Left hook from Camus. Both men are bloodied now. Camus is fancy with the footwork, ain’t he? Good movement. Nice left hook from Camus in the center of the cage. Camus shoots for a single. Pickett scrambles away. Left hand from Camus. Leg kick from Pickett. Time.

Rd. 2 – Nice uppercut from Camus. And another, followed by a cross, but Pickett keeps it coming. Camus stuffs a double leg. Pickett kicks, but eats a right in the process. Nice jab and overhand right from Pickett.Flying knee from Pickett misses. Camus is really smooth on the feet, no? Pickett can’t seem to throw too many combos with all the movement. Punches traded in the center of the cage, and it’s Pickett who demolishes the takedown defense and lands the double leg. That was a definitive takedown. Camus attempts the standing guillotine now. Nope. Stiff jab and cracking right hand for Camus. Monster left hand for Pickett, who’s starting to figure out Camus’s movement. Pickett has Camus against the fence. Knees to the thighs. Camus is off the fence. Time.

Rd. 3 – Camus is staying away from Pickett. Pickett grabs a single. Camus defends. Counter right lands for Pickett. Camus fires but comes up empty. Left hook from Pickett as Camus circles away. Short lefts from a circling Camus. Camus fires, Pickett ducks, Pickett lands a left hook. Nice work. They trade jabs. Camus’s fancy footwork isn’t fooling anyone any longer. Straight right from Pickett. Pickett eats a jab. Big front kick from Camus. Camus’s volume is way down, as he’s circling away from Pickett, who’s been coming on all fight. Pickett works for the takedown, but Camus stays up. This is going to be tough to score. A front kick from Pickett cracks Camus in the mouth. Two hooks land for Camus seconds before the bell. Close fight.

Chico Camus wins it by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28). 


Rd. 1 – Bobby Green’s come a long way since I first saw him fight my man Dany Lauzon in one of Affliction’s shows. Ok, here we go. Barboza gets right at it with the kicks. Sick body kick from Barboza, but Green catches the next one and dumps Barboza down. He’s back up as Green waves him in. Yikes. Spinning back kick from Barboza just misses. Barboza kicks low as Green looks to get his hands going. Barboza punches the body. Barboza again kicks the body. Green lands the right, misses the left. 1-2 lands for Barboza. Green better stop the bullshit because Barboza is landing whatever whenever. Front kick from Green. Barboza lands a big left hook. Green misses right hook. Barboza looks so much bigger than Green. Body kick from Green. Two nice left jabs from Green find the jaw. Barboza answers with a right hand. Barboza avoids the clinch from Green. Flying knee misses for Green as the round closes out.

Rd. 2 -Barboza pumps the left jab to no avail. Head kick misses for Green. Head kick connects for Barboza. Front kick from Green, who’s got to be feeling that last head kick. SGreen’s got a mouse under the left eye. Big overhand right and spinning kick for Barboza. Green is hurt. Left jab lands for Green. Huge left hook for Barboza. The crowd’s into it. Green keeps coming forward, but Barboza is elusive. Flying knee lands for Green. Left jab lands for Green but the spinning back fist doesn’t. Green kicks low. Barboza’s forehead is bleeding now. They trade lead leg kicks. Barboza is hitting and moving nicely. Another flying knee to the body from Green. Leg kick for Green as well. Green jabs. Barboza’s head movement slows Green down a bit, Green catches a kick. Time.

Rd. 3 - Barboza opens with leg kicks, landing one and missing one. Big right from Barboza. Green eats it well. Crisp left for Green. Green misses with two jabs. Barboza is moving well. Head kick for Barboza. Right hand lands flush for Barboza. Green takes it like a champ, though. Damn. Green lands a left to a bloodied Barboza, whose movement still is puzzling Green a bit, it seems. Good three-punch combo for Barboza. Barboza circles away with just under 2:00 left. Green comes in with the punches, but Barboza is quick to counter. Green lands a short right in close. Spinning back kick just misses for Barboza. Barboza seems to have slowed a bit. Green keeps pressing forward. Left uppercut lands for Green. Barboza lands a rough kick. Head kick grazes Green. Right hook counter for Green. That’s it. Good scrap.

Your winner, by unanimous decision, Edson Barboza (30-27 x3)


“Your reign on the top is short like leprechauns…” Here comes Edgar. That never gets old for me. I interviewed both of these guys before they ever made it to the UFC, so I’ve enjoyed watching them through the years. This should be a good one.

Rd. 1 –  The Texas crowd is fired up. Edgar misses a low kick. Cub jabs. Edgar avoids a lead left hook from Cub. Edgar comes in with the jab, but Cub counters with the left. Cub stuffs the takedown. 2-3 for Cub lands. Cub’s left hand is low, but it fires fast, just missing Edgar. Edgar circles out and just misses the takedown. Cub’s right hand just misses. Nice overhand right for Cub. Edgar counters with body punches. Edgar catches a kick and takes down Cub. Cub is up quickly and avoids a head kick. Edgar with the 1-2. Cub jabs. Body kick for Edgar. Again Cub’s quick jab lands. Cracking right hand connects for Edgar. Edgar lands a second takedown to close the round and finishes inside the guard.

Rd. 2 – Edgar eats an uppercut. Cub jabs to keep Edgar away. Head kick misses the mark for Edgar. Three nice rights for Cub. Bog overhand right lands for Edgar, and Cub is bleeding as a result. Edgar with the takedown attempt…and he’s in half guard. Short, smothering elbows from Edgar. Cub wants a reversal, but Edgar keeps control. Edgar punches away. More punches and elbows from full guard from the former champion. Cub needs to get up. Edgar passes to half guard. Cub is bleeding over both eyes. Huge elbow from Edgar with a minute left. Edgar is staying very busy from top position. Edgar has the mount for a second, but moves back to half guard. There’s the horn.

Rd. 3 – Cub jabs. Edgar rushes in, gets body control, and slams Cub with the double. Edgar elbows and punches from the guard. Half guard now for Edgar. Big elbows and forearm smashed for Edgar. Cu defends the head and arm choke. Edgar is working for the mount. More punches from the top. Edgar has landed more than double the strikes Cub has so far tonight. Cub makes it to his knees, but Edgar wrangles him back down and is in half guard. Edgar’s pace on the ground is non-stop. Cub needs to explode out and reverse position, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening. One minute left. Shoulder pressure and strikes from Mr. Edgar, who’s dominating.

Rd. 4 – Cub’s corner has plenty of blood to stop just now. Edgar seems to have plenty left in the tank as he heads into the deeper waters. Cub jabs and fires that right hand. Head kick misses for Edgar. Nice body kick for Cub. Edgar with the lightning fast for Edgar. Cub is against the cage on one knee, but Edgar’s got him. Half guard for The Answer, who’s threatening with the head-arm choke and the full mount. He’s got the mount. Hard elbow for Edgar. Cub is flat on his back, but Edgar is close to 150 ground strikes landed. Big right from Edgar in half guard. Edgar is again dominating from top position. Big punches have Cub covering up. Edgar has his back. Cub returns to his back, and Edgar is in half guard. Mount for Edgar. Back control for Edgar. Punches and elbows, again, and again. Cub nearly explodes out, and they’re on their feet with 15 seconds left. Both men jab, and that’s that.

Rd. 5 – Cub needs to finish. His left eye is busted up pretty good, though. Edgar lands an uppercut and a right. Frint kick from Edgar. Edgar with another takedown. Yikes. Edgar is in full guard and fires away with punches and elbows. Half guard now for Edgar. who wants that mount again. Guillotine for Edgar? Cub escapes. Edgar has the mount. Head and arm choke for Edgar. Cub’s out. Elbows keep coming down for Edgar. Cub is really bleeding now. Side control for Edgar, who’s totally controlling Cub’s  hips. Edgar has nearly 250 strikes. Shit. 60 seconds left. Cub nearly explodes out, but Edgar is too heavy on top. Edgar punches away. Big elbow to the chin of Cub. Edgar wants the RNC…got it with seconds to go! Wowsers. Cub tapped immediately.

Frankie Edgar wins via rear naked choke at 4:56 of Rd. 5.

Edgar wants the belt. That was a dominant performance from the former champion.

Good night, all.

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