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UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen — Main Card Results & Commentary

(Personally, I’d stay away from any mortgage service that advertises on Chael Sonnen’s butt-cheeks, but hey, that’s just me. / Photo via

The UFC is going all-in for their big debut on FOX Sports 1. Tonight’s UFC Fight Night 26 main card broadcast features a former UFC light-heavyweight champion (Mauricio “Shogun” Rua), a three-time UFC title challenger (Chael Sonnen), a former Strikeforce/DREAM/K-1 champion (Alistair Overeem), a former WEC champ (Urijah Faber), one of the two most bonus-decorated fighters in UFC history (Joe Lauzon), the man responsible for ending the Griggs Era (Travis Browne), an American hero who pre-emptively shattered a terrorist’s nose (John Howard), the owner of the greatest knockout in TUF history (Uriah Hall), and that gritty son of a bitch Matt Brown. If only all UFC card were this stacked and this free.

Handling the main card play-by-play for the UFC’s return to Boston is our man Oliver Chan (aka “O Chan”), who will be hand-delivering “UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Sonnen” live results after the jump beginning at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest, and keep the conversation poppin’ in the comments section. Thanks for being here.

Please stand by…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Worcester Mass’s very own Oliver “Double Bacon Cheese” Chan returns to his hometown for FS1′s UFC Debut.  And by return home, I mean on my buddy’s couch watching it in Brooklyn.  But I digress… Already we’ve seen some great fights on the prelims, some sick camera angles, Vegas odds, new real-time fight stats, and a :50 second knockout that made me feel dizzy… I don’t know about you, but I’m giddy.

Here’s what we’ve seen thus far:

James Vick def. Ramsey Njem (guillotine, Rd 1 at 0:58)
Ovince St. Preux def. Cody Donovan (KO, Rd 1 at 2:07)
Manvel Gamburyan def. Cole Miller (UD, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Diego Brandao def. Daniel Pineda (UD, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Steven  Siler def. Mike Brown (KO, Rd 1 0:50)
Conor McGregor def. Max Holloway (UD, 30-27, 30-27, 30-26)
Michael McDonald def. Brad Pickett (Triangle Choke, Rd 2 3:43)

Now let’s get to the good stuff shall we? Leading off the main card is Joe Lauzon (who has a striking resemblance to Nick Stahl from Sin City) taking on TUF alumnus, Michael Johnson.
My prediction: Lauzon 3rd round submission arm-bar
My buddy’s:  Lauzon 2rd round submission Rear-Naked

Joe Lauzon vs. Michael Johnson

Rd. 1

Johnson and Lauzon square off trading jabs and low kicks.  Both guys circle around the enter of the Octagon.
Johnson lands a hard left to Lauzon.  He goes down, but gets up.  He’s still dazed, a bit wobbly and looking to take Johnson to the ground.  Johnson is aggressive with his follow-up, but Lauzon recovers.  Stat tracker shows Lauzon is just being picked apart by Johnson on the striking department.
Johnson’s combos is just too much for Lauzon.  Johnson knocks Lauzon down again! Lauzon wants Johnson in the guard, but Johnson doesn’t want that.  Johnson continues to t-off on Lauzon knocking him down again and J-Lau is saved by the bell.
My call:  10-9 Johnson

Rd. 2
More circling and squaring off.  J-Lau works Johnson against the cage.   Johnson gets away and the two continue circling.  J-Lau controls the center of the Octagon.  J-Lau looks to have Johnson on the run, but Johnson quickly counters with some tight combinations.  Johnson gets J-Lau against the cage and grinds it out.  J-Lau pushes it off.  Johnson is starting to look a bit gassed out.  The two trade a few more on the center of the ring.  MJ takes down J-Lau and gets some GnP against the cage. He might have sealed up that round with the take-down.

My call: 10-9 Johnson

Rd. 3
Third round starts with MJ circling around J-Lau in the center of the cage.  Johnson throws some combos and leg-kicks.  MJ is starting to pick apart J-Lau with the combos.  Failed take-down attempt by J-Lau.  MJ is just picking J-Lau apart with quick jabs.  J-Lau really needs to step it and get the finish if he wants the win.  Johnson has almost doubled J-Lau’s strikes.  With 30 seconds left, Johnson gets J-Lau on his back and gets some more GnP from J-Lau’s guard.

My call:  MJ 10-9

Official Decision coming up…

Official Decision
30-27, 30-27 and 30-25 in favor of Michael Johnson

And there’s LB and Spaz from 107.3 WAAF.

Next up, John “Doomsday” Howard (aka the all ‘Merican Terrorist Beater-Upper) vs. yet another TUF Alumnus Uriah Hall.  Remember him?

Buddy’s quote of the night: “Howard is so hood, you got to wonder how he started Muay-Thai? He got no tooth!!”

John Howard vs. Uriah Hall
Howard has an excellent beard.  I want one.  Well, I want the ability to grow a beard, but I want that too.  Our ref is Mario Yamasaki

My call:  Doomsday by UD
My buddy’s:  Hall First Round KO

Rd. 1
Uriah hall immediately goes for the take-down.  Interesting move from a fight we thought would be stand-up.   Uriah hall lets Howard stand.  Hall is noticeably taller than Howard.  Howard throws a nice leg-kick.  Hall answers with some tight jabs.  Uriah with a spinning round-house that Howard ducks.  Howard tries to get inside, but Hall holds pushes him back.

The two square off a bit more and circle each other.  Howard gets Hall with a nice shot and pins Hall against the cage.  Hall reverses and goes for a take-down.  Doomsday throws some punches while against the cage.  The two engage in some dirty boxing.

They separate and Doomsday throws another powerful leg-kick and Hall answers with a knee.  Hall goes for a take-down, Howard defends and goes for a single.  Hall is pinned against the cage.  Hall throws a knee and escapes.  Hall goes for a spinning heel-kick and wiffs.  Round ends.
Hall 10-9, but it was close.

Rd. 2
They touch gloves and we’re on.  Hall throws some nice left-kick combos.   Hall is doing a great job managing the distance.  Hall goes for the take-down and Doomsday gets Hall in a guillotine.  Hall gets out and Howard throws a nice combo.  Doomsday has taken control of the pace and now has Hall pinned against the cage and works the take-down.

Hall reverses and now has Doomsday against the cage.  Mario separates them and they square away.  Doomsday catches Hall’s knee and works the single leg with Hall against the cage.

Hall goes for the Kimura and is the two scramble up. Hall has control of Doomsday’s back.  Howard is now looking for the kimura and now Doomsday has Hall on the run.  Howard gets the take-down away from the cage and starts work some rabbit punches and now strong body-shots.  Howard looks to pass the guard and really lands some hard shots.

Round ends, Howard took that one 10-9.

Rd. 3
The two touch gloves and here we go! Hall goes for a take-down, but Doomsday shrugs it of.  Howard wifs on a leg-kick and Hall goes for a fancy spinning kick, but doesn’t really connect.  Doomsday goes for the overhand left, but Hall blocks.  Doomsday goes for a take-down, but Hall shrugs it of. Hall connects with a nice knee.  Hall goes for a take-down and has Doomsday against the cage.  Doomsday throws some light punches against Hall while against the cage.  Mario separates them.

They touch gloves and square off again. Head-kicked blocked by Doomsday.  Hall gets taken down and has Doomsday in the halfguard.  Hall gets to his knees.  They get to the feet, Doomsday has control of Howard’s back.  He’s got the right hook in, but Hall gets Doomsday against the cage and takes him down.  Doomday gets up and Hall has his back.  They separate and Doomsday starts riling up the crowd and now they both agree to just stand-up (I’m guessing).  Hall gets for some weird spin kicking thing, Doomsday does that Hendo diving punch on Bisping thing… and now the two start bro-ing out.

Another close round, I’m going with my home-town guy, 10-9, but I’m thinking either way, we’re looking at a split-decision.

Official Decision
30-27 Howard, 29-28 Hall, 29-28 Howard

I called it.  Welcome back Doomsday.

Next up, we got a guy with a mullet and a guy who will F-you up if you screw with his dip.  We got Mike Pyle vs. Matt Brown.  This is so red-neck I feel the need for some Skoal, Skynard, and ‘Shine… Moonshine.

Quick observation, this “World’s End Movie”… Is this the same thing as “Shaun of the Dead”, but with aliens instead of zombies.

Mike Pyle vs. Matt Brown 
We both got Brown by decision

Rd. 1
They touch gloves and here we go.

Brown chases Pyle with some strong strikes and knocks Pyle down.  He gets one shot in and Pyle is OUT.  A few extra shots and it’s all over.  Hell of a KO by Brown.

Well then, hope you didn’t blink.

Official Decision
Matt Brown, 1st Round KO at 0:29.  And Brown says Pyle is better tan GSP… Interesting.  Rogan doesn’t buy it. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but you don’t knock a dude out in :30 and say he’s better than the current Welterweight champ… That’s just my opinion.

And there’s Shawn Thorton.  He’s a Boston Bruin.  He’s awesome.

Shameless plug by Oscar De La Hoya where I think he’s really trying hard to think boxing and cardio-boxing can co-exist.

Next up

Uriajah Faber vs. Iuri/Yuri Alcantara

My prediction Yuri by 3rd Rd RNC
Buddy’s Prediction:  Faber by UD

Rd. 1
They touch gloves and we’re on.  Faber charges and Yuri counters with a nice judo toss.  Gets the mount and works the arm-bar .  Faber loos for the leg-lock  Yuri takes Faber’s back, both hooks in and throwing some nice effective strikes.  Faber canot escape the back.  Yuri is just working Faber.  Faber throwing punches while watching himself on the screen (Patrick Batemen reference).   Faber cannot escape from the back control.  Yuri tries to attack Fabers arm.

Faber gets up and slams Yuri down.  Yuri working the triangle.  Faber passes tinto the third guard.  Staples Yuri’s right leg and works some GnP.  Yuri tries to sweep, but Faber maintains the position and drops bombs.  Yuri recovers the full-guard.  More GnP by Faber.  Here is the U-S-A Chants… Yep, it’s Boston.  I got nothing.

Yuri looks to control Faber from the guard, but Faber is still able to land some strong shots.

Faber stole that round in the end, 10-9

Rd. 2
The two go right at it.  Interesting back-roll by Faber, he recovers and Faber is able to take down Yuri and is in Yuri’s guard against the cage.

Faber looks to pass the guard.  Yuri eats a knee to the chest.  Faber in the half-guard looks for the guillotine.  Yuri replaces the guard.  Faber grinding into Yuri.  Faber gets some elbows in.  This is text-book ground and pound, folks.  Faber stands up and passes the guard.  He starts working guillotine again.  Thus far Faber has out-strucken (is that a word) Yuri 37-1.

While in the half-guard Faber is throwing some strong elbows and stronger punches.  Yuri gets up, but Faber is looking for a Judo takedown.  Faber has Yuri against the cage, they move away, Faber takes him down.  Faber in the guard and continues with the GnP.

If this isn’t a 10-8 round Faber, then we need new judges.

Rd. 3
Faber fakes (?) a take down.  He fakes another take-down and lands an overhand right.  Little scramble, the two continue to square off.  Faber doing some very Guida-esque dancing.  He charges in but Yuri is able to defend.  Yuri with a high kick and Faber blocks.  Faber shoots for the take-down and Yuri sprawls out.  The two continue to circle around.

Faber takes down Yuri.  Yuri sweeps, but Faber maintains control and grinds Yuri against the cage while in the guard.   Faber continues his GnP assault on Yuri.  Yuri looks to control Faber’s left arm.  Faber is able to stand up in Yuri’s open guard.  Faber back in Yuri’s closed guard and continues to grind it out.

Yuri looking for the Oomaplata and Faber defends.  Yuri transitions to the triangle and is back into the oomaplata hold.  Faber steps over and butter-flies Yuri’s arms, he is able to escape and takes control of Yuri’s back and holds him down to end the round.

Solid attempt by Yuri to score a late-minute submission, but Faber has this one 10-9.

Official Decision
Faber gets the UD (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)

Faber says he might have some jaw damage. But I’m sure the ladies still love him.

There’s Bob Kraft… Bob, let’s get another Super Bowl, it’s been a while.

Next up, the heavyweights… Not those heavyweights

Alistair Overeem vs. Travis Browne 

My prediction:  Overeem by 2 RD KO
Buddy’s prediction: Overeem by way of “horse-meat”

If Overeem loses, specifically gets KO’d, I think it’s safe to say we’ll probably see him fighting Anthony “Welterweight” Johnson at the WSOF

Rd. 1
Touch gloves and here we go.  Overeem stalks and gets Brown against the cage with some knees to the body.  Overeem controls Brown, but Brown is able to get Overeem back to the center.

Flying knee by Browne.  Overeem goes for a guillotine attempt.  Overem is getting some hard shots to Browne against the cage.  Strong knee to the Browne.  It looks like Overem got a knee to the the head with Browne’s knee down.  They are both on the feet and Overeem works from the clinch getting solid knees to the body.  Travis Brown is taking some devastating blows by Overeem.

Overeem gets a pretty sloppy take-down but Brown gets up.  Browne goes for a couple front-kicks to the face.  Overeem takes control of Browne against the cage.  Another front-head kick by Browne.  Browne goes for the spinning round-house, but misses.  Browne has Overeem in the clinch, but is against the cage … Another front-kick and Overeem goes DOWN.  Browne gets a couple shots in from the guard, but it is all over!!!!

For those of you who not watching… It looked like this. For those of you not with me right now, here’s our reaction.

Official Decision
Travis Brown 1st Round KO (4:08)

Browne shows much love to Boston.

So is this the last we’ll see of Overeem?

Ladies and gents, we’re coming up to our main-event of the evening.

Chael Sonnen vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua

My Prediction:  Shogun 2nd round TKO
Buddy’s Prediction:  Shogun 2nd round mounted guillotine

Chael Sonnen has a pink-ribbon on his shirt.  If you Google Chael Sonnen and Cancer, you get a lot of articles about Lance Armstrong.  Just a random fact I’ll put there.

Buffer is on FIRE tonight.

RD. 1
Herb Dean is our ref for the main-event.

No touch of gloves, Chael goes for the take-down and gets in Shogun’s half-guard.  Shogun gets to the feet and gets Chael down and is in Chael’s butterfly guard.  Chael has one butter fly-hook in and Shogun transitions into the half-guard.  Chael goes for the guillotine.  Shogun gets to his feet and the two clinch up.

Chael gets the take-down and works the GnP from the half-guard.  Shogun is looking to sweep from the half.  Chael flattens out Shoguns shoulders.  Shogun works to get on his side.  Chael continues to work some strikes.  Shogun gets the butterfly hooks in.  The Boo-birds are coming out… As always let’s see you guys do this.

Chael stands up Shogun goes for an upkick.  Chael back in the half-guard and working the strikes.  Chael continues to smother Shogun.  Shogun works to his feet and Chael has a DEEP GUILLOTINE.  Shogun is working the escape… HE TAPS!!! SHOGUN THE BJJ BLACKBELT TAPS!!!!!

Shogun is devastated that he tapped.

Quick observation, Chael has a Mortgage lender website as a sponsor… Do they really know who they are pairing their brand with?

Official Decision
Chael Sonnen wins by tapout via Guillotine (4:46)

Chael shows support for those fighting cancer (since Chael won via BJJ I only feel it appropriate to plug Nick Newell’s favorite charity TapCancerOut)… Shows some of his poetry skills… And as classic Chael does, calls out Wanderlie Silva in his classic fashion.

Despite what Deadspin says, this was a great night of fights.   You go to Boston, you’re guaranteed a good show.  My picks were pretty bad, but I still had fun doing this and hope you all did too.

Don’t forget to check back here for Condit vs. Kampman.

Have a great night all, now I need a beer.

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