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UFC Gets Backing from NY State Senators in Legalization Push Ahead of 2012 Assembly Session Start in Jan.

(Video courtesy of WNY)

New York State Assembly isn’t scheduled to resume until January, but that isn’t stopping politicians in the Empire State from rallying in the meantime for legalizing mixed martial arts when the next session starts.

Several senators and Assembly members have spoken out publicly in support of the sport in recent weeks, which could bring the issue to the forefront when Assembly is back in session in two months.

Buffalo Senator Mark Grisanti, who met with UFC chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta yesterday, says that it’s ridiculous that New York is dragging its feet when it comes to sanctioning the sport that is regulated in all but a handful of states in the U.S. and less than a half dozen Canadian provinces. Grisanti pointed to the economic benefits of having MMA in the state, noting that it could create jobs and inject an influx of cash into the New York economy as one of the big reasons for giving the popular combat sport the nod.

“Being that we’re so close to Toronto and southern Ontario, I would suspect that we would get a lot of that draw from our neighboring country [as well],” Grisanti explained.

You might recall that the bill stalled out last session before it could reach a final vote because the 2011 Assembly session ended before one could take place. Some argue that the opponents of the bill dragged their feet in pushing the process along to prevent a vote from happening, but it’s unlikely they will be able to put off the inevitable next year. Let’s just hope that voting members will look at the big picture and not take douchebag Assemblyman Bob Reilly’s word at face value, considering he has ulterior motives since he received sizeable campaign contributions from the culinary union — you know, the group that’s been trying to shut down the UFC because they don’t like the fact that the Fertittas won’t allow their Station Casino workers to unionize.

Maybe he’ll asphyxiate on egg nog over the holidays and we won’t have to worry about him meddling with the vote.

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XENOPHON- November 19, 2011 at 9:34 am
The change of heart from these politicians is simply the impact of FOX lobbying. FOX and Viacom share the same investments, (one paid way too much) but the fact his, big money networks have decided to cash in on MMA.
The tide is ebbing, and Arnum should stop throwing good money at bad. He and the other boxing promotions need to accept that MMA has displaced their cash cow. They might laugh at the men on the mopeds, but when only peddling a Big Wheel... it's time to realize that one is only in the "B" Leagues.
lethalmcleet- November 18, 2011 at 5:04 pm
This drives me crazy. People that think this sport isn't safe are retarded. Sure, there are risks, but ALL sports have them.

A teenager just died in Canada in minor hockey after getting hit with a puck the throat. According to this article there's actually fans that died from getting hit with a frozen piece of rubber.

These are just the deaths. Many guys are breaking their backs broken and getting massive concussions from dirty hits. Years ago a guy got his throat sliced open with a skate and almost bit it. Should it be banned? No.

Shit's something fucked if a sport where 2 guys agree to try to hurt each other can't do it. Fighters will fight where they're allowed, or worse, where they're not in an unsafe unsanctioned environment. I say get 'em in where your local economy gets the action.
zhangaaa- November 18, 2011 at 4:53 pm
Anhonestmoose- November 18, 2011 at 11:55 am
I thought the Fertitas didn't have a problem with unionizing, but the employees had made not attempt at it. On the other hand, I have been wrong...many times.
mma_ninja- November 18, 2011 at 9:38 am
Awesome. I have been lobbying for this for several years now, along with many others in the industry. No longer will corrupt politicians like Reilly be able to ignore this Bill because of ulterior motives and shady back-pocket interests. I truly believe we will win this fight this time around. Big win for MMA, the UFC, and the great people of NY if so!
amsterdamheavy- November 18, 2011 at 9:15 am
It always makes it through the state senate - its the assembly where they fuck about and let it die...reminds me of a song...
I'm just a bill.
Yes, I'm only a bill.
And I'm sitting here on Capitol Hill.
Well, it's a long, long journey
To the capital city.
It's a long, long wait
While I'm sitting in committee,
But I know I'll be a law someday
At least I hope and pray that I will,
But today I am still just a bill.
Boy: Gee, Bill, you certainly have a lot of patience and courage.

Bill: Well I got this far. When I started, I wasn't even a bill, I was just an idea. Some folks back home decided they wanted a law passed, so they called their local Congressman and he said, "You're right, there oughta be a law." Then he sat down and wrote me out and introduced me to Congress. And I became a bill, and I'll remain a bill until they decide to make me a law.
I'm just a bill
Yes I'm only a bill,
And I got as far as Capitol Hill.
Well, now I'm stuck in committee
And I'll sit here and wait
While a few key Congressmen discuss and debate
Whether they should let me be a law.
How I hope and pray that they will,
But today I am still just a bill.
Boy: Listen to those congressmen arguing! Is all that discussion and debate about you?

Bill: Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones. Most bills never even get this far. I hope they decide to report on me favourably, otherwise I may die.

Boy: Die?

Bill: Yeah, die in committee. Oooh, but it looks like I'm gonna live!
google- November 18, 2011 at 8:39 am
Fried Taco- November 18, 2011 at 8:27 am
I'll see it when I believe it.
ExpectJesusBro- November 18, 2011 at 8:14 am