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UFC Live: Jones vs. Matyushenko — Preliminary Card Results

(Back from the grave: James Irvin yesterday [left], and in March [right]. Photos courtesy of CombatLifestyle)

Spoilers after the jump…

- Rob Kimmons def. Steve Steinbeiss via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

- Charles Oliveira def. Darren Elkins via submission (triangle/armbar), 0:41 of round 1

- Brian Stann def. Mike Massenzio via submission (triangle choke), 3:10 of round 3

- Igor Pokrajac def. James Irvin via submission (rear-naked choke), 2:29 of round 1. Well, at least James didn’t break anything this time.

- Matt Riddle def. DaMarques Johnson via TKO, 4:29 of round 2. Johnson missed weight and forfeited 20% of his purse to Riddle.

- Jacob Volkmann def. Paul Kelly via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)


  1. Dizzylittlelord Says:

    Sun, 08/01/10 - 03:56

    johnson hasnt been in a boring fight, the fight vs garcia was incredible, he'll get a bonus
  2. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 08/01/10 - 04:16

    riddle looked seriously muscular @ the weigh in I predict an upset
  3. sp00ki kabuki Says:

    Sun, 08/01/10 - 04:22

    wtf is up with the repete on vs?
  4. DangadaDang Says:

    Sun, 08/01/10 - 04:28

    @spooki gotta reel in fans for the live event somehow
  5. jimbonics Says:

    Sun, 08/01/10 - 05:12

    Dear UFC: PLEASE do not release the Sandman. Jim
  6. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 08/01/10 - 05:24

    ha ha chipper beat some ass, fuck my bank for blocking gambling transactions
  7. shitbag Says:

    Sun, 08/01/10 - 05:48

    Hail Satan everybody!
  8. ruthlessrumble Says:

    Sun, 08/01/10 - 07:01

    i love James Irvin win or lose, please keep the sandman around.
  9. ccman Says:

    Sun, 08/01/10 - 08:05

    Post main event thoughts: a. per that stoppage Carwin is the champ. Seriously. b. Jones is fake as they come. he showboats and sees a camera and promptly stops. c. additional his post fight comments are written for him. anyone who has ever done PR and public speaking would see it in a second. d. Nothing is worse than a protected fighter. no i am not 'hating on' jones, I just very prefer fighters to be real when addressing the public. he feels boxing handled to me and is why i droipped watching boxing. e. How on earth can Silva justify this main event, a 10.5" reach advantage? f. as the guy who stands up for the UFC and how they do business against the DW haters everywhere, I just do not see this as a make-up for silva v. maia. and munoz losing a split was a joke, munoz lost 2 rounds period. I can not stand another judge using point of view as an excuse for trying to push their guy thru ever again. wanna bet Munoz from utah and he lost unanimous? MMA needs to get out from under boxing corrupt commissions and idiot judges and finance or get legislated their own governing body.
  10. ghostboner Says:

    Mon, 08/02/10 - 01:25

    ccman says, "wanna bet Munoz from utah and he lost unanimous?" What do you mean?
  11. ghostboner Says:

    Mon, 08/02/10 - 01:27

    Jake Shields is so boring that he almost bored James Irvin into a living death.
  12. ccman Says:

    Mon, 08/02/10 - 06:26

    Sorry boner, beer and phone keyboards = fail I am saying if Munoz was from anywhere except cali fighting in Cali, no way anyone could have even pretended to give him more than the second round, and even there he had a knockdown and a takedown... otherwise he was controlled. Basically frustration over more bad judging, fast stops, and unified rules remaining untouched even as the sport has evolved around them.
  13. ghostboner Says:

    Mon, 08/02/10 - 02:55

    @ccman - gotcha. True dat is.
  14. BackbaconBilly Says:

    Mon, 08/02/10 - 04:00

    Sorry boys...The Sandman has got to go, 3 losses in a row. His last win was against Houston ( where is he now) Alexander, back in early 08. Before that his last ACTUAL win was against Hector Ramirez back in late 06. Its time he goes back to the little leagues and either proves himself back into the UFC or fades off into the abyss, DW has been way too forgiving of this guy.
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