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The UFC Is Not F*cking Around With Their Strikeforce Counter-Programming

(I hope you’re working hard, James, because Kimbo is working double-hard.)

It’s not enough for the UFC to simply hold an event the same day their rivals are holding one. No, gentle readers, what Dana White may have in mind is far more savage. In an update on the Strikeforce: Nashville counter-programming situation, Sherdog passes along the following amazing detail:

The venue for the proposed UFC event has not been settled upon, though speculation centers on Vanderbilt University’s Memorial Gymnasium in Nashville.

Tennessee Athletic Commission Executive Director Jeff Mullen says that the UFC has not yet applied for a permit, but if this actually happens, holy shit. This is basically something Keyser Soze would do if he was running an MMA promotion. Again, overall TV ratings would still lean in favor of Strikeforce, but the UFC could steal a lot of the local heat in Nashville depending on who’s on the card. Although the proposed Mike Swick vs. Matt Serra match isn’t happening due to Swick’s impending arm-surgery, Carmichael Dave drops the rumor that James Toney vs. Kimbo Slice is being prepared as the main event for the UFC’s April 17th show.

Kind of short-notice for Lights Out, but it’s not like he was planning on getting his blue belt in BJJ before stepping into the Octagon. He’s working with a fucking boxing coach to prepare for his MMA debut, okay? He doesn’t plan on anybody laying on top of him like a lil’ fag, you feel me? All of this is still unconfirmed, but we hope it goes down, just so we can hear Dana White explain why Dan Henderson vs. Jake Shields is a freak show, while Kimbo vs. Dark Gable is legitimate MMA…


  1. destinationblood Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:13

    The chick in the blue pants should keep her left hand up for kimbos counter straight right.....or atleast take it to the ground
  2. destinationblood Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:14

    He'll ball that hand up, money is money
  3. rumbleray Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:15

    This picture looks like it was taken in the first minute of a cheesy porno
  4. CAP10 Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:16

    Kimbo by gogoplata.
  5. PingPong Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:24

    I am making plans to go to Nashville for the Strikeforce show, I am a big Aoki fan. But I can't lie Kimbo vs. James Toney is a fight I want to see... But for the good of the sport yeah I'll stick with the Strikeforce show.
  6. superflat Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:25

    Why do I always find myself rooting for the UFC? They're evil and tacky, like a generic Middle Eastern pro wrestler wearing a sheik hat and green spandex.
  7. Versus Vs IndirectTV Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:34

    Thank goodness for DVR! To me, this just means a shitload of MMA on one night... Mauro Renallo better bring his "A" game
  8. Joedirt Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:38

    If Kimbo stands with Toney he'll wake up sometime in 2011.... probably. If he actually has a smart plan like he did against Mercer (who is washed up but if they only stood up would have destroyed kimbo... and the game plan was from Rutten for sure) then he may just stand long enough to take Toney down. It has entertainment value for sure.
  9. jizzninja Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:39

    I really hope kimbo submits this fat piece of shit. Not a kimbo fan but at least he respects mma especially the ground game. Gulp.... War Kimbo!
  10. Nut Puncher 9000 Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:40

    Any organization that gains any ground in the future will meet the same fate. Why do you think all the other organizations want to Work together? Trust me, its not for the good of MMA. Its to try to ensure future $, even if the cut is a little smaller. It may already be too late (without Fedor) Part of me also thinks that this is a direct Dana White FU to Hendo (being the main event). I say this because it just so happens Fedor isnt on it. Just my thoughts.
  11. Lorenzoe553 Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:41

    i dont see what makes the ufc evil. theyve done so much for the sport of mma. they aren't saints but i wouldnt call them evil. having that said its gonna be tough deciding what to see that night if the ufc manage to get the show going that night 3 big fights or kimbo slice beating an old man down. a talented and very inexperienced old man that talks alot.
  12. I Know Nothing Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:42

    I gotta say that if Dana does counter program Strikeforce with Kimbo vs Tony it's a stroke of genius. It's a major step back for MMA & all its true enthusiasts, but it'll be one hell of a sh!tshow.
  13. El Guapo Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:46

    Pop quiz, Hotshot! A bus is strapped with a bomb and a stacked card is on free TV and if the bus dips below fifty it'll blow and the Mumbles-Ferg freakshow is on PPV the same night... What do you do??
  14. cecils_pupils Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:52

    @rumbleray the pic was taken in the beginning of a cheesy porno. RealityKings is a porn webstite... don't ask me how I know this.
  15. knucklesamitch Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:53

    This is pretty slick on DW's part...Like or not, Kimbo appeals to the avg. fan, so if they do a half way decent rating, then spin the fact that CBS is available in way more homes than Spike, it will appear that Kimbo/Toney pulled some sort of victory over Strikeforce. El Guapo...Where in the hell did you get the idea that UFC was counter programming with a PPV? the Abu Dhabi PPV is 4/10...This card will be either a Fight Night on Spike or a UFC on VS.
  16. ihateemo Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:55

    Kimbo being in the UFC is one thing, since he went through the Ultimate Fighter and all, but main eventing him?? Ugggggggh. This is not what I wanted from them. And main eventing LIGHT OUT TONEY too? Please god, no.
  17. knucklesamitch Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:56

    most people know that before MMA, Kimbo fought in back yards and was a body guard for the porn producers who run reality kings...So the question is, how long into training before those two chicks lez'd out.
  18. Lorenzoe553 Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 12:58

    im loving the tramp stamp on the blond by the way. but back to the discussion kimbo does bring alot of attention to his events like fight night or the ultimate fighter when he faught roy nelson. and james toneys got alot of attention on his first fight to see if hes full of shit which i think he is or if he can actually make an impact in mma (unlikely). henderson has done great for himself but isnt exactly famous for ratings and strikeforce is still growing and this next event should show the impact its made and how far its gone.
  19. skeletor Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 01:03

    @knucklesamitch Way to fucking long And I love this idea of the UFC's. Last time this happend the fights almost were in perfect time. It was pretty awesome and you still got to see everything live.
  20. El Guapo Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 01:05

    Ahhh, I see Knuckles. Thanks for clearing that up. Was scared there for a minute. Wasn't trying to pony up 50 bucks to watch the Fergie Freak Show, starring Mumbles. Stream it illegally, yes. Pay 50 for it, no. Sweeeeeet
  21. T_Durden Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 01:08

    I am excited for a couple of those Strikeforce fights, but I can't help to think that the UFC will put more than a dent on their numbers if they in fact do this... I dont see DW and his crew as 'evil' as some of you said, but man...definitely a dick-ish move that I can't help but kinda chuckle at, I like it. Competition between them all, only means that they have to raise their game and in one way or another the fan will benefit from better shows and more accessible programming. The UFC will have to back that LightsOut-Ferg fight with a couple other serious fights though to retain a sliver of decency with the more die hard fans.
  22. PortlandMMA Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 01:11

    For those with DVR we salute you. If this type of thing keeps happening though I don't know how long I give Strikeforce's marriage with CBS, so I'll have to go back to having Showtime for a day and then canceling it, its a sweet pro-rated deal it costs like 75 cents.
  23. ktfo Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 01:26

  24. shitbag Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 01:26

    SERIOUSLY FUCK THE UFC AND DANA WHITE, FREAKSHOW!!!! And this is the same asshole that called it Strikefarce?!?! Give me a fucking break, why the fuck would I watch fucking Kimbo "no skills" Slice against dipshit James "Fat, lazy and old" Toney in an MMA fight? Instead of 3 title fights with REAL highly skilled MMA fighters? Fuck you Dana, you little bitch.
  25. agentsmith Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 01:33

    Judging by that photo, I'm gonna pick Kimbo by submission due to choking. Without using his arms or legs. You know what I'm saying.
  26. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 02:26

    I can't wait to watch these two homo-phobes stand and bang.
  27. jimbonics Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 03:10

    Toney via Silverback :14 round one.
  28. robthom Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 03:36

    I like the way she's got her little fists balled up there. "Now I'm kickiiiiing! And then I'm going to punchy punchy punch at yooooo!" I'm gonna shave the top of my head. Kimbo gets all the poo.
  29. Joedirt Says:

    Sat, 03/06/10 - 05:49

    Lorenzoe553... what has the UFC done for MMA? Besides exploit it for their own profit, prevent other organizations from growing, keep the fighters pay equal to that of a decent cover band and bad mouth 50% of the fighters that attempt to leave the organization? The only thing they have done is ride the wave of popularity and even if they brought in some new fans and raised awareness they didn't do it for MMA, they did it for themselves... not too mention if they weren't around, one of the other organizations would have had a better chance to become more legitimate and chances are would have done those things as well. I hate Dana.
  30. Lorenzoe553 Says:

    Sat, 03/06/10 - 09:26

    yes they do bad mouth alot of fighters that leave. but the fighters get paid better each time they fight and do good. they were one of the first big organizations next to pride and im sure that someone else wouldve done what they did had they not come along, but they didnt, the ufc did. you can say that about any great moment in history like lets say the USA being the first to walk on the moon. eventually yes someone else wouldve done it. but we did it first and back when that happened we were noticed for it. sure you can take away something just by saying "thats nothing because eventually someone else wouldve done it anyways". you speak for the ufc like you know them though when it comes to doing it for themselves and not mma, they couldnt possibly have done it for mma right? theyre rich as fuck already. why work to expand the ufc to places like australia or the middle east if theyre set for life as it is.they could always wait for strikeforce to do it i mean they have like 1 event every few months in the us. how long do you figure it will take them to get to australia? 15 years ago their might have been about 20% of mma fans compared to how many there are now mostly based around japan and a decent percentage of them here and if you were to say to any fan today the word "mma" a big percentage of them would probably think ufc right off the back. they got alot of peoples attention towards mma and had they waited for someone else to do it can you honestly say mma would be where its at right now. you might hate dana white but you should at least admit that yeah he helped mma alot to get to where it is today.
  31. Cro mag Says:

    Sat, 03/06/10 - 10:26

    @ Lorenzoe553 That's all fine and dandy but why should dana white feel so threatened by strikeforce as to play idiotic games like that. He want's the UFC to be a monopoly so bad that it's almost psychotic. If he lets a good fighter go because he is "too expensive" then that's his problem, put your money where your mouth is instead of bashing them. Badmouthing your competition simply makes you look like you're weak and lacking confidence. I used to think dana white was the man but now he looks like a little bitch.
  32. Lorenzoe553 Says:

    Sat, 03/06/10 - 10:54

    @ cro mag- danas always been kind of a child in that he cant help but swear and bad mouth others if he doesnt like 'em. id imagine he sees them as a threat because strikeforce was actually pretty succesfull last year and no ones really been of competition to the ufc and people are starting to think strikeforce can maybe do it. its more his actions that are making him look like he sees strikeforce as a threat. im not sure which fighter your refering too though. can you be specific?
  33. Chiggs Says:

    Sat, 03/06/10 - 11:03

    ^^^^ This, what Joedirt said. Couldnt have summed it up much better. Without a doubt if Dana didnt take over UFC, someone else would have or Pride or WEC or even Strikeforce would have upped the anty an made waves, all the while not exploiting fighters an fans alike imho. Also no way in hell Im NOT watching Strikeforce over UFC or WEC. 3 Title fights right up my alley!!!
  34. Lorenzoe553 Says:

    Sat, 03/06/10 - 11:34

    so because of how a person acts your gonna forget/ignore what his organizations done and assume that someone else COULD'VE done it better. its done and personally i dont give a crap what dana does with his life he makes good decisions for the ufc and mma in general and thats what matters.
  35. Cro mag Says:

    Sat, 03/06/10 - 01:04

    I think White has made some piss poor decisions in the last year. The major one being cutting Dan Henderson loose and being so arrogant as to state that he wasn't "worth" keeping in the UFC. Look at the 185 lb. division now, what a joke, now Anderson Silva is taking on Maia for the biggest snoozefest of 2010.....great.
  36. Lorenzoe553 Says:

    Sat, 03/06/10 - 01:20

    henderson wasnt getting the title shot so he left because he wasnt getting his way. middle weight does have good fighters (not that anyone in general can really compete with anderson silva, maybe belfort) the problem is theyre all injured and youd be stupid to go into a fight with silva with an injury. its funny because henderson would probably have gotten the shot at silva had he stayed ironicaly because the # 2 marquart got beaten by sonnen and now neither can compete and the next best is maia which yes isnt great what with silvas striking and all. on the other hand to show how desperate strikeforce is theyre giving henderson the chance to fight for the title in middle weight, light heavy weight and possibly heavyweight. and judging by what they did with rogers even if he loses against shields he'll probably still fight mousasi, and whoever is champ at heavyweight by that time.
  37. Joedirt Says:

    Sun, 03/07/10 - 05:54

    Lorenzoe you've somewhat made my point as well... in that the other organizations have not been able to do what the UFC has but mainly because the UFC does shit like put free shows on just to take customers away from any threat of competition. They sank Affliction and are now trying to sink Strikeforce. If they really wanted to help the sport of MMA they would immediately raise the average wage for the fighters. Shane Carwin, number 1 contender for the title has to train after working his full time job and was set for what? $15000 to show and double to win for a fight with Lesnar? Over 20 years ago with less gate money and less PPV money they paid Tyson alone $30 million. The UFC's entire payout for a show is usually $2 million.
  38. Lorenzoe553 Says:

    Sun, 03/07/10 - 08:18

    thats a good point with the raising pay wages, i agree on that. but as for the free shows etc. it is a business and they do have to compete with one another. ufc knows/or they think that theyre upcoming event wont even beat strikeforce but it will have an effect which is what they want and what any company would want in a business im guessing. theyre working to help the sport not other companies. hey i dont like it either tho. now i have to pick which event to watch that night. by the way i think affliction was supposed to be a trilogy which is why the last one that never happened was named "trilogy". it was going to end afterwards. but again i agree about the pay raise they should give to their fighters.
  39. robthom Says:

    Mon, 03/08/10 - 02:26

    "...... what has the UFC done for MMA?" Practically invent it. Fat chance of 95% of MMA fans following Vale Tudo or Japanese "stiff" wrestling today if the UFC never existed. And nope, pride wouldn't have done it because they copied the UFC. Complete with an original roster of at least 50% ex-UFC fighters.
  40. Joedirt Says:

    Mon, 03/08/10 - 03:06

    Lorenzoe I think the difference is that the other companies are just worrying about themselves and trying to run their business and the UFC is worrying about what everyone else is doing and trying to prevent them from getting any share. Instead of competing with product they try to stop them in their tracks. robthom.. they didn't invent shit. The only thing the UFC did was advertise as one style vs another and they did that when the Gracies owned it. It was designed to basically be a bjj commercial. They put it on PPV, other than that they invented nothing. Pride started in 97 and the UFC didn't change hands until 2001, that's when gloves etc were introduced. Really how far back to you wanna go in history? Pankration? The UFC did not invent ANYTHING let alone MMA.
  41. robthom Says:

    Mon, 03/08/10 - 04:14

    The Bjj commercial was only the second event, by the 5th event Royce was gone. As soon as Royce was gone the promotion of Bjj went with him and it was basically NHB 2 years before DSE decided to frame a similar event around Takada and Rickson. Tank wore gloves @ UFC 13, 5 months before the first pride, they introduced the cage and they helped get the Unified rules passed making NHB into MMA and a regulated sport. Maybe the word invent was too strong, of course there were influences before it. But Elvis doesn't sound like the Led Zepplin. I didn't mean to suggest to you that UFC invented the act of fighting. But if UFC is not the most responsible for MMA's current form (and success) than I'd like to know who you think is.
  42. J-Dog Says:

    Mon, 03/08/10 - 07:33

    OK, I'm going to take an unconventional stance here... I don't see the point in even counter-programming Strikeforce at all. Does Strikeforce hurt the UFC? No. Does Strikeforce take potential money out of the UFC's pockets? I don't think so. Why try to do battle? If the UFC puts an event on at the same time as Strikeforce, no one wins. The UFC gets less views, and so does Strikeforce. Why not just leave them be and hold your event on an empy MMA weekend? Then everyone wins. I just don't get it. It's not like shoes. If I buy a new pair of Nikes this weekend, then I'm not going to buy a pair of Reeboks next weekend, no matter how impressed I am with the naked Chuck video. I won't need shoes for a while. But if I'm an MMA fan, I will watch Strikeforce this weekend and still watch the UFC next weekend, as long as one is free. The only thing I see going on here is posturing and muscle-flexing for the sake of showing off who is the biggest and best. It's pretty childish, really.
  43. Lorenzoe553 Says:

    Mon, 03/08/10 - 11:08

    strikeforce isnt effecting the ufc yet. but theyve come along way the past year and id understand if the ufc does notice their growth and feel a slight bit of fear in that one day strikeforce could have a chance at upstaging them. personally i dont think they can/will. I've said before that strikeforce do create good fights, but the way they do it isn't smart. theyd have to step up their game more to compete with ufc. ufc's making sure they dont get that chance i guess.
  44. Joedirt Says:

    Mon, 03/08/10 - 01:13

    robthom... actually the gloves were not introduced until UFC 14. UFC 14 and 15 combined is when groin shots, hair pulling, neck and back of head shots, kicking downed opponent etc were banned. UFC 14 was held in 1997 only 3 months before PRIDE started up. Even 5 minute rounds were not introduced until UFC 21. The night before UFC 12 McCain had it banned in most states and last minute it was relocated to Alabama. With all of that said.... it wasn't the UFC that evolved MMA with those rules... it was the various state athletic commissions who banned the UFC and forced them to change the rules in order to hold events, it was those commissions who decided what was acceptable and what wasn't. The UFC had no choice but to fold or follow suit, which means ANY organization would have been subjected to the same decisions and would have been labelled as the pioneers. If it were not for the commissions the UFC would still be no holds barred.
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