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‘UFC on FUEL: Sanchez vs. Ellenberger’ — Live Results and Commentary

(Remember, the winner of this fight becomes the #2 contender for the UFC Intercontinental Temporary Welterweight Championship of the Midwest. So you’d better believe that Thiago Alves will be watching this one with great interest. / Photo courtesy of For more photos from this set, click here.)

Tonight, the UFC will air their first-ever live fight card on FUEL TV — or so they say. Like most Americans, I don’t have the channel in my cable package, so I’m pretty much taking them for their word here. Luckily, our new liveblogger/boxing-analyst friend Steve Silverman does get the channel, and he’ll be handling play-by-play for the main card starting at 8 p.m. ET.

On the menu this evening: Balls-to-the-wall welterweight veteran Diego Sanchez will face Jake Ellenberger, who’s riding high off his 53-second knockout of Jake Shields. Plus, Stefan Struve puts his long limbs on a flamboyant high-school acting teacher, Stipe Miocic and Philip De Fries meet in a battle of undefeated heavyweight prospects, and TUF 14 bantamweight finalist TJ Dillashaw returns to action against Walel Watson. Total cost to the consumer: $0.00.

“UFC on FUEL 1: Sanchez vs. Ellenberger” results await you after the jump. Refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest. Thanks for being here, guys.

We should have a great night here with Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchez headlining the night. We’ll have plenty of action prior to that fight… Ivan Menjivar vs. John Albert gets us started…

Menjivar is more experienced and he appears to have an edge. Menjivar is a solid striker and an excellent grappler…

You have to like Jon Anik and Kenny Florian announcing the fight. Any time you don’t have to listen to that boob Mauro Ranallo it’s a good listen

Round 1

Menjivar with a big overhand right to start but Albert blocks i. Albert with some good counters and quick knees…

Albert with an arm bar and Menivar is throwing hammers to the head…Menjivar with a footlock, while Albert has a heel lock…


Big kick by Albert has Menjivar in trouble. Menjivar trying to cover and he survives… Menjivar pounding Albert. He has his back. Rear naked choke and Menjivar wins.


This was a great one-round fight. Menjivar was in trouble but he just started pounding away and got on top of Albert’s back. He got the choke in and Albert had to tap out. Experience and toughness won this one for Menjivar….


Fight No. 2…. T.J. Dillashaw (4-1) vs Walel Watson (9-3) coming up next…

Both Dillashaw and Watson are strong wrestlers, but Dillashaw should be more comfortable throwing punches. That should give him an advantage at the start …

Dillashaw’s greatest asset may be his mean streak…he’ll try to get off to a quick start. Watson with a big reach advantage… 7 inches…

Dillashaw with a jumping righ hand and then goes for the single leg takedown…throws Watson down…

Watson is on his back but he looks comfortable. Dillashaw trying throw bombs but Watson uses his long arms to block them. Dillashaw has Watson’s back…

He tried to get in a rear naked choke. Dillashaw has been pounding away and he has Watson’s back. Trying to choke him out but Watson escapes.

Dillashaw remains in control. He looks like he is stronter than Watson and more accomplished. Watson is defending but he can’t mount his own attack. Big punches from Dillashaw  and Watson has now answer. The first round is all Dillashaw but Watson survives and will fight a second round.

Round 2…

Big right hnd by Dillashaw to start and that hurt Watson. Dillashaw once again on top. Good wrestling and jiu jitsu allows him to mount a confident attack…

Dillashaw is not letting Watson get in anything. It seems all Watson can do is defend. He has not been able to get in a submission hold.

Dillashaw is getting in hammer fists and is hurting Watson. He is not really defending, just covering up…He has a deep choke on Watson, but Watson gets out. He is pounding Watson’s head once he stops choking him…

Watson is getting pounded in this fight and has had virtually no offense.Big right hand at the end of the round. This is a schoolyard whipping for Dillashaw but the fight moves on to round three.

Round 3…

Watson has some energy and comes out with a big kick, but it misses… Big right hand form Dillashaw and both sitll standing… Watson is much bigger, but much slower. Dillashaw with control on the ground again.

This time Watson escapes but still can’t attack. Finally Watson gets in a jumping knee, but it does not do much damage. Watson gets his legs around Dillashaw but he escapes.

Watson gets a heel hook and Dillashaw gets out… Watson doing much better in third round…

Dillashaw trying to get in choke, but Watson won’t let him secure it.

Final seconds of fight and Dillashaw is pounding away. This fight is over and Dillashaw has to be clear winner. Waiting for official decision.

And the winner is … Dillashaw by unanimous decision.

The next bout is Stipe Miocic (7-0) vs Philip De Fries (8-0 1 NC)

Miocic is a big-time striker while De Fries is more of a grappler. Miocic is a big-time hitter and may have an advantage. Good to see heavyweights go at it.

De Fries is going to have to defend against some heavy punches. If he can’t, he will have a hard time getting control and putting in a submission hold. …

Round 1…

Miocic looks stronger and in better shape as fight begins. De Fries lands a couple of rights to start….

Miocic gets in there and starts pounding with right hand and the fight is stopped. DeFries gets pounded…

Miocic has great power and the straight right hand hurts De Fries. He can’t defend himself and this fight is over in seconds.

The official time is 43 seconds and Miocic wins by a knockout.

Get ready for the next fight:

Aaron Simpson (11-2) vs Ronny Markes (12-1)

A couple of tough middleweights… Simpson has the edge in experience and should have an advantage if this one goes the distance…

Simpson is 14 years older, but you don’t get the feeling that he will wear down. He looks meaner and tougher…. off they go.

Markes attacks right off the jump.. They are clinching along the cage…and ref is pushing them for more action…

Simpson looks for opening but Markes responsds with combinations…Simpson hits him with an uppercut and starts pounding….

Simpson throwing elbows and Markes tries to get his wits about him…ref stands up Markes… and he’s a bit wobbly….both punching and Markes has survived. Wrestling along cag in final second of round 1. Give round 1 to Simpson….

Round 2….

Does Markes have the ability to take a solid punch? It’s questionable. But Markes has strong leg and is creating a problem for Simpson…

They are standing up int he middle, each man looking for and opening. Markes misses a left hook but lands an elbow…Simpson with a power left leg and tries for an overhand right, but Marks avoids the full force…

Markes has right underhook and delivers a right elbow. Markes with a takedown…Simpson gets back up after he was in a bad position… pretty even second round….

Round 3

Simposn looking to throw that big right hand. Wants to find an opening. Markes is strong but he’s not as quik when throwing punches. Markes trying to stomp Simpson …. and they break.

Markes is being much more aggressive and moving forward. Markes trying to work inside trip…another break and they go back to center. Simpson lands punch, Markes with kick.

Simpson slips and Markes gains control. Markes with double leg takedown…this one is close as we go to a decision.

The official results… Markes wins by split decision. It is not popular among  Nebraska fans….

Solid comeback for Markes who was much better defensively after first round.

In the next fight we will see Stefan Struve (22-5) vs Dave Herman (21-2)

These two heavyweights should put on quite a show. The 6-11 Struve has a huge reach but a suspect chin; Herman has a strong chin and tremendous power. Struve is going to have to find a way to survive the first round.

Struve outweighs Herman by 22 pounds and has a 6-inch height advantage…

Herman rocking a beard…. Struve with a right roundhouse kick…Herman with combination… No advantage in first 1:30….

Herman finding the range. Struve is not aggressive. Not throwing that long left. Big right from Struve followed by left kick from Herman…Big right hand from Herman but he can’t throw a combination. Struve is cautious. Struve misses right hand and Herman with body shot. Right overhand punch by Herman. Feeling out first round, slight edge ot Herman.

Round 2…

Combination by Herman. Struve on ground and then an escape and back on his feet. Herman getting a bit closer. Struve with a big kick and that had to hurt. Left uppercut by Herman and Struve with a left hook. Struve is starting to get a bit more aggressive. Stuve appears to have hurt Herman.

Herman has a mouse under his eye. Uppercut sends Herman down. He is getting hammered by Struve. Struve wins by TKO….

The official time is 3:52 of the second round as Skyscraper Struve asserts himself and pounds Herman in the end. He appeared much more confident in second round…

Coming up… the main event… Diego Sanchez (23-4) vs Jake Ellenberger (26-5)

Ellenberger is a top wrestler with knockout punching power; Sanchez is relentless and wants to take it to the ground….

With fight in Ellenberger’s hometown of Omaha, he could have an edge if it goes to a decision…

Round 1

Ellenberger throwing punches and Sanchez looking for an opening. Feeling each other out at the start. Good right by Ellenberger.

Ellenberger moving forward, throwing wide punches but not landing solidly. Knee by Ellenberger on chin of Sanchez.  Sanchez charges in and lands; counter knee by Ellenberger.

Both fighters with flurries. Crowd chanting “Jake, Jake…”. Ellenberger with the knockdown and Sanchez gets up. Big punch seems to hurt Sanchez but does not slow him down…First round goes to Ellenberger.

Round 2

Sanchez’s corner working on his nose and it may be broken. Ellenberger ready to go at start of round. Spinning back kick by Sanchez is ineffective.

Right roundhouse kick by Ellenberger blocked by Sanchez. Sanchez kick is ineffective. Ellenberger is quicker and lands a left hook. Another left hook as well.

Sanchez with solid right hook and then bull rushes Ellenberger. Hometown hero has not landed much in the final round but then he gets a takedown. He is trying to punch from the top and Sanchez could be in trouble.

Ellenberger thowing power punches and elbows and Sanchez is a bloody mess. He got hit in the nose and eye. Big finish of round for Ellenberger. Should be a great round 3.

Round 3

Sanchez cleaned up by corner to start round. Sanchez has not landed any seriosu power punches. Ellenberger knocks Sanchez off balance and he goes backwards.

Sanchez bleeding again and that nose looks broken. Right hand by Ellenberger followed by right hand from Sanchez tht appeared to hurt Ellenberger. However, Sanchez can’t follow up.

Ellenbrgr is cut and he is being hit with punches before Ellenberger scores takedown.  Sanchez reverses and throws punchs and he is taking control. Tremendous rally by Sanchez.

Two-fisted attack by Sanchez and then escape by Ellenberger at the horn… What a finish…

It will go to a decision and Ellenberger had control for most of the fight, but Sanchez had control in the final few minutes. Is it enough?

We await the decision….

Ellenberger wins unanimous decision. All judges score it 29-28… Fans are roaring approval…

Ellenberger hung on and he wants a title fight next…We’ll see you on the next fight night….

Good night….




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timboslice- February 16, 2012 at 4:55 pm
I'll have to admit...I'm about as excited reading this horseshit blog as I was trying to watch Kimbo finish Houston Alexander. Get someone better, and where the fuck was the Brookings fight? I wanted to see him put his thumbs up. WTF!
sp00ki kabuki- February 16, 2012 at 10:57 am
worst liveblog ever. i didnt get to see the fights till this morning. left out way too much. next time get a guy who can type more than 20 wpm
Mofo- February 16, 2012 at 10:13 am
Whats funny to me is that it didn't even occur to me to read the live blog. I thought the point of this page was just the running comments. Then I choked on my own vomit and passed out.
RwilsonR- February 16, 2012 at 9:54 am
This liveblog made me uncomfortable with the excessive use of the word "pounding" to describe two men.
Mofo- February 16, 2012 at 9:50 am
In related news, Mofo woke up still drunk this morning. But seriously, chicks do run my life right now and I'm trynna fix that.
MMAposeur- February 16, 2012 at 9:30 am
@Mofo - go back to your WWE forum, ya douche. PS sorry your gf runs your life. Good luck with that.
Me likey- February 16, 2012 at 4:40 am
dusk till dawn II. staring diego sanchez.
diego has a hell of a chin. i guess when your head is full of rocks it is hard to get knocked out.
RaginAsian- February 16, 2012 at 3:04 am
Jesus, this liveblog was harder to read than the old man and the fucking sea in Russian.
Miles- February 16, 2012 at 2:26 am
Yeah man cut it out with the ellipses, your comments weren't bad but man are those distracting. /shrug, I thought the main event was pretty good, actually got a little pumped up in the 3rd. Terrible mistake not to make it a 5 rounder, that's for sure.
ktronics- February 16, 2012 at 12:51 am
Seriously you guys, who shit all over the liveblog......? I watched the event and came here to read this hours later......

What is it with the ellipses....? After every single sentence...............


I thought Ellenburger fought the way he normally does with the counterpunching. Diego has a great chin tho.
Mofo- February 15, 2012 at 9:34 pm
yeh i'm glad brookins will amount to something. had promise. fucking holy SHIT sanchez/jake was A FUCKING SNOOZEFEST. assholes. fuck you guys. i just had a fullblown fight with my gf cuz i went to watch the fight at a bar without her... for you two to fucking stand around saying "oh boohoo my career will be over if i lose this" and "oh boohoo i won't get to fight for the INTERIM gay championship if I lose this". homos.
dranokills- February 15, 2012 at 8:42 pm
damn good to see Brookins get a knock out.
Duh Ogre- February 15, 2012 at 8:03 pm
Man, another round and I think Diego would have had it. Ellenberger was obviously winded at the end of that third round.
Lesnarischamp- February 15, 2012 at 8:02 pm
"go get some fans, go talk about jesus"
abenormal- February 15, 2012 at 7:56 pm
And no we go to the judges scorecards to see who Jesus loves more.
Lesnarischamp- February 15, 2012 at 7:55 pm
no 5-round ME? come on!
Rocky Blunt- February 15, 2012 at 7:37 pm
did they check diegos pockets for garlic?
Viva Hate- February 15, 2012 at 7:35 pm
The Exorcism of Jake Ellenberger starring Diego the Priest Sanchez
Rocky Blunt- February 15, 2012 at 7:34 pm
diego sanchez tryin the tebow route
Mofo- February 15, 2012 at 7:27 pm
Ok it's time. "YES! YES! YES!! What happened? Why is the ref holding my hand while I stare at the ceiling?"
Mofo- February 15, 2012 at 7:24 pm
Rex yeh I'm so confused. I Thought he was blond or ginger or something. Who the fuck was that Williamsburg hipster in there
Mofo- February 15, 2012 at 7:22 pm
Why did Mr Fantastic from the Fantastic Four just beat up a homeless man?
Giblets- February 15, 2012 at 7:18 pm
Danga/J.Jones/Cagepotato/Mike/Rex/tea bag and the other guy you guys are awesome!

I've been off your site for a few days due to having to work at work, bloody ridiculous, anyway read the Jones chokes out a comedian article and wow what a bunch of douche bags.

You guys kick arse!

Where's Xeno these days?
abenormal- February 15, 2012 at 7:11 pm
good lord Struve looks huge.