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‘UFC on Versus 3: Sanchez vs. Kampmann’ — Live Results and Commentary

(Okay, maybe Bob had a point. / Photo courtesy of the UFC on Versus 3 gallery on

For one night only, the KFC Yum! Center (actual venue name) will be replacing their Double Downs with a steady barrage of KNUCKLE SANDWICHES!!! SEE WHAT I DID THERE? OH SHIT, FORGOT TO TURN OFF CAPS LOCK. Round-by-round results from the Versus broadcast will be accumulating after the jump beginning at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT — right after a quick recap of the prelims. From Sanchez vs. Kampmann and Dollaway vs. Munoz to Bowles vs. Page  and Stevenson vs. Castillo, it’s gonna be a solid night of free fights, so refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest, and drop your two cents in the comments section.

The Facebook Prelims
Joe Stevenson vs. Danny Castillo
Round 1: Gritty round contested mainly in the clinch and on the mat. Stevenson gets Castillo locked up against the fence and drills some knees into his head. Joe Daddy scores with a big slam. Stevenson looks for his savage guillotine on multiple occasions — including a brief attempt after Castillo nails a takedown — but Castillo stays calm and pulls out each time. Castillo is able to get some space and tee off with punches in the last minute of the round, evening things out a bit.

Round 2: More of a striking battle at first. Castillo jabbing well, pawing forward with the cross, landing a hard hook. Stevenson shoots in and slams Castillo again after a bit of struggle. Daddy in guard, briefly passes to half. He lands an elbow from the top. Castillo with some chopping elbows from the bottom. He’s locking down Stevenson, then escapes, grabs Stevenson’s waist, and nails Stevenson with a knee as Stevenson was momentarily grounded. He gets a stern talking to from the ref, but no point deduction. They spar to the bell.

Round 3: Castillo works the body. His boxing is sharp. Stevenson gets tired of being touched, and he shoots. Castillo sprawls out and starts kneeing Stevenson in the body while Joe is grounded, wisely avoiding another foul. Castillo tosses Stevenson to the mat. Stevenson gets up and tries his famous guillotine again. Castillo survives once again. He scrambles away and goes for more body knees. Stevenson stands with Castillo attached to him. Castillo with a takedown, and gets in a punch before Stevenson stands again. Stevenson is bloody. Castillo gets another takedown, scores mount, and slugs Stevenson to the bell. Great finish, and it might have clinched the fight.
Danny Castillo def. Joe Stevenson via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2). That’s three straight losses for Joe Daddy. Might be time for him to go away for a while. And speaking of win-or-go-home fights…

Steve Cantwell vs. Cyrille Diabate
Round 1: Diabate staying out of punching range, and smoothly landing his counter-strikes. The height/reach difference is kind of scary. Cantwell whiffing his overhand rights. Hard body kick from Diabate, but Cantwell grabs the follow-up kick, takes Diabate down and starts working for position. A little bit of GnP, but Diabate elbows right back. Cantwell lets Diabate get back up, but punishes him with a knee and punches. Diabate throws a flying double-knee. Cantwell lands a straight. Knee to the body from Diabate. Diabate lands a nasty knee to the face, then drops Cantwell with an uppercut. Cantwell manages to get up and survive the round, but he stumbles back to his corner as if in shock, like an I.E.D. just went off next to him. Time for Diabate to go in for the kill.

Round 2: Body kick Diabate. Diabate sort of playing with his prey, landing a shot, parrying. Diabate manages to take Cantwell down and slugs him in the ribs a few times before letting him back up. Diabate working his jab. He lands punch combos unanswered. Knee/uppercut/cross. Cantwell shoots in, Diabate sprawls and moves onto Cantwell’s back. Cantwell gets up, Diabate bashes him with uppercuts and elbows. A body kick, another knee. Cantwell tries to shoot again, Diabate sprawls and lands on top of him, in guard. Diabate throws down an elbow. Cantwell desperately rolls out of the way as the round ends.

Round 3: Diabate landing his leg kicks. And a hard body kick. And a knee. But he seems content to just ride out the fight against an opponent who really has nothing for him. It looks like a sparring match between an instructor and a student. Cantwell shoots, fails. Knee to the body and three dead-on punches from Diabate, who then goes back to the leg kicks. More knees, more punches, more uppercuts. Diabate doesn’t even bother keeping his hands up. The last bell rings. The crowd’s not entirely impressed by Diabate’s lack of killer instinct. It’ll be Cantwell’s third straight decision loss. This night’s kind of a bummer already.
Cyrille Diabate def. Steve Cantwell via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-25, 30-26). Total rout. Diabate says he’s been traveling a lot lately and it affected his cardio, but he’ll get the finish next time. Okay, turn on Versus…

Brian Bowles vs. Damacio Page
Page has Jesus and the Virgin Mary tattooed on his chest. His nickname is “The Angel of Death.” I think he’s trying to say something about the duality of man, sir.

Round 1: They come out slugging, as promised. Page launches a flying knee and nearly takes Page’s head off with a high kick. Page tries the flying knee *again*. Page gets tagged by a jab coming in for a leg kick. He whips a body shot, and lands a sharp leg kick. Bowles with an uppercut. Page scores with a knee and a kick to the body. Page stumbles Bowles with a leg kick. And another. Bowles lands an uppercut, then attacks, tossing Page down to the mat. He starts in with some furious GnP. Bowles sets up a guillotine choke when Page tries to roll out of the way, and puts Page to sleep with it. Great job by Bowles of staying composed during the onslaught and seizing his moment. It’ll be good to see him back in the bantamweight mix. Brian Bowles def. Damacio Page via submission (guillotine choke), 3:30 of round 1.

Igor Pokrajac vs. Todd Brown, from the prelims. Remind me again who Todd Brown is? Pokrajac with a nice two-punch combo. Brown bulls Pokrajac into the fence and clinches. Pokrajac slips in a knee to Brown’s head. Brown with some knees to Pokrajac’s legs. They break. Pokrajac lands a jab, eats a counter. Brown chooses to clinch with Pokrajac on the fence again. Pokrajac with an uppercut. Brown separates, Pokrajac staggers him with a head kick. Pokrajac with punches, and one that bashes Brown to the mat. Brown grabs into a leg. Pokrajac frees himself and lands a brutal knee that drops Brown. Pokrajac swarms with punches until the horn sounds. Brown tries to get up, can’t. He rolls onto his back and the referee eventually calls it. Igor Pokrajac def. Todd Brown via TKO, 5:00 of round 1. Pokrajac thanks Louisville, the UFC, Joe Rogan, and wishes that the rest of the night’s fights are as interesting as his. And if he may, he requests his next fight be against Tito Ortiz. Oh man. Another one. How’s that feel, Tito? But at least Pokrajac would make more sense than Ryan Bader, considering he still has a losing record in the UFC.

In an interview with Rogan, Jon Jones talks about how he has his “butterflies in formation” for his fight against Shogun. See, if Charlie Sheen said that, we’d call him crazy. But when Jones says it? He’s…well, he’s a little crazy too.

Alessio Sakara vs. Chris Weidman
Weidman is a 4-0 newbie, and he’s a 2-1 favorite in this fight. I’m very curious to see what oddsmakers know about him that I don’t. A hard-hitting veteran like Sakara is no easy welcoming party.

Round 1: Weidman starts it off with a high kick. Weidman clumsily dashes in. Weidman beat both Phil Davis and Ryan Bader back in his wrestling days, apparently. Sakara launches forward with some punches and a leg kick. He throws that combo again. Weidman with a high kick, into a clinch. Weidman lands an elbow as Sakara separates. Weidman with the right straight. Sakara again with that three-punch/leg kick combo. The KFC Yum crowd chants “USA!” Weidman trying for a single-leg against the fence. Sakara defends it. Weidman comes in swinging but gets countered. Weidman with a body kick. Weidman tries for the double leg dive, Sakara stuffs it. Leg kick Weidman. Sakara is bleeding near his right eye. Weidman sticks the jab. Weidman swings, hits air. Weidman punches, shoots, Sakara stuffs. Weidman throws another high kick as the round comes to an end.

Round 2: Sakara jabbing. Weidman shoots for the single-leg, and gets it. Wiedman in Sakara’s guard. Weidman with a big punch, then an elbow. Weidman stands up to get some space and bashes Sakara with another punch. Sakara’s forehead is split open, spewing blood. Weidman in side control, grinding down with punches. Sakara establishes half-guard, then escapes, stands to his feet, and explosed on Weidman with strikes. Wiedman grabs Sakara and dumps him back on the mat. Alessio up again. The ref pauses the fight to get Sakara’s cut checked. Sakara wipes his blood on the ref’s shirt. Gross. Instead of freaking out, the ref just restarts the fight, and Sakara and Weidman start firing at each other. Sakara goes to the head and body. The round ends. Strong finish from Sakara after getting smashed for a good deal of the frame.

Round 3: Sakara slugs to the body. He still has a lot of zip on his punches in the third round. But Weidman converts another takedown and lands in side control. Wiedman stays busy with short punches and elbows. Sakara tries to shrimp out, but can’t. Weidman raises up and lands a pair of punches. The ref decides to stand them. Hey, he knows his audience. Weidman shoots and scores. Sakara hip-escapes, but Weidman stays on him and goes back to half-guard. Sakara pushes off and gets to his feet. Wiedman gets one more takedown and throws down punches until the last horn.
Chris Weidman def. Alessio Sakara via unanimous decision (30-27 x 3). A rookie dominates a vet on short notice, and the oddsmakers were dead-on. Weidman’s got potential.

CB Dollaway vs. Mark Munoz
Dollaway looks lean as hell. Good to see Yamasaki reffing this one after that string of local yokels.

Round 1: Dollaway grabs Munoz and takes him down. He considers a headlock, then lets Munoz up. Monoz lands a big right hand, then an uppercut that drops Dollaway. Munoz dives on and starts bashing down with follow-up punches. He lands two and Yamasaki calls it. Hmm…maybe a little early. Dollaway snaps back to his senses pretty quickly and isn’t pleased about what just transpired. The crowd doesn’t like it either. Mark Munoz def. CB Dollaway via TKO, 0:54 of round 1. Munoz tries to get the crowd back on his side by giving it up to Louisville and God. Eh, Yamasaki could have let Munoz punch Dollaway in the face a couple more times, but the Doberman was pretty much done.

Thiago Tavares vs. Shane Roller, from the prelims. It’s a kickboxing match from the outset. Roller attacks forward and smashes Tavares against the fence with a teep. But Tavares catches Roller with a left hook then lands a barrage of follow-up punches. Hard leg kick from Tavares. Roller shoots, clinches, and gets in a knee. Tavares turns him against the fence, gets in a knee of his own, and the round ends.
Round 2: Roller lands the straight. Tavares scores a takedown, but Roller stands up. Roller loads up and knocks Tavares’s brains out with a right straight. Tavares hits the deck, and Roller jackhammers him until the ref jumps in. Daaaaaaaamn.
Shane Roller def. Thiago Tavares via KO, 1:28 of round 2.

Before we get to the main event, here are the results of the other prelim bouts that we probably won’t get a chance to see. I know, spoiler alert…

- Takeya Mizugaki def. Reuben Duran via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 27-30. The guy who scored every round for Duran…his name wouldn’t happen to be ‘Cecil’, would it?)
- Dong Yi Yang def. Rob Kimmons via TKO, 4:47 of round 2
- Rousimar Palhares def. Dave Branch via submission (heel hook, obviously), 1:44 of round 2

Diego Sanchez vs. Martin Kampmann
Sanchez comes out to “La Bamba,” of all songs. The Los Lobos version. And he still manages to mean-mug during his entrance. Finally, when his team rolls out his sponsor-banner over the cage, he starts screaming “YES!” The Dream, everybody. Kampmann bumps his gloves into Sanchez’s chest during the face-off. YOU JUST SIGNED YOUR OWN DEATH WARRANT, BRO.

Round 1: Kampmann lands first with a group of punches. Sanchez responds, landing a short right. Sanchez grabs for the single-leg. Kampmann defends and counters with a pair of knees. Kampmann knocks Sanchez down with a straight right then grabs a headlock when Sanchez gets up. Sanchez tries for a single-leg, but can’t get it, and they separate. Kampmann lands another punch. Sanchez clinches and dives right into a knee. Kampmann shrugs him off. Kampmann with a 1-2. Sanchez is already bloodied. Sanchez shoots, Kampmann sprawls. Sanchez jumps forward with a right hook. Kampmann jabs, lands the right. Sanchez dives into a jab, works for a takedown against the fence. Kampmann lands a knee on the break. There’s the horn. It was all Kampmann. Sanchez looking ugly in every way.

Round 2: Sanchez is covered with his own blood, but he’s not giving up on the takedown strategy. Kampmann still successful in defending. Sanchez attacks, but gets his head popped back with a jab. Kampmann scores with a right straight. Sanchez clinches against the fence, drops for a takedown, doesn’t get it. Rogan comments on how flabby Sanchez looks. So what’s the right weight class for this dude anyway? Nobody knows. Sanchez lands on Kampmann and starts pouring it on. Kampmann survives the beating, but now he’s bleeding from a cut near his right eye. Sanchez shoots for a single leg, doesn’t get it. Kampmann lands the right, then a counter-left. Sanchez dives for a single. Kampmann lands a knee, but Sanchez goes for broke in the closing seconds of the round and rocks Kampmann against the fence in a wild brawling exchange. Sanchez could have evened things up on the scorecards.

Round 3: Kampmann lands his jab, and his right cross. Sanchez dashes forward with his right hand, then goes to the body. Sanchez shoots, Kampmann stuffs it and knees Sanchez in the head. Kampmann jabs, but gets caught with a right hook. Sanchez attacking again, but Kampmann avoids the onslaught this time. Kampmann stuffs another takedown, but Sanchez intentionally keeps his hands down to avoid getting kneed in the head. Kampmann kicks him the ribs instead and backs off. They trade punches. Sanchez finally scores a takedown, and it could be a difference maker this late in the fight. Kampmann gets up and they’re boxing again. Sanchez with the left uppercut, and a flurry of punches after it. Kampmann sticks the right, then shakes out his right hand. Something might be jammed or broken. Sanchez takes advantage, swarming Kampmann against the cage. Kampmann avoids, counters. Sanchez’s face, my goodness. Kampmann backpedals and jabs as Sanchez tries to bull rush him. That’s the fight. Sanchez’s cuts are almost as bad as the ones BJ Penn gave him. But he might have done enough to win, the crazy bastard.

Scratch that, Diego’s cuts are even *worse* than in the BJ fight. He can’t open either eye at this point. Diego Sanchez def. Martin Kampmann via unanimous decision (29-28 x 3). the crowd boos for some reason. Kampmann says he won all three rounds, and that he was landing cleaner shots. He’s very disappointed, and he probably broke his hand. Sucks man. But Sanchez was pushing the pace in the last two rounds and looked really dangerous when he was swarming on the Hitman. That’s the breaks. Rogan doesn’t agree with the decision either. Your thoughts? Let’s all get some sleep and re-group tomorrow…

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CungwantsCookies- March 4, 2011 at 4:36 pm
@rwilsonR, technically it would be the Popeye's "Damn that fuckin chicken is rollin!" center. got a better ring to it than "new orleans arena." might get more people out to hornets games, too.
Waxedpants- March 4, 2011 at 10:27 am
Oh and I agree , I love the pre and post fight commentary , the bonner-helwani combo is great.
Waxedpants- March 4, 2011 at 10:27 am
Watched the fight again while not under the influence of the super skunk .

kampman won
RwilsonR- March 4, 2011 at 7:15 am
^^ I had the opposite reaction, Komodo. I thought the KFC Yum! Center in Kentucky was pretty awesome!
Now I just want to see the Popeye's Damn, That Shit's Good! Arena in Louisiana.
ubidoob- March 4, 2011 at 7:11 am
@ Dan the Viking- good call. I toned down my demeanor and sent him a Tweet. Eat shit in the meantime though.

What the hell is BE?
Komodo- March 4, 2011 at 6:33 am
KFC Yum! Center.

Seriously, how truly fucking sad is that?
GILL-uh-TEEN- March 4, 2011 at 6:12 am
Checking in the day after, but I thought Kampman won the fight too. It was close so I won't complain too much, but I thought he did way more damage, stuffed almost all the takedowns and landed clean shots.

Fighters have got to stop going the distance so we don't have to have this discussion.
Romanhelmut- March 4, 2011 at 5:31 am
@Dagnut. Yeah I have to agree that he lets his opponents dictate the strategy and he fell into a dogfight with Sanchez. He is so good he thinks he can do whatever but if he had a solid game plan AND stuck to it he would be 2-0 in his last two fights. Must suck losing 2 really close ones in a row...
Dagnut- March 4, 2011 at 5:21 am
@ Gorgzilla why aren't those stats used as part of the judging criteria? It's nonsense in this day and age that technology can't be used to assist the judging.
Gorgzilla- March 4, 2011 at 3:50 am
As always fightmetric delivers the hard data on the match.

For those scared of links: Kampmann won.
SnallTrippin- March 4, 2011 at 2:46 am
Pushing with mostly ineffective strikes really has to stop winning fights...
Dagnut- March 4, 2011 at 2:09 am
I would of given the decision to Kampmann, close fight but you can't help but get the feeling Kampmann keeps shooting himself in the foot...for such a skilled striker he's defence is way below par...makes for exciting fights because he's so fcukin durable but he needs to become more methodical and disciplined, his first round was top class pity he let Diego take the game to him like that
fatbellyfrank- March 4, 2011 at 1:38 am
Well, that was a fuckin entertaining night of fights. under Stockton rules Diego got fucken buttraped, how the fuck did Kampmann not get that one?
PurpleDickMeat- March 4, 2011 at 12:53 am

Great news... you got your ufc cherry popped! Lucky GSP wasnt there or he would have mounted your virgin ass til you tapped! But seriously, you didnt get a hand job from buffer??! I thought that was standard!
PurpleDickMeat- March 4, 2011 at 12:49 am
First of all, to my homie that i swear i keep feelin in my rectals... ghostboner, yes.. i am absolutely wasted sir! Are you on Craigslist? Anyway, doesnt matter, i totally agree with the face judgement. If someone is totally blind from face shots (not including those irritating cum shots to the eyes)they should definitely lose... unless their opponent is legally paralyzed! That shit is crazy! Seriously, he looked like on of ron jeremy's victims from back in the day! Not that his dick was THAT big but he did shoot an eye piercing load. Diego is like a hypothetical warmachine... he thinks that he is on top but really hes just waiting for his next approved sodomy from a "decent opponent" who would rather just lauch one in his eye than finish him off in the ass!
d.harn- March 4, 2011 at 12:35 am
just got home from the show. drove two hours but it was worth it. met Pat Barry, Kenny Florian, joe rogan, stephan bonnar bruce buffer, but missed gsp. but i did ride down to the garage with tod brown and a a few other fans. Cant wait for my next event!!!
ghostboner- March 4, 2011 at 12:34 am
Ok so I see PurpleMeatus is also drunk on a thursday night. Two of us keepin it classy. Since you brought them up, I hate soun ding like a Diaz, but look at Diego's face! You cannot leave with that face and say you won.

@oc - Ya that Shields decision was also bullshit, way more so than the Diego one tonight.

@Rwilson - I love the pre-post fight show too! It kinda blows my mind, I never thought it would get this far. The three guys in suits sitting around a desk giving an expert breakdown of the nights sports... takes me back to being a kid watching the post game breakdowns of foot/base/basket ball games. It's so... Evolved? I dunno, it makes me nostalgic, & excited, & sad that we've passed the gruesome spectacle stage, all at the same time.
PurpleDickMeat- March 4, 2011 at 12:32 am
Whoa, whoa, whoa potato nation.... i was totally wrong in my last statement. If you ARE looking to bareback a really gay, feminie, bareback bottom then you should hit up nate diaz not nick! Sorry, its not like nick doesnt like a big dick or two. Its just that nate is particularly interested in a big, long, fat cock in his ass. Sorry homies... hate to represent the 209 like that! Dont be scared.... of a long, black, jungle dick in your ass homie! Where my cum, where my cum, where my cum at?!
ghostboner- March 4, 2011 at 12:21 am
Glad to see all the love for Kampmann. I love the dude, and he prob should have got the nod, but damn we need a CP ban on going to decision and then saying you think you should have won. I don't give a shit what your excuse is, if you didn't finish then don't bitch about it. Ya the judges are fucking blind deaf mute quadriplegic tard faced ass sniffers, but you knew that coming in. 2 of my faves have done it in less than a week. It's bumming me out. Someone point me to the George Washington Bridge.
PurpleDickMeat- March 4, 2011 at 12:20 am
So im all for prison sodomy but in this case i would have to say that Kampman prob is the better fighter. Diego is awesome cuz he fights with emotion, but Kampman is a strong top with domination type qualities. When diego steps in the 'gon and starts screaming his yes's he reminds me of the tranny who just grew its tits but still has the nine inch cock. Very much an oxymoron all in his own. I totally used to hate diego but he's growing on me, unlike the genital warts! Just a rumor bitches! Anyway this really didnt do much for the weight class kinda like fitch v. penn. But oh well, we all know that soon enough we will all see Diego mounting another poor victim and kampman will beat/rape anyone who gets in the way of his title contention. Definitely a setback for the Nazi rapist but in my book is still ahead of that versatile gay fuck known as the "yes man" diego sanchez. Also if anyone wants to hook up for some inquired sodomy im in the sacremento area as usual. But if i dont respond right away just hit up the Diaz bros. They always are down for a good ass fucking. But only if its bareback with a big cock and you must shoot big loads. Especially if its nick. Peace faggots.
Jonny5- March 4, 2011 at 12:12 am
oc in this bitch- March 4, 2011 at 12:05 am
and kampman whooped shields' bitch ass and got robbed too. that shit will make you stop fighting,bitch ass penn didnt get the shit kicked out of him by fitch.damn its getting out of control.change judges please god.and bantam weights are frickin boring aldos the only good one.
oc in this bitch- March 4, 2011 at 12:02 am
yo diego got his ass whooped again hands down what a pummeling.that was a rediculous decision just another horrible calls via ufc.when the fuck does it end.
Joe-Say Aldo- March 3, 2011 at 11:52 pm
Funny, once again a free UFC show is way better than any of their recent pay-per-views.

Kampmann won (once again the judges are retarded)

Brian Bowles is the man (thank god for bantam weights and feather weights, they fight the best)

Sakara and Diego are true fuckin' warriors (that's right folks, fuckin' warriors)

RwilsonR- March 3, 2011 at 10:40 pm
I really like the Versus production with the pre- and post- fight shows. They give a lot of good information for the viewers who don't spend all day on MMA sites reading articles and making stupid comments. Also, there are a decent amount of good clips shown. In general, it gives it more of that professional sports feel, and makes it seem like less of a crazy spectacle. And if MMA can't have the full spectacle of Pride, it might as well try to become as legitimate a sport as possible. Sure, there are kinks to be worked out, but I like the effort.
Bonnar is awesome as a broadcaster. He gets too excited to be a play-by-play guy, but he is fantastic as a broadcaster. And Ariel looks like a young Marv Albert up there.