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UFC on Versus 5: Lytle vs Hardy — The Liveblog

Seriously, is this intimidating to anyone?  Either of them?  PicProps: MMAJunkie (obviously)

The UFC is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, tonight for a live show on Versus, with some really good fighters on tap from the Facebook fights beginning the evening to the veterans retiring after putting on one more show.

I’ll start updating shortly with the Facebook fights, and we go live with the Versus show at 9PM ET.  Come on in early and start drinking; i’m way funnier that way.  Also, hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh often.  It won’t make me work any faster, but something funny might happen.

For discussion:

What’s next for Hardy if he comes up short?

With Jim Miller – Ben Henderson on the card to remind us of the logjam at 155, how can we make sense of the lightweight division?

And shouldn’t Clay Guida still be carrying around the WEC belt?  Because that would be dope.

OK, Nation, it’s my first time so take it easy on me. Mmmkay?

FaceBook Fights

Edwin “El Feroz” Figueroa defeats  Jason Reinhardt via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) at :50 of Round 2.  Reinhardt looked outclassed on the feet, and sloppy shooting takedowns.  Not an impressive performance, and Reinhardt is now 0-3 in the UFC.

Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann defeats Danny “Last Call” Castillo via unanimous decision (29-28 x3) in what is mostly a grappling affair.  Christmas tries to fit Castillo with two hundred and fourteen D’Arce chokes, but he’s unable to finish.  Castillo gets props for making it through a couple of really tight squeezes.

Cole “Magrinho” Miller defeats T.J.  ”The Spider” O’Brien via a sick one- armed guillotine/anaconda body lock combo at 2:38 of Round 2.

In case you didn’t know, Miller’s nickname “Magrinho” is Portuguese for “skinny”.  I guess that’s better than “Big Nose”, right? And seriously, “The Spider”?  Is it legal to take that nickname?

Jimy “The Kid” Hettes defeats Alex “Bruce Leroy” Caceres  via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:12 of Round 2.

Ok, we’re impressed with Bruce Leroy’s rolling acumen, it looks like he’s really been drilling on the mats.  Really fun fight there, lots of scrambling and transitions, and Caceres wasn’t totally out of his element.

Ronny  Markes defeats Karlos “The Terminator” Vemola via unanimous decision (30-27 x3).

It is known that cross-eyed men hit harder than Cypress Hill (it is known), but Vemola swings wider than David Bowie, and he gassed about as quickly as you’d expect from a guy that has never won outside of the first round.  Maybe destroying vehicles with a sledgehammer isn’t the best way to trane UFC?

Ed “Short Fuse” Herman defeats Kyle “KO” Noke via submission (heel hook) at 4:15 of Round 1.

Herman is looking to re-enact that Credeur win.   Noke is taking a step up after a five fight win streak.  Herman comes out, again looking more dangerous on the ground than before, and ruins Kyle Noke’s night (and his knee, and his work out plans for the next six months) with a nasty leg lock submission in the first round.

Joseph “Joe B. Wan Kenobi” Benavidez defeats Eddie Wineland via unanimous decision (30-27 x3).

Benavidez is showcasing some improved accuracy in his striking in the first frame, bloodying Wineland on the head and busting up his nose.  He’s still wild, but Wineland is waiting for the takedown and Benavidez catches him a few good ones.  Second round:  a little controversy when Wineland throws a one-two that may or may not have poked Joe B in the eye piece.  (Stand by for a GIF.)  Benavidez survives the subsequent rush and recovers.  Benavidez throws the kitchen sink at Wineland all three rounds, landing quite a bit of it, but he can’t put Wineland away.  Benavidez used very little wrestling for the win, aside from using the threat of a takedown to his own advantage.  He’s my favorite to take that flyweight belt next year.

CB “The Doberman” Dollaway  Jared “The Messenger” Hamman defeats   via TKO (referee’s stoppage due to strikes) at 3:38 of Round 2.

First round is a really competitive back and forth: Hamman survives a locked-up arm triangle and his chin keeps him in the game when he catches some wicked GNP at the end of the first.  Then Hamman roars back in the second, outworking Dollaway on the ground and outstriking him everywhere.  It takes just two minutes of grinding Dollaway down on the ground (and landing his own bombs in the process) before the Doberman turtles up, and Herb Dean calls it soon after.  Really impressive debut for Hamman at 185.

UFC Live on Versus 5: Lytle vs Hardy

Amir Sadollah vs. Duane “Bang” Ludwig

First up on the Versus card is a cageful of Muay Thai asskickery and knockoutitude.  Damn, you bastards wanted me to stop making up words, huh?  My bad.  Look for Sadollah’s length to be a big factor here; it should be fun.

Round 1:  Fighters come out with an air touch of gloves and get to business.  After a short exploratory phase of leg kicks and punches, they quickly move into a Thai plum clinch and work knees.  Ludwig seems to be getting the better of the knees inside, and Sodallah drops for a takedown, but Ludwig defends and clinches again.  They separate, and Ludwig goes to work.  He throws head kicks that seem to get Amir immediately uncomfortable, and with ninety seconds left, rocks Sodallah on his feet with a left hook.  It’s target practice for Ludwig, but Sodallah survives the round. 10-9 Bang

Round 2:  Both fighters look a bit banged up.  Ludwig is dealing out some serious pane with body shots inside, and Sodallah doesn’t want anything to do with the clinch.  The left hook lands again for Ludwig, and if there’s anything impressive about Sodallah in this fight, it’s his chin. Sodallah tries to mount an offense, but Ludwig is counter-punching beautifully.  Ludwig tries to put an exclamation point on the round by shooting for a takedown to end the second.  10-9 Bang

Round 3:  Sodallah comes out with a sense of urgency and seems to be the fresher of the two, landing a leg kick and following with a Chuck Norris to the dome that gets Ludwig’s attention.  Sodallah shoots for the takedown, and Ludwig defends.  They separate and go back to kickboxing.  Two minutes in, Sodallah lands a teep to the face that gets a grin out of Ludwig, and follows up with a fist combo that Ludwig counters.  Amir shoots again, and again Ludwig defends well.  They exchange leg kicks and circle.  With a minute left, Amir continues to press forward, and they throw combos into one another’s faces.  A left hook and a right uppercut from Ludwig, and another shot to try to take the round.  The bell finds the fighters on the ground, with no damage done.  10-9 Amir

Duane Ludwig defeats Amir Sodallah via unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone vs. Charles “Do Bronx” Oliveira

Round 1:  Both fighters are pumped and ready when they come out, looking for their range.  Cerrone launches a murderous knee sixty seconds in but it doesn’t land fully.  Seconds later, Cerrone catches Oliveira across the top of the cup.  No damage, and back to the action.  Cerrone is throwing punches like he’s trying to send his fists back in time and kill Osama bin Laden.  A shovel hook to Oliveiera’s body followed by a right knee to the face sends Oliveira down–he’s not out, but he’s hurt — and Cowboy swarms him.  Oliveira tries to set up some kind of guard from his back, but Cerrone swarms him and drops hooks on him until Mario Yamasaki has seen enough.

Donald Cerrone defeats Charles Oliveira via TKO (referee’s stoppage due to strikes) at 3:00 of Round 1.  Cerrone goes on to lay down a perfect Boomhauer impression with Joe Rogan.  Dammit, Cowboy, you are awesome.

Jim Miller vs. Ben “Smooth” Henderson

Awwww shit.  It’s going down.

Round 1:  Fighters come out for some boxing to start out, and Miller lands a couple good hooks.  They circle and shadowbox, and Smooth scores with a jab, then a short combo, and they clinch.  They move to the cage, first Henderson pressing Miller into  the fence and then moving to the center, still clinched up.  Miller traps Bendos arm neck to his head, and jumps onto Henderson into a (flying?) arm triangle.  Henderson’s sub defense has been described as “like to see a motherfucker try”, and he survives this sub attempt easily.  They go to the ground, and Miller switches to try a kimura.  Again, Henderson survives, and winds up standing over Miller’s open guard.  Henderson dives into guard looking for a guillotine, misses it, and then receives a guillotine attempt from Miller for his trouble.  Henderson pops his head out, and tries to hand out some beat down in the last thirty seconds from the top. 10-10?

Round 2:  Henderson scores early, cutting Miller on the right eyebrow with elbows, then taking him down.  Miller tries to work some rubber guard, nothing there, and rolls for a leglock. He straightens out a kneebar, and Bendo just gives the thumbs up.  Miller moves to a heel hook, still nothing. Henderson is beating on him while he tries all this, and the points are piling up.  Miller works for a kimura on the left side, like he’s never seen anyone try that on Henderson. Bendo just pounds on Miller to finish out the second.  10-9 Henderson

Round 3: Coming out for the third, Miller looks worse for wear.  Henderson starts off with a mean leg kick that puts the hurt on.  Miller gets Henderson with a hook, sending him to the mat, and follows him to the canvas, but Henderson just pushes to his feet and drives Miller across the cage and down to the ground. Henderson lays some hard GNP and then takes Miller’s back, going for the rear naked.  Miller works to get free, but he’s getting worked by Bendo.  Henderson looks for a guillotine to finish, but he’s running out of time.  He stands and blasts Miller in the ribs with a knee.   Miller stands and tries to deliver, but the horn sounds — it’s over. 10-9 Henderson, maybe 10-8

Ben Henderson defeats Jim Miller via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28).  The clusterfucktacular at 155 continues. Wait, 30-26?  Damn.

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy vs. Chris “Lights Out” Lytle

Round 1:  Hardy and Lytle made a gentlemen’s agreement to put on a show, and they were not bullshitting.  First round is all boxing, all aggression.  Lytle works the body early with hooks, a weapon that will be showcased for the whole round.  These guys are just throwing combos at one another to see who falls first, and they’re not moving in and out much at all, just sidesteps as they try to land first.  Both fighters score, but Lytle is doing it more often and harder.  10-9 Lytle

Round 2:  Bell sounds and the fighters pick up right where they left off.  Lytle rips a couple more hooks, including a brutal body shot — it’s like he’s trying to race Donald Cerrone’s fists back in time.  Hardy lands a good straight right that looks like it stuns Lytle for a millisecond, then sends a knee to the gut after it.  Lytle gets an eyepoke in, but Hardy recovers quickly.  Lytle is still reeling off those combos, wih Hardy answering.  They’re slugging it out and no one is backing down.  It’s all high-power offense for the round, with Lytle scoring the last hit with a hook to end the second. 10-10

Round 3:  Lytle gets off first with a couple of lefts, then digs hard into the body.  He ain’t going out soft, that’s for sure.  Hardy answers, but Lytle is landing better.  Hardy presses forward, but Lytle responds, working combos upstairs and down into the body.  Hardy dives for a takedown, and it’s a fatal error.  Lytle wraps up a guillotine and mounts Hardy.  Hardy struggles for some room, finds none, and taps.

Chris Lytle defeats Dan Hardy via submission (guillotine choke) at 4:16 of the third round, and rides into the sunset with two huge bags of cash if there’s any justice in the world.

Well played, Mr Lytle.  We wish you well in your future with your family.


Damn.  That wasn’t so bad.  What did you think, Nation?  Let’s talk about retirements, prospects, and the chaos of the lightweights.

Maybe wait ’til tomorrow, though.


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XENOPHON- August 16, 2011 at 4:45 pm

Well I don't think anyone else is reading this thread any longer and that fine with me - less hecklers. That being said, your wise to change camps and learn with the new. I have a great friend in Boston, and have no shame in admitting that although I could best his as at many disciplines, I could never stay up with ass in a run. And that fucker could juggle more objects than me.
Juggling sounds kind of faggey, but we had a bet and before running-out on our bar tab at the bowling alley one rainy afternoon, we first decided to run down the alley and each boost a bowling pin. Nothing worse than at 20 years old having 60 pissed off sumo-sized bowlers chase you out to your ride and dam near tip the vehicle over. Fighting was no option and the only escape route was to drive over the cement parking block, and then down an step embankment before jumping the curb and taking flight.
Where am I going with his, people from Mass. are tough as nails, and willing to go the distance when the shit hits the fan, but while your there training if you ever decide to knock-off a bowling alley - don't ever listen to one of those native Massachusetts fuckers and their bright fucking escape plans. After the car repairs (cracked windows, dents in the doors, and a completely fucked undercarriage) it would have best to stand and succumb to eventual defeat, rather than fork over the cash. (GRIN)
I read you at one time hailed from Wisconsin, and back in '86' I spent a year plus having a blast from Lake Geneva (Porky's) and Milwaukee where the drinking age was 19 at the time, down into Chicago and even Highland Indiana. The only problem I ever had was that I love the ocean, and the ocean loves me. I suggest that if you near the water, find a partner use it for your training.
Listen Karma, look at it this way. Is better to have had the amateur experience in the ring, or to have sat on the sidelines - shelling out what I am guessing valuable coin trying to get from one bigger name even to the other?
Since I am guessing you, like me, and just about everyone else here never had the benefit of Abu Dhabi grappling or big college titles so you better feel no shame with the great start at your competition to date.
What I mean is that WIKI is at the top of nearly every search people make on the interweb, and you want to be found. The more people find your name, the more they recognize you. And the writing your doing know is one of the wisest moves any fighter could make. Your working with people who know how to write, and that is leaps and bounds more important that some gay-ass tweeting.
Not only has this given you a fan base (tough crowd to say the least around CP) it trains your brain for looking at a grand strategy and rapidly developing a route to the end game. It's the introduction with a thesis, the body of the content that supports your thesis (at least 2-3 logical and reasoned set of facts) and each should drive to your conclusion.

This is excellent for a fighter, as every opponent requires a specific strategy and thus you must adjust your tactics so that you can prevail through your operational art. The end game in business, fighting, or writing is always the same. When a man is slick enough (remember the 10,000 rule), he can manipulate or shave each variable to fit his end game.

I got a (backstabbing) friend who is fast to tell me this: "It's your world, we are just living in it." At first I used to just roll my eye balls at such shit, but then after a few times hearing it I realized what he was trying to communicate. It has nothing to do with being boastful, only individual confidence of the mind.
Why, because you have it slightly wrong about how other view you as condescending. Don't get me wrong, being liked is important, but there are very few men who have every met their mark in life by being amicable, companionable, deferential, or too respectful. Instead they often get shit on. Once people see they can shit on you, it's game over.
Don't confuse that with being able to pick, chose, or decide when to be humble. That is something you alone control, entirely.
...and Karma, thanks for fresh compliment. If ever competing, residing, or training on the West coast and some crazy fucker suddenly steps out of the crowd, grabs your ass by the neck, and then gives you an Eskimo kiss...(don't swing on me)'ll instinctively know his name. (CHUCKLE)
librilliant- August 15, 2011 at 10:36 pm
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KarmaAteMyCat- August 15, 2011 at 7:22 pm

You honor me sir with your kind suggestions and word truly I mean this with sincerity.
I am a 3-1 Amateur HOWEVER as some of the fights were not turned in by promoters to Sherdog, and whatever else sites.. They wont change my record on there for me so as far as their concerned I am a 1-0 Amateur.. More time to learn.
As for self Marketing I couldn't agree with you more sir and I really do my best to get my name out there. I just really try not to push it I mean I don't normally give a damn what people think but you don't want to come off to condescending right?
I've taken some time off of Fighting lately and have been working on a lot of the holes in my game. I even recently moved to the great state of Massachusetts lovely place and probably top three on states for MMA if you ask me. So I'll look into the whole wiki page. I've also been working on a book for the past two years but that's got a bit to go yet and a story for another day.
Thanks again dude you really are a Breath of fresh air in the comments section.
XENOPHON- August 15, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Today is the first time I had the free time to look up your fights and bio online.
Is your complete bio and fight stats posted anywhere online?
If not, I suggest you open an edit a Wikipedia entry to help build your brand and marketability as your fight counter clicks up bro. And I'd take it one step further to suggest you incorporate the photo from Scramble.
A lesson well learned from Big Country, that you are your own best agent.
Peppered 2 Death- August 15, 2011 at 11:43 am
I have never been a Chandella fan in the past but seeing her from the front row last night changed my opinion of her. Not only is her body amazing, her face isnt as horsey as I always thought. Plus, Dat Ass is WOW.
KarmaAteMyCat- August 15, 2011 at 11:31 am

Not sure what I can say that you didn't as I pretty much agree.
RwilsonR- August 15, 2011 at 7:49 am
Kinda sucks for Cole Miller, since he was probably already counting his bonus for SOTN.
Todd M- August 15, 2011 at 7:10 am
Awesome fights topped by an epic main event, Glad Lytle got the win, happy Hardy is sticking around too. Oh and call me crazy but xeno makes some damn good points about shit chinese characters in the captcha...This Is America Bitch
Zee German- August 15, 2011 at 5:37 am
Props to RwilsonR. My thoughts. Lytle will always be remembered as one of the most awesome all around guys and fighters.
RSparrow- August 15, 2011 at 1:11 am
^this guy
XENOPHON- August 15, 2011 at 12:20 am

Of the five, Melendez carries by far the most TKO/KO's with about 12,
Guida has 5,
Edgar has 2,
Maynard has 2,
Henderson has 2.
What makes Henderson unique is that where the others have relied on decisions to carry them through, Henderson has a submission record a mile deep. His offensive striking is good, but he tends to leave his head a bit too accessible. Melendez on the other hand is a better striker, and he seems to take less shots due to better defensive hand placement.
What few realize is that Melendez has an average of 2.6 rounds before he knocks someone out. This means that in a non title fight he is most likely to negate and stuff the best of wrestlers.
All the other numbers and stats set aside, Melendez has the most to prove to his own mind as he is likely given a seat at the back of the bus. Remember the UFC is not in the habit of pitting one newly acquired champ against their own - especially when their selling seats. The UFC uses a simple psychological tactic to ensure their existing champs don't ever appear to the public as less than worthy. I hope someone explains this to Melendez when he gets his ticket punched to make the move.
This being the case, Melendez may get artificially discounted and have to stay active swimming with sharks. Miller's surely not done, and there is that grim reaper holding the gate, Guillard.
I think when Melendez is allowed to show up, he his going to establish himself fast. Let me ask you....the same question Karma. How do you see Melendez fairing?
ghostboner- August 15, 2011 at 12:18 am
Damn FBF how you doin bra? SO I just have to say Lytle is the man, Cerrone is my man, and man does Jared hamman look skinny at 185. Glad he beat the shit outta CB though. Great free fights. And good call Rexual Predator on the Boomhauer linguistics double. Silly ass Ranch-hand Cerrone.
RSparrow- August 15, 2011 at 12:13 am
Haha Xeno is just another interesting character that means well, remember mlkhoey?
Jason Statham- August 15, 2011 at 12:10 am
The whole division is not good enough , i don't think so these 2 guys is good enough.

from jason statham
RSparrow- August 14, 2011 at 11:56 pm
Absolutely. True words brother.
RwilsonR- August 14, 2011 at 10:48 pm
Just read XENO's comments on the Kimbo Slice article earlier today. That guy is a fucking nutcase!
ccman- August 14, 2011 at 10:15 pm
Agreed Rwilson, I do not see Melendez as elite. The whole division in SF was never a big wow for me. they fight and props for it, but who can you see him dominating in the UFC? Who do you see him outworking in that group? I would however like to see Penn drop back and fight him though. dunno why, minus how long they babbled at each other.
RwilsonR- August 14, 2011 at 10:08 pm
@ Karma - Where does Melendez rank? About the same plae Nick Diaz does, IMO. Overrated and untested by strong wrestlers. All mentioned by xeno would beat him, including Guida in a rematch.
DoctorWood- August 14, 2011 at 9:35 pm
"Wait, 30-26? Damn."

Why are you shitting on that result? You said yourself that round 3 could be 10-8...
KarmaAteMyCat- August 14, 2011 at 9:29 pm
What about a certain Strikeforce Lightweight champion? Where does he fit in once he comes into the UFC? just curious what you think..
RwilsonR- August 14, 2011 at 9:26 pm
A few things tonight CP:
Surprisingly emotional night of fights for me. (no homo, so fuck you... I'm comfortable with it)
- RIP Shawn Tompkins. Very sad news.
- I've said it before it was cool to say (right RSparrow?), but Chris Lytle has been one of my favorite fighters for a long, long time. True class, and should be an inspiration to every fighter out there. Can fight anywhere and always made a conscious choice to be exciting. He couldn't have gone out in a better way. Two and a half rounds of exciting stand up where he laid it all out there, and then finished with a fantastic submission to once again put an exclamation point on his submission prowess (he should have a couple more SOTN bonuses that he was robbed of). Great fight to top off a great career, and I wish him well in his future in politics. I hope the UFC seriously considers Lytle for a spot in the HOF, as there has never been another like him, and this sport is much better for having had him in it.
- Hardy deserves another chance, and glad to hear he'll get it.
- Awesome fight Bendo and Miller! One of the best all around fights from two talented guys, and I hope Dana is feeling generous and just says "Fuck it... bonuses for everyone tonight!" Same goes for Bang & Amir.
- +246 to Joe Silva. This main card looked good on paper, and it more than lived up to it. Way to show you don't need mismatches to make exciting fights (looking at you, Strikeforce).
- Thanks Rex for setting expectations low for your first live blog, as you had only up to go from there. You did an admirable job. Nice work for doing the CP nation proud.
Overall, great night of fights all around.
HEY- August 14, 2011 at 9:22 pm
HEY- August 14, 2011 at 9:20 pm
So their calling the ending of that Cerrone fight a KO eh? Interesting...
XENOPHON- August 14, 2011 at 9:20 pm
I think that's gonna be what we gut stuck with now. A good fight none the less. Although Guida is in a way getting short shifted, as he's been there waiting in line for a long time.
Wrestling wise, all four are outstanding, and between Maynard, Edgar, Henderson, and Guida - they can each stand and bang at the same time.
Submission wise, Henderson is both had to tap, and likely slicker.
My money is on Henderson .... eventually grabbing the belt.
Phizix- August 14, 2011 at 9:13 pm
Great fights.
Ben Henderson cant be sub'd.