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“UFC on Versus 5″ Weigh-Ins: Hardy’s Hands Slightly Too Heavy

Two dudes known for throwing bombs, and the only guy trying to look tough is the promoter in the background. (Pic: @danawhite)

Tomorrow night Dan Hardy could be fighting for his spot in the UFC, but he came up just a little short in his battle with the scales. Ditching the shorts brought him within a half pound of the 171lb Welterweight limit, but additional time will be needed to shed the excess weight. A quick rinse should take at least a few ounces of mousse out of his mohawk. (Update- the rinse worked! Hardy made weight).

Ben Henderson was the only other fighter to make use of the towel, though he made weight without the need for additional time. The only real heat from the event surfaced when Cole Miller and T.J. O’brien got to jawing during their tense staredown. Based solely on the weigh-ins, I’m going to make a bold prediction for the Jason Reinhardt-Edwin Figueroa bout: Reinhardt will piss hot for crystal meth.

(via Zombie Prophet)

(via Zombie Prophet)

Full Weigh-In results (via:

Dan Hardy (171.5*) vs. Chris Lytle (170.5)
Ben Henderson (156) vs. Jim Miller (155.5)
Donald Cerrone (156) vs. Charles Oliveira (155)
Duane Ludwig (170.5) vs. Amir Sadollah (170)

C.B. Dollaway (186) vs. Jared Hamman (185)
Joseph Benavidez (135.5) vs. Eddie Wineland (136)
Ed Herman (186) vs. Kyle Noke (185)
Ronny Markes (205) vs. Karlos Vemola (205.5)
Alex Caceres (146) vs. Jim Hettes (145.5)
Cole Miller (155) vs. T.J. O’Brien (155.5)
Danny Castillo (156) vs. Jacob Volkmann (156)
Edwin Figueroa (136) vs. Jason Reinhardt (135)


  1. Booosted Says:

    Sat, 08/13/11 - 04:04

    Reinhardt surely do look dehydrated x2. Gotta love the meth lol
  2. Fried Taco Says:

    Sat, 08/13/11 - 04:10

    I thought Reinhardt was great in Winter's Bone.
  3. DangadaDang Says:

    Sat, 08/13/11 - 04:41

    Its too bad that Reinhardt is second only to Wall-Mart in total cans crushed and will likely be submitted or TKO'ed within the first round.
  4. ghostboner Says:

    Sat, 08/13/11 - 05:48

    Cole Miller seems to be confused, thinks he is the 3rd Diaz brother. Hoping Cerrone and miller win tonight so we can see them throw down.
  5. WK Says:

    Sat, 08/13/11 - 08:21

    Morally a good call. Technically a bad call. If the fighter doesn't want to tap out and and want the fight to finish with her arm broken, let her. Hey, at least we'll be spared the tantrum after the fight, eh?
  6. rlh61 Says:

    Sun, 08/14/11 - 05:52

    @WK That call has you pretty worked up, doesn't it? Comments carried over to a whole different story. Just raggin' on ya, brah. But your comment is pretty accurate. Anyone notice that DW looks like he's cut some weight? For a while there it looked like he was packing in on to make a run at the HW title. Looks like MW is within striking distance now.
  7. Duh Ogre Says:

    Sun, 08/14/11 - 06:39

    Meh, he looks the same to me.
  8. RSparrow Says:

    Sun, 08/14/11 - 12:21

    I wonder if Reinhardt talks like "bling bling" from bum fights.
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    Sun, 08/14/11 - 03:27

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  10. cat 4 brother Says:

    Mon, 01/19/15 - 10:12

    Whispering Misty... So sorry you may miss the workshop!...
  11. blue ofica Says:

    Tue, 01/20/15 - 06:55

    The Birch of the Shadow... I believe there may well be considered a couple of duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful list! I have tweeted this. Lots of thanks for sharing!...

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