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UFC Shuts Down Illegal Streaming Site, Seizes Database & Vows to Come After Users [EVERYBODY PANIC]

Everything about this image of Dana White, from the Rage Against the Machine shirt to the heated finger point of disapproval, so perfectly sums up the news item I am about to discuss that I was seriously considering just posting it along with the headline and moving onto the next item on the agenda (watching quicksand porn and taking a nap). But seeing as BG has left the weight of the CP Nation on my shoulders for the day, I might as well try to deliver you Taters some newsworthy info.


Alright, it might not be that bad, but if you streamed UFC 169 through, let’s just say that you might want to kiss your loved ones goodbye, pack a small suitcase, and get on the first bus to Tijuana. Actually, that sounds even worse (via a press release):

As part of the on-going initiative against online piracy, Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization, successfully took down and seized the records of, a website that illegally streamed two UFC pay-per-view events.

UFC has obtained details of the streaming site’s userbase, including email addresses, IP addresses, user names and information pertaining to individuals who watched pirated UFC events including UFC 169. Also recovered were chat transcripts from the website. Using this data, UFC will work with Lonstein Law Office to prosecute identified infringers.

Lonstein Law Office has successfully prosecuted hundreds of claims for the UFC organization for sites illegally streaming content and individual users since 2007. UFC’s status as the industry leader in pay-per-view television has helped it become a leader in cracking down on companies and individuals watching and facilitating the watching of pay-per-view events online, without paying.

Yikes. Looks like the UFC is making good on its promises to go after fans who stream pay-per-views, which date back to at least 2012. Thankfully (*starts packing clothes*), I’m sure that none of you (*rips phone cord out of wall*) Taters would ever engage in such a despicable practice as (*ties bedsheets together*) stealing UFC pay-per-views, which are a steal at just $55 a pop (*repels down apartment complex*).

The trials of said illegal streamers are set to begin next month, and will air exclusively on Fight Pass (not really, but maybe).

-J. Jones

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