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‘UFC on Versus: Vera vs. Jones’ — Live Results + Commentary

("Room for the Holy Ghost, kids. Your mothers raised you better than that." Photo courtesy of the UFC on Versus Weigh In Pics gallery on CombatLifestyle.)

Because pay-per-view and Spike TV are not enough to contain all the UFC’s awesomeness, Versus is presenting four fights tonight that could all end in thrilling knockouts, and will momentarily make us forget that we’re missing the season premiere of Breaking Bad. In this extra-special Lord’s Day Liveblog™, Jon Jones tries to live up to his hype against a man who once fell prey to his own, Junior Dos Santos continues his warpath in the heavyweight division against fellow meat-skewer aficionado Gabriel Gonzaga, Cheick Kongo and Paul Buentello throw bombs for the hell of it, and lightning will strike James Irvin on his way to the cage. Yes, indoor lightning. Live results from UFC on Versus: Vera vs. Jones await you after the jump; refresh the page every few minutes for all the latest…

We begin, of course, with 15 minutes of commercials. But at least we won’t be forced to watch interviews with the cast of "Blue Mountain State."

James Irvin vs. Alessio Sakara
Two guys with great highlight reels but spotty records. Irvin is kind of hard to look at with his new weight. Neither man looks particularly psyched to be there.

Round 1: Sakara tags Irvin with a nice right. Sakara slips landing a leg kick but bounces back up. Irvin returns a leg kick. Sakara tries a spinning backfist, then sticks a leg kick. Stright rights from Sakara. Irvin lands a leg kick. Sakara jabbing to the body. Joe Rogan says that Irvin looked like an alien at the weigh-ins. Sakara with a hard right. Leg kick Irvin. Irvin seems to get poked in the eye with a punch, and he crumples backward. Referee Josh Rosenthal stops the fight after Sakara follows him down and starts slugging. Scratch that, the ref pauses the fight and allows Irvin to recover. The replay doesn’t really show a poke, unfortunately. Sakara isn’t happy. Goldberg on Irvin: "He’s had an interesting run, in and out of the Octagon." Quite an understatement. After some deliberation, Rosenthal calls it a TKO. The crowd boos the weird ending. A closer replay shows that Irvin just got straight-up punched in the eye. Nothing illegal there. Sakara def. Irvin via TKO, 3:01 of round 1.

I wonder what James Irvin would look like at welterweight? Nah, just fire the unlucky bastard.

Cheick Kongo vs. Paul "Don’t Fear Me, Fear the Consequences" Buentello

Round 1: Buentello bouncing spastically, and throws the right. They clash with punches, and Kongo clinches and bulls Buentello into the fence. After some effort, he gets the Headhunter to the ground. Buentello gets to a knee, and struggles to his feet, but Kongo slams him back down. Hey, this isn’t a standup war! Buentello looking for a kimura. Kongo is tenacious on Buentello, positionally speaking, but isn’t doing much damage besides the occasional knee. Buentello yanks out but jacks up his finger in the process. Dislocated pinky? Herb Dean pauses the fight and the crowd is furious. Buentello is in pain, but he pulls it back in place with the doctor’s help and the fight is back on. Crazy. Kongo lands a 1-2 and shoots for a takedown, which he gets. Kongo throws down a few punches as Buentello crouches against the cage. Herb stands ‘em. Buentello seems to slip after a striking exchange and Kongo finishes out the round throwing down punches. 10-9 Kongo.

Round 2: Kongo lands a couple of leg kicks. Kongo chases with punches and once again dumps Buentello on his ass. Kongo trying to finish with punches from the top, with Buentello desperately trying to get back to his feet. Kongo is warned for downward elbows to Buentello’s ass. Kongo blasts Buentello in the face with a knee when Buentello was on one knee and the fight is paused. Herb gives Paul a moment to clear his head. Herb deducts a point for it. When the fight’s back on, Kongo goes for the takedown again, gets it, and starts slamming knees to Buentello’s body. Buentello gets up and eats a punch before getting taken down again. Inexplicably, Kongo is doing his best Clay Guida impression. Buentello gets hit in the face with another knee on the ground, but Herb says Paul was "playing the game," trying to draw the foul.  They’re back up and Kongo is slugging, before another takedown. "He’s getting molested," says Joe. Herb orders them up. Buentello is beaten and exhausted. Kongo comes in for another clinch. 9-9 because of the penalty…though maybe a 9-8.

Round 3: Another takedown from you know who. Kongo has an arm around Buentello’s head and throws elbows with the other arm. Buentello taps from elbows to the thigh. They could have landed anywhere — the Headhunter had absorbed enough pain for one night. That, friends, was an ass beating. Kongo def. Buentello via submission (strikes), 1:16 of round 3.

Oh great, a creepy Extenze commercial where 92-year-old Jimmy Johnson talks to a young female reporter about how his cock-game just went from good to great. And yet when Terry Bradshaw does it, it’s "harassment."

Junior Dos Santos vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Round 1: A minute of feeling-out. Dos Santos jabs to the gut. Gonzaga shoots and scores a takedown, but JDS pops up quickly. Leg kick Gonzaga. More low jabbing from Dos Santos. And some head shots that don’t land. Gonzaga whiffs his scary head-kick. Dos Santos returns a high kick unsuccessfully, but lands a kick to the body. Straight rights from Dos Santos. Gonzaga tries the high kick again but is blocked, and JDS comes back with a left hook that drops Gonzaga. Dos Santos finishes Gonzaga in brutal fashion, hauling off on Gabe’s face until the fight is stopped. Future freakin’ champion. Dos Santos def. Gonzaga via KO, 3:53 of round 1. The crowd starts to boo Dos Santos for some reason but they come back around when he promises them more good knockouts. He says he wants to fight the best and is ready for a title shot. Unfortunately, the heavyweight division is so log-jammed due to Lesnar’s illness, the interim title situation and Cain being in front of him in line, that it’ll be a while before that actually happens.

They show John Howard vs. Daniel Roberts from the undercard. Roberts starts out looking very impressive with his grappling and pace, but Howard turns the tables with a slam, and knocks Roberts *cold* as soon as he gets on top. Bring on Anthony Johnson

Brandon Vera vs. Jon Jones
Vera’s accent is athletic *and* explosive. Jon Jones does a few slow arms-up twirls before entering the arena, that will surely become an animated gif by tomorrow morning. His entrance music is "Empire State of Mind." He does a victory cartwheel before the fight even starts. Man. My condolences to Brandon’s mother. Bones practices his reverse-kick against a cage-post.

Round 1: Jones clinches immediately and gets the leg-trip takedown. Jones starts working his punches. Big left from Jones before Vera kicks him off. Back on the feet. Jones catches a kick from Vera but can’t capitalize. Jones clinches again and scores another takedown. Jones in Vera’s guard. Rogan points out that Jones keeps leaving his arm in danger. Elbow from Jones. Vera blasts Jones with an illegal upkick whil Jones’s knee is down. Jones grabs his jaw in pain and anger. Herb deducts a point from Vera and lets them return to their position, with Jones in Vera’s guard. Elbow from Jones. Vera nearly lands another illegal upkick. Jones gets his range and lands an elbow that makes Vera grab his face and turtle up. More follow-up punches and the fight is over. Rogan wonders if Vera has a broken orbital bone.
Jones def. Vera via TKO, 3:19 of round 1. Look, the kid is a prodigy and his elbows bring nothing but suffering. Jones credits God and hard work. He says potential is the worst thing to waste, and he doesn’t want to let that happen. Can’t wait to see who he gets next. Any suggestions/predictions? That’s the show, so we’ll talk at you tomorrow kiddies.


  1. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 05:42

    Hmmmm everytime I list picks my fightpicker goes to hell, but I'm not so sure jones will be an easy win.....also first?
  2. GrimJack Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 05:46

    available online some place?
  3. DazedNConfused Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 05:46

    Someone throw Irvin a rag soaked full of water to chew on or something.
  4. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:02

  5. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:02

    Sakara was my only pick I wasn't confident in, until I saw Irvin at the weigh ins.
  6. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:10

    James Irvin by TKO
  7. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:20

    He can't open his fucking eye!
  8. Bloodlust Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:21

    Another weak showing from Irvin
  9. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:21

    Well it turns out I'm a douche
  10. ThrashingMad Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:22

    James Irvin retains his title as the most cursed MMA fighter in the world.
  11. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:24

    Irvin needs to be cut from the UFC. Everything that guy touches turns to shit. At least the ref made the correct call on that one, Sakara could have gotten screwed big time
  12. nicey Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:26

    lol @ "baxing"
  13. BackbaconBilly Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:27

    Irvin has to be the most disappointing fighter eva.....
  14. DangadaDang Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:28

    James Irvin is to bad luck what David Hasselhoff is to Germany
  15. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:29

    Baxers make good money
  16. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:31

    Here's Mr. PC to give us his dry rehearsed interview answers. Fuck you Carwin and I mean that, if I'm rooting for Mir you know his opponent has got to be a d-bag.
  17. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:32

    Ok time to get on the board. Cheick Kongo for the win.
  18. Bloodlust Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:33

    Don't make excuses for Irvin. Not only is he not very good, he doesnt seem like he wants to be in there much anymore.
  19. Cecil PeepHoles Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:34

    James Irvin's cheekbones could have saved him if they were just a quarter inch bigger.
  20. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:36

    Well how about that. What a difference a decent team makes. Training with scott smith is not gonna make Irvin any more viable no matter how many internal organs he removes. And garbage ass Sakara goes on a 3 fight win streak ever since joining ATT. Just one more reason that Gonzaga is doomed tonight. I had really expected Irvin to take it. I really thought that he was the better fighter. He looked like shit!
  21. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:37

    lets hope this isn't what the whole show is going to be like
  22. Randy Pan Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:38

    livefootballstream (dot) net (backslash) fights (dot) html Only stream I've found so far. Sort of choppy. Anyone got any smooth streams?
  23. Jimbizzzale Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:39

    Im gonna laugh when Kongo gets fcked up.
  24. jimbonics Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:39

    Calling Headhunter.
  25. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:39

    Kongo is going down by way of groin kick.
  26. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:41

    This is supposed to be an all striking card! What the fuck is kongo doing?
  27. Jimbizzzale Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:41

    that kimora aint doin shit.
  28. Joedirt Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:42

    I've always thought kongo was boring....
  29. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:42

  30. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:48

    dq for knees?
  31. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:49

    I wonder if it got yanked out at the knuckle? That happened to me once. I just closed my eyes and shoved it back in. It was fine until the next day when it swole up like a golf ball. Luckily its still stuck on there, but its can get real sore in the cold.
  32. T_Durden Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:49

    "So do you really wanna be a figther??" Ahhh...that made me a little sick to my stomach. Is he really fighting with a dislocated finger?? Let's see LeBron or A-Rod do some shit like that and keep playing.
  33. jimbonics Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:51

    Herb is the smoothest cat.
  34. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:51

    Kobe plays with a dislocated finger.
  35. kerouac Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:51

    Kongo found the ONE GUY in the UFC whose ground is weaker than his own
  36. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:53

    Refs are on point tonight, I have a feeling somethng terrible is gonna happen later.
  37. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:53

    Deans a good ref. People who bitch about him have never really had a good point IMO. BTW: This is just reinforcing my confusion over Buentello back in the UFC. Although I guess it doesn't rape an angel either.
  38. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:54

    just lost the stream
  39. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:56

    Submission due to dead leg?
  40. Joedirt Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:56

    Kongo sucks. His fights are always boring I don't know why the UFC keeps talking him up all the time.
  41. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:57

    Looks like kongo's been training with Hershal Walker
  42. Randy Pan Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:58

    Kongo fought a heavyweight who's take-down defense was worse than his own.
  43. Bloodlust Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 06:58

    Herb Dean has really grown as a ref to the point where he's arguably the best available. Great call on the no call on the 2nd illegal knee and subsequent explanation.
  44. peanutbuttter Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:00

    Paul was backing straight up into the fence, I guess to make sure that he couldn't fire off any punches and also make it easier for him to be taken down.
  45. T_Durden Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:01

    Not the same game he dislocates it. The point was more about the disproportionate ratio of level of toughness, commitment to financial compensation between the big 4 sports and a sport like MMA.
  46. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:03

    fights like a god, has the verbal skills of a muppet
  47. jimbonics Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:07

  48. Bloodlust Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:09

    Gonzaga via march madness
  49. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:11

    He actually did play in the same game in which he dislocated the finger.
  50. peanutbuttter Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:12

    Also, fightpicker picks be damned, I'd like to add that I reeeeeally hope that the rest of tonight's finishes are not like the first two...
  51. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:14

    Come on Gabe, prove me wrong!
  52. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:15

    How was my prediction flagged as spam? Dos Santos will win.
  53. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:18

    Did he just knock his tooth out?
  54. Bloodlust Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:19

    Dos Santos looked really good. Interesting to see who's next for him. Loser Carwin v Mir?
  55. jimbonics Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:19

    Yikes!!!! Haha! Fuck yeah!
  56. Joedirt Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:19

    What's next for Gonzaga?
  57. Bloodlust Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:22

    maybe congo for gonzaga, alos dos santos v velazquez would be interesting
  58. T_Durden Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:23

    JDS is a bad man. He almost tore the damn cage down celebrating the win. @rampageisgod: That's great, douchebag.
  59. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:24

    Maybe if Gabe would get off his fat ass and get with a decent camp someone would have told him that that crocop headkick was the exception, not a lifestyle. By the second of third time he threw that slow ass high kick it was obvious to me that he didn't bring enough game with him tonight.
  60. Jimbizzzale Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:24

    Dos Santos is really becoming a top heavy weight Id like to see him get a title shot soon.
  61. Joedirt Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:25

    I just think with the division "stacked" as Rogan keeps saying that Gonzaga doesn't seem very relevant.
  62. tripmynd Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:26

    Hey did you guys know the home of the first UFC was in Colorado?! Thanks Mike!
  63. Dizzylittlelord Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:26

    yea i was thinking valasquez vs dos santos but thats a bit unfair on the loser after they have both thoroughly earned title shots now anyway. mire should have had another win before he got to fight carwin
  64. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:28

    "Interesting to see who's next for him. Loser Carwin v Mir?" I think Carwin beats Mir. I was sure until Mir 2.0 showed up against kongo. But I'm still pretty confidant. Not sure who will win Carwin/Dos Santos, probably depends how good Santos's TD defence really is. Carwin isn't gonna box with him. Either of them will beat Brock IMO.
  65. tripmynd Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:28

    James Irvin was poked in the "fucking" eye by God.
  66. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:28

    Marvin Eastman looked good in that fight against Don Cheadle
  67. Joedirt Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:30

    Am I the only one who thinks if a fighter is visibly ktfo that the other fighter should stop hitting him even if the ref hasn't jumped in yet? I mean if you're not sure or he's just hurt... ya you go till the ref stops you but if you're tits up hands down eyes rolled back asleep... is 4 more clean shots necessary?
  68. peanutbuttter Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:32

    I picked John Howard cuz Daniel Roberts had yet to fight in the UFC. It's a just whole 'nother level, bro. Roberts now knows that. He got hit right on the button...f**kin RIGHT on the button, a few times.
  69. Bloodlust Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:33

    Good win for Howard but I think he'll have a tougher go once he steps up more in class. Roberts' aggressive grappling was as advertised until he got doomsdayd, keep him around.
  70. Randy Pan Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:34

    JDS has some mean, mean hands. I'd like to see him trade with Carwin. I don't dislike Vera, but part of me hopes Jones busts him open and then knocks him out.
  71. Bloodlust Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:36

    lets go bones
  72. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:37

    jones vs his ADD and ego is the main event, vera is a side note. Seriously I think he's a very skilled guy but he "Racka de frocus"
  73. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:37

    Bones better win this. My fight picker is at 100% right now, it's all riding on a win for John Jones.
  74. peanutbuttter Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:39

    I don't know about you guys. but I'm FIRED UP!
  75. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:39

    I'd like to see him have a YES/Cartwheel comp w/ Diego
  76. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:40

    @T_Durden No need to act like a douche because someone corrected you.
  77. T_Durden Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:46

    @rampageisgod i called you a douchebag, and then you turn and use the same word when referring to me? You're a fag. It wasn't about you correcting me, I dont give a fuck if some bb player did dislocate his finger and played on. it was the fact that you stuck to the same point,when I explained what my main idea was. But instead of coming back w something worth discussing you came back w the same answer you had already posted.
  78. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:47

    finally that smug bastard gets hit with an illegal shot of his own
  79. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:49

    My head is hurting from watching that.
  80. Bloodlust Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:50

    Jones is vicious again. The man is making a name for himself. Who's next?
  81. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:53

    @T_Durden After reading your point I didn't argue against it. All I did was point out that he in fact did play in the same game. So how could I argue against something that I had no problem with?
  82. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:55

    I bet that's an Orbit fx
  83. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:55

    Who is next in line for the light heavyweight title after Rua?
  84. drunkenmime Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:55

    Somewhere out there Bob Sapp is feeling a little better about himself.
  85. BoCo Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:55

    Jones is Tiger Woods with out all the Bitches
  86. Jimbizzzale Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:56

    Dam that looked like it hurt.
  87. Randy Pan Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:56

    So Jones wins via skull-cracking elbow in the first round? Hmmm.
  88. superflat Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:57

    Jones will be LHW champ. A fight with Machida just might be the most intriguing fight in all of MMA.
  89. jimbonics Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 07:58

    @rampage Winner of Rashad/Rampage likely.
  90. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:00

    Jeez, Jonny Bones is a spaz! Now I kinda feel sorry for Brandon. He's annoying but I didn't want to see him get embarrassed though.
  91. T_Durden Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:00

    So why post the same thing? That my friend, earned you the douchbage message. So who is up next for Bones Jones?
  92. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:00

    feed him Toney at moneyweight, and he can side check kick him the fuck out of MMA, with a couple of 12 to 6 elbows for good measure
  93. BryanF Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:02

    anyone else wondering about the absence of a "Jackson Camp Nipple Tweak" from Bones?
  94. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:03

    It wasn't the same thing, it was a correction of a false statement you made.
  95. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:05

    @jimbonics Probably not, if Rashad wins. Jones and Rashad will likely not fight because they keep training together.
  96. T_Durden Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:05

    Would Rashad fight him now that Bones Jones is fighting out of the Jackson camp?
  97. rampageisgod Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:05

    @ jimbonics That's what I was thinking. But I would like to see the winner of that match fight Jones for the title shot. But that might leave too much layoff.
  98. cecils_pupils Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:12

    Vera got skull fucked with one shot from Johny "Break ur Bones" Jones. Damn... who can give that man a proper test? On another note, the refs did a great job tonight. The only exception I saw was an extra shot or two to Roberts' head after the KO blow, that one coulda been stopped earlier had the ref been a little closer to the action. But I gotta give it to Rosenthal and Herb Dean - they did a great job tonight.
  99. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:12

    As long as Shad and Bones are both Jacksons, which will hopefully last awhile, I'm sure they wont fight each other. I figure logic and fairplay would dictate that Shad gets first in line to rematch for the belt and Bones hangs back. If Shad fails, Bones would make the next run.
  100. ThrashingMad Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:15

    Give him Thiago Silva.
  101. nicey Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:16

    Roberts continuing to drop bombs while the dood was CLEARLY knocked out - disgusting. What a f**ing punk. Then he acts all bad-ass afterwards. Sure he knocked him the ef out, but what a lil b1tch. Also, vera is going to need a new eye socket. Good thing this was free, cuz i sure as sh1t wouldnt have paid for the lineup, and it definitely under-delivered in my opinion.
  102. robthom Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:20

    "Good thing this was free, cuz i sure as sh1t wouldnt have paid for the lineup, and it definitely under-delivered in my opinion." Well go watch Hansen/Fernandez and shut the fuck up your bitching IMO. "Give him Thiago Silva." Aha!
  103. DazedNConfused Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:27

    Nicey is a loser. Go watch something else then ya little biotch. I thought this card delivered everything it should have. Plus it showed that Jones, and Junior Dos Santos are the real deal. Oh and that Irvin is indeed the unluckiest man to ever step into an octagon.
  104. dranokills Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:47

    most impressive fighter tonight: Dos santos Most impressive fight NOT shown on TV: about some video of this BEN and BEN. Biggest vagina of the night: T-Durden or TURDen or whichever fucking gay name he picked. What's a matter TURD does your pussy hurt? You couldn't concentrate on the fights so instead attack your fellow users? Ok now I expect a BIG response from you bitch, so please make it good so everyone can see your bleeding vag......and GO!
  105. Grease Me up Woman Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 08:50

    Watching howard punch an obviously ko'd opponent over and over again was disgusting. Good thing the ref jumped in and stopped another unneeded punch right before it landed, but then again where was the ref on the first three?
  106. Clinch-Smash Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 09:00

    What a great start to a great (10 fight cards in less than a month) run for all of MMA. Bones made me a very happy man as did JDS. That was really fucked up what john howard did, i was rooting for him but that was not needed, he was WAY out and he just keep coming. WAR tonights refs, they did a GREAT job, spot on all night.
  107. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 09:16

    nicey, you wouldn't pay to watch Jones fight? the dude is something special,main event all the way for Jones
  108. Evan Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 09:32

    Maybe Jon Jones could fight Forrest, he's now a gregg jackson guy so he probably won't want to fight Rashad or Keith Jardine (though they would make good opponents). I think Jones is 1 or 2 wins shy of a title shot. Will the UFC drop Vera?? I hope not! He should consider a move back up to heavyweight. Light heavyweight is just too stacked right now. If he stays at light heavyweight he should fight Jardine (with the loser booted from the UFC). If he moves up to heavyweight let him fight cro cop or frosch or buentello. Bottom line is he needs to win his next fight...
  109. whambamthankyoumam Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 09:58

    ANDERSON SILVA VS BONES JONES. I like the kid but for some reason i want to see him lose. Maybe throw forrest griffin his way that would be sick. anyway the LHW division is stacked so there is a lot of challengers
  110. steampunk22 Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 10:08

    Fuck sakes, Irvin cost me two perfectas, and unless someone gets a perfect in the prize pool, $200 worth of gear. Totally had Sakara and switched at the last minute! DAMMIT! lol
  111. Randy Pan Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 10:12

    Jones looked huge next to Vera. He took Vera down with ease, and I guess the dude is just incredibly strong, because that one elbow (followed by another in the exact same spot) seemed to deform Vera's head a bit. Vera got smashed quicker than Bonnar did. Jones V. Machida? Jones V. Rua? Exciting stuff. I was impressed by Jones, but I can't help but think the fight probably would have been a great deal cooler if Vera hadn't eaten those two elbows to the dome. The way the fight was going, it looked like Jones was going to be slamming/sweeping Vera all night; Vera's defensive guard seemed to be working for him up until his face got all dented up. If Vera had been able to control Jones a bit more on the ground, it would have at least been more competitive, and maybe it wouldn't have ended in a first-round skull-busting.
  112. Savageleto Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 10:26

    ...I gotta say that the way this UFC was delivered sucked hard. If you are going to put an event on Free TV in order to sell the PPV, that's fine. Show the Undercard fights instead of running an hour of mini-RV monster truck commercials during a two hour broadcast. 5 fights and 4 of them done in the first round.
  113. nicey Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 10:28

    @fatbellyfrank i would, and was looking forward to the vera fight. the problem was, and this is why i say it under-delivered. maybe it was the wrong choice of words? but 3 fights, including the main event, got stopped in the first round, which is fine if its exciting, but they really werent. the main event lasted 3 mins, and ended after hardly any strikes, due to vera getting elbowed once or twice. pretty anti-climatic after all the hype. dos santos looked good, but again, the fight ended really quickly, due to a nice punch - nothing all that spectacular. again, somewhat anti-climatic. irvin fight ends early, in the 1st round, due to eye punch. the kongo/buentello fight was not very exciting, and ended due to "elbow strikes to the thigh".............. Looking at the above, can you really say that this card, if you paid standard PPV rates for, really delivered? not saying its the lineup, or the fighters, just the circumstances. oh, and people who call someone a loser slash bitch on the internet at someone who is simply voicing their opinion.. well, you yourselves obviously fit that description more so than i do. given the above breakdown, i feel it was a valid assessment of the card. you do not. agree to disagree. bitches.
  114. nicey Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 10:29

    indeed, the incredible amounts of advertising attributed to the shittyness of the experience.
  115. MKO Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 10:36

    Damn, is there a better finisher than Dos Santos?
  116. FedorsIceCreamDealer Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 10:39

    Jones vs Lil Nog Dos Santos vs Velasquez make it happen Dana! then bring in Mousasi vs Anderson Silva
  117. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 03/21/10 - 11:12

    @ nicey, take your point, very well elaborated , didn't get to see the card myself,(Down here in Australia we still get to watch EliteXC highlights, complete with Bill Goldberg and Stephen Quadros, or Skeletor, can't tell the difference) only UFC we get is PPV's, and that's televised on Sunday afternoon's. After reading your post, gotta agree I would have been a bit pissed about shelling out $50 for that one. I'm still gonna try and see footage of Jonny Jones wherever and whenever I can, dude has a pretty awesome skill set and he's still only 23? (somewhere therabouts) Imagine what he's gonna be like when he finishes growing. Agree with your point about shitty little comments just because you disagree with another poster's opinion, disagree with comments and argue your point for sure but respect another MMA fan's opinions. And @ Tdurden and rampageisgod, I played Rugby league back in the day and gotta few dislocated fingers, doesn't stop you playing but I wouldn't have liked to try and throw any useful punches, just saying
  118. Steffmeister Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 02:15

    Some fast fights last night... As in a fast way for me to lose $200... Ninja you dissapoint... H. Dean FTW
  119. vengful1 Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 02:25

    I predicted Jones TKO via murder in the 2nd. I guess I underestimated him! I can't believe anyone thought Vera would win by sub. Now Vera will probably get some chump to fight (once he gets a glass eye installed) just so he doesn't lose 3 in a row. And you know what that means. Maybe he can do his little victory dance on street corners for change. He is officially irrelevant in the UFC.
  120. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 06:17

    WAR: "You got some" Herb Dean--man, i love that guy, and his calling out Buentello for trying to "play the game" was awesome. Junior Dos Santos--dude headbutted the cage, ya'll. JDSFTW. BONES--i told you it would make a good band name. Something about this young fella that i like a lot. It may be that he put a hurtin on Vera, but i liked him before that. Either way, is it too early to hook him up with the Rua/Machida loser?
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