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Which MMA Fighter Will Test Positive For Steroids Next? liveblog: Unfinished Business

[Refresh page every few minutes to read the latest verbal brutality from Dana and the gang (and my own take on it). Enjoy.]

4:00-4:06: Technical difficulties, obviously. The feed wasn’t working for me, so I’m watching it on Dana was just refuting statements that Randy’s wife made, which seems a little low. Now John Mulkey is talking.

4:08: Randy’s total compensation for UFC 68 was $1.186 million, not including a $500,000 signing bonus. Mulkey is firing off numbers like crazy. I’m going under…

4:11: Discretionary bonuses are reported on 10-99s and are documented expenses of the company. According to Dana, Randy wanted a $500,000 signing bonus to come out of retirement after two losses to Chuck Liddell and fight Tim Sylvia for the title. Dana insists that the bonus was paid, half before the fight and half after. “Nothing is off the books.”

4:14: Dana refutes Randy’s “UFC is a monopoly” claim: “Just because we’re better than everyone else, and we do it better than everyone, does not make it a monopoly.”

4:15: Lorenzo Fertitta looks a bit like Jean Reno in The Professional, but he doesn’t have any kind of accent. I assumed he’d sound foreign.

4:20: Lorenzo: “We will do whatever we have to do to continue to protect our rights.” In other words, Randy’s departure is going to cost him.

4:21: Dana: “Fedor is not the #1 fighter in the world. We only tried to get him because Randy wanted it. [Dana runs down the relatively weak fighters that Fedor has faced in recent years.] Fedor is a farce. Randy Couture is the #1 fighter in the world.” Holy crap, Fedor is a “farce”? Dana, you’re a dead man! You don’t mess with the Russians! “I don’t think Fedor is in the top 5 heavyweights in the world.” Dana, stop!!

4:25: Dana: “We’re here to prove that the things Randy said were not true. It’s not ‘he said, he said’. Right here today, get all your questions out, because I’m not going to talk about this after today. Randy Couture is our heavyweight champ, and we want him to defend his title.”

4:29: Couture wanted to be paid for a photoshoot that would be part of a magazine advertising package in Zuffa’s early days. When Zuffa refused, Couture refused to be a part of it.

4:31: Dana: “I think his puke Hollywood agent got in his ear and fed him a bunch of bullshit. But that’s just me.”

4:33: Specifically, Dana wants Couture to fight Nogueira.

4:36: “If you talk to the other fighters, they don’t want their numbers out there. And it makes me sick to be up here talking about money, and passing around these forms [disclosing Randy's payment history with the UFC].”

4:39: Some guy from Time tries to ask Dana how much money the UFC is pulling in every year. He gets tooled like a n00b.

4:41: “There’s guys in here who sell a lot more pay per views than Randy Couture.”

4:43: Dana doesn’t know what a PDF is.

4:47: “You will never see Lorenzo Fertitta at a press conference again.”

4:48: Some doof is asking an off-topic question about legal betting. Not sure what the issue is here, but Lorenzo feels that overall, it’s positive.

4:52: Dana: “Fedor would have never made more money than Randy Couture. Randy Couture doesn’t even know what Randy Couture is making, but he knows what Fedor would be making?”

4:54: OUT OF CONTEXT QUOTE OF THE DAY — Dana: “I can’t stand Randy Couture.”

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