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UFC/Couture press conferences liveblog

[Refresh page every few minutes to read my sage insights. Enjoy.]

3:55-4:15: Spent the last 20 minutes downloading bullshit plug-ins to listen to audio on Yahoo! Sports. Jesus H. Christ. What did I miss? Dana is fielding questions…

4:17: UFC was talking to HBO for a TV deal, but it fell through. They’ll still be on Spike. So, it’s more of a non-announcement.

4:18: “As far as I’m concerned, [Randy Couture] is still the heavyweight champion.”

4:19: SpikeTV deal includes 6 more seasons of the Ultimate Fighter through 2011, and two seasons of a new fight series in 2010 and 2011.

4:21: UFC is working on an event in Chicago as soon as the legalities are dispatched.

4:22: Dana thought A. Arlovski’s last fight was “boring,” but that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that Andrei is “benched” right now. Dana blames Arlovski’s management.

4:24: “I’m not trying to destroy the sport of boxing…boxing can exist with MMA. I’m interested in watching good boxing fights, but the problem is there aren’t many left.”

4:25: No solid details on the new fight show, though it will deal with fighters on “a level above” the fighters on TUF.

4:26: Someone else is talking. I have no idea who. Thanks, Yahoo.

4:28: “Chuck and Wanderlei have wanted to fight each other for years, and now it’s finally happening.”

4:29: Oh man, Couture is about to start talking in Vegas, but there’s no end in sight for this UFC thing. I need an intern.

4:31: It’s catty, really, this simultaneous scheduling.

4:32: Chuck Liddel, Brock Lesnar, and Wanderlei Silva are on the line.

4:34: ProElite’s site seems to be swamped. Dana is dodging the “Why did the HBO deal fall apart?” question.

4:35: “I’m a hundred percent sure we will have an HBO deal some day. Now is not the day.”

4:36: “This is the hardest business to get into. The IFL came in with a lot of hype…and now they’re on their way out. You’re gonna see a lot of cash burned in the next few years.”

4:37: The ProElite site is STRUG-UH-LING. Wanderlei Silva said something incoherent. Brock’s first fight will be Superbowl Saturday. He competes for “pride and dignity.”

4:39: From the ProElite boards…
beatjnkie: video?
sj0623: yea i got nothing
hmtano: I hate live streaming.
menace9184: whats the problem
trelken: the site is barely working for me still no video…
gomez-luis: wtf?
glendonhardin: I’ve got nothing
district12: its not working

4:41: This just in…”LiftBigEatBig: couture pwns all n00bs”

4:42: “Brock has to cut weight to make 265.”
4:42: There he is! Couture’s on my computer screen!

4:43: Couture: “I gave them a chance to respond. I don’t know why I was overlooked, and why I didn’t get a bonus in my last fight. I was overlooked. I got no response.”

4:47: Bodog offered Couture $3 million to fight Fedor when he was retired. He decided to come out of retirement and fight Tim Sylvia instead. “This is not about leaving one place and fighting somewhere else.”

4:49: I’m still not clear on the point of this press conference. And it sounds like there’s about four people in the audience. It might be time to switch back to Dana and the gang.

4:52: INTERVIEWER TO BROCK: “Given the number of wrestlers that are dying young, do you feel glad to be out of the WWE?” BROCK: “[laughs] Definitely!”

4:53: Dana: “On cable we’re exclusive to SpikeTV, but we’re always looking for ways to take the UFC to the next level.”

4:54: “The two most relevant reality shows on television are American Idol and The Ultimate Fighter. Years later, we’re still watching Kelly Clarkson and Forrest Griffin.”

4:57: Netflix sent me Death Proof today. I’m pretty psyched.

4:59: Dana: “I think ProElite are Internet whores, and they’ll do anything to get people to click on their website. I don’t think they have anything to do with Randy.”

5:02: “We’re seriously going after the Hispanic market…they’re the biggest fight fans in the world.”

5:05: You’re not missing much. I wonder how Randy’s doing.

5:08: “jedless: this press conference is boring”

5:09: I should have brought a bedpan to my desk before I started doing this. Or at least an empty water bottle.

5:10: DANA: “I’ve never said ‘no’ to Randy Couture…but sometimes that Hollywood shit gets in your head, and you think ‘You could do this, you could do that, you could fight here…’ [The new organizations] have never paid a fighter, they’ve never even put on a show.”

5:13: “PRIDE didn’t run their business like a business. And they went out of business. It’s a tough business, brother.”

5:14: I need bathroom. See you in a minute.

5:17: Forrest Griffin’s next step? Shoulder surgery. But after that, he’s in line for a title shot.

5:20: “!!! Xtreme Couture just lost it’s internet connection !!!” — Shouldn’t have gone with Time Warner, fellas…

5:22: It took Brock Lesnar 50 minutes to refer to himself in the third-person. Wonderful restraint, Brock!

5:25: Wanderlei kinda sounds like Andre the Giant.

5:28: DANA, on negotations with Fedor: “The problem was never with Fedor ever. It was all about his maganers and what they were gonna get. His manager is a fuckin’ liar. And I blame them for why we had so many problems with Randy.”

5:34: DANA: “We’ll be in Canada in 2008.” CANADIAN JOURNALIST: “You’ll have it sold oat pretty quick.”

5:40: Wanderlei on his match vs. Chuck: “In this fight, one person goes’a down. No decision.”

5:42: MODERATOR: “Alright, we only have time for 53 more questions.”

5:56: I had a couple more lines written but Safari crashed and the audio feed disappeared. But that’s enough for me. Let’s call it a day.

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