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Update: War Machine Wanted on Seven Arrest Warrants, Dog the Bounty Hunter Vows to Find Him

(Machine and Mack, in happier times at the Fleshlight factory. Photo via TitoCouture)

At the time of this writing, War Machine is still on the run, evading arrest for the horrific beating of his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. (I was going to write “alleged” beating, but do we still need to use that word at this point? I mean, Mack released gruesome photos of her injuries, and War Machine immediately dropped off the face of the earth after the incident. Plus, he already incriminated himself on twitter, basically. I think it’s too late to chalk this one up to a misunderstanding.)

The Las Vegas Police Department confirmed to today that the asshole formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver is wanted on the following charges:

1 count battery resulting in substantial bodily harm
1 count battery by strangulation
2 counts battery with substantial bodily harm
1 count open and gross lewdness
1 count assault with deadly weapon
1 count coercion/threat with force

The case has drawn the attention of bounty hunter/reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman, who has vowed to seek him out. According to a guy claiming to be War Machine’s brother, Chapman will never find War Machine because he’s in Canada. Man, brains don’t exactly run in that family.

More details to come, as we get them. In the meantime, please watch Kid Nate’s incredibly insightful and passionate take on the War Machine case, the idiots who defend him, violence against women, porn, and retribution.

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