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Ustream Hands Over PPV Broadcast Pirates’ IP Adresses to UFC; Company Vows to Go After Illegal Viewers Next

(Argh!. That Free stream you watched a few months back might end up costing you a hell of a lot more than $39.95.)

Apparently Zuffa isn’t f-ing around when it comes to enforcing its copyrights.

According to a report by has complied with a request by UFC parent company Zuffa LLC to hand over the Internet protocol addresses of members who broadcasted the promotion’s events via the popular Internet streaming site.

Last week, Zuffa subpoenaed both Ustream and, demanding that both sites provide them with the IP addresses of individuals whom it says, quite simply, are infringing on its intellectual property rights.

Here’s a statement Ustream (who not coincidentally recently updated its copyright protection security tools to cover its ass from further prosecution ensure this never happens again) gave newteevee today:

“Ustream was subpoenaed by UFC via Zuffa earlier this year to provide identifiable information on certain broadcasters, which Ustream fully complied with in a timely manner. Ustream continues to work cohesively with our premium content partners to prevent piracy, including UFC to legally stream officially-sanctioned UFC events.”

Earlier this year in a presentation the UFC CEO gave to the House Judiciary Committee, Lorenzo Fertitta pointed to figures that indicated that over 78,000 non-paying users watched UFC 111 via a live streaming site. The promotion has identified the party that broadcast the event and has linked him to another feed he supplied 36,000 people with a few months earlier.

Although it seems they are just going after the suppliers at this point, Zuffa has stated that it intends to go after the end users with individual lawsuits in the coming months.

Translation: If you’ve watched an illegal Internet feed of a UFC broadcast in the past year, quit your job, sell your house and move to Tijuana.

Seriously, buddy, you’re screwed.

On the bright side, they do have Internet in Mexico and Tequila is as cheap as bottled water.



  1. DaltonSwayze Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 03:43 I on the hook for that one time I tried to get a stream, but it kept screwing up so I just bought the PPV? I mean, do I get credit for spending the money, or am I an asshole because I even tried to get it for free?
  2. dxhernandez Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 03:44

    Way to lose more fans UFC. I guess putting on shitty fight cards wasn't enough of a push...
  3. Bob Reilly Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 03:44

    They are going after 78000 viewers??? Yeah right.
  4. GUI-uh-TEEN Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 03:46

    I have actually looked for events on Ustream... maybe it's me, but I could never find a stream up for more than 1 min and the quality was terrible. I would imagine people download the fights for free the following week once they've been compressed and put up as torrents... Also: # of Pirates # missed purchasers. Pirates wouldn't have purchased it even if they couldn't pirate it.
  5. Ross Vegas Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 03:51

    good thing I use sopcast
  6. Dick_Gozenya Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 03:51

    What an intelligent way to invest the profits from your incredibly lucrative combat sport promotion. Once again, as always, the only people (if you can call them that) coming out on top in this whole shit-fest are a bunch of scumbag lawyers. They'll happily prosticute every single one of those 78,000 cases. It makes me want to puke.
  7. halfbreed23 Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 03:57

    First of all I'm guessing that guys smart enough to stream such events use an IP blocker. Second, people who watch streams do not have their IP addresses recorded. Dana's gonna end up screwing over some 80 year old lady who had her IP address used to stream UFC 109 which should have been a PPV purchased through The Dollar Store. The point of the story is to scare the hell out of you. I'm guessing that CP knows if you've watched a stream you're not going to need to move to a country where there's an action movie taking place every single day right out your glassless window. Don't worry, you'll be safe and there will be more sites popping up for you to watch this weekends show for free. Or you could just be like me and shoot down to BW3 for the event.
  8. ilvbllythekd12 Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:04

    Even if DFW and crew could find the IP addresses of EVERYONE involved, there's no way they could successfully prosecute that many people. Does he really believe he's gonna take lawsuits out on tens of thousands people? Even if he could it would take years, if not over a decade, to come to fruition. And it'll cost him way more than it's worth. Halfbreed's right, this is just to scare people out of streams. This is ridiculous.
  9. fourTwenty Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:06

    Come and get me motherfuckers. You want your PPV view money how about pointing out to your sponsors that an ADDITIONAL 78000 people they didn't account for saw their product. Arrrgh. Piracy a-ho! EDIT: Yeah, what WithoutRemorse said.
  10. nicey Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:06

    Pathetic actions are pathetic. Internet Pirates are, and I'm just spitballing here, many times more savvy with technology than the UFC brass or any of their lawyers. This is a waste of money, an impedance on fans, and it will not have any positive effect for the UFC. 0% chance they catch anyone who legitimately pirated their broadcasts.
  11. Ballkick Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:07

    The first time I tried to stream a card from the UFC site, I was mired in technical issues. When I complained that I was not able to watch the event live during the broadcast they sent me an e-mail and said that I could now watch it (several days later) free of cost. My Visa was still charged the full amount and I had already acquired the results on the web. I'm sure the Technical difficulties have been resolved by now as that was a couple of years ago, but,....well fuck, that left a bad taste in my mouth about paying for a stream...... Personally I think the PPV price is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much. they would get twice the buys. And possibly more money for their bottom line. Fair Price....... $30.00 tops.....Anyone agree?
  12. WithoutRemorse Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:07

    here's the problem - its the same argument as any of the entertainment bizzes... in the end they can't do fuck all about it. Funny enough it's to their benefit that the shows are pirated and streamed. (never done it myself tho). the people that do that aren't going to buy anyway because they feel for whatever reason its not worth it, so end result is no impact to UFC bottom line. However, think about the marketing aspects of the UFC they are now hitting spamming 78,000 additional fans with bud light/harley davidson/affliction etc etc. Everyone knows that the big money is in the advertising that the UFC sells to everyone. you pay the piper if you want your brand in the UFC... so if i were them id be using these illegal views stats to say hey... we sell 250,000 buys to the ufc shows plus another 78,000 - 100,000 illegal views so were talking close to 500,000 plus people (assuming 2 people per buy, its probably more) looking at your advertisement in the critical 18-35 year old category. So UFC if you want to lose a large percentage of your legit buys then you might not want to start suing people... JACKASSES... whats worse is there's some fucking douchebag lawyer out there who thought this up to justify his existence to the UFC... sorry for the long winded diatribe i know most you stopped reading, but cheers if you kept on going.
  13. VisitingDeadAncestors Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:12

    " I'm a napalm cloud layin' mothafucka, mothafucka!!!"
  14. Seoul Brother Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:20

    What Zuffa is hoping to get by trying to nail the end users is predicated on a shitload of ISP providers willing to bend over bass akwards and surrender their customers' info. That's not likely to happen, and if it does, it's going to take much longer and cost way more in legal fees than the actual amount of potential recovered earnings from various PPV broadcasts.
  15. WithoutRemorse Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:23

    should add to this - "take that UFC lawyer douchebags"
  16. Miles Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:25

    UFC is completely stupid about piracy matters. In my spare time, I have made a few highlight videos and put them on youtube. One that I made for Nate Marquardt was removed (twice, after i re-upped it) due to copyright infringement. They PAY people to scour the internet of highlight videos and actually think its a smart idea to remove them? If anything, people see these highlights and are stoked to buy the next ppv with the fighter. I just don't get the logic behind it. Not only are they wasting money, but they are basically paying to remove advertisements of their product. Idiotic.
  17. Richard Fitzentite Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:30

    Isn't only illegal if I purchase it from someone? Simply watching it doesn't seem like a violation. With the record companies, it's not so much that you listen to the music, it's that you download the music to your computer and keep a copy. And how are they going to prove that I indeed watched it? Maybe I clicked on the wrong website?
  18. MediumRare Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:32

    Yup, the UFC has become infested with sewer-roach lawyers. Zuffa has become a lucrative company and the low-lives are swarming in to scoop up some loot. They won't stop it. They'll just look like gullible idiots trying. Just like the musicians and authors that have found ways to earn revenue without the big recording labels and publishing companies, the UFC needs to find revenue sources that take advantage of - not fight - the tidal wave that is the internet.
  19. Seoul Brother Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:32

    @Miles: Well, actually the Library of Congress recently ruled in favor of video remix artists who create clips on YouTube and other video sharing sites in a landmark case against the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. hxxp:// Oh yeah, they also ruled that jailbreaking your phone is cool.
  20. Art Gibs Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:33

    Sometimes you put commas in weird places. E.g., ". . . who it says, quite simply are infringing on its intellectual property rights."
  21. BackbaconBilly Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:42

    Sounds like they are taking a pg from the Metallica book of douche-baged-ness. The only thing they will accomplish is pissing fans off, If they concentrated on putting on a stacked show at an affordable ppv price then they would lower the pirateing problem right there.
  22. Danxxx Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:45

    i watch streams all the time come after me bitc*hes!!!
  23. Seoul Brother Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:49

    @BackbaconBilly: And aside from Metallica recent albums sucking worse than a nearsighted whore with braces, Lars Ulrich suffers from tinnitus. Suits the fucker just right. He hasn't been able to hear his fans for a long time, why the fuck should he hear anything else clearly?
  24. Almost North Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:51

    I'm sure this press release scared enough people to make it worth their time. Thats all they really had to do.
  25. Ballkick Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 04:53

    I think th' UFC be listenin' t' th' lawyers here. I agree wi' th' above swabbies who b'lieve that th' lawyers be th' only ones who will genuinely profit from this whole lawsuit. As soon as they shut down one stream thar be three times th' amount pop up t' replace them.....Did we nay learn anythin' from Napster? Arrrrrr.....ever been t' sea Dana?
  26. MaxTheLimit Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:00

    I only ever stream when I'm stuck at work. Otherwise I just go to the bar to watch the fights. So now they have the IP that the watchers get from their service provider. I wonder if Zuffa is going to convince ISPs to divulge who had that IP at that given time as most ISPs would not divulge that information, and even if they would they aren't obligated to keep long running logs keeping track of that information. This would be a huge investment for the provider. With no obligation to, or potential gain, why would they do it?
  27. noizy Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:12

    Not gonna happen. 1- Ustream probably does not record who streams their stream, and if they keep them, they don't keep them forever. 2- Even if Ustream had everyone's IP address, there are privacy rules to hinder a law suits. 3- An IP doesn't tie to anyone unless a whole bunch of ISP provides records of who had what IP at what time. 4- The courts will never waste their times to hear thousand or millions of cases of people to defend themselves about a copyright infringement. To know what I mean, courts have recently ruled that jail braking a phone is not illegal. They don't have time with petty little fights with abuses by millions of end-users. The closeted I have ever seen to scaring end-users is the MPAA connecting to P2P networks, recording people's IP and then sending "complaints" to the ISP that someone on their network has abused someone's copyright. The ISP never discloses who has the IP as it flies in the face of privacy rules... at least in Canada it does. Good luck Zuffallica!
  28. k-onda Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:18

    This is pathetic scare tactics intended to win the battle as DW perceives it in the short term. In the long run, internet viewing will only expand in forms and numbers. History will decide in favor of technology, but at least DW can be a dick in the meantime.
  29. Levi Jones Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:20

    What's that sound? Ah yes, that's the sound of my uncontrollable laughter as I barely squeak out "I told you so" after purchasing every MMA PPV and actually supporting the sport for you free-loading douchebags.
  30. Seoul Brother Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:21

    @noizy: Very fuckin'-a well said. And several points for "Zuffallica." Goddamn that was brilliant.
  31. noizy Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:22

    @halfbreed23: An IP blocker? Lol. I'm sorry to tell you, but if you want IP packets full of delcious UFC fights to be sent to your computer your browser needs to write down the return address when you connect to the website/stream. It's like sending mail to someone, if you don't put your return address somewhere on the envelope, you're not getting a response. What you can do to avoid having your own IP address recorded when you do dirty little things is using a proxy. Anyway enough said. This is an MMA forum.
  32. FreddyFangers Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:29

    This wont work. I cant think of the last UFC fight that I watched on USTREAM or JustinTV. By the way, these guys who you see on USTREAM and JTV are actually broadcasting on multiple sites, once one goes down they just tell the crowd to head to (insert address here), which is usually a private site. Aside from that, most of the streams are ESPNUK, which is a premium channel over there, not PPV. Bottom line, UFC sticks it to the guys who kept them afloat (USA) while trying to build a fanbase by giving others cheaper options. Pirate on, Pirates.
  33. the glza Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:38

    wtf is an ip blocker? is it something i can backtrace with? do the cyberpolice give it to just anyone or do you have to be a deputy? anyway... cp better watch out, because they'll go after live bloggers next.
  34. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:48

    I dont know much about these interweb thingamebobs, I just know I clicked on this article cause I love wearing eyepatches and callin people scurvy dogs and me hearties Aargh Jim Lad! were's me treasure !
  35. BackbaconBilly Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 05:59

    @Seoul Brother: " Lars Ulrich suffers from tinnitus. Suits the fucker just right. He hasn't been able to hear his fans for a long time, why the fuck should he hear anything else clearly" Thanks for that little diddy of info bro, anything that causes that whiney fuck some measure of discomfort is music to my ears, lol
  36. budsellers Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 06:00

    they won't sue 78,000 people, but they will send threatening letters to 78,000 people. you stole from us. pay us $5,000 and promise not to do it again or we will sue you.
  37. Seoul Brother Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 06:10

    @budsellers: Wanna bet, bud? Google "Hurt Locker Lawsuit IP Addresses" and see for yourself the lengths to which some will go to protect their intellectual property.
  38. Miles Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 06:21

    @Seoul Bro - Really? that is awesome. Any idea how long it will be until they can no longer tell youtube to remove it and warn me? I don't really want to try upping it a third time, as my account might be banned.
  39. Seoul Brother Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 06:33

    @Miles: Well it was recently decided as stated in the news story from Expect that if somebody bitches and moans about getting a video slapped down that litigation will ensue up until someone wants to fight the fight all the way to the end. That is assuming that companies are willing to be more lenient about their copyrighted material and -gee- abide by the fucking law they are cowering behind. Just because this case is good for people like you and Boondock (Give that dude some big fucking props y'all) doesn't mean that asshole lawyers will still find a way to get rich. After all, in 2008, the RIAA spent $17 MILLION US in legal fees to collect $391,000 in damages from illegally copied material. Anyone wanna tell me that makes sense?
  40. mt59801 Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 06:57

    Good luck going after viewers and alienating your base. The fact that over 70k people are watching your streams for free says something about the price of your broadcasts. Legally you don't have leg to stand on going after viewers, it would be like filing a complaint against someone who walks into a bar that is broadcasting illegally. As a viewer I have no reasonable way of telling if the person showing the broadcast has acquired permission from zuffa to broadcast the event.
  41. Rolls Royce Gracie Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 07:09

    If any event streamed through my IP address, certainly I would make the argument that my un-password-protected router was being tapped into by my neighbor illicitly, and not by me. Or so I would argue successfully in court, I'm sure. No way to reasonably prove otherwise.
  42. ktfo Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 07:18

    Its Bullshit, I got to pay 60(hd) dollars a ppv while England watches for free an ESPN. Fuck That.
  43. ktfo Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 07:19

    Its Bullshit, I got to pay 60(hd) dollars a ppv while England watches for free on ESPN. Fuck That.
  44. ktfo Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 07:19

    Its Bullshit, I got to pay 60(hd) dollars a ppv while England watches for free on ESPN. Fuck That.
  45. Almost North Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 07:39

    Is it bullshit?
  46. itsmontoya Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 07:48

    Well at least I can watch Strikeforce fights for a fair price. Time Warner Cable included it when we signed another contract. Paying $45 1-3 times a month is a little ridiculous.
  47. Ballkick Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 07:50

    Like I said earlier the price of PPV is too fucking much. $60.00 here in Can. They would get more buys if it were more affordable, I would much rather watch a PPV then stream the fucking thing. Fucking greed,....that's all it is,.... fucking greed.
  48. Spicymeatball Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 08:35

    Zuffallica haahhahahah
  49. Shady086 Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 08:38

    I can't imagine losing fans who don't actually spend money buying their product isn't going to hurt the UFC too much.
  50. slummy Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 08:43

    last time i bought a stream off the UFC site was GSP vs Hardy which conveniently went down in the second round of the main event. 50 bucks for lower quality and inadequate service leads me to stream for free. come chase me down for your 50 bucks assholes. all these illegal streams helped them become as big as they are. I go to the bar for the cards i wanna see and pirate the ones not worth it. WHOOPTY DO!!! Im not very knowledgable about the law but what exactly can they do to leechers?
  51. Under Banga Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 09:07

    Hey Dana , go fuck yourself: allegedy
  52. Under Banga Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 09:12

    TJ is a long way from sunny Qld would Indo be a suitable substitute? What you reckon FBF?
  53. Rxforpain Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 10:35

    Like everyone else said. This is just a scare tactic. The heads of Zuffa would have to be morons to think they are going to get EVERY single person who illegally streamed one of their broadcasts for ___ number of money. If I remember correctly the RIAA only was able to go after the "big seeds" giving thousands of songs away to millions of people 24/7. Even then, the FBI had to confiscate the server/computer the person was seeding on in order to get evidence and big $$ from that person. The end-users of these illegal streams wont ever be charged. There are to many loop holes with watching an illegal stream that is not even DLed to one's hard drive. This isn't music/video that can be downloaded, kept, seeded, and even resold for money. A person could simply say their router was not password protected and some jackass streamed from it. There's no proof it ever went to your computer. That would be like charging someone with a bank robbery because the robber stole and used your car to get away.
  54. Savageleto Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 11:33

    Is Zuffa fucking retarded?
  55. Under Banga Says:

    Wed, 08/04/10 - 11:41

    Zuffa had better watch out for cyber attack that could result from such action, allegedly ps fuck you Dana allegedly
  56. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 01:04

    UB. Indo, Bali, Thailand take your pick, everyone can hide up in the Daintree and have a whole tribe of Potato nation running round the rainforest, plenty of Swedish backpackers to mate with up these parts to boys
  57. Under Banga Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 02:49

    Daintree ya reckon? didn`t work for that fuckin bank manager from Cairns last week eh?Those Ingas do sound interesting tho
  58. Crap Factory Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 05:26

    Two things: 1) You can't get blood from a stone. Go ahead and try. What are they going to do? Take my kids soccer ball as payment? 2) There will be streams available until the fall of the internet. You can't stop the machine! WAR LIVE STREAMS!!!!
  59. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 05:36

    @ UB, thats because he was a dumb cunt, he was roaming round Cape York, and stuck out like dogs balls, stay on the coast, Cape trib , Cow Bay, even go up to Cooktown and you can disappear into the jungle, and yeah, you see some smoken hot Inga's out and about, this time of year Cairns is chokka full of backpackers, fucken great pervin, Oh, and he was from Atherton, can you hear the banjo's?
  60. Terminator Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:11

    WOW CP take UFCs nutsack out of your mouth. This is pathetic. A guy that runs a website should know better. Did they pay you or promise you an interview with Stefan the beanpole if you played along with their scare tacticts? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH WTF??? Go after 78,000 people, and that is just UFC 111, not to mention all the UFC events in the past few years.
  61. Robocop Didnt Tap Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 06:13

    My neighbor's going to be pissed when he gets subpoenaed for all those PPVs I streamed off his open wireless connection.
  62. bardamu Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 08:28

    Dana white has a message for you: Fuck you pirates! i need fuel for my ferrari(s)! And my bros fertitas need monees for, well i guess i'll keep it shut for that... Way to go UFC...
  63. jimbonics Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 09:24

    +1 robocop. +1 Zuffallica
  64. munche Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 10:44

    It pretty clearly says they got the IP addresses of the broadcasters, not the viewers But please, let's keep the comments rolling.
  65. BringtheRukus Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 11:48

    Is there any way to bring up a class action suit against Zuffa for putting on shitty PPV that I actually bought. I would like them to be responsible for fucking over millions of fans for having to watch shit cards.
  66. newotnek Says:

    Thu, 08/05/10 - 01:43

    They can track the ip address all the way to the computer in your house but can't determine who was sitting at the computer. Big waste of time trying to scare teenagers from watching without paying.
  67. Remark Says:

    Fri, 08/06/10 - 09:25

    On the EXTREME low end a lawsuit would cost 10k. 78,000 illegal viewers * $10,000 = $780Mil There is no way in hell they are going after the viewers.
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