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Vadim Finkelchtein Clears Up the Confusion (Sort Of) (But Not Really…)

To clarify the miscommunication and conflicting rumors generated by M-1 Global and its maverick Russian arm Mix Fight M-1, Sam Caplan tracked down Fedor Emelianenko‘s manager Vadim Finkelchtein for an e-mail interview on his ProElite blog. (By the way, I’m spelling Vadim’s last name as it has appeared in M-1 Global’s press releases and on their website, not as every MMA journalist in the United States insists on spelling it.) But between Vadim’s shaky written English and his inherent caginess, not much was accomplished. Witness the first question:

Sam Caplan: There has been a great deal of mis-communication in regard to Fedor’s involvement with a card to be held in Japan on Dec. 31. M-1 Global president Monte Cox has said it will not be an M-1 Global event yet a statement made on, which I believe is affiliated with M-1 Global, claims that it will be an Mixfight M-1 event. I realize there’s a difference in the phrase “M-1 Global” and “Mixfight M-1″ but both are using the M-1 name. Can you clear up any confusion by stating who will be promoting the Dec. 31 card in Japan that Fedor will be fighting on?

Vadim Finkelstein: An event scheduled for December, 31 in conjunction with M-1 Global and ex-Pride staff. We plan a long-term collaboration with them. Mixfight M-1 is a Russian MMA organization which makes part of M-1 Global. M-1 Global intends to hold events worldwide.

Great. Thanks for clearing that up. There are lots more non-statements like this one in the interview, but I’ll leave you with this excerpt, which may give hope to the easily encouraged:

Sam Caplan: Recent speculation has suggested that Hong Man Choi will be fighting Fedor on the card. Has an opponent for Fedor been determined? If so, can you name that opponent?

Vadim Finkelstein: Hong Man Choi is most likely to be Fedor’s opponent for New Year’s. There are other candidates, which we are not revealing at this time.

Sam Caplan: Is it possible that Fedor will face Josh Barnett?

Vadim Finkelstein: Yes, this fight may happen in the future.

Sam Caplan: Are there any other possible opponents available that you feel can prove to be a strong test for Fedor. Is so, could you name a few fighters that you feel are strong competition?

Vadim Finkelstein: There are lots of athletes Fedor could face in the coming years. The obvious ones are Randy Couture, Josh Barnett, Ben Rothwell, Jeff Monson and many others.

Sam Caplan: Is there any realistic possibility of Fedor and Randy Couture fighting in the future?

Vadim Finkelstein: Yes.

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