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Viacom Buys Majority Stake in Bellator; Spike to Begin Broadcasting Events in 2013

(Well, well, well…)

Spike TV will become the new home for Bellator starting in 2013. According to a new USA Today report, Viacom — the parent company of MTV Networks — has purchased a majority stake in Bellator Fighting Championships, signaling the official end to their six-year relationship with the UFC.

CEO Bjorn Rebney will remain in charge of Bellator. Speaking about the Viacom deal with USA Today, he said: “It puts all of those cornerstones of ownership in place for us, which is something that’s been so seriously lacking in the MMA space with so many different companies, including Strikeforce and the IFL and Affliction and all the different failures that have occurred…It alleviates those issues…It’s a very, very good day for mixed martial arts as a whole, because now you have two groups in the space that have a very substantial presence that obviously isn’t going to go anywhere for a very, very long time.”

According to the terms of their current contract, Spike will broadcast new UFC content through this December, but the channel also reserves the rights to the promotion’s library of fights through 2012. As a result, Bellator events won’t air on Spike until 2013, which means Bellator has another year of main cards on MTV2 and prelims on the SpikeTV website. After that, Spike will broadcast two seasons of Bellator events per year, and expects to run additional Bellator-related content both on TV and online.

Spike TV president Kevin Kay sees the move as a positive change in the way the channel handles its MMA business: “We had a great relationship with UFC and we still do. We helped each other to build each other’s brand. Like all good things, you know that at some point it’s going to come to an end…As we realized that our relationship with UFC was likely to come to an end, our Viacom mergers and acquisitions folks, and us, started to have conversations with MTV2 about getting invested in a mixed martial arts promotion and become owners as opposed to renters. You’re building value in something that you own, and you own it for the long term. You’re not in a constant state of negotiation.”

And the increased exposure for Bellator isn’t lost on its fighters either. Said lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez: “They’ll have a ton of more money to negotiate with. As long as I keep doing well and do what I’m supposed to do, the future looks bright…I’m smiling ear-to-ear right now. I couldn’t be any happier. Endorsements are hard to come by when you’re on ESPN Deportes and these other smaller channels.”

For more details on the Viacom/Bellator purchase, visit USA Today.

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RaginAsian- October 26, 2011 at 6:23 pm
Good to see them get their due through good old-fashioned hard work and determination.
XENOPHON- October 26, 2011 at 1:28 pm
Hey...fuck each of you all had your UFC shoved up your Fox's ass hole and said I was fucked up - way out - and full of shit.
I called it spot on, and I went on the record when the doubters and dumb fucks tried to circle the wagons on my ass.

This intel might sound like its going to evolve slow in the coming, but there is a big fucking difference between the Via-Bella and the UFocx (you fucks) structured deal. In the UFC case, they are what will soon be seen as the lost leaders, why?
Because much of the success was gained by throwing money was good money after good decisions, but it brought massive debt. Bellator has managed to do the same on the cheap, in a much shorter span of time. One could make the comparison of General Motors, not taking Toyota serious.
(hey CP, why don't put those fucking writers on staff to task, do some real journalism and give us an analysis of each entity side by side. If you need daddy's help, drop me a dime.

Ha...Bjorn Rebney, when do I get that third interview. Like the fight game or war, business is the same. "Fast is fine, accuracy is everything!" Xenophon (Ancient Greek ???????, Xenoph?n; c. 430 – 354 BC.

Ps...and someone give that bitch Meagan some drano, to shut her cunty-ass up.
zhchaa- October 26, 2011 at 8:26 am
ReX13- October 26, 2011 at 6:55 am
We knew the move to Spike was coming, but Viacom stepping in with money is a huge deal. Glad to see Bellator secure financing for future growth.
HateKozJustCuz- October 26, 2011 at 5:57 am
Good news for Bjorn, Eddie and Bellator and great news for us MMA fans. Who cares if they've ridden on the coat-tails of the UFC as some people like to complain about. That's just good business practice IMO. Most of all though, this is the best for the fighters. Eddie and Co. should be smiling ear-to-ear right now. We know that Dana isn't doing so. Ha!
KarmaAteMyCat- October 26, 2011 at 5:53 am
I new that shit was gonna happen.. Remember when he told me MTV was home that sly dog :)