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[VIDEO] Adam Carolla Gives Tito Ortiz a Boxing Lesson on The Adam Carolla Show

About three years before the Matt Hamill biopic of the same name came out, comedian Adam Carolla starred in a great little low budget, boxing-centric comedy called The Hammer. The film not only received positive reviews during its limited theatrical run, but more or less showcased a lot of the skills Carolla developed in his past life as boxing trainer (which is actually how he met Jimmy Kimmel and yadda yadda the rest is history…).

Nowadays, Carolla hosts the incredibly popular talk show/podcast, The Adam Carolla Show, and frequently brings on guests from the combat sports world. Rather than have these fighters demonstrate submission holds on him for a cheap laugh (not that there’s anything wrong with that), Carolla prefers to school them in the art of “the sweet science.” Having previously taught Urijah Faber a thing or two about proper striking technique, Carolla recently invited Tito Ortiz onto his program to hit some mits/plug his upcoming Bellator PPV fight with Quinton Jackson.

As much as I know you readers want me to use this opportunity to throw a lowball insult at Ortiz (it is, after all, what CP has been doing since day 1), I just can’t do it today. Sure, Ortiz seemed to be breathing a little heavy for a guy who is less than a month out from a fight, but Ortiz also seemed pretty willing to listen to Carolla’s advice, and given the former’s credentials compared to the latter’s, I respect him for it. Who knows? Maybe I’m entering a new, less cynical chapter of my life. Maybe…

-J. Jones


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    [...] before the Matt Hamill biopic of the same name came out, comedian Adam Carolla starred in...  Read Full Article (External Source) [...]
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    [VIDEO] Adam Carolla Gives Tito Ortiz a Boxing Lesson on The Adam Carolla Show | Cagepotato... The Absent Game...
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