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Video: Chuck Liddell Gets Balls Wrecked by Mandy Moore

(See, there *is* life after fighting. Props to CagePotato reader Bjorn S. for the tip.)

Instructions for watching the new music video by UFC mark Mandy Moore, titled "I Can Break Your Heart Any Day of the Week":

1) Go to your iTunes and cue up a song that’s 2:51-3:00 in length. Perhaps "White Tar" by the Bronx.

2) Make sure the volume control on the above YouTube player is all the way down. Trust us, you don’t want to hear this mess.

3) Hit play on the video and on your iTunes as close to simultaneously as you can manage.

4) Find something else to do until about the 1:41 mark. Those blue toenails can only belong to one man.

5) Now watch carefully starting at 2:10. Mandy seduces the easily-seduceable Chuck Liddell by opening up her trenchcoat. Chuck gives her the dumbest drooling man-child look before realizing, "Hey, why is this chick who just caught me banging her sister trying to show me her tits? Uh-oh."

6) Look low, kick low. Oldest trick in the book.


  1. Shanky Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 07:38

    Hilarious! Mandy Moore is such a damn groupie...
  2. pauly Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 07:42

    rashad is right, chuck's reaction time has gone down hill...................
  3. rickfurious Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 07:45

    OMFG what is up with that shitty video and song.Mandy should of had nothing on then it would have been ok..
  4. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 07:52

    What the fuck. Now hes getting dropped by dumb blond bitches. Man it is time for him to retire. I am ashamed of my self for sitting and watching that 3 minuets of horse shit.
  5. THE GOAT Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 07:56

    Why the fuck would a chick think she would get you back by flashing you when she has cloths on. Was she showing him the new dress that she bought and he was supposed to get jealous because he wanted that dress for himself. I don't fucking get it. She was able to catch him with that kick because she saw "that face" he makes that Rashad was talking about.
  6. Check out - another great MMA blog Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:03

    I wanna poke Mandy Moore with my meat missile!
  7. Hebrew Hammerfist Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:03

    "Heal to the balls" "Heeeaaaallll toooo theee ballllsss"
  8. edolivas00 Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:03

    man, i could be eating a nice sandwich right about now.....
  9. BMF Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:21

    aaaaand Chuck goes down again
  10. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:23

    Can Dana save Chuck from this type of embarassment as well?
  11. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:26

    This makes Ken Shamwow's post-competitive-fighter's antics seem downright respectable.
  12. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:27

    There's a man who will demand respect when speaking to the odd atheltic commission.
  13. Jay Smith Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:38

    I got 3 words for you. Gay.............. Fuck it, I'm only usin one of them.
  14. sPeLLcHeCkEr Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:41

    JEEBUS H., I skipped step 1 and paid dearly. That song is effing dreadful.
  15. Armfarmer Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:43

    That was the dumbest shit I've ever seen. I don't get how things like this happen. Out of all the people involved in making this video not one of them took a step back looked at what was going and was like "whoa guys.. I just realized this is fucking retarded.. let's rething this thing"
  16. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:44

    Money will motivate people to do just about anything. That is just painful to watch awful song awful appearance by Chuck awful!
  17. Armfarmer Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:44

    going on*
  18. june bug Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:46

    anyone else notice that chuck closed his eyes before getting hit?
  19. 11Jed11 Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:58

    well I bet Chuck will never hide his heart in his balls again...
  20. Bundy Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:59

    When was this shot....shouldn't he have been working on some kind of defense for Shogun.
  21. Armfarmer Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:01

    That dress flash bullshit really irritates me too. If a girl did that to me I wouldn't become seduced.. I'd just look at her like she was a fucking idiot. It wasn't hot, it didn't reveal anything but possibly the most boring uninteresting dress known to man. Normally I'm against violence towards women, but I would really really enjoy punching Mandy Moore in the face right now.
  22. Rich S. Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:01

    that is probably the gayest song i've ever heard.. also, that is probably the gayest music video i've ever seen.. and definitely, that is the gayest combination of song and video i've ever seen.. but i did chuckle when chuck got his nards smashed..
  23. Armfarmer Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:09

    If I had godlike power I would use it to go back to the moment that the 2:15 mark was recorded, freeze time so I have plenty of opportunity to get positioned and wind up, and kick that bitch in the face.
  24. Jay Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:15

    I'd say Mandy's farting Chuck's jizz out of her ass right about now.
  25. breeze Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:41

    the bronx? never.
  26. Aenarion Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:44

    Those lyrics were actually written by Anderson Silva. He wanted a way to express his true feelings to his "fans" after UFC 97. Little known fact.
  27. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:45

    I can break your balls any day of the week? Shouldnt that be the title of the song ?
  28. Oop Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:45

    No wonder chucks been getting knocked out so easy his balls were kicked into his chin by mandy moore.
  29. Clyde Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:51

    Mandy, if you want to distract me, you'll have to do better than a dress that doesn't even show off your cleavage. If you take off a coat in front of me and you're not wearing lingere or less, I'll give you a swift punt in the cunt and see how you like that shit. In the event you are wearing lingere or less I'll do the same thing, except in that instance punt would be a euphamism for my penis.
  30. mmmiles Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 09:53

    Ok, the chuck-o-nut-shot was great, but why does this exist? Writer's strike?
  31. smashfacekillah Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 10:30

    Thats some funny fuckin shit. She could have just gave him an overhand right or a left hook with similiar results.
  32. Nick Diaz's Bong Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 10:33

    Wow, the legendary Iceman had to use a body double. Check the 2:31 mark, any MMA fan can tell that isn't Chuck's trademark pot doesn't pop out far enough.... even my stoned ass can tell that.... Werd....
  33. Robert M Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 10:59

    what... the... fuck.... was that...?
  34. Bas Rutten Says... Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 12:16

    She stole my trademarked KICK TO THE GROIN!
  35. J-Dog Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 01:45

    The only thing worse than the song was Mandy's terrible lip synching.
  36. agentsmith Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 02:21

    Sweet takedown directly into armbar at the 1:03 mark though.
  37. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 05:18

    Cool. She wants to break my cock everyday of the week!
  38. Anonymous Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 06:33

    was waiting for the ball flurries.
  39. Phunnybonz Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 07:26

    I'd rather watch another 5 rounds of Anderson Silva doing nothing than watch that again. That was truly horrible. WTF was Mandy wearing when she flashed Chuck? Looked like old lady slip and bra. ROFL. Chuck paints his toenails.
  40. Andre's Pee Pee Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 08:21

    Little did she know, She kicked us all in the balls with that crap. WHo produces this shit? BTW, Chuck, I was on your side with each fist you ate, but man.... You need a GD manager and not a money hungry agent.
  41. Johan Says:

    Thu, 04/23/09 - 11:27

    I dont know why she dident just hit him with a right hand he has no chin
  42. Nancy Says:

    Fri, 04/24/09 - 08:15

    I had no idea that UPS workers were trained in various forms of martial arts.
  43. angry little feet Says:

    Fri, 04/24/09 - 04:24

    Wow. That was horrible. I'm pretty sure I would choose pushing sharpened sticks into my ears over listening to that again. Next time I will heed you warning CP. My mistake.
  44. Bill C. Says:

    Sun, 04/26/09 - 06:46

    Okay, synch this up with "Bonita Applebaum" by A Tribe Called Quest. The results are epic. The groin-kick scene in question matches perfectly with the song.
  45. autumnsfall2323 Says:

    Tue, 05/12/09 - 05:19

    HAHAHA! ive seen it all..
  46. autumnsfall2323 Says:

    Tue, 05/12/09 - 05:21

    mandy's really done it this time...maybe its time for her to just give up on this music career.. haha this was so funny though ...I HAVE NEVER laughed so much in my life. hahaha you guys are crazy. made my day.
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