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Video: Dana White Appears to Be Seriously Considering James Toney’s Offer

(Props: Uppercut Magazine, via CP contributor Elias Cepeda.)

I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes.  Here’s UFC president Dana White sitting down and having what appears to be a serious conversation about James Toney fighting in the UFC.  I realize that’s what he said he was going to do after Toney ambushed him at the UFC 108 post-fight press conference, but I guess I just assumed that it would be one of those meetings where he professes a vague interest and then never calls Toney back.  Sort of like what the people at Paramount keep doing to me when I pitch them my script about the dog who learns to fly a plane so he can go find the family that left him for dead in the animal shelter, and then murder them all in their sleep.  It’s a fun summer romp.

DW is asking all the right questions here — can Toney wrestle? does he have any takedown defense aside from an unshakable conviction that he won’t ever end up on the ground? is he familiar with what getting kicked in the leg feels like?  Call me crazy, but when Toney says he knows all about the "front kick, back kick, side check kick, all of that," I’m not 100% convinced.

It’s the same earlier in the video when the answer to the question about his grappling ability is, "Don’t worry about that, I got surprises for you."

I’m sure you do, James, but seriously.  Answer the question.  We all know what ‘don’t worry about it’ means in this context.  It’s something you say when you would rather not come right out and lie to someone.

Either White doesn’t want to press Toney on it because he respects him too much as a boxer, or else somehow those answers were good enough to soothe DW’s concerns.  The former seems more likely than the latter, but we don’t care.  Toss him in there with some heavyweight wrestler and let’s see that side check kick.  These boxers have got to get an MMA education somehow, and James Toney doesn’t seem like a man who’s learned too many easy lessons in his life. 


  1. mybongsnameisgreenmeenie Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 10:43

    first? bitches
  2. mybongsnameisgreenmeenie Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 10:44

    second also? bitches again...and toney sucks, sign him to fight kimbo. is he in the 215 weight class though? unsure on his weight
  3. Body Triangle Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 10:50

    Let him fight. TOOOOOOOOONE
  4. Durden Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 10:51

    This must be a joke.. He doesn't come across as a guy that would take the time to train and learn the different aspects of MMA and all we'll ever hear in defeat is that he got taken down by a gay pussy and that he'd knocked his block off had they been left standing.. I don't look forward to seeing him in the UFC no matter the outcome
  5. skeletor Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 10:55

    He only said side check kick because he just heard Dana use "check" and "kick" in the same sentence. Give him a real challenger, a good one in my opinion is Big Country. Ol' Roy will submit him in the first round, he's not gonna fuck around with trying to box with the dude. Then maybe it will make boxers/boxing fans so mad they will give up a real challenger. The beauty of it all is there are a million MMA fighters that would dog any top boxer in a MMA fight, it's all about styles. It was never a question of who would a stand up fight with MMA gloves.
  6. PerryThomas Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 10:57

    "so you know how to check kicks?" "I know how to do it all. Front kick, back kick, Side Check Kick?" James Toney has no idea what hes talking about or getting into. It's a completely different sport, sure the guy can BOX his ass off but i can guarantee you that mother fucker has never been kicked in the head.. or maybe he has based upon how well he can converse with other people.
  7. fiveforfive Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 10:59

    THE KING and I would like to suggest BIG COUNTRY ROY NELSON as obviously the only correct opponent.
  8. GEE-yuh-TEEN Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:02

    I think 1 of 2 things should happen. 1. They don't let him fight in an effort to 'respect the sport'. 2. They let him fight someone who is a world class wrestler who will take him down and literally beat the shit out of him to make a statement. The idea of giving him a soft fight would be the worst thing they could do.
  9. cagefightmon Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:02

    It would be a freak show if Toney ends up fighting. Dana knows it's STILL gonna be a freak show if he signs him up
  10. steampunk22 Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:05

    What I would love, is for the UFC to make this happen. Sign Toney. Sign him to a two fight deal. And don't gift wrap it. It is the bane of every MMA fan that whenever some washed up boxer shows up and wants to get paid, he gets a gift wrapped fight and it ends up making MMA look like shit, and boxing fan boys will mouth off for the next month about MMA being bullshit to begin with and that it can't hold water against REAL fighting like boxing. I'm sick of this shit. Sign Toney, Dana. Sign him and give him a hard fight. Don't bring back Alexander, don't gift wrap this. Boxing will make you look bad if you do. Sign Toney and make him fight someone like Gabriel Gonzaga. Make him fight a beast, with takedowns, leg kicks, and jits. Make him fight someone that is going to hand down the most one sided ass kicking of all time. Make Toney fight someone who is going to so thoroughly dominate him, that his children, and his children's children will weep at the terrible things that took place in the ring. Ruin his fucking life. DO IT. Because I'm sick of this. Boxers get it gift wrapped, and MMA looks bad for it. Sign him. And wreck him. Please make an example out of him, and maybe boxers will start to take this MMA "fad" a little more seriously.
  11. steampunk22 Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:06

    Wow, that was a little more intense than I intended. LOL. This just kind of gets to me. Boxing writes off MMA and it bothers me. Well boys, I hope it happens, and I hope it works out in MMA's favor!
  12. DaltonSwayze Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:14

    Wait, when has a boxer ever got it gift wrapped? I mean, a real boxer in a real promotion? Ray Mercer was brought in to lose against Sylvia, and other than that.....Tommy Morrison maybe?
  13. MIRJITSU Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:14

    This will end about about as well as when Ray Mercer fought Remy Bonjasky.
  14. JoseMonkey Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:17

    I agree with steampunk22 here. I would love to see Toney get his ass handed to him. I'm so tired of these cocky boxers thinking they have what it takes for an MMA fight. Having said that, it would be ridiculous for anyone to grant Toney a license to fight MMA. The guy clearly doesn't know what he's doing and that's exactly why the sport is regulated: to avoid horrible mismatches that would pit trained professionals against dopes who wouldn't be able to properly defend themselves.
  15. DaltonSwayze Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:20

    How about we talk about boxers we'd actually want to see in MMA? Pac is an obvious choice, but they say Chad Dawson has some wrestling cred, and I bet Andre Ward could learn a thing or two and put that speed to excellent use. Arthur Abraham would be a destroyer, I bet.
  16. Organ Donor Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:26

    The easy way out for Dana would be to say "if you can get santioned," I'll let you fight. If he does get sanctioned, then proceed as outlined by Steampunk.
  17. pghendo Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:37

    Don't give him a fighter who will take him down.Give him a Pat Berry or Antoni Hrdonk who kill kick the shit out of his leg and let him use his side check kick to defend himself.
  18. Bob Reilly Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:42

    Put him in with Crocop and let him check some side check kicks.
  19. MMAMoneyLine Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:44

    I'm still a big advocate of the Kimbo/Toney matchup because its a no lose situation for the fans/the fighters/the UFC brass. Either way...someone gets embarrassed, someone gets a much needed victory over a "name", and this fight gets monster ratings. Dana could put him against some HW gatekeeper who will kick the piss out of him, but what fun is that?
  20. Sgt. 606 Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:45

    I really like the way steampunk is thinking. I also really like pghendo's idea of having him fight Pat Berry. HD would break his fooking leg mang.
  21. skeletor Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:53

    @MMAMoneyLine That's a horrible idea the UFC has to much invested in Kimbo. Tony would most likely knock him out unless it somehow plays out similar to the Mercer fight. They got to nip this thing in the bud immediately, get someone to fucking crush his retard ass, retire him from boxing and MMA in one shot.
  22. JamesToneyismyhero Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:53

    @steampunk: Have you considered therapy?
  23. ihateemo Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:56

    The best part of that video is Dana's reaction of "uhhhhhhh...." after Tooney dismissively says "side check kick". I wonder how much money Tooney is asking for. Pay him the same as a green TUF contestant makes in their first fight and see if he's still as enthusiastic. Or let him fuck off to Strikeforce. I hear Herschel Walker needs an opponent.
  24. BuckWild Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 12:11

    I like the big country idea! Crucifix his arse and make him cry like a baabee into a great big white pilla! (BC's gut)
  25. 831 Son Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 12:32

    James Toney is so fucking dumb. "Front kick, back kick, side check kick!" Wow. This fool is going to get smashed. Dana shouldn't even be considering signing this clown after that statement.
  26. IronFistOak Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 12:44

    Have you people actually seen any of Toney's fights? This is guy is a serious gamer and has tremendous hands and power behind each. Agreed, he will be absolutely destroyed if anything other than a stand up war occurs. But, if a stand up war does happen just for a couple minutes, although unlikely, James Toney will smash a dudes face in. I mean, the dude did toy with Evander fucking Holyfeild. I agree MMA fighters are superior all around warriors, but as i stated; If this stays standing for just two minutes James is gonna hurt a dude.
  27. ArmFarmer Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 12:58

    @cp Why do you find it so hard to believe that Dana would let him fight? It's not like there's nothing in it for him. The fight would be a huge draw to hardcore fans, boxing fans, and nonfans that are just curious to see what happens. It would reach a much larger demographic than a normal ufc fight. Also if they put him up against a good grappler he'd almost certainly get demolished which he could rub in the face of all the mma hating boxing fans. I didn't have any doubts Dana would try to cash in on this. I don't really get why he's trying to talk the guy into cross training though, let his ignorant ass come in unprepared and learn the hard way.
  28. Deadpanda Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 12:59

    I see this as a Win-Win for Dana. If Toney wins, he brings more boxing fans to the UFC. If Toney loses, boxing is not superior to MMA regardless of perfect foot work & form punching. Also, this might be one step closer to seeing some more Boxing names in the octagon.
  29. I Know Nothing Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 01:07

    Put him in there with Bones Jones
  30. Seoul Brother Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 01:13

    It may be possible for a decent boxer to stand his ground and give an MMA fighter a run for their money for a while, but how long has it been since Toney was in his prime? And then there's the obvious fact that he is a disrespectful, arrogant, nutty loaf of shit who loves the sound of his own voice. For that alone, I would like to see the octagon turned deep red with Toney's blood. I want to see teeth fly out of his mouth. I want to see him crippled for fucking life just for shitting on what he doesn't know or understand. I want Toney to look a lot worse than Diego Sanchez after B.J. Penn beat the fuck out of him. In fact, if B.J. Penn isn't willing to or can't fight at whatever weight class Toney would want to fight at, then I'd like to see Toney get blasted by a fighter of equal caliber. It's funny - you rarely hear decent boxers shit on MMA. It's always ignorant, irrelevant fossils like Bob Arum or dumbass thugs like Floyd Mayweather, jr.
  31. Emopinata Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 01:16

    Steampunk22 says it fuckin beautifully. goddamn perfect.
  32. MadDizzle666 Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 01:23

    Put him in there with gabe gonzage and just let him get kicked in the balls and crushed...that would be great.
  33. steampunk22 Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 01:25

    @JamesToneyIsMyHero Cagepotato IS therapy. Its just frustrating when you've got people like Bob "The Grand Wizard" Arum and Bernard Hopkins mouthing off about MMA being a bunch of skinheads and faeries rolling around in there underwear that can't take a punch and can't hang with boxers. And you've got promotions throwing washed up boxers like Ray Mercer against washed up human beings like Tim Sylvia. MMA loses in the end, period. The only way to end this bullshit is to lay some serious beatdowns to the world of boxing, at the hands of MMA. Dana White is already starting to shoot off about boxings payouts to non-headliners as wellas sketchy promo companies, and I think he is getting frustrated with the boxing world basically writing him (and the sport of MMA) off as a second tier promotion for a fad. The only evidence, as far as the world of boxing is concerned, is that boxing IS better than MMA because they can shit talk, they sell more tickets, they sell more PPV's and currently the icing on the shit cake is Tim Syliva's KO'ed ass courtesy of a man who is older than RANDY COUTURE. I seriously worry that Anderson Silva is going to decide to box somewhere in the Western Hemisphere and get knocked out, in the first round, on national TV, and that we'll officially never hear the end of it. If boxers want to hang with MMA, then let them hang with MMA, but give them the gears for god sakes because they are starting to make us look ridiculous and it sucks. Or in the very least, bring over a good boxer so its not so damn embarrassing when we lose. If Mayweather knocks Clay Guida's head into the upper balcony of MGM Grand, I can dig it. Thats cool. He is a young and relevant fighter that probably bothered to train, and maybe even will shoot for a takedown or something. Its not so cool when a washed up, delusional, borderline incomprehensible old man does it. Side check kicks be damned.
  34. Terminator Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 01:28

    Cro Cop has 2 more fights left. I know Ben Rothwell is one, but make this Cro Cops last fight.
  35. Catalyst8487 Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 01:47

    Steampunk I agree with everything you said except the idea of giving him Gonzaga. If they want to make an example of him they need to put someone in there with a good chin. Gonzaga got flattened by Carwin with a punch that had no hip to it and straight arm. It's no joke that Toney can punch a bitch out. This is a pipe dream, but sign him up to fight Mir. Mir has good hands, good kicks, good ground game, and would make Toney look like a dumbass. If Toney comes in there, checks those "side check kicks" and at least makes it competitive like Lesnar did, then MAYBE I'll consider him more then just a talker.
  36. Dr. Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 02:19

    I'm with Steampunk22 on this. Kimbo is a horrible, HORRIBLE option. He ISN'T even legitimate. He can be, if he gets his knee working and better all-around. Kimbo would be a disaster. He would stand and try to trade with James. And I think we all know Toney is a better boxer than Kimbo. Kimbo's takedowns aren't out-of-this-world. His ground-game isn't even a belt. You put Kimbo in there. He gets put away and Toney (and boxers/boxer-vs-MMA fan-boys) will continue to run their mouth(s). Mir is cocky and elitist enough to want to make an example of a boxer. Would he still want to stand and trade? Toney can probably take more of a punch than Kongo. Sign him and put him to bed. But not before he swallows the milk and cookies he has in his mouth when he talks.
  37. steampunk22 Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 02:38

    @Catalyst Gonzaga was merely an example, not a recommendation. But I'm glad you agree. It seems that most people actually agree with my comments, and the tone of them. Its frustrating to see the sport we love being trivialized! I think that Dana knows whats up though. His tone was actually a little dismissive when talking with Toney, you can tell that he is mostly placating him throughout the meeting, trying to keep him from getting overly agitated. When Toney starts giving him bullshit, Dana immediately turns to Toney's handlers and asks them the same question that Toney basically dodged. So yeah, I think he knows whats up. He doesn't want a Mercer/Sylvia situation on his hands. The best possible outcome is for Toney to get laid out. Its gonna happen eventually, and rather than have one of his fighters (and the sport) lose credibility from (god forbid) Toney winning a fight, its going to have to be a pretty careful matchup. I'd like to see Toney fight atleast twice though, and lose both times. Test the waters with an above average heavyweight striker, with good range, kicks, and takedowns, and size Toney up. It improves the odds of the second fight ending in another loss for Toney when he fights a lower ranked fighter, who now has something to look at while training. Because, Toney isn't going to improve. The first fight ideally is such a savage beatdown that he wants out, period. And I hope they pay him no more than 10/10. That would be AWESOME. The UFC only has 26 or 27 heavyweights, and when you factor out the top 10-15, it narrows things down pretty quick. Gilbert Yvel isn't a bad matchup. He is going to be looking to win, has experience, and probably dropped out of the top 10-15 with his loss to Dos Santos. He's also one hell of a brawler. Ben Rothwell isn't a bad matchup either, but he reminds me too much of Sylvia I can't shake the comparison. Cro Cop would be awesome, that's got head kick written all over it. Hardonk and Barry are also good candidates, they'd basically chop him down. Cheick Kongo is almost out of the top 10 now and definitely needs a win. That's not the worst matchup either. He wants to fight, I say make him fight.
  38. whitey Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 03:00

    the most logical choice would be toney v. loser of the Mir/Carwin fight. either one of those guys would give him the beating of his life. toney's an idiot! oh and ufc could hold it down here on the gulf coast. plenty of casinos down here, mma is legal in MS and i'm SURE toney could get sanctioned here. they could have it at the coliseum in biloxi.
  39. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 03:33

    Ugh. This shit pisses me off. Steampunk22 is so right. Aside from the obvious fact that Dana has spent a ton of time clowning everyone who even thought of putting a fight like this together, I am also pissed about the cash that you know will be thrown at Toney. He better not get the payday he is looking for. Until he proves that he can compete at the elite level of MMA he should get 25k or less to show. 10/10 would be so awesome. Yes, I know it won't happen, and yes he has boxing cred, but I don't see how that will justify a huge payday, and it really won't mean shit when he is flat on his face or back. Toney claims to be 220 in that video? I thought he was 5'11" - 6'? If he is 220 he must be about 5'9" cause he did not look slim. And at 220 he thinks he is gonna fight at HW? CroCop or Kongo or Yvel would be good, but we need someone who can wrestle AND throw out the "side check kick". Give him Brandon Vera. Or Jon Jones. Just to add insult give him a LHW. Pat Berry would be awesome but I really want to see Toney gassed after 1 round of being on his back and stomach getting pummeled in his loudmouth face. Then I want to hear what Floyd Mayweather has to say about how much better condition you have to be in as a boxer and running 9 miles a day and all his usual bull. Then Toney can go to Strikeforce as the only legit contender for the moneyweight belt. I agree with steampunk22. Make an example. And do it right. Make it a cold, calculated example that will get the message across very clearly.
  40. robthom Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 03:38

    I dont think Toney winning a fight would do a lot of damage to UFC/MMA. Put him against a gatekeeper like yvel or beuntello and if he wins it still doesn't mean much. But we got to see a more interesting freakshow than Kimbo,shamrock,tank,etc. BTW: Toney kinda scares me. Violent men with the brains of an ant make my skin crawl.
  41. ghostboner Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 03:38

    If you give Toney a legit HW contender like Mir or Carwin you risk one of them getting cocky and trying to box him. Give him someone who fights at 205, so he cannot complain about being "thrown to the wolves" with some giant HW who weighs 265. He needs to get a severe beating, and get it at the hands of someone from a weightclass below him. Hell throw him in with Forrest. A couple leg kicks from Forrest and his beautiful footwork will not be so precise.
  42. HeavyHandedHawaiian Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 09:29

    I laughed so hard at that "side check kick" shit!!! Ha!
  43. frndlylion Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 10:24

    Whoever they put in there has to have a good chin. I think Steampunk is right. Yvel would be good or even Dos Santos. Both brutal strikers not afraid to bang. For those wanting to see a LHW fighter take him on I suggest Vitor Belfort who (imo) has some of the fastest hands in MMA. Beating him standing is the only way to shut these idiots up. (probably not even then) They need to understand that a lot of MMA fighters have just of good of hands as any boxer PLUS many other ways to hurt someone.
  44. SiDeBuRnZ Says:

    Wed, 01/06/10 - 11:12

    steampunk for prez!
  45. Carl Sagan Says:

    Thu, 01/07/10 - 01:49

    One of Toney's secret weapons is the side-check kick. C'mon Dana, it's a major selling point. He's got surprises!
  46. Markareg Says:

    Thu, 01/07/10 - 02:02

    super comments ftl. its rules vs rules. mma beats boxing with mma rules, and vice-a-versa. stop acting like bullies and get it straight. Tony is a good fighter, a bit of a liar, and out of his class, but a good fighter if he really works for it. (give it 9 more months) its a freak show, at-least mma will win despite the time frame. Wrestlers vs boxers is very funny though, Jitsu vs boxers is boring. Country vs. Tony UFC 113 Mark My words...
  47. BuckWild Says:

    Thu, 01/07/10 - 03:36

    I do think Big Country would be a great opponent for him but you saw that he try to stand and bang with Kimbo a little and his chin was tested a little. Also, he and Dana are not on the greatest of terms. I am sure Dana would tell him take it straight to the ground, don't even try to stand with him not even a little. Not sure if he would listen just to spite Dana.. haha
  48. the glza Says:

    Thu, 01/07/10 - 08:37

    this would be a beautiful farewell gift for crocop as his last fight. second fight should be gonzaga, who should beat him senseless and pretty much end any hope of an mma career. also, i'd like to see paulie malignaggi bulk up a bit and fight at lightweight.
  49. steampunk22 Says:

    Thu, 01/07/10 - 11:37

    @Sideburnz LOL thanks
  50. philoebeddoe Says:

    Thu, 01/07/10 - 01:30

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