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[VIDEO] Dana White Talks GSP’s Nervousness, Anderson Silva & Ronda Rousey

MMA Fighting interviewed Dana White yesterday and BLAF, per usual, had lots to talk about. Check out the video above for the full interview.

Dana White says that the UFC isn’t looking past Carlos Condit even though, you know, if St. Pierre wins tonight at UFC 154 he will definitely fight Anderson Silva and Dana has a month in mind and three possible locations for the fight to happen (May, in either Toronto, Brazil or Dallas). If Condit wins, however, he’ll take on the winner of Martin Kampmann vs. Johny Hendricks.

The UFC President also describes what he says is St. Pierre’s extra nervousness and irritability this week. For example, White says St. Pierre is refusing to touch people for fear of getting sick. Interesting.

Speaking of sick, White talks about being sick and tired of guys like Dan Henderson pulling out of fights and complaining about Chael Sonnen getting title shots. Oh yeah, Dana says that Cyborg is ducking Ronda Rousey. Its a good view and listen, so check out the full video to help you wait for UFC 154 tonight.

- Elias Cepeda

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Nippletwist- November 18, 2012 at 10:35 pm
anderson should fight jones while georges finished clearing his division.

jon and anderson don't really have a lot of good fights left in their divisions. weidman maybe for anderson, hendo foor jon sure, but thats about it.

meanwhile georges has hendricks and diaz, who both could realistically beat him, and who both deserve a shot, and who the fans have wanted to see him fight for a while now.

jones and silva are ducking eachother and gsp has legit contenders in his division challenging his crown

this fights like a retirement present for silva
holeeball- November 17, 2012 at 1:59 pm
A freight train does NOT duck.

I think we all know what would happen if Cyborg's fists ever hit Rousey's face, she'd become a movie star.