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Video: Dana White Tells Jim Rome He Will Cut Anderson Silva If He Pulls This Crap Again

Just how bad was Anderson Silva‘s UFC 112 performance in Dana White’s eyes?  So bad that DW hasn’t even seen anything worse in all his years watching boxing.  That’s right.  Boxing, playa.  That’s why White tells ESPN‘s Jim Rome that he’s had enough of these embarrassing antics from his middleweight champ, and if he ever sees it again he will cut his ass. 

Just take a second and let that sink in.  Imagine Silva going and doing to Chael Sonnen (who, White confirms, he will face next) what he did to Demian Maia.  Imagine him jumping around the cage in between fits of face-smashing, shouting things at Sonnen in Portuguese and imitating Chuck Norris’ fighting style.  Then imagine him waking up the next morning, still the UFC 185-pound champ, but suddenly a free agent.

If that’s the situation that goes down, whose interests will have been served?

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jamesmedley- September 30, 2011 at 2:17 am
Make you happy hardly destroy you simply seem like a ufc fanboy. I believe everybody knows Lesnar is really a joke. He wouldn't let his training camping punch him hard. He then vocally drawn on caused by strikes. He'd be devoured by overeem. Cain however will be a good fight. I still think overeem would beat him convicibly. Nobody within the ufc heavy weight 5 best have expieranced a striker like overeem. Jds could not knock out Roy Nelson. In the event that were overeem tossing lower he could have been within the hospital.

Simply to carry on how good silva is going to be. He's on papper exactly the same size as Lesnar (just a little bigger actually) and incredibly well rounded. Rogers and Lesnar take presctiption componen together. I'd also the outcome should you switched the martial artists could be similar. Neither have expierance in mma in comparison to many martial artists on the top. Lesnar has pathetic standup hell Serta sevren
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mmarocks- April 16, 2010 at 9:37 am
The only way I think Silva's antics can be explained is he bet big money AGAINST his last 2 fights going all 5 rounds. The odds, I would think, would be huge. Unless it's free, I'll never watch that fucking cunt fight again.
robthom- April 15, 2010 at 7:36 pm
@ Armfarmer, I agree that wrestlers takedowns are much better than a jits guy. Thats interesting that you say jits guys dont really train them much at all. Now that I'm picturing that it makes a lot of sense.

I haven't seen the Hendo or Marquard fights in awhile, but I do remember that silva went down fairly easy.
But since I haven't watched them in awhile I cant remember if it was because they were mob shoots or if silva just wasn't stuffing and avoiding them back then like he has been recently.

One thing I do remember though is that it didn't stop him from eventually turning the tide back in devastating fashion anyway.

If chael can get him down it will be much more interesting since silva wont be able to run. And hopefully silva has gotten so lazy and smarmy that he's gotten rusty from the bottom mount.

Apathy and inflated ego can do that.
I'm pretty sure thats what happened to penn, again.
fingerssfv- April 15, 2010 at 6:48 pm
To RJ--
The difference in take down attempts between Maia and Leites as opposed to GSP: those two pull (guard) while GSP leans forward. They pull, he pushes. He'll pull the back of the knee toward him, while pushing (leaning) forward. They do not try that. Sure they have tried to shoot, but you can't get very far by shooting about a foot. These guys needed to shoot like cannons attacking Silva's lower extremities, but just going through the motions? What an embarrassment.
fingerssfv- April 15, 2010 at 6:36 pm
Well, now... Maybe now folks can chill out over the Liddell/Ortiz showdown that is not going to happen afterall. We have to watch the series (one of those episodes with disclose what may have caused the fight to be nixed). Remember, there is an extra dose of emotions in this series. The fighters and coaches are all so wound up that the episodes can probably spin like tops.

Tito and Chuck both brought in some great fighters to help coach. Razor Rob is there helping Tito. Jake Shields is helping Chuck and Shields has a fight comng up very soon. Chuck's old friend and coach is there. The fighters are good. Uscola has been around and this guy can fight. The newer guys who some of us have never heard of before; they look pretty darn impressive.

If Silva gets the boot, does this mean the guy he fights last gets the belt? If Sonnen loses to Silva, will he get the belt by default? Or will there be another one of those fight-offs? A tournament-type affair. I think Dana said it right: when Silva fights these Jiu Jitsu fighters, he plays with them. They do not attack. They try to pull guard. Sonnen is a wrestler who is not afraid to go to the mat with anybody. It doesn't matter how good they are in BJJ. This man will take his opponents down and work on them. He'll take Silva down. He's not afraid of getting hit by Silva.

Leites and Maia seemed too cautious. They acted like they were too intimidated by Silva to approach him. So they always kept their distance, which led to Silva acting the way he did. I have the belt. If you want it, come and take it from me. Of course he made them look foolish, because they were not attacking. They must not have wanted the belt bad enough, or they would have cut off that cage and attacked Silva. They would have tried everything in their power to beat this guy, but they did no such thing.

Sure I hated seeing him act like a clown, but it's his belt. He was in that Octagon, with each opponent, telling them to come and get it. Each one who tried was stopped by Silva. The ones who didn't try, he clowned. He intimidated them. He should have attacked them and kicked the sh*t out of them, but he chose to clown around and taunt them.

I think Dana has heard enough from the fans to know we want Silva fined, Yellow carded and kicked out of the UFC. The fans let Dana know what we expect from every fighter, Silva included and our voices were heard. It's up to Dana to enforce the rules. He knows what we want and how we feel. He's giving Silva another chance, which most of us probably called for immediate removal.
Queeniegyt1- April 15, 2010 at 2:40 pm
Silva is a duche but reason why he wins apart from sheer
skill is fighters are already beat before the fight mentaly there
lost best thing is for super fights I.e gsp I think would
be one of the best fights in mma history
LET IT RAIN- April 15, 2010 at 11:46 am
Aoki via middle finger submission
ZombieLove- April 15, 2010 at 11:06 am
What Dana *should* do is sideline that bitch until his contract is up. That way we're not subject to him anymore (I seriously won't buy a card he's headlining unless jesus and the terminator are the co-main event) and nobody else gets him and exploits the big name. Fuck Silva. I really think he's batshit crazy...gotta be, right?
Howie214- April 15, 2010 at 10:00 am
i dont understand why everyone is so upset w/the spider. we all knew coming in that anderson silva is a "counter-striker!" his game has never been to move forward or press the pace (ie. lyoto machida). secondly, he is the champ. his ultimate goal is to win the fight and retain the belt. MAIA is the pussy who would never get within a "leg kicks" reach of the spider. maia is the supposed jiu-jitsu practitioner that danced for five rounds. and even after all that running on maia's behalf, his face was still hamburger meat at the end of the fight! was it a thrilling, electrifying performance by the spider, hell no! did he leave the octagon with the title belt, yes! so i think he accomplished his overall mission. if you polled every weight division's champion and asked them whether they would rather retain their belt after a match or please the fans, im sure the consensus would be to remain the champion!

it upsets me that dana just wants blood and guts for the fans to ensure future ppv buys. he doesnt care about anything else other than the bottom line. we all knew this but seeing this interview just refreshes my memory on the level of "baggery!" dw has achieved!
Killa-K- April 15, 2010 at 8:21 am
It's a fucked up situation. On one hand, it sounds absolutely CRAZY to cut the pound-for-pound champ, but on the other hand, can you allow these type of antics to continue? It feels like were getting robbed if he gets cut, but when I pay 50 dollars to see a fight like that I feel even more robbed. Anderson has Dana by the balls unless Dana does exactly what he says, threaten to cut him. If The Spider thinks he can do whatever he wants without consequence, and as long as he wins and retains his belt that nothing will happen, he is going to continue to do this. Granted he doesn't do it every fight, but this cannot become a trend, and it needs to be cut off early. We pay for these events expecting to see fights, and the last few rounds the other night were not a fight.

I think Chael Sonnen is a great match-up, he's a guy who will push the pace against Silva and force him to perform, and it's a win-win. If Chael wins, Anderson will probably be so pissed that he will go on a tear like in his early days in the UFC against Leben and Franklin, and if Chael loses, it will probably be in a devastating fashion. If Silva doesn't engage with Chael, he will get taken down and beaten for the entire fight, so I think we will see some fireworks from him. Either way, hopefully this is the last time the Spider gets caught up in his web.
rjstevens- April 15, 2010 at 7:37 am
So aside from all the who's right who's wrong I 'm wondering what you all would think of the following;

Let's Say Dana is bluffing and allows Silva to fight out his remaining contract. Do you think Anderson will Retire as he has talked in the past, Pursue a boxing career and not renew with an MMA organization, resign with the UFC after all the crap he has caught, or go to another organization and sign for what could likely be less money than the UFC would offer?

My personal feeling is it's a win win for Strikeforce and Dream. Silva has fought in Japan before and with dream a Bob Sapp, Aoki, Silva chair match on broken glass is possible so superfights or hulk tournaments may be more appealing to him at this stage in his career plus knowing in all likely hood that the UFC really would not have any interest in resigning him other than doing it just to shelf him strikeforce and dream could get him for a fairly cheap price. I think a rematch with Dan Henderson and Anderson would be a big draw as well as Mo Lawal, Gegard, Fedor, Overeem, Cung Le, and Nick Diaz. Do I think all of those fighters could beat him? NO but I think a great wrestler like Mo, a great rounded fighter like Gegard, P4P Fedor, Hey Overeem is actually going to fight someone in the US again its possible, Unique striker like Cung, and the shit talker to end all shit talkers Diaz would all make more entertaining fights than the last few opponents the UFC has thrown at Anderson Silva. Honestly I am more excited to see Anderson fight people outside the UFC. He doesn't sell well enough to make a pay per view but hell I'd watch him for free on CBS. Hell I'd rather see him and Arlovski go at it than GSP because at least you get the sense with Arlovski's size it might be able to knock him out.

As for the UFC fights. Ok GSP and Silva. Who has GSP knocked out with a chin anything like Silva’s? For crying out loud the guy lets heavyweights get free headshots on him in training and doesn't blink. Say what you want about his heart but the guy's got a jaw like an anvil. So that leaves takedowns and I tell you GSP has got amazing wrestling skills, however, we have seen as of late how ground technicians seem to look against him and with his footwork and performances as of late I see it as a painfully bad combination to put together if your asking for a repeat of his last fight. Why would he allow himself to get in a position to be taken down by GSP if he didn't let Leitas or Maia do it? Not saying they have the takedown skills GSP has I'm saying I don’t see why Silva wouldn't dance away from GSP's ground game when he did it to lesser ground games. Just feels like a bad combination in my opinion.

So who else is there that I would even want to see fight him.....ok I'm trying to be reasonable here..... I could really reach and throw out names like couture, liddel, Kimbo, I mean anybody that has a name and I could make a far reaching argument that it would somehow be a good fight but the truth is I don't want to see those fights. They're lame and I wouldn't really want to pay to see them. I don't even want to see Machida because if he doesn't want to fight him then imagine the linedance that would be. Maybe a little help here but I can't think of one person I would reasonably want to see him fight in the UFC.
ArmFarmer- April 15, 2010 at 6:42 am

If you think Chael's takedown abilities are comparable to Maia, Cote, or Leites.. or even all 3 combined.. you are gravely mistaken. Jiu jitsu rats and strikers can't hold a stick to a decent college wrestler, let alone Sonnen, in terms of taking people down. I'm pretty sure every wrestler Silva has fought has taken him down. Lutter and Henderson both have wrestling backgrounds and they put Silva on his back without much trouble. There is no reason to believe Chael can't take Anderson down.

There is a HUGE difference in wrestling and bjj when it comes to takedowns and certain types of control and scrambling. Everywhere I've trained bjj we don't even do takedowns we just start on the ground, and bjj guys really don't fight for takedowns the way wrestlers do because in competition bjj they are almost meaningless. I've competed in both wrestling and bjj and even the guys who are way better than me at bjj I still tool in takedowns and wrestling scrambles.

Also, everyone said Chael couldn't strike with Nate either.. and everyone said Nate's submissions were too good for Chael. I think Chael will probably lose don't get me wrong, but he will take Anderson down and he has a legitimate chance at laynpraying him.
J-Dog- April 15, 2010 at 6:20 am
Is CP not doing the power rankings thing anymore? Did I miss a post? Where are the updated power rankings after last weekend's UFC?

A. Silva: -237
D. Maia: +10
BJ Penn: -63
Frankie Edgar: +79
etc etc
csuders- April 15, 2010 at 6:11 am
in other totally irrelevant news DW told GSP if he went to the buffet with Roy Nelson a few times and could make the weight he'd give him an immediate HW title shot after the Lesnar/Carwin unification fight.

The Sonnen won't go that way. You didn't hear us bitching after the Griffin fight because Forrest, be it a good idea or not, went in guns blazing trying to take Silva out. Maia on the other hand must have taken some time to watch a tape of AS fight before and realized he's a counter striker, and if you go in after him you're going to get KTFOed on the way back out. Thats what Silva wants, and Maia fought his fight even when AS started doing the chicken dance out there.

At this point AS is in 2 fights:

1.Queue high light reel of both punching people's faces in: " an epic battle of knock out power..." "...will be the toughest test yet for Silva's stand up..." blah blah blah
fight ends: first round knockout, second if the guy has ball and a chin of steel

2. Queue high lights of men screaming in pain tapping like their lives or at least limbs, depend on it: "...the best BJJ in the game." "...if he can take Anderson Silva down he will be in serious trouble" you know the drill
fight ends: 5 round decision with lots of laying down in front of AS, lots of booing, DW apologizes after and gives AS a striker for the next couple fights.
after the 3rd round BJJ guy gets Frustrated, his corner tells him its not working so he goes in for some strikes and gets KOed
Seoul Brother- April 15, 2010 at 5:20 am
Yeah, but if a reactionary twat like Anderson Silva is gonna get his panties in a bunch about someone "disrespecting" him as a fighter, you can imagine how nuts he's gonna get about his own fucking boss: a) refusing to strap the belt on him after a lackluster title defense, and b) calling him out on his chronic bitch-ass behavior in the octagon. You know shit's bad when your own boss is disrespecting you in public.

I didn't realize that Anderson Silva was someone deserving of the respect, reverence, and obesience one would afford the Pope, Neil Patrick Harris, Chuck Norris, and Don Frye's mustache. What the fuck - is this some kind of Shaw Brothers movie?

"Bastard! You must be tired of living! You have disrespected me! Now I will kill you with my superior testicles & kung fu!"

I never thought I'd say this about Tito, but we need his juvenile shenanigans to get under the skin of Anderson Silva to push him over the edge.
Run Forest Run- April 15, 2010 at 5:16 am
God i hate Dana White. Why don't you go BACK to boxing with the rest of the snake oil salesman, you lying dirtbag. James Toney. Kimbo effing Slice. YOU, Dana White, are disrespecting this sport. Not Anderson Silva. He asks for superfights, you give him Leites and Demian Maia. I for one enjoy it when he clowns you and your handpicked fighters' asses.
dogpt3- April 15, 2010 at 4:40 am
@Nut Puncher 9000 Cutting Anderson SIlva, worst business move ever. It is you sir that lacks vision.

Everyone claims they would never watch Silva if he pulls those antics again, but everyone lies. The fact that everyone is still talking about him just shows how popular he is. Dana is not cutting him..... theres no way he would ever give the competition a present like that. The reality is that Anderson will do vatever zee fuck he vants. He will play Danas game and Forrest Griffin Chaels ass, maybe even dominate another one, but in the near future, we will be seeing more magic hands because thats just want the guy wants to do.

robthom- April 15, 2010 at 3:10 am
Only problem is chael cant strike with him.

So if he cant get him to the ground its gonna be 5 rounds of torture-N-move and stuffed takedowns until silva gets bored.

Just like Maeia.
Just like Cote.
Just like Leites.

silva/Mousasi, Hendo, Fedor, overateem in Strikeforce will be great fights so thats fine with me.
But dana and UFC might regret it.

And to think all the shit tito pulls all the time in and out of the cage. But they just keep bringing him back and giving him what he wants everytime.
Winterblack- April 15, 2010 at 2:46 am