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Video Evidence: Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down by Overeem in K-1 World GP Final

(Propers: YouTube/zikobeetlejuice)

Alistair Overeem clearly does most of the heavy lifting during the first two rounds of last night’s K-1 2010 World Grand Prix tournament final. After edging Tyrone Sprong via close(ish) decision in the quarterfinals and surviving a game but overmatched Gokhan Saki in the semis, the outcome is basically in the books for The Reem against 40-year-old Peter Aerts in the championship. As you can see in the above vid, Overeem is so sure he has Aerts down and out with a flurry early in the first round that he’s already standing on the ropes preparing to celebrate as the referee is issuing the count.

People who actually know stuff about K-1 contend Overeem was the odds-on favorite to win the GP anyway  – and indeed he looks like the smart choice in each of these three fights – but it’s still pretty damn impressive to see the erstwhile MMA fighter stalking down and roughing up these professional punch-fighters at what we’re led to believe is the highest level. When it’s all said and done, surprisingly quiet color commentator “King Mo” Lawal even proclaims Overeem “the combat sports athlete of the year, hands down.” Kind of hard to argue with that, after this display.

Overeem’s back-and-forth slugfest with Sprong and his bout with Golden Golory teammate Saki – which Michael Schiavello dubs “Kebabs vs. Horse Meat” – are obviously the better fights. Sprong appears to have Overeem’s number early (and we can’t help but notice that The Reem is kind of allowed to cheat his ass off in that one), while Saki comes out and tries to do some video game shit during their entertaining scrap. It almost works. Those vids are after the jump.

“Look at the size of the trapezius on Alistair Overeem,” exclaims an oddly palatable Michael Schiavello during the Saki fight. And he’s right. Overeem looks freaking gigantic here. Almost unnaturally so.

(Next two vids propers: YouTube/Para24karaat)

In the semis, Saki looks to be giving The Reem all he can handle until Alistair lands a body kick at the 1:25 mark and it almost crumples him. The announcers note that Saki may have been injured in his earlier fight with Daniel Ghita. He sure fights like it after that shot, seeming to wince a bit when he falls to the canvas following his second spinning hook kick attempt. About a minute later  Overeem lands another body kick that stumbles Saki, who tells the ref to call it off. We even get a Joe-Rogan-style on-the-spot medical diagnosis of a broken arm from the broadcast team.

In the quarterfinals against Sprong, Overeem is warned twice for kneeing his opponent from a two-handed clinch, illegal under K-1’s weirdo rules. Immediately after the first restart for this infraction, the much smaller Sprong puts Overeem on blast with a barrage of punches that seem to have the Strikeforce champ a bit rattled. He weathers it and inside the final 10 seconds of the first round lands another pretty dubious looking knee that has the ref making a face like, “Yeah, that was probably illegal, but I’m not going to call it.”

Some great slo-mo punch-faces from the K-1 broadcast between rounds of this fight, by the way.

Overeem loses the first round but comes back to take the second and third, almost finishing Sprong late. He also keeps right on going with those two-handed knees, continuing to elicit a not-mad-just-disappointed-look from the man in charge. Seriously, the ref keeps pointing at Overeem like, “Damn, I should do something about this.” But he doesn’t. And Overeem is your new K-1 World Grand Prix champion, kids.

Now maybe we can get him back to something a little more relevant.

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kiai_NT- December 12, 2010 at 7:36 pm
it's true that it wasn't the most 'competitive' K1 conclusion i've seen, but you still gotta credit the Reem, he did what no other MMA fighter has had the balls/ability to do. He won a K1 tourney against some tough guys. He's a great ambassador for MMA and I hope people thank him for representing the sport so well.....still...I wish they could have paced this finale into two events so there weren't so many fights lopsided due to injuries/fatigue.

I think that Werdum should fight Ubereem for the title while Fedor fights Big-Foot. Then the winners fight and the losers fight.....then the winner of the losers get a match with the then champ. If Strikeforce did this, they would have a solid and highly anticipated series of cards for 2011. It also makes for a classy rematch between Werdum and the Reem and provides the opportunity for an epic title rematch between Fedor and Werdum....or a battle of giants between Ubereem and Silva.....lots of opportunities with every outcome.
Ascerendant- December 12, 2010 at 3:59 pm
This was truly not as remarkable as it seems at face value. Saki was already injured going into the fight and Aerts was also spent from a grueling match against Schilt. The only "real" victory there was Sprong.
Daley- December 11, 2010 at 5:21 pm
Just to take it slightly off topic, can CP stop being nice about Michael Schiavello. Seriously he's just fucking awful, I hate him. I actually turn the sound off on K-1 fights because of this turd. How did he ever get the gig anyway, in fact how did he ever speak into a microphone and not have someone smash all his teeth out within a minute?
I have never heard a worse fight commentator and yes that includes anyone you can name before someone starts listing half-arsed commentators. A succession of child-like puns does not make a commentator.
I actually remember a brief clip from the final 16 where Schiavello is talking shit and you can see the look on Ray Sefos face where he clearly agrees with my sentiments, he wants to smash that chumps mouth into retirement.
Jubbie- December 11, 2010 at 1:30 pm
It was pretty hilarious watching the ref get all pissed about Reem continuing to do doublehanded pulls into the knee but not actually penalizing him for it. The fight probably would've ended the same way but it might have forced another round.
DazedNConfused- December 11, 2010 at 12:25 pm
@ RWilsonR, I just figured Overeem wouldn't spend much time trying to out kickbox guys like Saki and Spong when it came to MMA rules. He would just bull rush against the cage, throw them down and Ground and Pound to victory. He threw Brett Rogers around like a ragdoll, I figure these smaller guys couldn't stand a chance. You're right though, with the smaller gloves, he couldn't protect much and the speed could cause an issue. That's why a Fedor fight would be so damn awesome for me. Gahhh.
DazedNConfused- December 11, 2010 at 12:21 pm
My bad, Yes Spong. I can't say I knew much about him other than watching a bunch of K-1 highlight videos in the days prior. But he impressed me in this fight. That's the thing with Open Weight tourney's, huge motherfuckers like Overeem can fight guys like Saki. But it's entertaining and I wouldn't have it any other way. I hope K-1 stays a float.
k-onda- December 11, 2010 at 12:07 pm
Except his name is Tyrone "Spong." Why is everybody calling him Sprong? And he's got a great future ahead of him, and yes, he and Saki are way better pure strikers, but "The Reem" is a damn tank, what can you do. Brutal...
RwilsonR- December 11, 2010 at 11:34 am
That may have been the easiest road to a K-1 GP title I have ever seen. Aerts isn't the fighter he used to be, and the size difference was dramatic against Saki and Sprong. Reem looked okay, but did nothing to amaze me in that GP other than my continued amazement by his sheer muscle mass. He fought well, so good for him.

@ DazedNConfused - I don't think all of these fights would have ended by KO by Overeem in MMA. If he couldn't cover up like he did with the smaller gloves, I think quicker and more accurate guys like Saki and Spong might have KO'ed him. Plus, if he had to worry about other aspects of MMA, he couldn't wade in like he did in K-1.

@ danomite & LOKI - I have to disagree that Overeem is the best striker at HW in MMA. MMA striking is different that the rest of the stand-up only, large gloved sports, and I think the only way you can measure someone being "the best" striker in MMA is by their results in MMA. Not by the technique they use in other sports. Overeem isn't some knock-out king against top ten talent in MMA, nor does he completely control how every fight goes down with his stand-up in MMA. I think to be considered the best striker in MMA, you need to use it in dominating fashion within MMA. So you either need to use it to win dominating decisions where you shut out your opponent due to superior technique, or by knocking out your opponents time and again. I would say that right now, the most effective, and thus the best strikers in MMA at HW are probably JDS and Carwin. I know Overeem has way better technique in the striking arts than someone like Carwin (though not better than JDS' boxing, imo), but Carwin has been dramatically more effective against top-tier competition in MMA. Doesn't matter if his technique looks like shit. Maybe our judgement of 'technique' is what should be adjusted in how it fits into the differences that come from an MMA fight.
LOKI- December 11, 2010 at 10:35 am
Good for him, now "The Reem" will be a truely epic (if somewhat anti-climactic) documentary. Want to see round 3 with Badr Hari especially if he would sack up and do it with MMA rules.

Funny now SF has the official #1 Heavyweight Striker & #1 official Heavyweight Grappler in Werdum. But they will still find a way not to capitolize.
danomite- December 11, 2010 at 10:14 am
I didn't mean to sound like I was shitting on the Reem so much there, he's become probably the best heavyweight striker in MMA but he's not as great as last night made him seem. I really have more of a problem with the 8-man single night kickboxing tournament. It's really not a good idea in practice. Saki vs. Overeem would have been great if both guys were healthy.

And why doesn't Dana White use all those WEC employees he's got lying around and start a kickboxing organization so I can stop having to watch it on youtube. I hear FEG is going under, he could probably buy up the rights to K-1 at a good price.
DazedNConfused- December 11, 2010 at 10:12 am
Yeah... except it's K-1. Overeem fought a good game plan and won, I don't see how anyone wasn't impressed? Saki and Sprong are wayyyyyyy better strikers. I had money on Sprong beating Overeem. I figured his size would be canceled out by Sprongs speed. I was impressed by his patience and power.

In MMA it would have been different, with wrestling and grappling involved all these fights would have ended by K.O. in the first round by Overeem. The Voice vs. Overeem was also awesome by the way, I highly recommend people to watch it, he's a smart dude and you learn some cool facts. I actually believe he doesn't do steroids now. I know it's crazy but really haha.

Saki vs. Ghita was definitely fight of the night though, those guys were ruining eachother. I wouldn't doubt Saki being a little banged up after that war.
Kimbos Bread- December 11, 2010 at 9:47 am
"Looka the siyeez of eeeem! Crikey, what a magnificent beayst!"
LordCoSaX- December 11, 2010 at 9:45 am
His style is not pretty for sure but its effective and working well for him. He likes to counter and when he gets back in a cage against fighters with sometimes sloppy mma standup he is going to do some damage. Cant wait to watch him clean house at strikeforce and hopefully jump ship to the UFC.
danomite- December 11, 2010 at 9:37 am
Sorry, just not impressed by anything Overeem did that night (well, to be honest I am impressed by the amount of muscle that this human being has been able to accumulate). Overeem is a 265 lbs brick shithouse built on a foundation of horsemeat and Testosterone Therapy sessions while Spong is a light-heavyweight, Saki is a light-heavyweight and would maybe even be a middleweight in the UFC, and Aerts looked like a man who just said "I'm too old for this shit." Also, Saki for sure had an injured right hand before the fight with Overeem even started. He didn't throw a single right hand the entire fight. Aerts looked exhausted and beat down within the first minute of the finals.

Replace those big gloves he uses to cover his tiny head with MMA gloves and take away that wall of muscle he uses to walk through strikes that would stop a normal human and I don't see Reem making it out of the quarterfinals. Spong had him rocked in that first round and Saki was working him with only one good arm. Allistair's fighting style seems to be pretty much just to cover his entire head with the gloves and absorb punishment with his oversized cartoon muscles as he wades in until he gets close enough to deliver (sometimes illegal) knees and hooks to the head and body.