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Video Evidence: These M-1 Global Dudes Have Got Some Balls on Them; Plus Sonnen Talks More About His Pair

(Propers: The Fight Nerd)

A two-for-one video sesh to get your Saturday started: At top, watch the aptly named Fight Nerd chat with M-1 Global Director of Ops Evgeni Kogan at the MMA World Expo 2010 this week. After the jump, find Chael Sonnen’s “exclusive interview” with HDNet’s Mike Straka following the California State Athletic Commission’s ruling to reduce by half his suspension for a funky UFC 117 drug test. First though, the Fedor stuff, because frankly we’re getting a little bit sick of talking about Sonnen’s gonads …

In this vid, Kogan – who you may remember as the dude who told Ariel Helwani that Fedor was MIA in New York City earlier this year when he no-showed his radio program — looks like he could seamlessly transition from a heated contract negotiation to playing bass for Weezer without even changing his striped belt. He also demonstrates that despite the fact M-1 Global’s biggest bargaining chip expended much of his political capital when he swan dived into the waiting legs of Fabricio Werdum in June, the Rent-a-Fedor company is still not afraid to make a bunch of totally ridiculous demands on both Strikeforce and Showtime. Follow the link to find out what they’re asking for this time. Seriously, it’s gonna blow your mind.

“We are now very close to finalizing a deal extension for Fedor with Showtime and Strikeforce,” Kogan says, totally unprompted by the Fight Nerd, who seems to just want to talk about M-1’s fight series. “Part of that deal (is) four M-1 Challenge events on Showtime in the U.S. So if that deal gets done, then we have four M-1 Challenge events in 2011 on Showtime in the U.S. where there will be title matches, obviously, throughout the whole year.”

Yeah, you heard/read that right: In the wake of Fedor’s loss M-1 Global apparently actually increased its demands on the Americans and – allegedly, according to Kogan – those poor, gullible bastards are about to relent. This can only mean one of two things: Either Showtime is so happy with the business it’s been able to do with Strikeforce that it’s champing at the bit to get more MMA programming OR it’s so desperate to have Fedor that it will give M-1 whatever it wants in exchange. Frankly, it seems like neither of those things could possibly be true.

Kogan says he expects Fedor back in action during the early part of 2011 and even briefly hints at the possibility of some kind of joint pay-per-view venture between the two fight companies. When the Fight Nerd asks the obligatory question about Fedor ever fighting in the UFC, the only thing Kogan will say is that they’re currently “happy with the relationship” M-1 has with Strikeforce. Yeah, it’s easy to see why.

“For us, MMA in Russia is quite connected to politics,” Kogan says at one point while talking about a totally unrelated matter … and if he says any more, he’d have to kill you.

But hey, speaking of politics …

(Propers: HDNet)

After getting about as good a deal as he was ever going to get from the CSAC on Thursday, Sonnen brought his unnerving stare and confrontational spoken word stylings to (where else?) HDNet. At the beginning of this vid check out Kenny Rice getting his Walter Cronkite on, seated at the Inside MMA action news desk, hands folded, “Breaking News” graphic over his right shoulder. Nice, playa, very professional.

Rice says MMA interviewer Mike Straka “caught up” with Sonnen after the CSAC hearing, but it’s our understanding that Sonnen and Straka already had an exclusive set up before Chael even appeared in front of the commission, so “caught up” is probably not the right terminology here. Anyhoo, Straka knew this interview was so important that he put on his best “Headrush” T-shirt for it … and then he does his best to act as Sonnen’s straight man throughout.

Sonnen opens things by saying he “hadn’t really dealt with this issue” until sitting down in front of the CSAC this week because he was “dealing with the federal government” (check out the scorn in his voice when he says those words) on an unrelated issue. When asked about how he’ll move forward from this little bump in the road, Chael responds:
“I don’t plan to deal with it at all. I don’t really know anybody who thinks I was on steroids and if they do I wouldn’t offer an explanation or an apology. The facts were the facts and that’s it, that’s between me and the commission and we dealt with it … I was never accused or suspected of an illegal substance. That was an online rumor that was started and perpetuated and I never did anything to step in and stop it. But I was accused of taking testosterone without the proper disclosure and still to this moment I don’t know what the ‘proper disclosure’ they were looking for was. I walked straight up to the commissioner and told him ‘This is what I’m on.’”

“And he testified under oath today that, yes, you did say that,” the helpful journalist jumps in.

Sonnen goes on to talk about the various ways he disclosed his medical condition and its treatment to different athletic commissions only to – in his words – have the CSAC “pull the carpet out” from under him after UFC 117. Even after watching it, we’re still not 100 percent sure what to believe. For all we know, Sonnen might later claim that’s not really him up there with Straka.

Oh, and in other news, he’s started Tweeting again. Or, at least, somebody has.

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Sodak- December 4, 2010 at 7:32 pm
dude chael was throwing punches that wouldn't of hurt my kid niece it sure wasn't ground and pound.

he took him down at the beginning of every round laid on him and did no damage.

lay n pray

and then he got subbed, like everyone knew he would, since it happens in about a quarter of his fights.

and he was on roids, you think that would be enough for him to go away but its like opposite world or something hes somehow more relevat now and i hear about this douche daily and have no idea why.
budsellers- December 4, 2010 at 4:25 pm
m-1 has balls and chael does not
Biffmiester- December 4, 2010 at 11:52 am
"this week's MMA World Expo 2010"

The event happened 3 fucking weeks ago, genius, and I mentioned it a week before that. I was part of the Renzo no-gi tourney, so I kinda know. C'mon son!

Funny thing is that I think that interview was like the only media M-1 drew that weekend cuz the M-1 table was basically non-existent of attention from fans. Kinda like how it is as an organization.
fACE7biter- December 4, 2010 at 11:43 am
If you call Chaels fighting style lay n' pray, you need to pay more attention when you watch MMA. Lay n pray is when you work almost entirely for positional advantage without throwing ground strikes or attempting submissions. Jon Fitch for example, will spend more than half a round purely working for a dominant position without throwing so much as a punch. You could also say that a lay n pray guy wants the takedown no matter what, and will go for it without even attempting stand up and looking for an opening.

Chael is the complete opposite. he will keep it standing until the time is right. Look at his fight with Okami, when he couldn't keep him down, he simply out kickboxed him. And when he does get the guy down, he works for the quickest position to strike from, not for position. If he did that, he wouldn't have stayed in Andersons guard for almost the entire fight where he would be in danger. He's not laying, he throws a strike on the ground every 5 seconds atleast. Get your facts straight, Sonnen may do some thigns wrong, but laying and praying is not one of them.
Charming Charlie- December 4, 2010 at 10:37 am
God, he's such a politician.

"I support the commission!"
"{50 reasons the comission was unsportsmanlike}"

"I'm not a victim."
"I don't know what I could have done differently. Also, {battles with the federal government}"

"Rules are rules."
"Testosterone is my medicine and I did nothing wrong."

There's nothing contradictory about all this, but it seems unintuitive to spend 90% of your time listing arguments against something you uphold. This distinction between a regulatory body and its rulings mirrors the difference between ideology and practice that mouthbreathing American voters fail to comprehend about politicians in general, e.g., we are going to uphold individual liberty(idea) by maintaining tax breaks on the top 2%(practice), or else we will block all legislation(practice) despite that being a horrific precedent for a democracy(idea).
steampunk22- December 4, 2010 at 10:31 am
You know, Sonnen gives a pretty good interview. Figured I'd watch it cuz I watched the hearing. Dude actually comes off pretty well, seems like he wasn't trying to be shifty or sneaky or whatever. Cool.
RearNakedSpoon- December 4, 2010 at 10:27 am
I always wondered why M1 was acting like such bitches but it all makes sense now.
I would say more but i'm afraid Tomas Rios might read it and attack me.
steampunk22- December 4, 2010 at 10:04 am
Who knew Mike Russell had an evil Russian twin?

In Soviet Russia...ah fuck it.
HEY- December 4, 2010 at 10:02 am
The Athletic Commission ruling that Chael is guilty of non disclosure is ridiculous. In fact, it's so ridiculous that it's reDONKulous.
3rdguyontheleft- December 4, 2010 at 9:56 am
This guys gonna fight the winner of Silva/Belfort. Okami is gonna have to wait again.
newdeal- December 4, 2010 at 9:24 am
He didn't really lay and pray I think he hit Anderson with over 200 shots from the top. Jake Shields does lay and pray where he gets on top and never throws a single shot or elbow. Being on top and hitting him in the face repeatedly isn't lay and pray. Problem Sonnen had was he gassed which caused him to get lazy and stayed in a position where he gave anderson the triangle, he was in the position multiple times in the fight but the other times he recognised the situation and had the energy to move in round 5 he did not. Had he thrown 100 fewer shots he probobly would have won the fight
Sodak- December 4, 2010 at 8:58 am
And if your sick of talking about Fael I'm sick of hearing about him. I'm astounded why allmost beating Anderson Silva via lay n pray has made this guy a fucking MMA superstar.

I mean is Anderson really that good that allmost beating him warrants such attention. by the way chael never had a chance, when your game plan is lay n pray and you can't defend a submission to save your life, you'll never win a 5 rounder.
Kimbos Bread- December 4, 2010 at 8:57 am
Chael is a weird dude. He's got a teenagers voice and hypogonadism and yet he's still got a bit of a receding hairline. He was the first guy to pick apart Anderson silva in the octagon, and yet he still lost. He's spoken with the heads of CASC about his condition before being tested, and yet he's still being disciplined. He stands up to a poorly managed steroid testing authority, and yet he still supports them. For a guy with supposedly no balls he sure seems to have a nice pair when the cameras are focused on him.
Sodak- December 4, 2010 at 8:55 am
Awesome, HDnet fights stopped showing M-1 so its good to hear us americans will still be able to watch em on Showtime!