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[VIDEO] Gina Carano Returns to the Small Screen in February on Almost Human

(Thanks to CP reader Steven Wong for the tip/image.)

Good news, Taters! Former MMA starlet Gina Carano is making her triumphant return to the world of television and all we can say is Hnnnnnng

Carano, who is coming of a successful turn in Fast and Furious 6*, will guest star on the next episode of Almost Human, the future cop/Robocop buddy cop show on FOX. If the episode promo after the jump is to be believed, it looks like Carano will be playing an emotionless cyborg killing machine that has gone off the reservation…Haywire, you might even say. (*sad rimshot*)

Carano also has two projects currently in the works — In the Blood (a.k.a female Taken) and an untitled Adi Shankar project (a.k.a female Expendables). It’s always nice to see an old friend finding employment, but especially so when that friend is Gina Carano and that work involves corsets and fishnets.

The next episode of Almost Human airs February 3rd on FOX, so join us after the jump for a sneak peak.

Huh, well that was a thing.

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the screenwriters for this episode could have done a little more with the “You’re telling me I gotta…Great” exchange. I’ve heard that bit easily 100 times in my life, and the way the dude delivered it, he might as well have turned to the camera and gave a Jim from the Office smirk. What I’m trying to say is that I hate almost everything on television now that Breaking Bad is over.

*Or at least, I’m assuming Carano was good in the film. My interest in the Fast franchise was killed as soon as Lil’ Bow Wow walked on screen. Come to think of it, I still haven’t even seen Haywire yet. It’s not that I have anything against the film — I mean, I’m sure it’s decent — but it’s so far down on my list of “Things to Do” that it might as well be “return credit card company’s phone calls,” you know what I mean?

-J. Jones

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