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Video: Gray Maynard’s Grip Strength is Stronger Than an NFL Lineman’s and His Punch is Harder Than James Toney’s

(Video courtesy of YouTube/MMAPain)

Sure, it’s not exactly proof that he’s a better athlete than a pro football player or that his pugilistic skills are better than James Toney’s, but you have to admit Gray’s numbers are at least a bit impressive.

The Sports Science lab measured the grip strength and the punching power of “The Bully” and it seems that doing rope climbs and hitting the heavy bag are paying off in dividends for Maynard.

His grip strength was measured at 195 lbs — nearly 50 lbs more than some NFL linemen tested on the show who are nearly twice his size. His punching power was clocked at 1400 lbs of force — 100 lbs more than “Lights Out” who outweighs Maynard by at least 60-70 lbs.

The bottom line: Maynard is a strong dude. Frankie Edgar better hope he doesn’t grab ahold of his arm or throat on Saturday night because he might crush them both. And if he manages to connect with a clean shot, “The Answer” might wake up to a question like, “Frankie, what day is it?”


  1. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 04:43

    He punches harder than a 155 pound James Toney, and he is stronger (grip wise) than a 155 pound NFL player. Both of which have not existed since the early 70s.
  2. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 04:50

    Ed. Note: I'm sure it would suck to get hit by both of them. And I made that comment before I watched the video fully. Honesty. Best policy. Do my arrogant assumptions have any significance? No, but neither does the experiment 'cos Maynard would get crushed by a lineman in football, and K.O.'d by Toney in a straight boxing match. I'm sure Maynard would do work on both the lineman and Toney in an MMA match. I guess it was ultimately for entertainment purposes. Buzzkill! - LtD
  3. skeletor Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 04:57

    A buddy of mine wrestled Gray in college and said he was the strongest person of any weight that he ever wrestled.
  4. skeletor Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 05:02

    They should put one of those censors on Frankie's chin and see what it takes to knock him out.
  5. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 05:06

    For a video that proclaims to explain "sport science," you'd think these dipshits would know that it is leg strength, not upper body strength, that allows someone to punch hard. And don't these freak numbers make it all the more unbelievable that Maynard hasn't finished a fight in nearly 4 years? It certainly suggests that he is still getting by more on athleticism than skill.
  6. virsaci Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 05:15

    It wasn't because of the rope climbing. It's because of the master weight.
  7. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 05:29

    @Penfifteen, You mean hip rotation and pivoting the foot? Also since when is being Athletic not skillful?
  8. AndyInflammatory Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 05:49

    @PenFifteen do you just regurgitate EVERYTHING you read in forums?
  9. Dana_Plight Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 05:50

    Bullshit. Not true experimental design. Sports Science is quasi-science at best, and the scientists on the show know it. It takes a lot more design, statistical analyses, and banging of head on desk in front of the computer to get decent, non-bias results, and even then it still has some bias.
  10. Fatty McDickbutts Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 05:59

    Fuck this sports science bullshit. Look, I can do it too: FATTY HAS A STRONGER JAB THAN ANDERSON SILVA, AND A DICK BIGGER THAN RON JEREMY. Fuckin' amateur's
  11. danomite Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 06:10

    I'm starting to think these sports science contraptions are about as accurate as Cage Potato's punch machine.
  12. Gobbleston Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 06:15

    I'm amused that they boast his amazing knockout, but fail to mention it being his only knockout.
  13. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 06:19

    @Karma Like I said, there is no correlation between grip strength/rope climbing and being able to punch hard. If they wanted to demonstrate something meaningful about a strength exercise that correlates with punching power, they would have shown him doing power cleans, but that wouldn't have made for such a dramatic 3D visualization. But thanks anyway for your completely unnecessary correction.
  14. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 06:22

    Also, being athletic is not a skill, because a skill is something that is acquired rather than inately possessed. This is why no one refers to being smart as a "skill." Seriously, if you would like to blow Gray Maynard, maybe skeletor's friend can give you his contact info.
  15. AndyInflammatory Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 06:38

    angry nerd is angry
  16. HipHopHieronymus Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 07:01

    Watch Jens Pulver driven there Pen Fifteen, he knows a thing or two about heavy hands and he says it has to do with grip strength.
  17. skeletor Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 07:03

    @Pen Fifteen - I might be able to hook that up. I can't guarantee Gray would be into it, but I couldn't deny it either.
  18. Todd M Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 08:39

    It seems every time they do one of these "scientific tests' it blows the last set of results out the window, I'm not buying it.
  19. edhedicus Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 09:02

    It is just for entertainment. Anyone that follows the sport, works out at the local gym, even the Ed Hardy shirt guys know this science means nothing. It is just for fun, and a great way to showcase the stars of the game and grow the sport.
  20. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Tue, 10/04/11 - 09:26

    Hey Andy, do you think you could loan me your book of fucking stupid internet memes? I'm thinking about trying to rib people in the comments section, but I don't want to sound too witty or original in the process, which is an art you seem to have mastered.
  21. Davestruction Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 04:01

    @Pen Fifteen, Holy shit man, you made a long time lurker come out of his hiding just to tell you: What's wrong? You're so angry for no reason, flaming everyone because their opinion differs from yours. Take it easy. Sure, it's not really super scientific, but as Edhedicus said it's just for entertainment. Don't you think it draws some more people to our beloved sport of MMA? And inate athleticism isn't a skill but you still have to work really hard to get there. It's not like they get it all for free. I think more than anything being able to train as hard as they do is the reason of the top guys success in the UFC. /Dave
  22. lynn2030 Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 04:42
  23. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 05:55

    The harder you grip, the harder your fist will be, like getting hit with a rock as opposed to an egg. As a fighter you should just be strong in general and athletic in general.
  24. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 06:01

    @Dave As a long-time lurker, you ought to be familiar with the CP tradition of calling out bullshit when you see it (you should also be familiar with the CP tradition of Karma producing overly earnest replies and being shat on in response). And as you'll also note, I was not the only person to point out how dumb this segment is in the comments, but merely the first, and I was also the one flamed as a result. . Kind of hilarious that people like MMA because it's "realistic" compared to, say, pro-wrestling, and then when a segment on ESPN mythologizes the actual technique and science behind it, people are falling all over themselves to remind us that it's "just entertainment." . So, if you thought this segment was really cool or something, and are all butthurt that I think it's stupid, you could always consider the possiblity that this says more about you than about me.
  25. Pen Fifteen Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 06:06

    And for everyone who is so hung up on grip strength, why are there so many high-level BJJ guys in the UFC, who you know must have gorilla grips, that have pillows for hands?
  26. Me likey Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 06:14

    @hiphop grip strength does not equal punching power. it comes from core strength, hip and shoulder rotation, foot placement, and punch accuracy. if it was grip strength you wouldn't be able to knock people out with kicks, knees or elbows.
  27. SnackDaddy Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 07:34

    "The bottom line: Maynard is a strong dude. Frankie Edgar better hope he doesn’t grab ahold of his arm or throat on Saturday night because he might crush them both. And if he manages to connect with a clean shot, “The Answer” might wake up to a question like, “Frankie, what day is it?”" Erm... did you guys forget to watch the last fight? Maynard couldn't knock Frankie down even after hitting with a whole round full of clean shots. Frankie's gonna box Maynard for five rounds and make him look silly just like the last fight. War Edgar!
  28. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 09:20

    Gray Maynard's Grip Strength is Stronger Than an NFL Lineman's and His Punch is Harder Than James Toney's... ...and his personality is duller than Ben Stein's.
  29. Davestruction Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 09:29

    @Pen, The thing is I don't disagree with you. I do think this video is complete bull, but then again true MMA fans don't need this kind of stuff to get hyped. I don't even see this being aimed at our kind of audience. I do think this video is a great way to get mainstream audience to watch the fight. I just wanted you to stop being so negative towards fellow fans and maybe see the positive things in the post. What I'm trying to say is let's all be friends:)
  30. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 09:42

    @Pen; Skills can be inherently gifted to you at birth, you don't have to LEARN a skill or skill set. That just isn't how it works I agree that rope climbing may not correlate into punching power but it is really good strength and conditioning for ones body regardless. Also my first Gym for MMA was Xtreme Couture if I needed to I'd just fly my ass down to vegas I don't need skeletors friends to do my work for be However I don't swing that way but thanks for that very generous offer.
  31. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 10:07

    Sure Maynard is strong, but the fact is after two encounters with Edgar his strength has not carried the day. On the other hand Edgar, wears the title, as he seems to be slightly advantaged in skills. I don't usually jump on the bandwagon for a redux, but these men come to clash and they don't cower.
  32. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 10/05/11 - 10:14

    @KarmaAteMyCat . Karma what you talking about...regardless of inherited, unless its developed one's full potential lays latent. Come on bro, its the 10,000 hour rule that will either carry or refuse the day. . You just earned today's "D-"
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    Wed, 10/05/11 - 05:39
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