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VIDEO: Jon Jones Runs From Reporters After Bailing Himself Out of Jail

(Jones’ mugshot, via the Albuquerque PD)

It may have taken him close to 24 hours to do so, but Jon Jones has finally turned himself in to Albuquerque police following his hit-and-run accident over the weekend. Now, he faces a completely different backlash, with fans, fighters, and media members alike calling for him to be pulled from UFC 187 and stripped of his title.

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Late last night, it was confirmed by multiple outlets that Jones had officially been placed in custody following a bizarre series of events that resulted in local police issuing a felony warrant for his arrest. “Bones” was arrested for “felony leaving the scene of an accident involving death or personal injuries” and was booked at 7:11 p.m Monday evening. Shortly thereafter, however, Jones posted the $2,500 bail necessary and was released (probably why he went back to the scene to grab cash). Local affiliate KOAT was able to secure some footage of Jones leaving jail, but the champ refused to comment on his situation.

The UFC has yet to make an official statement on the situation beyond the one they initially made, but perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this story is that Jones has still yet to be removed from his UFC 187 title fight with Anthony Johnson. According to Jones’ attorney, Vincent Ward, ”[Jon] wants to get down to training for this fight he has. He wouldn’t want to be dealing with this right now, but he’s a great guy, he’s taking all this seriously.”

Yes, Vincent. He doesn’t want to be dealing with the HIT AND RUN INVOLVING A PREGNANT WOMAN HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR right now, but he’s willing to put off training for a couple days to because he’s a five star guy all around. (*slams head off desk*)

Meanwhile, fans and media members alike are calling for Jones to not only be removed from UFC 187, but stripped of his title. The most vocal of those detractors was none other than former UFC fighter-turned-commentator Kenny Florian on last night’s edition of America’s Pregame:

I think stripping him of the title is appropriate. Of course, if these allegations are true. I think cutting him may be a little bit harsh. I would be for stripping him of the title and getting him to realize that there are repercussions. If you screw up, there are repercussions and a possible fine. He was supposed to face Anthony Johnson, and I think that is the other repercussion; I don’t think he should — if this is true — I don’t think he should be allowed to fight Anthony Johnson. He needs to go and get help. I think UFC is probably, more likely, looking to find a replacement for Jon Jones at this point. I think that is going to happen if these allegations are true.

Even noted UFC shill Kevin Iole has called for Jones to be stripped, stating, “It would be a symbolic gesture to strip him, but an important measure of symbolism. The UFC will be saying that it meant it when it instituted a Fighter Code of Conduct, and that it’s not going to let Jones slide because he’s a great fighter and a big moneymaker.”

Word has it that Lorenzo Fertitta is currently flying out to New Mexico to personally meet with Jones. We will continue to update this post as information is made available.

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