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Video: ‘Karmaatemycat’ Kicks Dude’s Ass in Wisconsin

Jeff Watts karmaatemycat MMA

Big, big congratulations to Potato Nation member Jeff “karmaatemycat” Watts, who increased his amateur MMA record to 2-1 on Saturday night, scoring a dominant decision victory over Rusty Dafoe at the LCO Cage Fights event in Hayward, Wisconsin. And as promised, he came out wearing his CagePotato Devil Horns t-shirt, like a boss. You did us proud, buddy. Video of the fight is after the jump, along with some play-by-play…

Round 1: Jeff wades through an overhand right and scores a quick takedown. He’s reversed on the mat, and starts to work a series of submission attempts off his back. Nothing pans out, so he uses a triangle setup to flip Dafoe, landing directly in mount. Watts batters his opponent until the end of the round, taking the first frame in dramatic fashion.

Round 2: Again, Jeff nails the takedown at his earliest opportunity. Dafoe tries to lock him down, but Jeff gets some space and goes back to his nasty GnP. Dafoe is stuck, and actually tries to strike with Jeff off his back. Second round also goes to our hero.

Round 3: Jeff eats a head kick, but catches Dafoe in a clinch, knees him in the grill, and unloads with punches. Dafoe swings desperately. He falls to the mat…somehow. (Karma might have to explain that moment, as it’s kind of hard to tell what happened from the video.) Jeff dives on and lands in half-guard. He softens Dafoe up with a knee and easily jumps to mount. He tries for an arm-triangle choke, but can’t quite sink it, so he goes back to his reliable punches and elbows from the top. The last bell rings, and it’s a shutout. CagePotato’s own Jeff “karmaatemycat” Watts wins via decision (scores not announced). Future of the bantamweight division? Absolutely.


  1. KINGMADE Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:25

    What... a person that post is not just an keyboard warrior? Great job Karma!! The only thing I would have done differently was pulled on the arm in the first round when you had him in the triangle.
  2. RwilsonR Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:29

    Awesome job, Karma. You did the tater nation proud! Question: Can this really go down as an amateur fight for Karma since he was sponsored with that badass walkout shirt? I'm just saying that those shirts are valuable things around here, and I just don't want to see Karma all Jim Thorpe'd over it.
  3. Viva Hate Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:30

    Fun to watch, way to rep it up Karma! Great job!!!
  4. Morningwood Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:32

    Nice Job Karma!
  5. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:33

    When he falls on his back in the third its because I grabbed his leg. he might have been a bit dizzy AT THE TIME from the loss of blood and bombs. THe kid had a lot of heart and a solid chin Rusty did really well. I just did better. Now its back to the gym and more training.
  6. dim mak Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:33

    Whooo--awesome job, Karma! Where do you train?
  7. nickyroose Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:47

    All past animus aside, great job! Also what weight class is this? And look your own tag!
  8. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:49

    Bantam weight.
  9. nickyroose Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:51

    Don't forget your roots! No violation of the bans! NO fist poses!
  10. jimbonics Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:51

    FUCK YES!   I vote for Fight of the Week status. Hook it up, ben!
  11. jimbonics Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:54

    Oh and apparently Zoila Frausto married Jorge Gurgel over the weekend.
  12. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:57

    I new they were going to be Married I was unaware when the ceremony was going down.
  13. ccman Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:57

    Notes from the c. I don't often try to picture the posters here since minds eye can't see around all the mountain dew bottles and funion bags but seriously not what I would guess karma to look like. Congrads on dominating without your leather mini skirt and gimp mask. Serious, good job. How the fuck did karma get a shirt? Fucker ain't funny. (Kidding but someones gotta bitch or wouldn't feel nation)
  14. Videodrome_NOW Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:58

    Good fight. Only disappointed that the ring announcer did not say Jeff "KarmaAteMyCat" Watts. Better fighter nickname than "Fancy Pants".
  15. skeletor Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:00

    Good job Karma! I would have finished him, but trying to live up to my awesomeness can be very frustrating. Keep it up.
  16. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:03

    if you pay attention I nail my opponent with an elbow and spray the announcer with blood in the third I believe? He gets up and starts trying to wipe it off. Which I can only assume didn't work out for him. Good times.
  17. RwilsonR Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:09

    @ Karma - I also liked how you were trying to get in the cage and fight with your CP shirt on, and you weren't going to stop repping the Potato until the ref made you. That is some dedication to the community here! ...And no glove taps for you! I wouldn't have expected any less from the feisty Karma I know on CP. Again, nice work!
  18. RSparrow Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:10

    Good job bro.
  19. aba_k Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:10

    Great fight dude! Nearly had him with that triangle! I found what works for me is if I cross my leg as far up my shin as I can, and squeeze my knees together and my heels to my ass.
  20. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:13

    lemme first and foremost say I appreciate all the best wishes and the article post. Honestly I do. Though I will first tell you that I have much to learn and a very long part of my journey is yet walked. I dont even consider myself good, and my expectations for the future are GREAT so that means I have a lot of work ahead of myself. Thank you potato nation for the love its much enjoyed I shall bask in it while it lasts. Thanks again.
  21. Lutador Vomitando Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:13

    Good job. It looked like I was watching an early Jon Fitch fight. And I mean that in the best way. And you are every bit as handsome as he is. Way to pound the shit out of that guy. Great fight!
  22. cecils_pupils Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:14

    You look pretty much like i thought you'd look, scrappy and angry. Way to go Karma... way to fuckin' go, man!
  23. djp1988 Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:29

    Kick ass man! Stay hungry and keep working and greatness shall be achieved.
  24. Prometheus Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:40

    Epic GnP. I dig that shit.
  25. Sudos KFC Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:44

    good fight my man. Who else fights here? I have my 9th ammy fight coming up on march 19th. Maybe we do a BE Vs. CP card...I call kid nate
  26. donfryesmustache Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:49

    Nice elbows, that triangle woulda been sick
  27. SuckMyShinya Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:50

    Awesome Job man
  28. Waxedpants Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:53

    Great job Karma!
  29. Waxedpants Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:55

    Jeff " KarmaAteMyCat " Watts actually has a nice ring to it and is totally unique , no one who hears it will ever forget it.... go with it !
  30. BryanF Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 10:03

    Fuckin' A buddy! (hope you don't plan on fighting in the UFC anytime soon with that shirt on...)
  31. Turd Furgeson Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 10:14

  32. RSparrow Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 10:27

    @Sudos 9th ammy fight? Time to go pro, bro. What's your weight?
  33. donfryesmustache Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 10:28

    but he's no Ro-soo mar Paul-Harris hu Turd
  34. k-onda Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 10:30

    Nice, Karma's almost famous enough now that if I see him in a bar, I'm gonna wait till I'm drunk enough to walk up to him and sputter insults at him in front of his girl, then if he tries to start with me I'll gouge him in the eye and run, almost. Keep up the good work!
  35. Smitty Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 10:45

    Good job Jeff. We're behind you bro!!!
  36. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 10:51

    Damn Karma, didn't you say you weighed like 200 pounds in junior high? That Starbuck's diet is really paying off, amigo. And good shit staying busy with those elbows. Even when you block them they hurt..
  37. FaH Q NL15 Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 11:01

    Good Shit. Keep up the hard work man. You got whats necessary in this shit, fuckin heart... And some solid jits always helps too.
  38. Blackleg Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 11:20

    GG Karma. Should have had that McKenzitine in the 1st though. ;)
  39. Terminator Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 11:31

    I'm sure your boyfriend is pshyched
  40. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 11:37

    ccman Says: "How the fuck did karma get a shirt? Fucker ain’t funny. (Kidding but someones gotta bitch or wouldn’t feel nation)" LOL keeping it nation, i dig it. Turd Ferguson Says: (in his head) "Rousimar Palhares woulda heel hooked him in the first." KAMC >> Good fight, yo, and way to keep it Nation in there! Your ammy scene is pretty hardcore. Around here, amateurs wear headgear, no elbows are allowed, rounds are 90 seconds and both fighter are swathed in bubble wrap. Respeck!
  41. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 11:43

    Nice, congrats.
  42. FaH Q NL15 Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 12:05

    lmfbo @ the thought of an ayokiplata attempt after that roll from ur triangle to mount in the first
  43. omunto Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 12:32

    Nice job Karma. Im surprised and jealous that they let you guys do knees to the face and elbows in atateur events up in Wisconsin. We can't utilize them in CA till we turn pro. Great dominant win buddy!
  44. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 12:56

    Way to go Karma, fucken good work man, you ever take a fight a fight down under you've the support crew ready to go bro, once again, congrats on the win, but specifically how you won, great fight man, you did the Tater nation proud
  45. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 12:57

    ^ and yourself, buddy, you did yourself proud, you happy with your performance, you look pretty fucken sharp to me
  46. Get Off Me Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 01:25

    That's a solid fight Karma. You can't teach heart and a solid chin. Bravo!
  47. danomite Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 01:37

    Good Job. A few words of advice, though, if i may. First, instead of fighting three full rounds you should have just hit him with a hodouken right off the bat and ended it. Secondly, Mandex. Start wearing it. It's an express ticket to the top. All the greats wear mandex: GSP, Fedor, Wand in pride, Shogun, Anderson, Bas, etc...
  48. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 02:08

    Thanks everyone! I actually wanted to order a pair of Vale Tudo shorts before the fight but I didn't have the funds. Money makes the world go round I would love to wear the mandex. I promised you guys a video and I followed through I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. I wasn't sure until right before the event started if they were going to allow us to use Knee's and elbows but we train for everything so I brought the game. After cutting weight and eating nothing but great food I can't wait to eat some pizza tonight.
  49. BONGTAR Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 02:30

    GOOD SHIT KARMA!!!!!!!!!
  50. TrouserSnout Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 02:55

    Good fight Karma !! Congrats !!!
  51. sevvi Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 02:57

    Great fight karma. Good luck in future fights. Congratulations from Sweden.
  52. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 03:49

    Thanks guys :) WAR POTATO NATION!
  53. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 04:11

    Congrats Karma! Great fight! I thought the ref should've stopped the fight during the GNP in the 1st. And the 2nd. And the 3rd. Maybe if it was a real ref instead of some dude from Footlocker.
  54. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 04:17

    That ref kicked ass he was funny as hell.
  55. Goog Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 04:39

    Nice job, Jeff. Keep working, though, and remember... you haven't really accomplished anything till Dana calls you "a fucking nobody".
  56. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 04:46

    @goog oh man thats my dream, late night calls from zuffa reps asking me what kind of scumbag I am.
  57. Jesus Frijoles Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 05:00

    I agree with the stoned Taco, I would have stopped that in the first.Salute!
  58. coldbeer78 Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 05:04

    The last 10-15 seconds or so of the first round looked like Ralphie beating on Scott Farkas. I was waiting for karmas mom to show up and pull him off the other dude and then hook him up by not telling his dad too much about it at the dinner table. Also, before the fight the camera man says that they didn't say karmas nickname. So what is your nickname, karma ?
  59. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 05:13

    Jefferey thekilla Watts Thats also not the camera man thats my training partner. My fiance was recording the fight.
  60. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 05:36

    Kilowatts, nice
  61. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 05:40

    FBF got the pun! Good man I have to goto Budokai! DUECES!
  62. dranokills Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 07:08

    first thing: Karma you little fireplug you did it! Im so damn happy for ya bro. now lastly , seriously work on your striking and your stamina. Am I saying that to be a cock? no you know it and so do I. You did great guy, you fuckin rocked the hawk, and you sure as fuck made it look better than 4 eyes RUSS (snicker). Now back to the gym, work on being snappier and get a gastank for an elephant Your jits was sick as hell, and you make us all proud. FBF and I, and Rex approve of ya so that makes you cooler than the other side of the pillow. all that AC/DC music they shoulda played " for those about to rock!"....cause I salllluuuttttteeeeee U!!!!! (FIRE!)
  63. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 07:52

    My cardio was fine before the fight, I ate a sub which was my bad because I started having tummy cramps in the third. I was ready to heave I swallowed a mouthful of vomit and continued to fight. I plan on working on the striking and thanks drano.
  64. DARKHORSE06 Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:00

    Holy shit! That was awesome, congrats! I cant believe a fellow CP-er is also an destroyer of men. That took a lot of guts.
  65. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:16

    Yeah, I thought it was fucken awesome when Rex stareted doing Bellator, we've since had more comments page contributors actually do articles, J-Dogs fine photography skills and now, WE'VE ACTUALLY GOT A REAL FIGHTER, the Tater Nations fucken rox gentlemen, we are a fucken cool bunch of cats.
  66. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 08:18

    And now BG, I propose a PR/Sponsorship deal, you make a special run of CP "Jeff the Killa Watts" T-shirts, we all buy at least two each, money raised goes towards Karma's further fighting efforts, whataya say Ben??
  67. stopdrinkingpee Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 09:08

    Nice fight, Karma. I thought you had him with the triangle in the first and the arm-triangle in the third. Good stuff.
  68. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 10:15

    You guys give me to much credit! Hit me up on twitter to guys :) Karmaatemycat I NEED MORE FOLLOWERS! No but seriously I don't know how I'd go about getting Vale Tudo shorts with Cagepotato on them or what not. Feel free to suggest ideas I'm open to them. @FBF that would be amazing. I won't get my hopes up to much.
  69. Tweets that mention Will explain it all for you. -- Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 10:58

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by karmaatemycat, karmaatemycat. karmaatemycat said: @CatchSolo Will explain it all for you. [...]
  70. ccman Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 11:01

    Fiiiiiiiiiiine. I will egotiate sponsors. Even though karma inflated head just floated past titos. "Yes mr. Nike, coke, budweiser, and under armour. Karma will wear and use yer crap but only if all of you change yer company names to 'eating cat gear' and we want a football helmet full of cottage cheese, world peace outside the cage, hitlers email, fowlkes back, ring girls as corner blowers... errr corner personel, danas last hair folicle, the video of al gore blowing french parliment to get the global warming 'sham wow' type gig, and the state of virginia cuz its a combo of virgin and vagina. Plus enough cash that my manager cut let's me buy and sell gates. Pay up bitches."
  71. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/21/11 - 11:46

    No my ego is not inflated. I know I have a lot to learn. :) Thanks though ccman! ha.
  72. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 12:15

    ccman Says: Mon, 02/21/11 - 11:01 and the state of virginia cuz its a combo of virgin and vagina. ................................................................. Now you see this is worthwhile information, fucken Ripley's should focus on shit like this, this is cool stuff, I woulda loved to have been at the meeting where they chose that name.
  73. Zee German Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 01:15

    You're the man, Karma. Looked sharp in there. Way to make the Nation proud. Kudos, Sir.
  74. Crap Factory Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 04:44

    Video is gone. :(
  75. ccman Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 05:38

    Well then inflate that shit karma. This is marketing, has nothing to do with reality. Use the sfgp if you need a model.
  76. Turd Furgeson Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 06:52

    Lol @ Rex and donfrye You guys know me well, but while your statements may be true, I don't wanna take away from Karma's awesomeness with my Palhares nuthuggery. Awesome job Karma. Keep killin it homie.
  77. Gorgzilla Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 06:59

    This is so fucking awesome! Our own CP-fighter! I actually feel a little bit proud now. For your next fight please fuel up the hype-train, make it seem like its earth-shattering important! Spew trash-talk like youre Sonnen on coke! I'm sure CP-Nation will follow up with some fierce keyboard-fighting! Maybe we can hack your opponents twitter?
  78. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 08:09

    @ CCMAN The only sponsor I need is Cage Potato as far as i'm concerned.:) @Gorg Oh god that sounds like something right of /b/ @Everyone else Thanks again.
  79. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 08:10

    What the hell MetaCafe deleted my video...
  80. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 08:13

    Someone reported my video for excessive violence.
  81. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 08:24

    I'll re upload it once more see If I can't get Metacafe to ban me.
  82. ccman Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 09:36

    Karma you make it really hard to exploit , get rich off , flat out rob market you. We need a bullshit , kos styled lie , fedor protected marketable image so we can rape pull sponsors besides <broke ass cage potato, fuckers who give you a shirt so they don't have to work weekends and not pay me our beloved cage potato. Trust me, I interned for don king, bob arum, golden boy a marketing company for almost 12 minutes.
  83. ccman Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 09:39

    . Strike thru doesnt work anymore ??? Whaaaaa....
  84. GistoftheFist Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 09:42

    I couldn't view the video unfortunately. Nice to see someone who isn't a blob of flesh and cheetoes communicating entirely by mouth breathing like many keyboard warriors. I bet Rusty had no trouble making weight since he probably crapped his pants upon seeing Karma.
  85. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 02:51

    Yeah I don't know where to re-upload the video suggestions are welcome.
  86. jeanclaudetransam Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 03:39

    Dear Karma, I still personally think you're a huge douche. But congratulations all the same on your victory.
  87. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 02/22/11 - 03:56

    Thats alright I still think some of the posters here at Cagepotato are douchebags but Their part of the family and it's just that simple. thanks regardless I suppose.
  88. Gorgzilla Says:

    Wed, 02/23/11 - 02:41

    @Karma I take it that's a big NO then? Stupid martial arts makes everyone so sensible :-(
  89. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Wed, 02/23/11 - 05:46

    @Gorg Whats the question?
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