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VIDEO: Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping Get All Up In Each Other’s Grills Following Fight Night 55 Press Conference

So Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold were in Sydney, Australia earlier today for the Fight Night 55 press conference, and wouldn’t you know, they were barely able to keep things civil.

Submission Radio managed to catch the two mid-staredown on a balcony after the press conference, and as you might expect, it was Bisping who struck first.

“You get one step closer to me and I will f*cking knock you out,” threatened the Brit.

“Who have you ever knocked out?” replied Rockhold.

Point Rockhold.

“Your boy last weekend, you f*cking prick,” said Bisping.

Point Bisping.

Now suddenly finding himself on the defensive, Rockhold attempt to question the validity of Bisping’s win, asking “You call that a f*cking knockout?” It was here that the exchange began to slip away from the former Strikeforce champ.

Bisping responded by asking Rockhold who he had ever knocked out in his career to make him such an expert, to which Rockhold replied, “Costa Philippou.” Bisping rightfully pointed out that a body shot TKO isn’t really a KO, to which Rockhold responded that he had “knocked out plenty of people in Strikeforce.”

A quick look over his record reveals, however, that Rockhold’s only win to come via KO was over Keith Jardine, who you might recall was once knocked out by ASAC Schrader.

From there, Rockhold was in scramble mode, suddenly finding himself unable to name names, and countered by asking Bisping who he had ever “knocked to the floor.” Because you know an argument is going well when you start bringing semantics into the equation.

Bisping once again referred to his recent win over Rockhold’s “boyfriend”, Cung Le, to which Rockhold replied that he “wasn’t impressed” by it.

Just so we’re all clear on how Rockhold sees things:

-Dropping a guy with a body shot = legit KO.

-Turning a guy’s face into dogmeat before obliterating him with punches and knees = pussy sh*t.

When do these two fight again? November?!! F*ck me, this is going to be brutal.

-J. Jones

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