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Video: “Mayhem” Miller Flips Out on EA Sports MMA Game Designers

Going somewhere with “Mayhem” Miller is in many ways like going somewhere with a live chimpanzee.  He can act human-like for extended periods of time, but there’s always a chance that he’s going to throw his poop at someone, probably at the exact worst moment.  The designers of the EA Sports game must have been feeling that way when they showed Mayhem his character in their video game.  Turns out they didn’t give him a very high skill rating, and he’s not going to be content to just boycott the game like T.J. Houshmandzadeh. captures his reaction in this video (for the full video of Mayhem and King Mo hanging out at EA Sports, go here) which is fun if only because it’s probably going to provide these video game designers with interesting stories to tell over dinner for the next six months.  Then their friends will all get tired of them again and everyone will go back to talking about TV shows in between bouts of uncomfortable silence and chewing.



  1. I Hate Bisping Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:03

    aLaugh out MFing Loud. Mayhem's a Crazy MF!
  2. I Hate Bisping Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:06

    Doo DOo Pie, right to the faces. LOL!!!
  3. nsiegel5 Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:15

    first time I actually enjoyed watching Miller kinda funny
  4. Horror Fighter Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:23

    Mayhem's acting skills > Rampage's acting skills
  5. Da Spied Her Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:26

    @Horror Fighter: true, I'm not quite sure why Mayhem didn't get the A-Team role instead of Rampage...
  6. Payday Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:29

    Mayhem should play Murdock. That was some funny shit!
  7. Ed M Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:37

    EA Designers- HAHAHA! You had us going, Mayhem!
  8. WarpedAcorn Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:38

    I envy that conference room and its "play" environment. =(
  9. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:45

    Anyone watch last night's Bully Beatdown? Am I the only one that thought Tommy "The Gun" is a fucking loser? Dude, kept cranking on all submissions way past Big John calling it and came pretty close to breaking the "bully's" (some nobody) arm with an americana. The best part, though, was that he almost got knocked out by this novice in the kickboxing match. No wonder I can't find this jackass on wikipedia. Even Andy Wang's on wikipedia, lol!
  10. Iron Fist Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:52

    @Payday, holy shit spot on, Jason Mayhem Miller = Howling Mad Murdock. Brilliant.
  11. portland mma Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 10:06

    At least Mayhem's argument is way better then TJ Douchemanzadeh's.
  12. J-Dog Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 10:14

    I wonder how many of the game designers shit their pants and choked back tears during that outburst. That was pretty funny. And yes "the Gun" on last night's Bully Beatdown was really pathetic. Got his ass handed to him in the kickboxing match until he threw an illegal head kick. What a hoser.
  13. Smitty Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 10:19

    I wonder if any other people were in on Mayhems outburst... Seemed like a couple guys new what was going on.
  14. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 10:48

    I didn't even know that was a rule. I was loving the instant replays though. That was freakin hilarious!
  15. CZ Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 10:57

    Between this and Bully Beatdown Im starting to wonder if anything Miller is involved in is real. (besides the real whoopin Shields is gonna put on him)
  16. just some dong Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 11:09

    I wish it was real, so one of those EA nerds could have stood up and knocked this fuck face's teeth down his throat. Probably why he started laughing at the end... no one was scared.
  17. dresdin Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 11:24

    how could they have given him a low skill set?? obviously the EA guys have not seen his superior hosting skills on Bully Beatdown
  18. J-Dog Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 11:27

    haha yeah the replays of the head kick KO were fucking priceless.. . "again in slow mo"... "now slower"... "now in black and white"... "show me a bunny"... "again with goofy sound effects"... It just kept going on and on and I just kept laughing harder. That was by far the best BB moment ever (but there haven't been very many good moments out of that show).
  19. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 11:43

    The show is pretty weak altogether. If they didn't keep showing the same footage over and over, it'd be like a 10 minute show like Robot Chicken. I hope Seth Green doesn't get any funny ideas now.
  20. LoneWolf Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 12:00

    That just made my freaking day!! LOL
  21. whitey Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 12:37

    i wanna jump in that ball pit!
  22. rockhuddy Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 04:05

    I'm pretty sure he was really pissed, and then once he realized how stupid he was acting he tried to pretend he was joking the whole time.
  23. brad23 Says:

    Fri, 09/25/09 - 04:37

    Man... Hooch is crazy.
  24. poplar table Says:

    Wed, 07/09/14 - 12:25

    Whispering Misty... So sorry you can pass up the workshop!...

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