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Video: Meet the Cast of ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team Dos Santos’

Ultimate Fighter 13 TUF 13 Team Lesnar vs. Team Dos Santos cast
(Update: The video was stuck on auto-play, so we moved it after the jump…)

Courtesy of Spike TV, here’s the cast unveiling video for TUF 13, which premieres on March 30th. Among the 14 welterweight hopefuls, there are fewer well-known names compared to recent seasons. I know who Shamar Bailey is because of his stint with Strikeforce, while undefeated KOTC standout Myles Jury — 9-0, all wins by stoppage, eight in the first round — has also been on my radar. But other than that, the cast is mostly made up of unknowns, with no obvious ringer in the mix. On the other hand, there also isn’t a lot of crazy hair in this video, which suggests that maybe these guys are more serious about fighting than camera time. That’s a good sign. A complete cast-list is after the jump…

Name: Nordin “Fist of Tangier” Asrih
Age: 32
Trains: Dusseldorf, Germany – Pride Gym
MMA record: 16-5-1

Name: Shamar Bailey
Age: 28
Trains: Indianapolis, IN – Integrated Fighting Systems
MMA record: 10-3

Name: Len “The Liger” Bentley
Age: 27
Trains: Olympia, WA – Victory Athletics
MMA record: 9-4-0

Name: Michael “Mick” Bowman
Age: 26
Trains: Liverpool, England – Wolfslair
MMA record: 7-2-0

Name: Keon “The Black Assassin” Caldwell
Age: 26
Trains: Moultrie, GA – Team Reality
MMA record: 8-1

Name: Chris “C-Murder” Cope
Age: 28
Trains: San Diego, CA – Arena MMA
MMA record: 4-1

Name: Zachary Davis
Age: 26
Trains: Rockville, MD – Evolve / Team Lloyd Irvin
MMA record: 4-1-0

Name: Anthony “El Cucuy” Ferguson
Age: 26
Trains: Ventura, CA – Knuckleheadz Boxing
MMA record: 10-2-0

Name: Clay Harvison
Age: 30
Trains: Marietta, GA – X3 Sports
MMA record: 6-1-0

Name: Myles “Fury” Jury
Age: 22
Trains: San Diego, CA – Victory
MMA record: 9-0

Name: Ryan McGillivray
Age: 24
Trains: Edmonton, Alberta Canada – Legends Training Centre
MMA record: 11-4-1

Name: Ramsey Nijem
Age: 22
Trains: Orem, UT – River Academy / The Pit
MMA record: 4-1-0

Name: Charlie “Superstar” Rader
Age: 29
Trains: New Orleans, LA – Power MMA
MMA record: 16-5

Name: Javier “Chunty Boy” Torres
Age: 25
Trains: Las Vegas, NV – Team Tompkins
MMA record: 3-0-0


  1. omunto Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 01:40

    Chris Cope is a teamate of mine (albeit I am just an amateur) and Myles Jury is the wrestling coach at the gym. Both are really talented. I hope they go far in the competition! Good Luck guys!
  2. tallkitchenbags Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 02:13

    ummmmmmm, boring.
  3. tallkitchenbags Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 02:15

    "the liger" vs "chunty boy" sign me up....
  4. ccman Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 02:19

    Notice how the higher end gyms never put guys on tuf? Not greg jackson, couture, hell even ceasar 'thug it up' gracie? Notice how wolfslair almost always seems too? Nuff said. Yes this is bitchping hate. No not letting it go.
  5. omunto Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 02:28

    @ccman didn't Brendan Schuab and Mcsweeny train at Jackson, and didnt Hendo have a couple of Team Quest guys?
  6. noname Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 03:22

  7. ghostboner Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 03:24

    GO Ramsey! Gotta support my local boys!
  8. ghostboner Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 03:25

    CP - It's "Riven", not river.
  9. Yazloz18 Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 03:54

    @omunto Thats pretty cool man, Myles seems a good early pick to take it. Bailey is an Indiana guy so even though he is a bit of a Jesus freak and has been slumping a bit lately I'm be pulling for him.
  10. ccman Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 03:59

    Y m@ om Mcsweeny maybe. Though he was there like less than a year. I believe he credited his kick boxers much more for his penchance to ketting ko'ed much more. Wasn't exactly getting gregs personal attention. Schuab split time and called altitude home, just also went to grudge. I will give 49% Quest as elite? Serious? Who has ever called hendo their 'coach'. Most get lindlands wrestling from 94, and hendo shaking his head in their corner.
  11. jimbonics Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 04:39

    I thought this to be a well done video to introduce the next cast.   omunto, good luck to your guys!   I'm picking ze German or the Texan, y'all.
  12. Cornerman Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 06:03

    All I wanna know is , does Cock Chestnar piss himself every time he sees Junior in his nightmares?
  13. AussieJosh Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 06:26

    Video says...."Sorry, This video is unavalible at this time" anyone else know where i can get it?
  14. coldbeer78 Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 06:30

    Myles "Fury" Jury ? Fuck that... if my name was Myles Jury, my nickname would definately be "Hung".
  15. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 08:52

    I am just excited of to see this.
  16. J-Dog Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 09:07

    Glad to see my buddy Shamar made it in. There aren't that many people listed... I guess they don't fight their way into the house this season?
  17. irish brawler Says:

    Mon, 02/28/11 - 11:23

    @ccman i cant say whether or not schaub and mcsweeney claimed to be a part of jacksons camp or not, however i clearly remember evans picking both of them first because they were "his guys". and on a side note, mcsweeney is really garbage. for a kickboxer, he really gets ktfo a lot
  18. rogerw Says:

    Tue, 03/01/11 - 12:12

    @AussieJosh It's region-restricted like all videos on - you have to use a proxy or so or use some other way to get a US ip-address to be able to watch it. btw, Dana White: if you want the UFC to expand outside the USA, how about fixing bullshit like that? How much could it possibly cost the UFC to let non-Americans watch TUF online?
  19. OneMorePunchFujita Says:

    Tue, 03/01/11 - 02:18

    All of Myles' stoppages are in the first round, not 8.
  20. Chavasse Says:

    Tue, 03/01/11 - 04:07

    "Sorry, the video is unavailable from this site." Wait, whut? Potato being dissed.
  21. rogerw Says:

    Tue, 03/01/11 - 05:54

    Again, it has nothing to do with Cage Potato, it's Spike/UFC/whoever runs blocking people from outside the USA from watching their videos.
  22. Chavasse Says:

    Tue, 03/01/11 - 06:42

    Ah, my bad. I missed AussieJosh's comment asking the same.
  23. Spicymeatball Says:

    Tue, 03/01/11 - 07:01

  24. HereForTheBooze Says:

    Tue, 03/01/11 - 04:44

    I Trained with keon, fast hands, decent wrestling. Hes nothing special on the ground and most of his record is hand picked cans. He is best friends with a local promoter / manager.
  25. Video: Introducing the Entire Cast of The Ultimate Fighter 13 | Says:

    Tue, 03/01/11 - 11:43

    [...] UFC Trailers Youtube page, and the full cast introduces themselves in a release from Spike TV (via CagePotato) after the [...]
  26. bobroode Says:

    Wed, 09/14/11 - 08:10

    This was by far the best season yet, Keon is a joke though, I've seen his fights. Qdoba Mexican Grill Coupons
  27. bobroode Says:

    Tue, 11/15/11 - 01:14

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