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VIDEO: New ‘UFC on FOX’ Promo Tells Bob Arum to Blow Them, Basically

FreeFightsforYou is the UFC’s semi-official YouTube shadow account that has given us such gems as The Brazilian Wandering Spider and UFC 133: The Movie Trailer. Their latest effort takes every stupid thing that jackass boxing promoter Bob Arum ever said and stuffs it up his mummified asshole. Saturday’s UFC on FOX event represents the UFC’s mainstream triumph over every closed-minded hater whose mindset is stuck in the middle of last century. “Velasquez vs. Dos Santos” is the UFC’s victory lap, and they’ve earned it.


  1. Kid Clam Curtains Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 01:45

    Dana just shit directly in Bob Arum's mouth.
  2. Phizix Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 02:16

  3. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 02:23

    Here goes CagePotato again, as a clearly paid shill for the UFC. . CP is the subsidiary of Break Media, a company that employs a junior network admin in their Los Angeles office who has lunch at least once a week at a sandwich shop frequented by a guy who has regularly commented positively on the videos posted by FreeFightsForYou, which we all know is the UFC's YouTube channel. How much more obvious do the connections need to be? . The writers on here clearly deny any connection of impropriety with the UFC, and CP's writers are clearly kept in the dark as they are but sheep in their corporate conglomerates plan. Even though they are not aware of Break's connections, it is still so obvious when the writers here refuse to go on the record and confirm them. It is so obvious to see through their lies. . We also know that Ben Goldstein used to work for Stuff magazine. In the UFC headquarters they have a copy of Stuff magazine in their lobby, so that they can indoctrinate waiting guests with their corporate partners' propaganda. Why else would they have a subscription to this specific magazine amongst the dozens of other magazines to which they have also subscribed? We all know Ben used his position there to get this job here at this UFC run website, where he is unaware of Break medians corporate connections to the UFC, but still peddles their lies to push their image by criticizing the UFC so poorly that it only makes the UFC look good. . It is so obvious, and we can all see through your lies. The problem with sewing such an intricate fabrication is that one loose string will unravel your multicolored sweater of absolute lies that you have so carefully woven. We see through this, and I can produce other strained metaphors to support my crazy conspiracies if you don't admit to this.
  4. RwilsonR Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 02:24

    ^ ^ Sorry, I felt lonely without XENO's crackpot theories today.
  5. MediumRare Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 02:30

    "...the majority of people in my generation would feel the same." . Yeah I bet Zuffa is shitting bricks over that demographic that is about to die....
  6. Fried Taco Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 02:54

    Sorry RwilsonR, but there is one big hole in your theory. BenG used to work for Gay Stuff Magazine. . Damn captcha was incorrect because it had a frickin PI symbol in it...
  7. ReX13 Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 03:11

    tshirt for RwR, fucking STAT i laughed so hard i wanted to crawl a mile through broken glass to buy a ticket to see the Zimmer-Martinez rematch.
  8. zhanguu Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 03:23
  9. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 03:59

    @ RwilsonR . I'm impressed. If the economy lingers in trough, there is a job awaiting you at: .
  10. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 04:04

    @MediumRare . I really don't get it...please take a minute and explain this for me.. . "Yeah I bet Zuffa is shitting bricks over that demographic that is about to die…." . Which demographic are you illuminating for us... . I would have guessed there would be a transference in demographics, but didn't see that there was a clearly defined group that would be turned off...please explain.
  11. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 04:07

    Crackpot is such a relative term. I prefer crackhead, myself, but that's just me. Well, me and Tyrone Biggums.
  12. ccman Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 04:24

    Can dade county support boxing another 10 years? Anyone else picture meetings at UFC hq going "ok today I'm going to kick Arums walker out and shit on his face, you guys?" "We were going to buy an island but might skip to watch" "no shit? How much?" "ain't too bad, we know a guy, they fell off a truck"
  13. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 04:29

    There is a simple math apporoach that can determine and predict the flush of $16M down the drain - and if it was beneficial. Its called Earned Value Management (EVM). Based on some past revenue streams from the UFC, and the costs vs. audience of the FOX premier we will soon see if the bleed rate was smart. . I wondered if it occured to UFC that there are other viable routes...without having to sacrifice the creme-DE-creme Heavies in the first free airing. Lorenzo claims this loss is to be spread over a 10 year period. He could be right, but he might be leaving much money on the table before this venture breaks even. . How many FREE events do you think the FOX-UFC is willing to lose before they change gears? . Others in the wind surely will either learn not to listen to the UFC, and not follow in their they enter the mainstream in a much more calculated fashion. . Ps...RwR, now you and nickyrose both owe me, noted. Just wait until CP offers the Xenophon collection. Those shirts won't have to be given away. They will generate a profit. . Pss...another common theme shared between the way CP and Zuffa operate - they both give away their offerings and wares. Not a good business decision Rex...then again, whats to be really be expected from a mere journalist? ZING
  14. ccman Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 04:41

    I swear I get dumber just reading this tools drivel. Nothing says smart quite like freshman accounting stream of conscious hoping 7th grade illiterate readers think that it sounds inciteful. But of course the accountants of a billion dollar global company just read that and are scrambling for their under grad text books in search of answers.
  15. markette518 Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 05:19

    i give credit to ariel for not beating the shit out of him with the microcphone...
  16. StinkFacer Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 06:08

    ccman you're from dade county? so carol city. Thats whats good, me n you will never see UFC live...we have to settle for Bellator at the hard rock
  17. XENOPHON Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 06:11

    ccman = tool
  18. StinkFacer Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 06:17

    and youre a troll beggin for attention. No food here, sir.
  19. ccman Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 06:21

    No stink, it's the epicenter of people who agree with Arums generation..... Damn you hanging chads. Xeno, great comeback, was 'I know you are but what am I' taken? Rubber/ glue legal argument? Seriously, I actually entertained your Montana mountain side lunacy a few times but the schtick has worn thin. Your mock whatever profession you can copy and paste arguements are getting just plain sad.
  20. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 07:04

    the majority of people in my generation would feel the same.” dear Bob, the majority of people in your generation are in nursing homes and cemeteries, and as medrare alluded to,probably not a huge factor in UFC's marketing strategy. PS Bob, you are a special breed of fucktard.
  21. Todd M Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 09:26

    ^ Hahaha, old as dirt.
  22. fghsdfdxg Says:

    Wed, 11/09/11 - 11:50

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  23. Sloppyspray Says:

    Thu, 11/10/11 - 06:34

    Hmm... can someone help me out here. I can't for the life of me remember the last time I paid for an individual show on cable t.v. so that I could watch that single episode. I mean, I would have paid at least $15 bucks to watch the last Gilmore Girls episode, but I didn't b/c I have a subscription to cable...
  24. Madson Says:

    Thu, 11/10/11 - 08:02

    Arums is such a helpless retard. Boxing is dying straight and people likes Arums carry the responsability of this failure. I'm sure Arums is jealous because nobody wants him to roll on the mat with white homosexual skinheads. Epic trailer by the way !
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    Sun, 12/01/13 - 05:02

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