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Video Roundup: Varner Smashes Jolly, Daley Defeats Fioravanti

Jamie Varner vs. Nate Jolly. Video Props:

In a move that would make Brett Favre proud, Jamie Varner has come out of retirement less than one month after retiring. Last night at XFC 14, Jamie Varner made his comeback fight (?) against 10-3 Tennessee prospect “Ladies Love” Nate Jolly. Seriously, that’s what the guy calls himself. And you thought we were delusional about our sex lives.

Before the fight, Jamie Varner told, “I know this guy is a very, very beatable guy. I’m bigger, I’m faster, I’m better in every position. I’m not too worried about what he brings to the table. If I go in there and perform to even half what I’m capable of, I should walk away with the W.” As you can see from the fight video, Jamie Varner was actually being pretty humble while assessing his opponent’s skills. After putting up nothing resembling a fight, Jolly was taken down and knocked out by the first punches that Varner landed.

It’s good to have you back, Jamie- even if most fans hadn’t even noticed that you left.

In other action, Paul Daley followed up on his impressive pre-fight trolling of the MMA media with a less impressive unanimous decision victory over fellow UFC castoff Luigi “The Italian Tank” Fioravanti at last night’s Ringside MMA 12. Daley had Fioravanti in trouble numerous times during the fight, but was unable to finish the American Top Team prospect. Daley told fans after the fight that he planned on taking some time away from competition. Considering that he’s fought seven times in the past year, I can’t exactly say I blame him.

Paul Daley vs. Luigi Fioravanti. Video Props:

So what impressed you the most last night? Varner’s quick thrashing of a local prospect? Daley’s victory against a competent opponent? Varner’s haircut? Daley’s troll job? Or perhaps it’s just the amount of questions I crammed into this paragraph.


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frndlylion- October 22, 2011 at 9:59 pm
"most of us come to cagepotato for their accurate and impartial reporting rather than their witty commentary and snarky sense of humor."

Not me anymore. I come here looking for great deals on sneakers, tshirts, sunglasses, and pr0n.
SethF- October 22, 2011 at 5:07 pm
I'm sorry that you find me cynical. I genuinely try to be a nice person when critiquing the fighters I cover. In my mind, it would have been far more cynical and sarcastic of me to declare that the guy is ready for the UFC after a performance like that than to just call it like a neutral, unbiased person would call it. Varner went on record saying he only had to do half of what he’s capable of doing to win. He then almost caught Jolly in a toe hold about thirty seconds into the fight, knocked Jolly out with the first punches he landed, and did that while only being caught by one, maybe two strikes at most, neither of which seemed to affect him in any way, shape or form.
Perhaps I see where the miscommunication occurred though: Jolly’s fight video is the one at the TOP of the page, not the bottom. Watch the top video, and keep in mind that Jolly is the guy wearing the white Title MMA trunks. That should clear things up.
jamiepert- October 22, 2011 at 4:11 pm
you can cut the atmosphere here with an electic toothbrush lol
Pen Fifteen- October 22, 2011 at 4:07 pm
Good point Tokyozombie, most of us come to cagepotato for their accurate and impartial reporting rather than their witty commentary and snarky sense of humor. And anyway, the guy lasted about a minute and landed maybe 2 clean strikes before going out from a couple of punches thrown from inside the guard; doesn't strike me as putting up much of a fight. Maybe if the guy had a less ridiculous nickname, whoever wrote this would have cut him some slack.
Tokyozombiebjj- October 22, 2011 at 3:47 pm
"After putting up nothing resembling a fight" huh? Its sad; sport's writers are some of the most cynical people on this planet. It looked pretty competitive until (and this is where you might have to use a little mental dexterity) he lost. Thats the fight game; it can end at any second. Truth is you know in the back of your mind he was putting up more than "nothing resembling a fight" until the finish. Jolly, Oxendine and all his guys are legit; feel free to report the truth of what actually happened but attempt to show a tad bit of respect when you are afforded the chance to write about something you enjoy.