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[VIDEO] Roy Jones Jr. Got Falling Tree KO’d in Russia Over the Weekend

(Would you believe us if we told you that canvas was a Serta? via Uproxx)

I’m not sure if it’s a bigger revelation that Roy Jones Jr. is still boxing at 46 years of age or that he’s still winning at 46 years of age (well, for the most part), but, uh, he is, you guys.

He may not be fighting the stiffest of competition, but Jones Jr. has managed to go 8-0 since 2011, defending the (German) WBU Cruiserweight title on three separate occasions and raising a solid middle finger to those of us who have been calling for his retirement for years.

Last weekend, though?

Well, last weekend wasn’t so kind on ol’ Roy, it wasn’t so kind at all, and now it seems like those critics have been coming out of the woodwork to say “I told you so.” Because we care and stuff.

Video after the jump.

On Saturday night, the single most dangerous man of the 90′s went toe-to-toe with Enzo Maccarinelli, the most Italian-sounding Welshman of the teens*, in a non-title bout. It bears mentioning that Enzo Maccarinelli is 35 years old, which, while being generally up there in terms of the boxing game, is still 11 years younger than Roy Jones Jr. As you might have surmised, he did not fare well.

In the fourth round of their twelve round affair, Maccarinelli knocked Jones Jr. damn near dead with a short right hook behind the ear, sending the longtime G.O.A.T careening to the canvas. It was a scary scene all around, made all the more scary by the fact that, and we think we’re the first to mention this, Roy Jones Jr. should have probably retired 5+ years ago. Some of our other hot takes: Enzo is a funny sounding name, the UFC-Reebok deal sucks, Conor McGregor hits pretty hard, and water is wet. Let’s see what you got, comments section!!

*Is that what it’s called, the time we’re living in? The teens? Or is it the twenty teens? The tweens, maybe? Someone figure this out for me, because I Googled it and got nothing. 

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