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VIDEO: Ryan Hall Turns Frantz Slioa Into a Pretzel on ‘TUF 22: Episode 2′

Being a Jiu Jitsu black belt with a penchant for heel hooks, it would be easy to compare TUF 22 competitor Ryan Hall to Rousimar Palhares, and we’re sure that many an MMA website out there already has. Thankfully, that’s where the comparisons begin and end, as last night’s fight between Hall (of team Faber) and Team McGregor’s Frantz Slioa proved outright that not all leglock masters are homicidal lunatics incapable of empathy.

Video after the jump.

As for the rest of last night’s episode, Dana White dropped something of a bomb (by TUF standards, at least) in announcing that not only would each coach be allowed to bring one fighter eliminated during the preliminary fights back (McGregor went with teammate/countryman Artem Lobov, obviously, while Faber took Johnny Nunez), but that the least exciting fighter will be kicked out of the house after the first nine fights conclude.

“I’m looking for guys who wanna fight,” said White. “I’m looking for guys who wanna perform. I looking for guys who wanna be world champions. That’s what this show is all about. We aren’t looking for guys who will hold onto a guy’s leg for three rounds and make it to the finals.”

You hear that, guys? The TUF house don’t need no stinking “strategies.” They just want dudes swinging them bungalows until someone goes down. So what if you emerge too injured to fight 3 times in 10 weeks? SUCK IT UP, PUSSIES.

In the trash-talking department, Urijah Faber told the “Notorious” one that he looked like “orange cotton candy.” McGregor quickly fired back by mocking Faber’s style, which he accurately described as that of “a 50-year old retired skateboarder.” Compelling stuff.

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