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[VIDEO] Scariest BJJ Coach Ever, Wanderlei Silva, Coaches Son to Glorious Victory

Wanderlei Silva Chris Leben UFC 132
(The family who pimps together, stays together.) 

Folks on the mats at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments tend to notice whenever a coach is shouting out instructions to their students in Portuguese or even a Portuguese accent. The reason being that it probably means they are from the fighting style’s native country and therefore know certain deadly secrets to convey to their pupils in their mystical coded language.

Or something.

The point is, some times the opposition can get psyched out by the ol’ Romance languages during tournaments. Imagine you’re a coach doing his best to prep a young student for his or her first Jiu Jitsu match and then you hear their opponent’s coach talking to them in Gracie-speak. Now, imagine if said Brazilian coach was Wanderlei Freaking Silva coaching his own son in his first tournament.

That’s just what happened last weekend, as Wandy was recorded…er…recording his son’s very first tournament performance whilst shouting instructions that likely left everyone else’s dad looking for the nearest exit. Fresh off a brutal KO victory of Brian Stann at UFC on FUEL 8, Wandy showed up, head shaved, tribal skull tattoo on full display, but holding a cell phone camera up to his face to capture his son on tape just like any other dad. Check out the video of Silva coaching his son, Thor, after the jump.

(Video by MMAInterviews)

Pay special attention to the 1:49 mark, where Thor brutally soccer kicks his opponent until he falls face first onto the canvas in a bloody pulp. Just kidding.

But seriously, Son of Wand does indeed look to possess his dad’s trademark aggressiveness and nasty head clinch. It doesn’t take Thor long to grab his opponent by the arm and top of the head and snap him down to the mat. The take down appears to hurt Thor’s opponent and he is given time to recover.

Son of Wand stands, watches his opponent and smiles. We’re not kidding. Shades of Wand vs. Rampage I, anyone?

In any case, Thor passes guard, takes cross side and mount and wins on points. Father of Son of Wand then raises his own right arm and hand in proud celebration.

Let’s hope the other kid at least got some ice cream and an autograph after that.

- Elias Cepeda


  1. angry little feet Says:

    Tue, 03/12/13 - 10:22

    I find it endlessly awesome that Wandy's son is named Thor.
  2. Fried Taco Says:

    Tue, 03/12/13 - 10:25

    There is a kid who will probably never be in a "my dad can beat your dad" argument. At least after the other kid find out who his dad is!
  3. GistoftheFist Says:

    Tue, 03/12/13 - 10:42

    After the fight, Thor grabbed the microphone and screamed that he wanted to fuck Chuck.
  4. roachtbp Says:

    Tue, 03/12/13 - 01:18

    AWESOME!!! Not only did Thor win, but his name is freaking Thor. I second angry little feet's comment: Wandy naming his son Thor is awesome.
  5. Clyde Says:

    Tue, 03/12/13 - 04:00

    When your name is Thor, do you need a nickname as well? It's probably enough but I'm trying to decide if adding "the hammer killer" makes it totally badass, or just seems like you're trying too hard.
  6. masterbaitntackle Says:

    Tue, 03/12/13 - 07:32

    Reason number umpteenbillioninfinity why Wanderlei Silva is the shit......his son is named Thor
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