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[VIDEO] The Only Thing Scarier Than Rin Nakai’s Latest Wardrobe Choice is Her Grappling Game

You know, in a world where even female fighters are valued for their sex appeal as much as their actual abilities, you’d think that an undefeated sexpot like Rin Nakai would be getting a lot more press. The similarities between Nakai and current UFC women’s champion Ronda Rousey are astounding, yet their career trajectories as of late could not be more different. Undefeated bantamweight submission specialists? Check. Willing to fall back on their sex appeal to promote a fight? Check and…uh…check, I guess. Showed up to their last weigh-in wearing bunny-themed lingerie, complete with ears and a thong? Point Nakai.

Sure, Rin’s look appeals to a *very* specific niche, but the woman’s shameless self-promotional skills and morbid sense of sexuality (the term “fearection” comes to mind) is something that should not only be recognized by us lamestream media types, but held in high regard. Let us not forget that we live in a society that has yet to rid itself of the personification of cancer that is Jose Canseco.

Anyway, join us after the jump to check out a video of Nakai rocking an outfit straight out of Final Fantasy or some shit and strangling Brenda Gonzales at Pancrase 247 over the weekend.

As was the likely the case with her date at her senior prom, things started off slowly and with much trepidation for Nakai yesterday, with absolutely zero exchanges of note coming in the first 3 or so minutes of her fight. But if Audition taught us anything about the Japanese people, it’s that they appreciate suspense — a good “slow burn” if you will — followed by brief interludes of violence that will scar you for life. Also, people bags. They seem to enjoy keeping people in bags as well.

Although Nakai wasn’t able to bag and tag her opponent in the traditional Japanese fashion, she was able to nearly put Gonzales in a body bag (I AM A WORDSMITH) with a particularly impressive slam at the 9:55 mark, which was followed shortly thereafter by the fight ending rear-naked choke. And a goddamn vicious rear-naked choke at that. All I gotta say is book this woman against Miesha Tate next and you sure as hell won’t hear any stories about Bryan Caraway trying to cheap shot her backstage.

Not to continue comparing Nakai to Rousey (That’s a lie. I love it.), but Rin also appears to have a fetish for elbow dislocations and managed to mangle Gonzales’ without even once attempting an armbar. So…your move, Ronda. Bunny suit or GTFO.

-J. Jones


  1. algiersheadkick504 Says:

    Mon, 05/20/13 - 09:56

    Its the fucking Japanese were talking about....I'm sure yu read manga wen yu were younger and seen disturbing anime displaying some fucked up imagination which yu figure can only be thought of if yur mind was full of radiation. Doesn't surprise or disappoint me one bit. They will show no shame
  2. cman Says:

    Mon, 05/20/13 - 12:27

    I honestly don't know if I wanna fuck her, have her move heavy shit around, or have her fight giant demons for me.....
  3. Onan Says:

    Mon, 05/20/13 - 12:58

    @cman - Who says you have to choose?
  4. cman Says:

    Mon, 05/20/13 - 01:40

    Fried taco, he wants her for at least one, bidding on 2
  5. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Mon, 05/20/13 - 02:08

    I'll tie dye my eggs and let her hide them from view. after that I'll jam a carrot in her ass and leave a chocolate bar on her tits. What's not to like?
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    Fri, 11/01/13 - 03:35

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  16. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 06:00

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